Rating Strangers Shots (Crazy Fail compilation) 😭🏀 

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Mar 10, 2023




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@ktdubs-vf5jj Year ago
Turns out people don't like it when you throw a basketball at them.
@1rage17 Year ago
Lmao id probably be the same, run away then chase after it and try to make the shot
big if true
@raycee412 Year ago
No shit😂
if it's a football?😮
Imagine just minding your business, going about your day and some dudes with a camera throw a basketball at you lol
@sam-8754 Year ago
Would be fun, hyping that shit up hahah
At least there are ppl who know what fun is, not like ur grumpy ass feeling mad attacked after they slightly threw a ball towards u
Ik, like that poor guy just walking to work. Idk where content went this far down the drain.
@maesnow3289 Year ago
Exactly 😂 I would be so embarrassed and be thinking about it all day. What a way to ruin someone’s day
@nananakeson Year ago
​@@maesnow3289 people having fun ruins your day? That's really sad
I mean can't really blame those people...the first instinct is to protect/dodge yourself from stuff thrown at you suddenly outta nowhere
@tensei1710 Month ago
Why are some people standing there
@laurenbeth4126 Month ago
Na mate not if your country... gawd it's not like he's bullying them.. he's offering a shot for a hoop
@i0nce Month ago
​@@laurenbeth4126its not weird most people would like to walk in peace without a ball getting throwed at them
@laurenbeth4126 26 days ago
@@i0nce if your offended there's a problem, your lost your inner child mate
@i0nce 26 days ago
@@laurenbeth4126 Dude, youre the one who cant accept the fact that not everyone think like you lmao. Again, the majority seemed to not like it. Its not difficult to accept it and be respectful, otherwise you seem to be the one with a problem.
@XXamazing_editsxx 2 months ago
“so what are you in jail for?” “throwing basketballs at people💀”
@laharemahendra9667 2 months ago
😂😂😂imagine throwing balls
@SADboy-ip4ge 2 months ago
@@laharemahendra9667AYO 🤨
@OOoo2222-sy4jc Month ago
​@@laharemahendra9667 bro you are a girl you shouldn't do these kind of jokes
@nothing43787 Month ago
@@SADboy-ip4gethis ain’t 2022 lil bro
@SADboy-ip4ge Month ago
@@nothing43787 lol what do you mean?
@richardashendale922 11 months ago
If only the Asian businessman had made the shot... my god. He was so smooth.
@ajanilynx 11 months ago
@sbrn_upreti 11 months ago
​@@nialol2007 you probably know 2 countries in Asia dude. Japan ,korea and china dono represent Asia as a whole. Go check the maps kid. Your statement validates to those of the region only so dont fking use Asian teen term .😂😂
@JatinSharma-il4wc 11 months ago
Then that would've been some Anime lvl sh*t
@Grxxn.- 11 months ago
​@SuperNova "In Ohio be like" -A person without humor
@timmyalben 11 months ago
Ur right ✅️
@r.a.p.2276 7 days ago
ay, respect to the guy that casually kicked the ball into his hand, that was sick
Yall need to pay the dry-cleaning fee for the winner too😂 that sparkling wine or whatever is all over his shirts lol
this video was made over a year ago lol
@katywatson99 3 months ago
The police officers "what are u doing?" Him, "Throwing basketballs at random people!" 😂😂😂
@bassuo6187 3 months ago
@atifzia2247 3 months ago
I swear police officers get offended way easily.
@blgchengus 3 months ago
Another thing is how tf do these people not think that they might get mugged after they make the basket 😂
@jasonlima1917 3 months ago
@user-hp8uk8kz4o 3 months ago
Imagine having a bad day and suddenly some weird guys throw a basketball at your face.
@MeMe-pj8ve 7 months ago
Also records and uploads it for millions of people to see.
