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Steve Jobs handling a tough question at the 1997 Worldwide Developer Conference. He had just returned to Apple as an advisor and was guiding sweeping change at the company. The full video is here - www.youtube.com/watch?v=6iACK... - this interactions is at 50:25 .

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Nov 30, 2016




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Palter187 Year ago
Basically telling him "You're right, but it doesn't matter" 😂
eletronic designer
eletronic designer 17 days ago
​@J V19 And I'm totally for that thought. Like you don't just create random tech and try to make it fit society. You gotta firstly figure how that tech will be benefitial and actually solve a problem and not just be a new extra feature for the sake of getting along with the newest. Although, open source is a huge point that needs to be looked at more carefully by these companies, something that definately should be put in practice. But again, not for the sake of the newest, but because it actually solves a big problem, which is trust, security and so on.
Mathys du Preez
Mathys du Preez Month ago
You're right, but not in the head 😅😂
Fanatec G
Fanatec G Month ago
-Bill Gates
KoDeMondo 3 months ago
Why people are so idiots do not understand that Steve Jobs, like Gates and all their capitalistically Fuchsia Rainbow are just part of a whole corrupt and parasitic system, which pollute our planet with their stupid, and they would like to make us believe that they are genes (they are not) and have made a lot of money thanks to the circus that their little friends have put up themselves? You have not yet understood that we are only and just slaughter meat for them. Are you still here to applaud them?
João Seromenho
João Seromenho 3 months ago
@J V19 it was*
Passione Motori
Passione Motori 2 months ago
"what have you been doing for the past 7 years" *quickly proceeds to hide in the crowd* 😂😂😂
Vaibhav Shah
Vaibhav Shah 23 days ago
@LucaTurilli89 he ignored the second question because it was a rhetorical question and was meant as an insult
newmediarules 24 days ago
Who was that guy? Where is he now? That moment alone could serve as the cornerstone of a mini-doc.
Jagar Tharn
Jagar Tharn Month ago
@Jean Roch oh ok ty
Jean Roch
Jean Roch Month ago
@Jagar Tharn riiiiiiight because you've never met someone who buries the lead right after admitting something they don't want to. My ego is just fine, thank you.
Jagar Tharn
Jagar Tharn Month ago
@Jean Roch One of the first things he said was that his accuser was right. Your ego won't even let you watch videos before commenting on them. Sad.
JONXD 2 months ago
The pause before his answer I think is something we can all learn from. Instead of getting heated and just flap out something stupid and not thought through, he went and put his answer together first and instead of just focusing on the guy asking the question, he answered with an answer for the whole crowd. I'm glad this popped up in my suggested videos!
KarlHungus211 Month ago
Don't know if this was his intention, but briefly pausing before giving any answer, instead of jumping straight into it, will make you appear more intelligent as you speak. It's a straight up speech technique lol
Marian Nairam
Marian Nairam Month ago
He is definitly on the LSD that is why he overthinking
samuel muiruri
samuel muiruri Month ago
If angry, count to ten. This will give you time to find a weapon. - Will Spencer
abc xyz
abc xyz Month ago
@joel pilbäck I don't drink but we can grab a beer on that one
joel pilbäck
joel pilbäck Month ago
Gonna just skip that comment man, i dont like shat i heard, walking out 🤡🤡🤡
Tom Bowes
Tom Bowes 4 months ago
I can appreciate a person that takes a moment to think before every time they speak. If everyone did this the world would be a much nicer place
Zvasis Vasi
Zvasis Vasi Month ago
and would know how to avoid answering the question
Marian Nairam
Marian Nairam Month ago
He used others products but know how to sell them - He used child laborers - He used India poverty to hire there people that made most of Apple apps and sys of phones. Yeah the world is nicer place because he is dead.
