Rating Strangers Shots (Crazy Fail compilation) 😭🏀 

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Mar 10, 2023




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KT DUBS 2 months ago
Turns out people don't like it when you throw a basketball at them.
Anastasia Cassandra
Anastasia Cassandra 2 months ago
Lmao id probably be the same, run away then chase after it and try to make the shot
raspberry crowns
raspberry crowns 2 months ago
big if true
Rachel Cohen
Rachel Cohen 2 months ago
No shit😂
Tony CrispRuby
Tony CrispRuby 2 months ago
Correction ‘Toss a basketball’
Kenshee Labay
Kenshee Labay 2 months ago
Not these guys throwing a ball at people unexpectedly and thinking they will actually want to play basketball in the city😭
Unhas decoradas
Unhas decoradas 3 days ago
Os guardas nao 😂😂
Yen H
Yen H 19 hours ago
But it’s not playing basketball, literally just taking a shot lol
Luis Angel Sandoval
Luis Angel Sandoval 13 hours ago
​@Yen H You never know what someone's going through
NPRNilk 2 days ago
That police officer looked like she was gonna tell him to stop. She was clearly not happy with him throwing balls at strangers.
Donald Iro
Donald Iro Month ago
Imagine just getting fired from your job and one random dude throws a basketball at you
Sadia Subah
Sadia Subah Month ago
They would think they are mocking
lolololol Month ago
Puncture his basketball (Atleast in my intrusive thoughts 💭)
Marcelo Pigmeu
Marcelo Pigmeu Month ago
Imagine não descontar seus problemas e decepções em outras peçoas 😏😏
Brett Shannon
Brett Shannon Month ago
It's a pass lol. No need to be a weenie. I just can't see a perspective thinking it would be someone treating me like shit.. I know it's a fail comp, but kinda sucks remembering society forgets how to just play.
Babatunde Elizabeth
Salsalini Baby
Salsalini Baby 4 days ago
The last dude is a legend in his community
cheese 2 days ago
This guy had the balls to throw it at a police officer💀
paul javier
paul javier Month ago
Bro had the audacity to throw a basketball at a police guard
SgtShella Month ago
be glad not getting charge for assault with weapon
Darwin Nicodemius Waterson III
@SgtShella a basket ball is not a weapon, and tossing is not assault
angel subliminals
@Darwin Nicodemius Waterson III bro i’m not sure what americans think these days
@angel subliminals you mean American police officers?
I swear that officer purposely let the ball hit her just so she could charge him for assault😅
"So what do you do for a living"? "Oh I just harassed strangers"
Esc Day ago
it's not harassing buddy
@esc9288 so yeeting stuff at random people isn't harrassing? People just wanna be left alone. And be themselves not be used for content on RU-vid 💀
Esteban 4 hours ago
Average yt shorts user
Dunc Month ago
You didn't have to do the suit guy like that, he at least took the shot. He deserves more than just a grimacing emoji
SoupaMage Month ago
That’s school uniform
Bimbo Odekunle
Bimbo Odekunle Month ago
@SoupaMage that’s what I’m thinking? Is this the UK?
W3lcom3 Month ago
Not to mention he threw it under handed
Jay C
Jay C Month ago
It woulda been funny if he fell
Bella Dadisman
Bella Dadisman 4 days ago
After he made that shot he looked so happy...Him smiling made my day
MrHooke_Gamer 2 days ago
Yea it did!
Hana1LuLu 4 days ago
I think more people would have participated if he gave them the choice, like walked around with a sign and motioned to people rather than suddenly throwing something at them. (I freeze up and worry I misread social cues, e.g. "he's throwing it to someone near me, not actually me" so I wouldn't appreciate suddenly getting a basketball thrown at me if I didn't have my hands out to catch it)
SoldierInUsAll 2 days ago
the point is to see who's really about it. these people are just lame.
Denisse ahumada
Elliot Day ago
​@SoldierInUsAllMost of them probably avoid it because they naturally get scared, if a group of strangers throws something at you out of nowhere when you're not paying attention, your first instinct is to avoid it.