@Ghassenf 7 months ago
Yeah so much negativity and we hope y'all leave this world
@TrollTVman69 7 months ago
I would be so angry and ill throw the ball in there face
​@@GhassenfImagine crying over a basketball
Wtf!? I’d catch the ball and take a shot at the basket!! What country is this? Why are so many of the people clueless? 😂😂
@Tayson. Month ago
The first one literally went into ninja mode for a second😂😂
@InayaMurad Month ago
@Adhishreeeee Month ago
"So what do you do?" "We throw ball at strangers"
@TheKidLexxx Year ago
Imagine finally getting a break after a stressful day and some mfs start throwing balls at you ☠️
@c2wavygaming Year ago
life of an onlyfans star
it ain't that deep😭
@TheKidLexxx Year ago
@@c2wavygaming nahh g 😭
@TheKidLexxx Year ago
@@aidenrivas7422 it honestly is
@shayde3428 Year ago
This would brighten my day I wasn’t bothered much, and people offered me a challenge in a playful manner Honestly yall would get upset if a puppy came up to you and tried to lick and cuddle you, you’re miserable people
Imagine just getting fired from your job and one random dude throws a basketball at you
@lmaoidgaf Year ago
Puncture his basketball (Atleast in my intrusive thoughts 💭)
Imagine não descontar seus problemas e decepções em outras peçoas 😏😏
It's a pass lol. No need to be a weenie. I just can't see a perspective thinking it would be someone treating me like shit.. I know it's a fail comp, but kinda sucks remembering society forgets how to just play.
That means we stay positive whatever life throw at us.. we are a strong naturally.. Shooting a ball is not bad.. uplift us anyway... Stay strong people.. give way for your smile to oneself
@Too_Harsh01 Month ago
Last guy was hired for that job
fr, thats my uncle haha
@chicken Month ago
Throwing basketballs at people is not a good idea. Imagine just walking by and getting hit with a basketball.
@dunc9116 11 months ago
You didn't have to do the suit guy like that, he at least took the shot. He deserves more than just a grimacing emoji
@soupamage9897 11 months ago
That’s school uniform
@bimboodekunle4296 11 months ago
@@soupamage9897 that’s what I’m thinking? Is this the UK?
@w3lcom39 11 months ago
Not to mention he threw it under handed
@jayc5642 11 months ago
It woulda been funny if he fell
@abzshaker 11 months ago
@@bimboodekunle4296are you stupido? That’s not a school uniform 😂
@rehnumatithi7517 7 months ago
Bro had balls to throw the basketball at the police 💀💀💀
Hot cop
@bfroese 7 months ago
Yeah I think it was just one ball, the basketball
@good_cat1966 7 months ago
the cop is hot tho
@rickusan1385 7 months ago
Those Imperial officers think they own the place. I hope they choke on their mead!
@iluvLucky 7 months ago
@Moonwatcher300 Month ago
“Whats my score?” “Karate out of ten.”
@user-hx8nb6ry2x 15 days ago
@jorgepinedo1999 11 months ago
" You need to go outside more." Outside:
@anunknownperson4018 10 months ago
I got ptsd from gym, shit this video made me flinch
@chaoticstarfish3401 10 months ago
Boy, I wish this is how the outside usually were.
@Blizzzful 10 months ago
900th like let’s gooo
@EpicDipsterGaming 2 months ago
​@@chaoticstarfish3401What is this video to you, a simulation? That's what it's like 💀
@@EpicDipsterGaming Most streets are run by gangs where I live, so no, that's not what it's like for me.
That asian guy in a suit who kicked, held and threw the ball with one hand was the coolest!
@s.4114 Year ago
except when he missed
Dude probably played soccer not basketball
@SM-id7zw Year ago
@@ninjatreefrog9346 do you mean football WARNING: I DONT READ CRIES
@inkyio Year ago
@@SM-id7zw no
@jonny3257 Year ago
He was also holding a bag and threw that shit one handed
I got so invested in this... There is so little joy in this world I literally cheered at the end.
The second and third person made me laugh soooo hard 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
@anthonyjohnson3284 6 months ago
The cop immediately started looking for anything unlawful
@jeckyyy3337 6 months ago
I think the cop was confused on why a basketball was just chucked at her. 💀
@PiddyPat420 6 months ago
That was an automatic assault on an officer....u know how soft they are now😂
@edwindua762 6 months ago
@blockfrisbee7713 6 months ago
I mean, you could be charged for harassing strangers
@GuilhermeSales09 6 months ago
for sure @@blockfrisbee7713
@hakimalasatyr 4 months ago
Moral of the story: Leave people alone 💀
@PogFroggod 4 months ago
25 m likes says so otherwise
@z9944x 4 months ago
Nahhh ! Mess with them ! !