... Month ago
Question: why does this do that better than your product Answer: it does, but it only does that thing better while we focus on making system, that accomodate for a much wider and diverse group of users It's like going to Mercedes and asking why their S-Class doesn't have the same Nurburgring lap time as the audi r8 although they cost equally as much. R8 is only useful for racetracks, while your S-class is way more practical.
Taps ofOsiris
Taps ofOsiris 2 months ago
@Monsi He gave a clear answer dude. You not understanding his answer, in a way proves why some things need to be simplified for a general audience.
Fenrir 3 months ago
@Monsi his answer is quite clear : He doesn't know a lot about tech but had understood this basic rule to selling billions of products : focus on the user experience before focusing on the tech (even if it is the best and has a big dev community)
JSU's n Bhdjnfj
JSU's n Bhdjnfj 3 months ago
Apple then: what can we do for the customer? Apple now: what can we get from the customer?
davidian666 Month ago
@GovSchnitzel started a cult, not culture.
Marcelo Soares
Marcelo Soares Month ago
Actually, the question has always been "what do we have to do to get the maximum possible amount of money from the people who buy our products." It may just be the case that they need to do a lot less today compared to, say, 25 years ago.
davidian666 Month ago
@Edward Brownson used to see it all the time was really sad to see these fools wanting to be the first to own an iPhone. Apples advertising is very clever, but I stopped using them after iPhone 4 as android gave me more control over what to do with my phone. Dont get me wrong, it was a decent phone, but had to jailbreak it to get decent options and third party apps
Sreeram S Nair
Sreeram S Nair 2 months ago
Actually the question was genuine. The guy who asked it was prolly the only programmer in the room.
Truth Time TV
Truth Time TV 2 months ago
Kam Year ago
This might sound weird but He’s got some great pauses. It’s like a power move,draws you in.
Mohammed Yasser
Mohammed Yasser Month ago
You're absolutely right.
Beau LaMontagne
Beau LaMontagne Month ago
@Zoe Zzzarko So many great pregnant pauses out there and SCOTUS wants to turnover Roe v Wade now? Heartless turds.
layman 2003
layman 2003 Month ago
when other ppl do it it just makes it worse but Legend knows how to utilise it
Derp The Clown
Derp The Clown Month ago
It actually made me leave.
Jesse H
Jesse H 2 months ago
That’s on purpose for sure.
Ancient Paradox
Ancient Paradox 4 months ago
Classy and well done response. Admits to his limitations, acknowledges the complaint without attacking the man, and gives other people credit. That was some good leadership there.
Dawid Dulian
Dawid Dulian 2 months ago
@New Projects he actually did answer both questions: he didn't know much about stuff the guy asked about, because for the past years he's been working on understanding customers' needs and giving directions on how to do that to the development teams Edit: also, how else is business supposed to work, Jobs had his own vision and shift of interest so he decided other things were better idea to develop than the OpenDocs
New Projects
New Projects 3 months ago
His response came of like a political speech to me... redirecting the attention of the matter instead of answering his question directly (the guys who asked was probably upset because of OpenDocs, which is reasonable and valid because the years, time, and money invested into it essentially went to waste) so I wouldn't say it was good leadership and just because his speech contained almost no fillers didn't mean he was exactly being direct with his answer. Just notice how he mentioned about making a product that would make 10 billion dollars a year and how he would see his products through the eyes of the customer instead of engineers that could make the next best things of technology. Both of those are irrelevant to his question regarding the discontinuation of OpenDocs. Again, *redirection*
Mbeu Kambuwa
Mbeu Kambuwa 3 months ago
The fact that years later I’m watching this on an Apple, speaks volumes.
talisman1976 2 months ago
I read this comment, laughed, then realized I was doing the same thing.
Eboy Jim
Eboy Jim 2 months ago
It's that "if you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs" thing. I've worked with people like that gentleman in the audience and they create nothing. They serve a dwindling base of customers and think tactically rather than strategically until the company runs out of customers and shuts down. The funny thing is, whether you hate Apple or not, what Jobs is saying here has become the industry best practise for developing new products. It wasn't always that way. Google, Microsoft, etc. have all ended up making better products because of Apple's product development process. There's not a tech company today that's successful that doesn't operate like this.