BeWaRe Jay
BeWaRe Jay Day ago
@Elliot Don’t forget there’s probably a big camera pointed at you 😂
~st4rsz~ Month ago
bro really thinks throwing basketball to strangers on a busy road was a good idea-💀🌚
Thami Nyawo
Thami Nyawo Month ago
Kevin Ngaleu
Kevin Ngaleu Month ago
For real!This is insane af!
xFistedWaffle Month ago
most australians dont tolerate/like that "prank" culture
Liu Month ago
​@xFistedWaffle this isn't even a prank tho
Nichole Gale
Nichole Gale Day ago
I love how the last guy was so happy with the other guy it's great to see people and yourself being happy.❤
Razoredge 2 days ago
"Oh no, random strangers don't want to play with me when I literally throw a ball at them, I don't understand why, I'm so disappointed." Imagine being so dumb.
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
The man in the suit deserved style points for his shot
Jomel Bobbitt
Jomel Bobbitt 24 days ago
Her sure did.😊
He got the swag that I have thought it was scripted lol
Suvrat Kumar
Suvrat Kumar 23 days ago
Sofia Garcia
Sofia Garcia 23 days ago
😂los policías
Hernan Bugueño
Hernan Bugueño 22 days ago
Me cargan las minas que se hacen a un lado, como que les va hacer daño la pelota
VIXONNE 4 days ago
“Yeah, I throw basketballs at people and when they don’t do anything I get disappointed, but when they do and miss the shot, I’m also disappointed.”
Esc Day ago
not that deep bud
@Esc Not saying it was
HDread 4 days ago
My man’s brave for throwing a ball at a police officer
Lotl_Axolotl Month ago
Man had the balls to throw that basketball at the police 💀💀💀
Kane Timothy
Kane Timothy Month ago
Jesus loves us and died for us For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 ✝💖 For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus. Romans 3:23-24 ✝🌅
Thr lady was pressed af
Caroline Month ago
Americans could never
DopeyPotato Month ago
Ye this will be Australia, we don't shoot people for throwing basketballs...not usually anyway
b p
b p 3 days ago
i like how men celebrate... they don't necessarily know each other but they become friends instantly...
corge 19 hours ago
​@DoubleChoc I (am OK with) U
The Terminator
The Terminator 3 days ago
Man has some braveness throwing it at the police😂
Kas Pas
Kas Pas Month ago
What did we learn? 9/10 people really don’t like getting a ball randomly thrown at them
Noah Jessup
Noah Jessup Month ago
Assuming it's not at my head and not coming super fast, I must be in that 1 of 10 category. But I wouldn't know how to properly deal with a soccer ball to save my life.
krispy Month ago
9/10 people are unathletic as hell
Eliza Month ago
@krispy 9/10 people don’t want to have shit thrown at them
April Showers
April Showers 3 days ago
The way that tall dude dodged the ball like a grenade..he could have had it😅
J B 2 days ago
All these negative people are what’s wrong with the world.
Richard Ashendale
If only the Asian businessman had made the shot... my god. He was so smooth.
Ajani lynx23
Ajani lynx23 Month ago
Kaitlin Rose
Kaitlin Rose Month ago
Shoulda got a 10/10 for smoothness
niall murphy
niall murphy Month ago
Basketball is huge in Asia after studying that’s what teens spend most time doing.
SuperNova Month ago
Rhys coleman
Rhys coleman 7 hours ago
At this point it can be called harassment because he is just throwing balls at people and expecting them to do something.
-RVN- 2 days ago
First girl said like hell nah ima go karate mode on this ball 😂
Cyril B
Cyril B Month ago
The world wasn't ready for that Asian guy in a suit to make the basket, the catch was already so clean
Shadow Bighead
Shadow Bighead Month ago
See now if he made that, it would’ve been so cool
Fun Wire
Fun Wire Month ago
Bts fan girl spotted
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget Month ago
​@Fun Wire what?