@z9944x 4 months ago
Nahh mess with them and youll find good poeple
@samncho4389 4 months ago
that was a story? 😮
@Wuddahellll 4 months ago
I agree
@bts.forever777 Month ago
Police - let me mAke your ball and throw it in jail I will get 10/10😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@user-sk8jo7jl3h 7 days ago
The first girl was saying like *idc for basketball i care myself*😂
@stevecelino8354 6 months ago
Moral of the story - asian businessmen are chill af
"Oh, American fun! Shall we join in?"
They were students look at the uniform
@stevecelino8354 6 months ago
​@@derekmayers-loutherHe is wearing a charcoal suit and looks 35 years old.
@ummokay7450 6 months ago
@@ridiculousrandy1401he can be american too yk 💀💀
@calvinpeters653 6 months ago
​@@stevecelino8354I think that's just the toll living in Asia takes on people
@wrlwindd Year ago
"your honour I wasn't being a public nuisance I was just filming a RU-vid short"
@AnfalAyub Year ago
The one with suits were nice😂😂😂
Public nuisance? 😂😂😂
@AnthonyfukinMacias 11 months ago
If you get arrested for this its time to move to a new country
@alys4570 11 months ago
@JCYT it’s how they spell it in the UK dumb a$$
@somebodymee6535 11 months ago
@@AnthonyfukinMacias Until you toss it at the wrong person then you’ll be moving to a whole new planet.
@jseedoubleu 5 hours ago
The dude almost tripping on the ball while trying to avoid the ball made me laugh out loud
@Azqalihm 11 months ago
"Actually, I was on my way to a job interview of a lifetime, and you guys just got champagne all over my clothes."
@keshavnuwal7991 11 months ago
@jairo909 11 months ago
I would hire that person if they explained to me what happened to them right before the interview
@TheItalianbarbie 11 months ago
@SamikshyaChodankar 11 months ago
Yep in shorts😂
@clutchspade6916 11 months ago
Stop lying
@d_1up 4 months ago
The Asian dude in the suit was actually smooth w it
@la10sooony 4 months ago
Yes he was
@Earthnevevo 4 months ago
If only he'd made the shot 😢😢
@wils1ze978 4 months ago
это казах
@Justin-om4io 4 months ago
i give him a solid 7/10
@user-yg5rl2os4v 4 months ago
@aimee11778 Month ago
I laughed with the last happy face 😂 It's wonderful!!!!!
@ClayKickersOutdoors 10 months ago
That officer looked like she was about to track down the whole a$$ Madagascar crew.
@maryleidaestanga7894 10 months ago
@rest1111 10 months ago
@margaritadelgado5531 10 months ago
I think she was
@theRealYourMom. 10 months ago
@Ewan33s 10 months ago
@noctemys 11 months ago
bro is the type to show up at a house fire with gasoline and say he's trying to help
@hotrodunicorns 11 months ago
Where you get that from 🤨
@gukkslove1079 11 months ago
@szemtelenmano1247 11 months ago
​@@hotrodunicorns He has some experience at such moments. And he was that guy himself.
@FrozenMeatDisk 11 months ago
you tried that's all that matters
@lungsblackashell7426 11 months ago
1300 lame mfs liked this🤣🫡
@andrewcuevas7412 21 hour ago
Bro if that guy who kicked the ball into his hand made it then that woulda been badass AF
@boomgamersam4848 15 days ago
bro almost entered a final boss fight with the cops
@veggiegreenz9896 11 months ago
Not the police officer about to shut it down 💀💀
@Josephhhhh2077 11 months ago
No she’s just walking
@sheebzsite 11 months ago
Use an original pfp
@Rosskles 11 months ago
*giga Karen activated*
@doyoueatrocks 11 months ago
Surprised they got their ball back from Officer Killjoy in the Happiness Patrol
@805TylerS 11 months ago
Surprised she didn’t shoot him
@lizbethfrias927 11 months ago
Bro really got the guts to throw them at the police.