Daniel Ally
Daniel Ally 4 months ago
So what happened in those last 7 years? Lol.
chy03001 13 days ago
He supplied the vision. He pointed in a direction and said "that's where we go if we want to succeed" and he was right. He might not have built the first iphone by himself in a cave, but he knew what the iphone needed to be when it was finished.
William Poupore
William Poupore 28 days ago
@DB Cisco Correct. So what? If there’s an actual point you want to make, just say it. These flippant little comments contribute nothing to the discussion. If you’re talking about Apple stealing the IP behind WIMP GUI from Xerox… I can only guess since a complete thought is something you’re either unwilling or unable to express… you’d be wrong again. Apple paid Xerox. 🤷
DB Cisco
DB Cisco Month ago
@William Poupore Jobs co-founded NeXT after Apple fired him.
William Poupore
William Poupore Month ago
@DB Cisco yes, and unlike you, I don’t turn into a rude jerk when I’ve got nothing to say. You clearly don’t know nearly as much about Apple, NeXT, and Steve Jobs as you think you do. Resorting to insults when it’s pointed out to you isn’t necessary.
DB Cisco
DB Cisco Month ago
@William Poupore Are you from this planet ?
Tom Year ago
No matter what your opinion of him, look how he actually THINKS about his answer, he's happy to let the silence fill the air for a moment... How often do you honestly see that from anyone answering difficult questions live these days?
Jo Year ago
Obama also does that a lot.
Joshua Long
Joshua Long Year ago
Bro he just did what they all do. Not answer the question and say something that they feel is good that they have done. Phil Spencer from xbox does this all the time.
CHRIS B Year ago
Keanu Reeves
uuves Year ago
@John Malcolmhe is who a significant portion of this country's population identifies with and aspires to be like. thats the terrifying part.
Ulor Year ago
Elon Musk.
Ako si Wokkawokka
"start with the customer experience then work backward to the technology" epic statement in which the computer software design industry today no longer adheres to.
Alistair Freedom
Alistair Freedom 3 months ago
What a great attitude - I bet this man had many great friends and people enjoyed being around him.
tonystark001 3 months ago
Mental note: Always have a bottle of water with you when you're about to answer a important question.
Ronald Colin
Ronald Colin Month ago
I practice that pause when someone ask me a tough question, i look down in a thoughtful way. And is amazing that people actually stay quiet awaiting the answer and is not even awkward. However, half the time i cant come up wt an eloquent answer 😆😆
Phil Taylor
Phil Taylor 2 months ago
to throw it at rude people in the audience.!
FACT NOW 3 months ago
Steve Jobs♥
HenrYYY1999 Year ago
Just love how he simply dodges the question by delivering a speech about why the question is basically irrelevant in the bigger picture :D Genius
Very relevant, just like Microsoft buying into the Linux kernel and purchasing GitHub is today. No other purpose than to ruin a good thing, steal and exploit. The "bigger picture" is -almost- always exactly what you see.
Insouciant Year ago
Insouciant Year ago
5ped 0f s0und
5ped 0f s0und Year ago
Fred Davis no, you don’t have to apologize, but the thing is that you made a grammatical error, which kind of ruins your cause... but I guess it’s good that you edited it
Sabbatai Year ago
@evan I stand corrected. I didn't correct their grammar though.
Semi AUStral Ants
Semi AUStral Ants 3 months ago
The original Nintendo wii was a great example of what he speaks about in terms of starting at the customer's experience. The wii was technically a weak machine even compared to other consoles of the time. The fact it did so well, was purely down to the experience it offered! It wasn't far from Nintendo's greatest achievement
Jonathan Dunning
@goob Yeah Ps2 was the cheapest dvd player around, and it played games.