hwang hyunjin
hwang hyunjin Month ago
​​@Fun Wire bro wtf 💀
EmmyKay Month ago
@Fun Wire just cuz he’s Asian that’s kinda racist😅
Samurai Day ago
The guys in the business suits are always chill
LuvHaebom 3 days ago
this just reminds me of the one time when I was little and some other kid was playing with a basketball carelessly and ended up hitting me in the face and shattering my glasses 💀
Wrlwind Month ago
"your honour I wasn't being a public nuisance I was just filming a RU-vid short"
Anfal Ayub
Anfal Ayub Month ago
The one with suits were nice😂😂😂
JCYT Month ago
it’s honor, stupid A55 (cant reply)
welcome to the SWAG cave
Public nuisance? 😂😂😂
Anthony Macias
Anthony Macias Month ago
If you get arrested for this its time to move to a new country
Firemar 16 hours ago
Bro throwed a ball at a police officer... 💀💀💀
AnishPlayzGames? 4 days ago
If you ever feel the most daring guy than just remember him that he tried to play with a cop
Noctemys Month ago
bro is the type to show up at a house fire with gasoline and say he's trying to help
Where you get that from 🤨
Gukk's loveee🖤🦋
Szèmtelen Mano
Szèmtelen Mano Month ago
​@iblesstheRAINinAFRICA He has some experience at such moments. And he was that guy himself.
Orion Larke
Orion Larke Month ago
you tried that's all that matters
CB 3 days ago
That cop definitely created a scene
JACK78 Hour ago
Bro, he’s just out here assaulting people with a ball 🏀 😂😂😂
S A Month ago
Bro was lucky that police officer was having a good day 💀
Masstronaut Month ago
Definitely not American cops. They’d have pulled on him real quick
BlickiMinaj Month ago
@Masstronaut idk why I laughed at this 😂
UPDATEZ Month ago
Dr.Falcon Month ago
@Masstronaut I think you'd be surprised Ik several cops who if approached by a group of younger guys and a basketball goal who'd actually play LOL so don't assume they're all bad.
Angel Month ago
Yeopp, that could be assault
Ghost 👻
Ghost 👻 6 hours ago
Relatives:- ladka kya krta hai Parents:- ji basketball ball liye ghumta hai 🤣
Halcyon Day ago
Great way to get an assault charge. Leave people alone.
Tony Smith
Tony Smith 15 hours ago
people suck ass at interaction and they wonder why their life is so boring XD, this guy is actually bringing joy to the community
Ice▪muffin🍰 5 hours ago
I kinda agree, it is true for the most part.
Dylan P
Dylan P 18 hours ago
Imagine walking and minding your own buisness and then a basket ball hits you in the face.
Revision Zero
Revision Zero 2 months ago
Imagine just minding your business, going about your day and some dudes with a camera throw a basketball at you lol
Sam -
Sam - 2 months ago
Would be fun, hyping that shit up hahah
Definitely Disappointed
Ik, like that poor guy just walking to work. Idk where content went this far down the drain.
Mae Snow
Mae Snow 2 months ago
Exactly 😂 I would be so embarrassed and be thinking about it all day. What a way to ruin someone’s day
Nananake 2 months ago
​@Mae Snow people having fun ruins your day? That's really sad
Conscious Robot
Conscious Robot 2 days ago
"Why is your shirt wet?" "You wont believe me if I tell you"
Starry_ Echo
Starry_ Echo Day ago
Dude threw a ball at a dude who had somewhere to go and almost tripped him. I don't blame them for not wanting to do this
Jayden Martinez
Jayden Martinez Month ago
Not the police officer about to shut it down 💀💀
_.josephhhhh_ Month ago
No she’s just walking
StarbucksSux213 Month ago
Use an original pfp
RustyGuy Month ago
*giga Karen activated*
Do You Eat Rocks
Surprised they got their ball back from Officer Killjoy in the Happiness Patrol
Tyler Month ago
Surprised she didn’t shoot him
Haley Wright
Haley Wright 2 days ago
When the basketball hit the guys foot I died 😭
XD Day ago
Bro didn't even hesitate while throwing the ball towards the cops
Lizbeth Frias
Lizbeth Frias Month ago
Bro really got the guts to throw them at the police.