@Theohybrid 11 months ago
She really dogged him down
@user-sx7xn9td3n 11 months ago
He should’ve done it in New York. The cops in the US are always down to shoot something 💀
@michaeldehart1446 11 months ago
@@user-sx7xn9td3n ong! That’s what I was thinking! Obviously those cops ain’t from the us, if they were, he woulda gotten shot or tazed for harassment or assault with a deadly weapon😂😂
@warrant_AZ5732 11 months ago
some LEO's are actually very cool, there is no crime throwing a basketball to them XD
@logand3957 11 months ago
The third dude nearly fell down while trying to dodge😂😂
@imtsushil 29 days ago
Relatives - what do you fo for living Him* - i rate others basketball shots😂😂
@ChefMonkeyD_Luffy 11 months ago
Man had the guts to throw that basketball at the police 💀💀💀
@Kanet406 11 months ago
Jesus loves us and died for us For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 ✝💖 For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus. Romans 3:23-24 ✝🌅
Thr lady was pressed af
@LouiseB228 11 months ago
Americans could never
@DopeyPotato 11 months ago
Ye this will be Australia, we don't shoot people for throwing basketballs...not usually anyway
@kurtcobainii1075 11 months ago
American cops would definitely go with it. Its just that fucking Brits are unfriendly as hell. Bastards pulled up to everybodys island, took their shit, made them their slaves, then got rebelled against, got sent back to their own island, and still have the audacity to be pissed at everybody. And they still wont give Ireland their shit back. Like damn bro. Tbh, American citizens overall would have went with it and shot the basketball. Were just friendlier people.
She’s like Ew get that away from me💀
@hakimalasatyr 5 months ago
Imagine, you have an errand to run, but suddenly a ball is thrown to you, you answer their expectations in good faith, you make the shot, and they splash you with leftover drink.
@xankex33 5 months ago
Yeah... Wouldn't be too happy
@ignaciorubio3678 5 months ago
least unhappy person in the comments
@MisterKazoo 5 months ago
free ball lol
@TenaniJohnson 5 months ago
They probably asked first bc it kinda cut
@Rattoes4life 5 months ago
@RowZeeG 3 days ago
I love them! ❤❤❤ ..So amazing how many uptight people there are though 😂😂😂💀..
Thanks For Making Smiles On People's Face😊
@ULikeYaz 11 months ago
The guy who kicked the ball in the air, caught it and threw it was smooth
@spiro37 11 months ago
I was really hoping for the hat trick 🤣
@oso_kn 10 months ago
@@spiro37a hat trick is 3 in a row, where tf was the hatrick unless you just use words you don’t fully know?
@madhououinkyoma 10 months ago
@@oso_kn Wow, calm down. It does kinda make sense if you think about it a bit. And it's not that serious.
@MynameisS_A Year ago
Bro was lucky that police officer was having a good day 💀
Definitely not American cops. They’d have pulled on him real quick
@BlickiMinaj Year ago
@@masstronaut5371 idk why I laughed at this 😂
@pacethel_13 Year ago
@@masstronaut5371 I think you'd be surprised Ik several cops who if approached by a group of younger guys and a basketball goal who'd actually play LOL so don't assume they're all bad.
@Angel-iq7ou Year ago
Yeopp, that could be assault
@Ripper_Indoraptor 25 days ago
Police Officer: "You're under arrest" (For what? Throwing Basketballs at people?)
@jk13582 Month ago
This guy owns this song!! Whenever i hear this I remember this channel😂
@liatrisflowers 10 months ago
this dude out here throwing basketball at peoples faces and then wondering why theyre not playing along with it
@dasanman69 10 months ago
And in Europe. Do it in New York and just about everyone will take a shot
@DnD9746 10 months ago
Life should be more fun. Made me sad that almost everyone just avoided the ball like it would hurt them or something ...
@J3de1 10 months ago
Not everyone wants a ball in their face
@User-vh6uy 10 months ago
​@@DnD9746 no one wants a ball getting throwed at their faces
@Fragil1ty 10 months ago
@@J3de1 Ah yes because he absolutely pelted them in the face with it, get a grip holy shit.
😂the position of the first one left me laughing out loud but the emoji finished me off
@chicken Month ago
Imagine being a random person and getting a basketball thrown at you out of nowhere. Just trying to get through the day and then bam!
The last guy was SMOOTH AF.
@BabyNate762 Year ago
Ong that form was crazy
That last one was so wholesome, too bad the rest of the video was cringe
@DanOnStilts Year ago
Except they moved the hoop so it went in.
and he is with them
When he threw the ball at the policewoman 😂😂
My man triggered a boss fight when he threw it at the police there
@nathansouthon3223 11 months ago
*dark souls music starts playing*
@bungayourunga6705 11 months ago
Officer came up to him like "YoU gOt A lIcEnSe FoR tHaT bAlL yA?"