Phil Month ago
absolutely right. Not only kids, and teen and 20-somethings had one. Their parents and grandparents likely had one too.
goob 2 months ago
@Casshern Sins I feel like the switch only has the games really going for it and the portable aspect wasn’t the main pull for me but it’s probably different for others
Casshern Sins
Casshern Sins 2 months ago
@goob also the switch
goob 2 months ago
Very true, same sorta thing with the PS2 to a lesser extent and the DS
Douglas Cook
Douglas Cook Month ago
As a long term employee in info tech I was able read all the industry media from the mid 80s. The one conclusion you could draw about Apple was that they royally messed up lots of times and could have easily gone out of business. Mr. Jobs was able to bully his way forward using and then maybe discarding people who knew what they were doing. By no means did he have the right set himself up as a genius visionary no matter how much he enjoyed it.
MisterFilOfficial 2 months ago
Don't start with "what". Start with "why".
aristodiga82 Month ago
Why is Gamora?
@darookmezd not in a conversation. In choice making obviously. Jeez.
darookmezd Month ago
Why have you been doing for the past 7 years?
Don T. Ripfüller
What? Why why? Wait...i mean...lemme try this again...How is "why"...no...um...Who came up with this idea of what should be the start of I meant why should be the start of ...I mean...you know what? I'm done. Don't ask ___...
Beau LaMontagne
Beau LaMontagne Month ago
Say what you will about his personality, Steve Jobs was a raging life force. He didn’t talk bullshit. When he had something to say it was almost always worth listening to. Utter genius. Miss him.
criztu Month ago
I suspect the Chinese in Apple City have a copy of him, not perfect but does a pretty decent job, for cheaper price
Andy Göpfert
Andy Göpfert Year ago
The way he answered the critic shows how intelligent and different he was
Jordan B.
Jordan B. Month ago
god i hate youtube comments lol
Henrik Valerian
Henrik Valerian 3 months ago
@Jay Kay You didn’t understand the reply. Or the question.
spiralmoment 5 months ago
@Jay Kay some of us.. what multinational company would you be running today, have you had the, will, vision, persistence and luck to keep finding the money to try? what life changing devices of yours would I have lying around my house if you just had a tiny bit more luck like jobs?
Kulagin 10 months ago
lmao like you could understand the first question about Java and open doc, and Steve's answer. It's a good question by the guy making the question and a terrible answer by Steve, which isn't even an answer to the question and just a cool story about how they do business.
Seven 7
Seven 7 11 months ago
@Jay Kay calm down big guy. Nowadays everyone can learn programming and it isn’t that hard compared to decades ago. Watch and see thr programming languages get included from the early stages of education and by a very young age - be ready for the technology world. Pretty much, it will be the same as learning english or any other languages in general. Most foreign schools start learning english from the third grade, so perhaps that’s when kids will get introduced to programming and start climbing the lather from there. Learning has become much easier nowadays thus creating really smart kids. For instance, my niece is 6 years old and she already speaks 3 languages and knows tons of stuff cuz of the availability of materials online.
Jeril Nadar
Jeril Nadar 4 months ago
He never insulted the person but took it positively.
kitty62862 Month ago
Steve Jobs knew when not to BS. An innate ability severely lacking in today’s corporate world.
Daily Quotes #shorts
"You can please some of the people some of the time!" is very true! I do agree with his response. It is very clear !
Martin Andreas Kruse
"And I think we're gonna get there." - oh yes, Steve, you sure did! Inspirational man and genius CEO! Yes, personally and professionally he had his ups and downs, but Apple wouldn't be Apple without him. It wouldn't be here today, if it wasn't for his return to Apple, basically acting like Apple's managerial scapegoat, after years of f***-ups. Miss him and his reality distortion field.
Electric paisy
Electric paisy Month ago
ruthless is an adjective without which he would never had been that successful. I'm impressed as soon as someone makes this much money without selling his soul to the devil.