Theohybrid Month ago
She really dogged him down
J Month ago
He should’ve done it in New York. The cops in the US are always down to shoot something 💀
Michael DeHart
Michael DeHart Month ago
@J ong! That’s what I was thinking! Obviously those cops ain’t from the us, if they were, he woulda gotten shot or tazed for harassment or assault with a deadly weapon😂😂
Warrant_AZ Month ago
some LEO's are actually very cool, there is no crime throwing a basketball to them XD
Logan D
Logan D Month ago
danny 14 hours ago
Next prank: Throwing boxing gloves and a mouth guard outside of the next major MMA event...
I speak fax
I speak fax 2 days ago
" Admir why are you all wet? " Admir: Um.. its a long story boss
Avery L
Avery L Month ago
Turns out people don’t like others running into their face with a camera, hauling basketballs at them, and yelling every other second.
xLuis89x Month ago
And this outlook about life is why there are miserable people no matter what
Mimi Month ago
​@xLuis89x oh not wanting to get hit is a bad outlook on life? Nice to know
SirAsparagus Day ago
this mf went out in public, threw basketballs at people, and expected good results
Alex Duenas
Alex Duenas 4 days ago
People absolutely miserable. Hate their lives.
…Oompa Loompa…
…Oompa Loompa… 29 days ago
We can safely say that that police officer was NOT amused.
Spiker_87 28 days ago
Don’t forget it was a sheeeee
Oh Klahoma
Oh Klahoma 28 days ago
The fact there's people defending him in the comment section-- If you want a ball smacked at you, good for you. Let me live my life in peace without obnoxious influencers disturbing me.
Shyeitza 28 days ago
If I did that I would have been arrested for assaulting an officer
Timo le ma Evans
Timo le ma Evans 28 days ago
​@Oh Klahoma can't shoot a basketball😂🫵
memryx 2 days ago
alternative response, step 1: get hit step 2: sue their ass
Esc Day ago
how are you gonna sue if you're not injured lmfoao
Imagine having your heart broken and someone throws a basketball at you. -Keep this going
ok Month ago
Imagine finally getting a break after a stressful day and some mfs start throwing balls at you ☠️
C2 Wavy Gaming
C2 Wavy Gaming Month ago
life of an onlyfans star
Aiden Rivas
Aiden Rivas Month ago
it ain't that deep😭
ok Month ago
@C2 Wavy Gaming nahh g 😭
ok Month ago
@Aiden Rivas it honestly is
ShayDe Month ago
This would brighten my day I wasn’t bothered much, and people offered me a challenge in a playful manner Honestly yall would get upset if a puppy came up to you and tried to lick and cuddle you, you’re miserable people
SinoWick 2 days ago
Reminds me of the kids that used to be in my gym class whenever the ball came near them lmao
peyton singley
aye he still had mad style. the attempt had my props, a basket would award him boss status.
BubbleBlox Month ago
Who would have thought people don’t like basketballs being thrown at them on the street?
ForgotStyle Month ago
*passed* basketballs being passed to them…
glitchtx Month ago
I just know you’re really fun at parties.
new0news Month ago
I might find this fun in my city but in a larger tourist city I would just think it's a scam like you catch the basketball and now they're trying to scam you for money to pay for it.
Bilal Month ago
Well how can you tell when someone throws basketball at you randomly out of nowhere, it's natural.
SHAY TOKYO Month ago
@ForgotStyle are me and you watching the same video?
Get Nen
Get Nen Day ago
You are all gifted with talents. God bless you all, amen ❤
Takosauce Month ago
Video title: How to cause public nuisance 101.
Kane Timothy
Kane Timothy Month ago
Jesus Christ loves us 💖 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 ✝🌅
Tsumishima Month ago
@Kane Timothy Amen
DaHolyCanadian Month ago
How to BE a public nuisance you NN
hu_ta0 Month ago
Not expected
James O
James O Month ago
You mean "how to be a public nuisance."
Mateus Rodrigues
Back in Brazil we don't like basketball that much, but we would definitely pass the vibe check ✅
Danny Spooner
Danny Spooner 14 hours ago
That dude who kicked the ball in the air, give him an A for effort lol
Ferenc Szaffenauer
"Actually, I was on my way to a job interview of a lifetime, and you guys just got champagne all over my clothes."