@B-K94 11 months ago
@@bungayourunga6705 lmaoo
Your dancing skills are next level.
@julierk2281 Month ago
I understand throwing it to people that are looking at you, are aware, but you literally thrown it at a girl showing something on her phone to a friend. Like what was she supposed to do? Drop the phone instantly? And there were several more people just holding their phones, but same logic applies, its hard to catch with one hand, and just risky to the phone.
i'd be kinda pissed if someone randomly threw a ball at me and recorded it when i'm just minding my business
@thor.mukbang Year ago
Yeah you should call the police on them
@notyour0815b Year ago
Ok Karen
@batabatonica Year ago
​@@notyour0815b yeah i'll throw a ball at your face, and if you complain you are a Karen
@PostThaMost Year ago
​@@soapforlunch que sensible chee...
@xpreame3406 Year ago
Imagine he shows up to a date after that💀 “Hey babe why are you so wet?” “You really would not understand…”
How on earth did you get 1.5k likes in 8 minutes?
@Mr.station Year ago
@@jollylawyer9999 talent
@reegansuman Year ago
​@@jollylawyer9999 bruh....fr tho💀
@@Mr.station Mmm, talent.
@THATS-EMAN Year ago
@Emi-zc8kg Month ago
Bro, he literally threw the basketball at the cops. 💀
@lol_im_cool 9 days ago
@IsomerMashups 7 months ago
The lesson: most people don't appreciate it when you throw a basketball at them.
Bunch of losers
@lucaskellan4909 7 months ago
Most people ? More like 25%
@@lucaskellan4909💀 90%
@ikamille 6 months ago
Actual Lesson: Turns out, most people are desensitized and drained all life out of them since after childhood. Most people are idiots who needs life back in them. Who gets mad or freezes like a fish out of water if you see a court on the other side?
@lucaskellan4909 6 months ago
@@whenifellinlovewithmyself kpop fans can't even count. Can they contribute to anything ?
@_barskii 11 months ago
Fun Fact: When people have a basketball heading towards their face by a random group of people filming, they most likely will not catch the ball and throw it back.
@T0m10k4G1yu 11 months ago
Throw it back?? 💀😂🤨
@lautaroontiveros9975 11 months ago
Most people are stupid and not athletic, it’s pretty easy to see what you are supposed to do, because if throw money at them they would 100% grab it, but because they are lazy fucks and it’s a sport the bitch out
@shenzy1420 11 months ago
What are u talking about they are holding a massive hoop💀
@Jamal-gv8bx 11 months ago
Wow, what a revelation. Who would have thought that someone wouldn't be able to catch a ball thrown at their face by a bunch of strangers? It's almost like they didn't know it was coming or something. Thank you for enlightening us with your "fun fact."
The police 🗿
@ChaseRiver2 26 days ago
How people react to this is the ultimate judge of character
bruh annoyed all them people and then when someone won he threw water all over them as a reward💀 edit- damn comments mad as hell😭🤚 y’all chill ain’t y’all makin it so serious
@chyannleng Year ago
Idc I wouldn't mind as long as he left me alone afterwards. I made a much longer shot without looking ant had no idea why everyone was cheering until they told me 😂
@@chyannleng Oh lmao i was confused when i read ur comment
@chyannleng Year ago
@@MegaLeatherOfficial yeah auto correct did 💯 not me and than when I realized my comment disappeared 😂
Era melhor não ter acertado mesmo! Kkkkk
@alttab6831 Year ago
É champange seu animal
How did he seriously get the nerve to throw a basketball at the police 💀💀💀💀💀
White ☕
@leviking564 Year ago
I was searching for ur comment 😁 lol
@ironail4982 Year ago
​@@squilliamfancysoniii not in France
Lmfaoo yeah because everything has to be sooo serious and tough because if you smile once you go to jail because that's what big cities are full of.. dumb, ignorant people angy bc they have to pay so much rent instead of leaving so they all walk around like "Im wolkin HEaH" 😂 gtfo go to Russia is you want to be serious all the time
@sudharmamp3885 Month ago
Bro is digging his own grave by throwing it to the police officers😂
@TheLOkado 13 hours ago
POV you’re going for a job interview and u make the shot
@cooperrains258 11 months ago
Love when people throw basketballs at me for no reason while I’m walking minding my own business
@funblob5846 11 months ago
your life must suck
@SmolSmores 11 months ago
I’d be so pissed
@pericopinero1035 11 months ago
They wouldn’t throw a basketball at you, tubby.