Path D. Psycho
Path D. Psycho Month ago
Seriously man. Niggas hate on him like crazy as if they’re not hating on from an iPhone lmao. Dude changed how the hell we view phones.
John Ferguson
John Ferguson 4 months ago
The main lesson here is to how to defend yourself without actually attacking your critics.
Sidha Sudharshan
@Zipy some people see partisan politics everywhere. Sad.
anri dim
anri dim Month ago
just answer the fucking question and if you don't have an answer, admit the loss, don't be an asshole
thedarkness125 Month ago
He dodged the question and fooled millions of I-idiots into thinking apple is a worthwhile product.
L Ron Hubbard
L Ron Hubbard Month ago
This is an interview , you deepshit. Not a political debate.
DIY TWOinCollege
Wonder what that chuckle head is doing today.
DJ Phat
DJ Phat 2 months ago
100% This is outstanding. "some mistakes will be made along the way, but at least decisions will have been made. And we can fix mistakes. WE will fix them!".
J C Brookes
J C Brookes Month ago
Beautifully done by Jobs. You have to remember that in the mid 90's Apple was a basket case, run by people without vision. They made beige boxes that were unreliable and expensive. Everthing that came after MacOS 7.1 was basically dodgy. Jobs turned around the Titanic. But from the arrival of the iMac to OS X, it all turned round and headed in the right direction.
henry mann
henry mann 2 months ago
It’s amazing how he doesn’t take this personally or get defensive!
James R
James R Month ago
And manage to not answer the question.
wkhays 4 months ago
I love the fact that Steve basically said "You are right, but it doesn't matter. I'm going to win because I'm focusing on my customers". Here is a great clip from the movie "The Pirates of Silicon Valley", where Steve learned this valuable lesson from Bill Gates back in the day when Windows took the market by storm with a (marginally) inferior product: ru-vid.com/video/video-UFcb-XF1RPQ.html
Ibro school
Ibro school 4 months ago
And now bezos
Christophe Roberge
this guy is good, should start a small business idk
Nandan Nadkarni
Nandan Nadkarni 2 months ago
@irvinder singh sorry?
irvinder singh
irvinder singh 2 months ago
@Nandan Nadkarni bio
Parker Stevens
Parker Stevens 3 months ago
@Nafis Hasan it is r/woooosh
Pressed 3 months ago
I hate these types of comments
John Hernandez
John Hernandez 4 months ago
How could you make such a lame comment 🙄
FinnishArmy 3 months ago
He waited to actually think of a response. He didn’t let a room full of hundreds of people force his thoughts, he took his time.
El.blanco 3 months ago
Back when we were ok with publicly asking tough questions and answer them with real honesty and passion, at least for jobs.
Into the Fluid
Into the Fluid 2 months ago
Back when we were okay with having prepackaged answers to the tough question we knew we'd be handed you mean
Erik Harvey
Erik Harvey 3 months ago
This was a honest response. He simply states that their focus is on the customer’s experience first. Not the favorite tech of Engineers.
Nick Bollinger
Nick Bollinger Month ago
@chriiisclm "More expensive" doesn't stop people from spending the money it just means they have to spend less time complaining and more time getting a job.
DB Cisco
DB Cisco 3 months ago
@chriiisclm Like a $1000+ iphone that no one needs.
chriiisclm 3 months ago
Facts, plus better equipmemt means more expensive which means less customers, less money and less products.
Jean Claude Vanderfield Automatons & Metal Art
Great handling of an obviously angry or resentful person's public intentions to cause embarrassment. Love that he didn't immediately respond, but took his time to think over what was a wise use of words and what was or wasn't going to accomplish anything, such as replying to what he personally was doing recently. What would that even accomplish anyway...🤨
Christian Hegele
In fairness to the dev who asked this question, he was responding directly to Jobs's previous answer where he said some arguably questionable things. Like how grumpy engineers who he fired from Apple "hadn't done anything in seven years" and that, justifying his termination of Open Doc specifically, "there are some things in the Java space that I think are much better." (which if you know anything about these technologies is a total non sequitur). The dev is clearly pissed off and rude, but you have to place his adversarial "question" in context of what Jobs just said.