Keshav Nuwal
Keshav Nuwal Month ago
Toph Majora
Toph Majora Month ago
I would hire that person if they explained to me what happened to them right before the interview
Yaumitaa Month ago
Hush Month ago
Yep in shorts😂
Clutch Spade691
Clutch Spade691 Month ago
Stop lying
KING DAVID 2 days ago
🎉congratulations to the last guy for making us happy making that shot 👏
Matthew Posey
Matthew Posey 3 days ago
The first girl hit some king fu panda shit😂
Yasmin Polder
Yasmin Polder Month ago
The guy who kicked the ball in the air, caught it and threw it was smooth
spiro37 Month ago
I was really hoping for the hat trick 🤣
Johanna Shaw
Johanna Shaw 4 days ago
As soon as I saw that form I knew it was money 😂😂
Affordable Living
The last man had good frame and was fiiiine too lol
nothonest Month ago
My man triggered a boss fight when he threw it at the police there
Nathan Southon
Nathan Southon Month ago
*dark souls music starts playing*
bunga your unga
bunga your unga Month ago
Officer came up to him like "YoU gOt A lIcEnSe FoR tHaT bAlL yA?"
B - K
B - K Month ago
@bunga your unga lmaoo
Officially aiko!
Officially aiko! 2 days ago
girls: OH NAWWWWW A BASKETBALL FLYING TOWARDS US!!!! Boys: failing misrebaly
Mekhi Srey
Mekhi Srey Day ago
This is what introverted people with social anxiety fears 😭
One Random guy.
One Random guy. Month ago
What a beautiful day to throw ball at people and expect them to respond positively
takeMK Month ago
We live in a society where a random man throw a ball to random people and expect them to respond positively
Shyla Walker
Shyla Walker Month ago
He didn’t “throw” it at them. He simply bounced it to them obviously in a nice way expecting them to maybe shoot it as they were literally carrying around a huge basket. It’s pretty easy to notice it wasn’t intentionally meant in any harm 💀
midnight cowboy
midnight cowboy Month ago
@Shyla Walker he threw the ball in all shots, not bounced it. There’s a difference.
who thou
who thou Month ago
@Shyla Walker did you watch the same video? Most of these people had very little time to react... Once bounce isn't enough.
Azra Günes
Azra Günes 23 hours ago
The smile of that guy made my whole day
Abby flick
Abby flick 12 hours ago
What you expect when you throw basketballs at people💀
SerPounce Month ago
Bro just threw a basketball at random people on the street and called it a "Crazy Fail Compilation"
Islixxn Month ago
Bounced it to them softly then were just scared of it for no reason
Mia Bailey
Mia Bailey Month ago
​@Islixxn omg it's almost as if people don't want cameras pointed at them without their consent🤯
Enzoh Month ago
@Mia Baileysoft
FatAssasin727 Month ago
@Mia Bailey boo hoo lmao. They're just buzzkills
Heart 2 days ago
Bro every time I go out I’m so ready for this moment I can’t believe people miss on it like that 😂
Kim Coonrod
Kim Coonrod Day ago
The old man was like no thanks 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣!!!!!!!! And the quack 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣!!!
coolcait thepotato
Next time I think I’m annoying I’ll remember this guy
Yuh Ser
Yuh Ser 19 days ago
I can tell you don’t go outside much
hydraball 19 days ago
@Yuh Ser you clearly don’t go outside if you think people like having a basketball thrown at them
_DIEGO_DA_GOAT_ 19 days ago
@hydraball bounced to them*
hydraball 19 days ago
@_DIEGO_DA_GOAT_ how does that change anything
Jochem 12 hours ago
So is no one gonna talk about nick just popping up?!
Shayla Davis
Shayla Davis Day ago
I actually thought the video would end with him getting arrested 😂
JulliaStark Month ago
guy in the suit controlled the ball with the back heel was damn underrated one
Jr Mc
Jr Mc Month ago
Normalmente yo lo haría con el talón delantero ajajjajajajjajajajaj
Fernelis Cabral
Fernelis Cabral Month ago
It was good enough for sure spot on
Gokez v2
Gokez v2 Month ago
Imagine he made it , some kid puts a sigma male edit over it 😂😂
abbar khalid
abbar khalid Month ago
Think About it
Think About it 3 days ago
Guys chill, these NPCs just didn’t have shooting a basketball in their coding they literally couldn’t.