@amari117 11 months ago
@@SmolSmores It’s really not something to be “so pissed” about ☠️ just give it back or avoid it like these people, it’s doing damn near nothing to you
@JackTheTaco 11 months ago
@cottonmouthasmr8713 11 months ago
That Asian business man was awesome Edit: Holy crap thanks for all the likes 😁 I've never had this many
@Seiyu.Katsuki 11 months ago
Its my dad
He is a RU-vidr
@idonthavename7486 11 months ago
he is a thailand actor
@sn8 11 months ago
Was a U. student
@BootyWonka 11 months ago
Why? Because he’s Asian? Lmao
@Yellowduckling Month ago
The first girl is kung fu panda💀🐥
@pastorslant 8 days ago
I love how many of them don't even dudge or try to catch it. Then just cower there and let it slowly hit them. Lol
@yunmo4944 Year ago
Whoever carrying that hoop around strong asf
@_Rustodian Year ago
I think they have a couple of small wheels on the back so you can tilt it onto them and roll it.
Nah when the goals aren't filled with anything they're pretty light honestly
@spiffyvr1254 Year ago
@BusyBeeFarms Year ago
It's got wheels 😂😂😂
@mdevontae Year ago
fr that shit heavy as a mf
@nmystere3514 Year ago
Man's lucky nobody tried to fight him
@OGC558 Year ago
For passing a basketball?
Gringos fight for everything... Would be surprised if someone wants to fight these guys...
Bro they definitely cut those parts 💀🤣
​@@OGC558 No for trying to throw a basketball at them
@OGC558 Year ago
@@sirfreude6428 theyre tossing a basketball...if you fight for that then youre really sensitive lol. I feel like people who really fight are not bothered by a lot of silly things. Atleast im not
Because of these guys, I stay ready 😂😂
I would be mad when people threw basketball ball at me while I was unconscious
@Boxof100 11 months ago
I'm surprised that nobody threw the basketball onto a roof.
Uuuuuuuuuuuh uj8ui9jhjki😊y7
@GOBLITE 11 months ago
@@danielbalmorelorenzanamart6521 the literal meaning of unspoken rizz
@frederickbradshaw4 11 months ago
Because not everyone is an asshole
@kenzotenma7405 11 months ago
Because all are mad or ?
@omnilawrence5792 11 months ago
Or at his face🤷🏽‍♀️
@Notokaywi Month ago
He: Pick up the basketball!! 😊 Other people: Run🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻
@mrnarwhal4354 Month ago
Why was it the business men that wanted to play lol 😂 like shouldn’t they be the more serious ones
@NathanNuke2555 11 months ago
“Your honor, I didn’t make an old man trip and break all his bones, I was making a RU-vid short”
@Syanic 11 months ago
why do people even use yt shorts? everything on here is just reuploads from tiktok and you see it like months after to
@Bambangbamabdbhd 11 months ago
​@@Syanic then why are you here?
@Syanic 11 months ago
@@Planiite it quite literally is just because you dont see the watermark doesnt mean it wasnt already uploaded on tiktok you wouldnt even know because your clearly dont use tiktok
@Syanic 11 months ago
@@Bambangbamabdbhd I was just scrolling to see what was up but now I'm just realizing these are just all tiktoks uploaded like months ago just now appearing on yt shorts
@nderakore108 11 months ago
@@Syanic cause the algoritm is different in every app, tiktok just shows cringey-ass dances, youtube short shows everything but dances.
@Insufficient202 11 months ago
Bro almost caught an assault charge by throwing it at that cop 😂
@stefanambrose5616 11 months ago
Yeah she wasn't happy xddd
@Cain__ 11 months ago
@janni160 11 months ago
@@stefanambrose5616 it was a karen
@carlosamaya0513 11 months ago
@wg1751 11 months ago
Aussie Cops are pretty chill
@03GucciWolf 13 days ago
it’s the friendliest bounce pass ever how stuck up are these people 😭
@brebrown5338 Month ago
The left handed guy for the win! ❤
@_av_g33k_ 11 months ago
bro really thinks throwing basketball to strangers on a busy road was a good idea-💀🌚
@thaminyawo9326 11 months ago
Your just as durfy as all of them🙄 have some more fun in your life
@kevinngaleu1805 11 months ago
For real!This is insane af!