Borislav Mitev
Borislav Mitev Month ago
@smart guy in a hoodie, that is the thing about SJ that people were saying in other post under this video, the guy was a bully, and it this particular case he did just that, he bullied back the person who asked the question.
Claudia Bothner
Claudia Bothner 3 months ago
@Relentless Kevin Not necessarily telling ot his own values. He may just state what he knows or has observed to be the case today.
Jean Dupont
Jean Dupont 4 months ago
@golf-freq So you're a millionaire thanks to Steve Jobs ?
@Randal Copeland You issue thoughtless, canned responses and expect me to engage with you? Typical far-leftist hypocrisy. I'll not waste any more time on you.
Randal Copeland
@marmotsrulepwned Those who know everything, have nothing to learn. Zzzzz
IRRTUM Month ago
He answered the second question indirectly by the way he answered the first one. That’s the thing he’s been doing and nobody could have done it that way.
GTA The Wrong Way
GTA The Wrong Way 4 months ago
That guy knew how to talk, he pauses to suppress the flow of adrenaline, preventing the fight or flight mechanism, then talks about what has underpinned the success of apple, sure the pauses are dramatic and he acknowledges the relevance of the question calmly, but Jobs puts the guy down by talking about customer experience and profit being key to success, then adds that some people dont know what they are talking about, funny how he couldnt help but respond to the insult, demonstrating why you should never have a go at a chap with a microphone.
George Cantstandya
George Cantstandya 3 months ago
The man the myth *The Legend*
Jay Howard
Jay Howard Month ago
"You have to start with the customer experience and work backwards with the technology". If there is anything to take away from this response, it is that. That is why Apple is a multi-trillion dollar company today.
David DiMuzio
David DiMuzio 8 months ago
Wow, now that’s how you answer an insulting question!! 🙋‍♂️
Mordalo Month ago
@Smelly Lover Well, I knew the man personally, what about you?
Smelly Lover
Smelly Lover Month ago
@Mordalo “its sad and clear that you dont know what you’re talking about” is definitely a question
Tom Heim
Tom Heim 4 months ago
@William Kelley Rhyne explicitly stated Jobs is 'concerned with building the best business and best products for consumers'. And listen to Jobs again. He answered the question directly, admitted to the engineer that he could be correct in the micro view, then respectfully pointed out the macro view was infinitely more important in delivering something of value to customers.
Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson 5 months ago
My answer: get bent pencil neck
David 5 months ago
@Rhyne YES! 100% on point. Anyone saying he dodged the questions isn’t really breaking down what he is saying
chamoflag 3 months ago
if this man was still alive,apple would be in much better state(in terms of quality) and may have innovate phones way different than one can imagine,nowadays it's just the same phone with the camera having +2 megapixels and some cpu improvement and a greater price tag than previous one.
Uncle Mario
Uncle Mario Month ago
To everyone who is saying Steve Jobs didn't answer the question: He is literally describing "a cohesive larger vision" which is THE FUCKING ITUNES APP STORE! He already had the idea of a easy to use software development environment where Apple and 3rd parties push out billions of dollars of applications every year. That is the answer to the "how java addresses the ideas in opendoc" which was a bullshit open ended question anyway. Jobs said, it does not fucking matter because we will create an environment with java that is much more conducive to develop and sell applications. The second part of the question was not a question just and insult so did not need answering.
Uncle Mario
Uncle Mario Month ago
@FL33T WOOD Yes, he was a visionary not a pure inventor. He saw where the market is going, thus he had vision. He made better, more practical versions of the early MP3 players, smart phones, and personal devices. In his words he had "cohesive visions".