Coffee Gacha X
Coffee Gacha X 4 days ago
Breaking news you guys, people don’t like getting basketballs thrown at them in the street.
Grld Month ago
Lesson learned: Don't catch the ball. They'll spray you with water bottles.
Rpodnee Month ago
Even if I made that shot I'd be like what the fuck really You're going to spray me.
Sincerely, Jae.
Sincerely, Jae. Month ago
😂 exactly
Niall Month ago
and now they gotta go about their business in wet clothes
Navi Month ago
that literally ruined the entire thing
Mr smartcakes
Yea i think we've reached the peak of society getting tired of C.C. doing shit IRL whether it be Pranks or grasps of random ass questions to strangers.
Sophiatje Sophiatje
Just imagine having a bad day and then getting a basketball thrown at u.
Nmystere Month ago
Man's lucky nobody tried to fight him
kell Month ago
For passing a basketball?
Ignacio Yañez
Ignacio Yañez Month ago
Gringos fight for everything... Would be surprised if someone wants to fight these guys...
Shingatsu Month ago
Bro they definitely cut those parts 💀🤣
sirFreude Month ago
​@kell No for trying to throw a basketball at them
kell Month ago
@sirFreude theyre tossing a basketball...if you fight for that then youre really sensitive lol. I feel like people who really fight are not bothered by a lot of silly things. Atleast im not
jhnallenn Day ago
The last guy shoots perfectly, even on a left hand
Coral Reeves
Coral Reeves 2 hours ago
Another one for the "People who need to be Jailed compilation".
Jorge Pinedo
Jorge Pinedo 19 days ago
" You need to go outside more." Outside:
AnthonyDaquarius ChingChong
Someone said you're never safe from extroverts in public and I couldn't agree more
AnUnknownPerson 15 days ago
I got ptsd from gym, shit this video made me flinch
ChaoticStarFish 14 days ago
Boy, I wish this is how the outside usually were.
ᴅᴏɴ’ᴛ ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴍʏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ 🗿🗿
Blizzzful 14 days ago
900th like let’s gooo
Shukri Hasan
Shukri Hasan Day ago
not mesut ozil throwing basketballs in public at random strangers
NumberOneKreekFan 5 hours ago
Bro heres a life lesson. Never throw stuff at strangers cause if you did that to me i would have popped it
Lord Bandicam
Lord Bandicam 2 months ago
Alternative title: Disturbing pedestrians by unexpectedly hurtling a basketball at them. Edit: I'm currently pondering on whether or not I should delete this comment. But hey, I guess that's a consequence of making a satire comment, but people see right through it and take it literally.
Tyler Morton
Tyler Morton Month ago
I think you mean passing a basketball to them
Katherin Murcia
Katherin Murcia Month ago
@Tyler Morton throwing*
DandyDaikon Month ago
​@Tyler Mortonsome of those were passes but in a lot of them he was straight up hurling it at unsuspecting peds
Lord Bandicam
Lord Bandicam Month ago
@Tyler Morton Hurtling is a synonym.
They really tried to do it on a police officers 😂😂😂
Claude Montezin
Claude Montezin 14 hours ago
That was so much fun! So glad the last dude got the 3 points!
Insufficient202 Month ago
Bro almost caught an assault charge by throwing it at that cop 😂
Stefan Ambrose
Stefan Ambrose 29 days ago
Yeah she wasn't happy xddd
Cain 29 days ago
john varntanian
john varntanian 28 days ago
@Stefan Ambrose it was a karen
Carlos Amaya05
Carlos Amaya05 28 days ago
W G 28 days ago
Aussie Cops are pretty chill
SpuddGames 2 days ago
The Asian guy shyt was smooth thooo!!! Damn I wish he would have got it ..
yitong Hao
yitong Hao 2 days ago
The police came and took away all your basketball hoops.