NEWJEANS & HEARTSTEEL!! Worlds 2023 Finals Opening Ceremony LIVE REACTION!! 

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RIOT GAMES!!! #newjeans #t1 #leagueoflegends
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0:00 Intro
1:36 Legends Never Die
10:07 RISE
12:32 NewJeans
16:15 Player Intro's
21:54 Discussion
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Feb 26, 2024




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Comments : 192   
@vnr290 3 months ago
yess newjeans performance was so good 😍
@lawnjeon3280 3 months ago
Im not an exo-l but as a kpop fan of 10+ years I acknowledge EXO as a very powerful vocal group . I get goosebumps everytime i hear them . Baekhyun killed it , he is so charismatic . His solo stuff is also always so cool .
@be_delight 3 months ago
Baekhyun's live performance never dissapointed me. Even the choreo is hard but he singing live sooo stable😭😭😭 how can he do that? He's the best. BAEKHYUN SLAY😭🔥❤️
@ByunBaekhyun-oo8wl 3 months ago
Was perfect !!!
Really cool!
@fiefira2165 3 months ago
Agree Baekhyun fanCAM in this performance is more show how fire he is
@ByunBaekhyun-oo8wl 3 months ago
@@fiefira2165 indeed.. Although the cameraman didn't show us that..but the fancame was fire
If i couldn't be more proud of Baekhyun , i see this morning the performance and i"m so proud and happy that people there apreeciate how amazing he is....amazing performances all the artist were so amazing !!
@halima-L-1485 3 months ago
@ohsehunscart 3 months ago
@lexu9907 3 months ago
Nah, it was so weak, Baekhyun carried the whole thing
@Ming3484 3 months ago
Heartsteel was amazing!!! The best!!! Baekhyun did an amazing job!!! Want to hear more. 😊😊😊
@MoscufoGoofo 3 months ago
Lol *Heartsteel
@Ming3484 3 months ago
@@MoscufoGoofo lol. Yeah, just noticed it auto corrected. Oopsy
@halima-L-1485 3 months ago
As EXO fan and baekhyun bias proud of him 🫶👏👏👏 🔥
Crazy!!!! Baekhyun is truly worthy of the title King of Vocal. He sings live, dances with full force, and his voice is tight without missing or wavering at all. His voice is full, high pitched, and his voice is evasive. He's really amazing. With such a great live performance, everyone at Heartsteel is blown away. They all sang together perfectly, really perfect performance. All EXO members are very talented, very talented, very proud to work with anyone, there are only people who admire them.
@bianca031295 3 months ago
Baekhyun being an ADC main with Ezreal being a fav pick for him, this collab couldn't have been more perfect. PROUD is an understatement. Shout out to Riot games for making this happen.
@onaronasih2596 3 months ago
@C-H08 3 months ago
Heartsteel and Rise is fire ~~~
@mesozn6283 3 months ago
Baekhyun nailed it ❤❤❤
@user-ww9ox7rg7n 3 months ago
Goosebumps Baekyun nailed it what a powerful voice while dancing that hype wow his the best performer
@dreamylightss 3 months ago
i wish heartsteel stage longer bro, they ate😭
@yl2193 3 months ago
Baekhyun devoró❤❤ hearsteel estuvo icónico
Can you do more reactions to EXO and Baekhyun’s solo music, please? Loved your reactions.
@jujugem 3 months ago
@OhGabri 3 months ago
Baekhyun was so good😍🥰
@belencita709 3 months ago
Ame a baekhyun es muy talentoso ❤
@Hertz_w1 3 months ago
O baekhyun arrasando como sempre, King 🛐
@Baekkie_bae 3 months ago
Here just to see HEARTSTEEL! 💚💜 And DAMN THEY SLAY!!! 🔥🔥 So proud of my boys and Bae I love you! 💖
@baekhyun_exo4320 3 months ago
Baekhyun is ezreal
@yaneluizchelsea 3 months ago
so proud of my EXO boy Baekhyun
@santibatista5601 3 months ago
Thanks for your reactions.😊 I just wait so long for watch this opening just for Baekhyun (and of course, him and all the guys didn't dissapoint me) but also i like all the performers. Was a really good and entertaining opening.😊👌🏼
@danitovar507 3 months ago
So proud ❤️
@cherachma7010 3 months ago
Baekhyun and heartstell AMAZING🔥🔥🔥
Baekhyun and New Jeans🔥🔥
@icebearland_ 3 months ago
Honestly, the heartsteel boys did great, they popped off, they were amazing! But the camera work, the mics and mixing, the lightning, the holograms were all soo bad idk how riot or whoever resposible fucked it up. You know it sucks when u watch the fancams and they sound better cuz u can actually hear and see them better singing live, dancing, giving more energy, be hype without all the holograms in the way covering that shit. Still an awesome experience overall tho!