@xfistedwaffle3167 11 months ago
most australians dont tolerate/like that "prank" culture
@Midni_ht 11 months ago
​@@xfistedwaffle3167 this isn't even a prank tho
@_chOrtick_ Month ago
Наконец-то честные реакции людей…….. Лично я даже будучи знаком с каналом скорее вообще выкинул бы этот мяч по дальше от меня и этих ребят
@user-wk2ll8lz4h 5 days ago
This is breathtaking!
Bruh dont throw anything at strangers if you ask em your chances increase by 90% you have my word
@ur474 Year ago
That's not how the challenge works
@@ur474 What is the fucking challenge then? Throw a basketball at strangers who are minding their business challenge? Grow up?
I don’t think you understand the point
@PeaceOfMake Year ago
​@@rasheimlove6395 Is the point to be a dick?
@Pinkhrtz. Year ago
I don’t think you understand the trend
@MrBeetsGaming 8 months ago
If you ever wonder why people hate "influencers" this is why.
@Jadordook 8 months ago
Being an influencer is an insult to humanity
@JoesBuritos 8 months ago
Lol, how much of a stiff do you have to be to let a basketball and social interaction ruffle your feathers 😂
@MrBeetsGaming 8 months ago
@@JoesBuritos How much of a clueless simp do you have to be to come white knight for some annoying influencer....
@LouisVG23122 8 months ago
​@JoesBuritos if this is what you define as social interaction, you must be really good at it 😅
@RR-Casper 8 months ago
bro stop being so uptight it's a basketball nothing about this encounter harmed anyone. ppl swatting it away like they boutta die
Last dude was a for real shooter.
@user-bp6bz5fd4z 22 days ago
The guy in the suite is actually one of the best apex legends streamer and one of the best
@Warriormedic68 6 months ago
Turns out 95% of people don't like when strangers throw things at them for content 😂
@Ryan2941K 6 months ago
ir this dude needs to chill
@lukeseshays9679 6 months ago
No shit Sherlock 🤯
@kristos1179 6 months ago
@lavalamp329 6 months ago
Stealing the top comment isn't gonna get you 600k likes sorry bud
@Warriormedic68 6 months ago
@@lavalamp329 OK? I don't read comments to check and see if someone has said something similar to me. It's parallel thinking. Really bothered you enough to comment on it though huh?
I’d be so mad if I played along and got the shot in - just to be sprayed with champagne _in the middle of the day_
@jessietrollcat9215 10 months ago
At least they could have gave him food?
@user-yc9zd8bq1u 10 months ago
@habibahesham2877 10 months ago
@habibahesham2877 10 months ago
​ ⓙⓚⓚⓤ😅💕k💕j💕k💕u💕k💕j💕u💕k💕k💕u💕k💕k💕u💕k💕u💕u💕k💕k💕k 💕u💕k💕k💕u💕u💕k💕k💕u💕k💕k💕u💕u💕k💕k💕u 💕k💕e💕n💕z💕y 💕k💕j💕k💕u💕k💕j💕u💕k💕k💕u💕k💕k💕u💕k💕u💕u💕k💕k💕k 💕u💕k😅
@fireworkstarter 10 months ago
wasnt it just the waterbottles they had with them? still annoying but its not hard to see in the video
Imagine you build your pants and everyone was laughing at you😂😂😂
@kxylen 9 months ago
"And this one is for the cha-" "And this one is for the cha-" "And this one is for the cha-"
@Maybedunno. 9 months ago
Cha cha real smooth
@KingXavier-dr4dr 9 months ago
@risiateb 9 months ago
@huinaandyou1950 9 months ago
@@harrybaker-jl5ckn o
@humerafarooq9453 9 months ago
@ladiiyb 11 months ago
Imagine walking, minding your business, then you get thrown a basketball in the head
@Alchemist9572 11 months ago
Brings me back to high school days
@maroon5981 11 months ago
Yeah I’m catching it and shooting it
@pranavbhatt7608 11 months ago
@@maroon5981 me too brah
@doma5992 11 months ago
@@maroon5981 it's pretty simple
@Badside936 11 months ago
Hell nah you throw a basketball at my head I'm going to bust your ass back with it
@crowhaze1 8 days ago
man throwing the ball on that police officer was really risky