I agree cause i watch the fancams this morning and well is 10000000better than the oficial sad cause they were amazing and as an fan of Baekhyun i"m so proud of him and how they praised him . Cause my man was seriously on fire
@knn9117 3 months ago
@fuyu5571 3 months ago
Biggest budget of the year and the characters are barely an improvement from K/DA last time 💀💀💀
@exoweareone6314 3 months ago
I totally agree with you👍 camera works, cg, even costums are worst than other years
@anakhasajith5080 3 months ago
@@anacarolinaqueiroz9340yes the Fancams was wayy Better. Iam so proud of Baekhyun🥹❤️
@sunshinetae1666 3 months ago
Baekhyun salyed it ❤❤❤❤ heartsteel❤❤❤❤
@NJM-DZ 3 months ago
First, Baekhyun was amazing and we EXO-Ls are proud of him, but we had high expectations about the live, the song is fire the singers are amazing, but the show was so mediocre, we expected them to surprise us by adding something new to entertain the audience, but they cut the half of the song, no thing only for the animation at the end but it was not a surprise, we EXO-ls are used to high level of performances at EXO's concerts, this so basic You should watch ECO's live performances to understand what i mean
@kpopeonni6236 3 months ago
My two ult groups performed for this amazing event and I am so proud of them 😭🩷🤍🐰
@moawajunie 3 months ago
love their performance , super cool !
@laraloeyy9489 3 months ago
I was literally screaming my Lungs out when Baekhyun showed up!!
@Baekkie_bae 3 months ago
OMG same hereee!! HE NAILED IT!! 🔥💚
@tulaotb 3 months ago
Baekhyun ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
@user-uy7wo4hh9i 3 months ago
Heartsteel performance was lit
@SarahOmer-dk4pf 3 months ago
I like newjeans performance and especially minji she is so cool and i like her vocal 15:18 t1 won congratulations to them
@ma.kaiymuk1481 3 months ago
Baekkyun is so good😭
@mariayks_ 3 months ago
BAEKHYUN e o melhor de todos,new jeans nem se fale elas arrasaram como sempre brilharam muito eu acompanho league of Legends fiquei muito feliz pela vitória da T1 e também por todo o contexto do FAKER ele merecia muito quando ele disse que o quarto título era prós companheiros de equipe chorei muito enfim tudo foi incrível madruguei só pra assistir isso❤
@ivanka_xx 3 months ago
Yees thank you for reaction! I really like your reactions to newjeans ❤‍🩹
@synx6655 3 months ago
T1 lpl slayers since 2013
@user-uu7uh7xf9z 3 months ago
Baekhyun, como siempre dandolo todo, purfavor, reacciona a MAMA, History, WOLF, Growl, call me baby, electric kiss, gravity, live in Japón please.
@MyLordHaechan 3 months ago
HEARSTELL 💚💚💚BAEKHYUN best artist 👏💚💚💯🔥🔥
@doctor60123 3 months ago
Newjeans 💙💙
@marmar8604 3 months ago
@nhivo3604 3 months ago
NewJeans amazing❤
@Erie22 3 months ago
Baekhyun is so special in another level I swear they’re no one like him he eats it❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
@emunahkerry6056 3 months ago
Never expected this because it was yesterday but thank you for this. I was also excited to see NewJeans performing Gods.
@bbbv97 3 months ago
Baekhyun 🙌
@meep1869 3 months ago
I don't know anything about league but this was so hype lmao
@user-ll9oz2cy2c 3 months ago
@user-vm1nq6ln6b 3 months ago
I want to introduce you guys HEADTSTEEL leader(with pink hair) called ØZI is singer,rapper,producer from Taiwan!! His music is really amazing that you guys should listen! BTW his new album is full English that can help you to listen!
@RaaySantos Month ago
Baekhyun dança, canta, interpreta o Ezreal e ainda joga LOL ele simplesmente é um artista completo, quem é Exo-L ficou com o coração quente ❤
@noelia9598 3 months ago
Hi! Leona/yellow jacket guy here :) so cool watching your reactions to our performance! Can tell you’re big fans of league, so the positivity coming from you guys means so much! ❤🙏
@hermionee.g 3 months ago
@daurdaurik5 3 months ago
I would love to see your reactions from the players video, when faker saids "the fourth it's for my teammates".
@user-ib7qn9di4h 3 months ago
언제나 역대급인 롤드컵 오프닝 좋앗다 ~
@exo_shi_4306 3 months ago
Baekhyun ate
@My_danDAElion 3 months ago
Baekhyun is amaziiiing! 💙👏
@wiinnnn___ 3 months ago
@rebeckaroy6790 10 days ago
Just in case you hadn't heard, Baekhyun did a song (with Raiden and Changmo) for T1 a few years back called Runner. The T1 players appear in the MV and I've never seen Baekhyun as nervous as when he met Faker :)
@dekila 3 months ago
Waah best reaction Don't forget to watch all the newjens MVs, keep up the enthusiasm 🫶💪
@rahmayhanii9259 3 months ago
Baekhyun 🔥❣️
@monauhatafe4071 3 months ago
Out of topic but im still waiting for part 2 of the seventeen guide😂
@beamiras7690 3 months ago
@ploynatcha___ 3 months ago
Yesss NewJeans!❤ I hope you will react to NewJeans more..
@wolfroarxx6055 2 months ago
okay I'll be the league person here, getting to hear Rise again specially with better live vocals made my heart so happy.. ofc what made even happier was to see the GOAT get his 4th trophy! edit: its great to see people that actually know about the game reacting to this T-T
@lovelykayyz 3 months ago
I don’t understand none of this but I watching because of new jeans
@Khiara 3 months ago
@napat423 Month ago
@selar6496 2 months ago
EXO the Emperor's of Kpop for many reasons. They serve talent, vocal, performance, and presence every time they're on stage.
@architamajumdar24 3 months ago
how i wish you guys also react to the worlds 2023 final teaser tho
@cadeptt 3 months ago
Kinda sad we didnt get a full rise with non drunk Mako
@bella11110 3 months ago
Thank youuu pleasee keep reacting to Baekhyun and Exo❤
red velvet killing voice
@Maingl 3 months ago
Baekhyun on top ❤❤❤❤❤
@L00KT 3 months ago
Newjeans​ and​ LoL​ 👍👏🥰
@niarchive2190 19 days ago
game 1 prediction: "T1 destroys weibo 14 -5" actual game 2 : " T1 (14 -1) Weibo"
@Mikurei-2007 3 months ago
@jwckjj 3 months ago
Newjeans were on the next level❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥
@CitizenDK1 3 months ago
Love your reaction. If you like Legends Never Die, try listening to FORESTELLA - LEGENDS NEVER DIE. You will love their version of that song. ❤‍🔥
@warrior9694 3 months ago
Guys…when will you react to NewJeans MVs?? We really want a reaction to Cool with You (Side A & B), ETA & OMG
@rafaelcornelio562 3 months ago
how tf did sword became real?
@herusmd1965 3 months ago
@user-cd1qv6ln3c 3 months ago
If im not mistaken, it is said that Baekhyun choreographed the dance on his part by himself 😭 thats what makes me even more proud of him!
@bella11110 3 months ago
I think it was Kasper but they probably talked about it together
@exo-2012 3 months ago
Baekhyun was the best ❤❤❤.
@sava9e266 3 months ago
More NewJeans plsss
@isahmb7697 3 months ago
Please do more New Jeans reacts ETA, Ditto, New Jeans, Coll with you...
@bambi2963 Month ago
did you know that Baekhyun sang a song for T1? The title is “Runner”
@tayla6309 3 months ago
Newjeans is the moment, these five girls were born to shine! That was crazy, as ALWAYS they delivered EVERYTHING! Danielle and Hanni's vocals are amazing 💕
@Jessica-md1xb 3 months ago
hahaha all this insane just for a 3:0 stomp (as much as i was thrilled as a t1 fan, i wish the games werent as boring as a league fan)
@cye2310 3 months ago
Keria got Hanni's buff before the match.
@timtaam 3 months ago
T1 win guys T_T huaaa finally
@fianzulbahri3492 3 months ago
newjeans GODS carried this opening The atmosphere changed instantly when NewJeans appeared, of course because Gods is an anthem every thing is dope 🔥
@MoscufoGoofo 3 months ago
@ImenLkr-gm8yu 3 months ago
Gods exactly described this year's worlds . And newjeans delivered it perfectly .
@Baekkie_bae 3 months ago
Who's new jeans??
@khafizu_official 3 months ago
@@Baekkie_bae The new group received many prestigious achievements and awards in just one year of debut and performed their own anthem song in collaboration with Riot, where only selected artist could get this opportunity and was recognized and confess by the global head of Riot Games music & events who said this was their biggest debut anthem worlds in riot history. after appearing at worlds the next day they appeared at the Billboard music awards and won the top global artist category where they were the first and fastest. There's still a lot but I have a question for you, use your smart phone 🤣
@MoscufoGoofo 3 months ago
@@Baekkie_bae Google if you're that curious enough to ask
@khadi7251 3 months ago
Y'all should react to Kda performance for world 2018 that's really 🔥
@seancanja1518 3 months ago
Hybe always delivers and shows how their GG's are flexible. Le sserafim and New jeans really swap genre for this one
@ddolo12 3 months ago
Not necessarily switched, but was offered and accepted by both parties. Refinery29 article interviewed the head of RiotMusic and she’s the reason why NewJeans was selected for Worlds 2023. 1. Because of South Korea’s love for NewJeans and representing the culture on korean soil. Lesserafim did a different approach because of its concept direction with Overwatch, but it is true that Lesserafim and Newjeans did work together as trainees, but split because of conflict of interest from Minheejin and BANG PD