FL33T WOOD Month ago
@Uncle Mario iTunes was initially a direct result of the iPod, not Mac. Around this video, iPod wasn't even in the picture, let alone iTunes. Steve saw the potential and hired the creator of the iPod, then music was needed in a platform...thus "iTunes" happened. iTunes was popular for like ten years. The iPod starting waning away as the iPhone took away it's purpose, then eventually iTunes went dormant for the most part these days. I'm not taking anything away from Steve Jobs. He mostly knew what was attractive for a consumer in a world full of nerds who had no idea what they had in their hands. I mean, we all encountered the early siblings of todays smartphones & iPods. Back then Palm Pilots was the future in our eyes, then the Razor released.....why don't they just combine the Razor antennas with a Palm Pilot? Years later we had the iPhone....was obvious step in evolution. Clearly, again Steve wasn't a nerd, but a consumer in position-of-power of a company who could deliver.
Uncle Mario
Uncle Mario Month ago
@FL33T WOOD Well, these kind of people FORESIGHT so me talking in hindsight is perfectly fine. I guarantee you that he had the vision to create a marketplace for applications. The opportunity didn't come yet.
FL33T WOOD Month ago
Well he didn't answer it directly, which is totally fine. Steve was giving the reasoning why the vision was bigger than the application, even if it is a better technology. Itunes is kinda irrelevant in this specific conversation, because that's just speaking in hindsight.
Edward Month ago
Start with the customer experience and work backwards from there to the technology. Man that is powerful. What an amazing and inspirational man he was.
Dave Rohrich
Dave Rohrich Month ago
And the moment he died, they threw that philosophy out the window.
wannbeewiser 3 months ago
I love the way he paused to check his ego before he ran with the "you might be right..." approach
j g
j g 3 months ago
It was faux humble, he said the asker was right about something that is irrelevant.
TheVic Year ago
The brilliance here, (and you see politicians do this too) is to not answer the question directly, but to push your own ideas in a manner that the audience would find agreeable.
Valentin Bernard
@Jota C you nailed it
a single white female
There is nothing to be gained from answering a question like that.
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher Year ago
Jacob Dunham But he answered the question...
Jota C
Jota C Year ago
The thing is, that most of the time they don't even try to answer, they just can't. Steve Jobs wasn't a genius, he just manipulated people into thinking they wanted something, and that he offered the highest quality of all, while providing none of that. He's the prime of American consumer markets, and consumer markets is also what shaped politics to be the show that it is nowadays.
@Chayton Hurlow Your right, he was a wallet cleaner.
Jeff Bromley
Jeff Bromley Month ago
What a man, hard to imagine people walking out of his meetings crying because he pushed them to the brink
Darren Rockwell
Darren Rockwell 3 months ago
Damn dude, this video really changed my view on Steve Jobs... he really was a genius of our time.
A B 4 months ago
God bless his soul, Valley misses him so much
bobsy man
bobsy man Month ago
Great reaction from him, he didn't turn defensive and didn't hesitate to admit his mistakes. However the second half of his response felt like a double talk, kind of drifted away from the question to avoid it.
spidey677 Year ago
This is why Jobs was a great CEO. He does that “Jedi Mind Trick” high level executives have. Answering a question without answering the question.
Luis IX
Luis IX 4 months ago
I think he answered it, but you didn’t get it yet.
TERMINATOR 8 months ago
It's called being a great salesman/politician. Quite an effective technique, which has nothing to do with pop culture trash like SW
Andy A
Andy A 10 months ago
@Emilio Dubois Snob
Andy A
Andy A 10 months ago
He could have been a politician.
Ken Sherman
Ken Sherman 10 months ago
And he didn't mention what he did the past 7 years & mention Java NOT 1️⃣ time.
The Patriot
The Patriot 3 months ago
I wonder how he would feel today . I feel like he at the end of his life started to understand more about people than just selling and creating . You can hate him , but he was a genuine genius. But he def had a lot of faults .
Kaos Sverige
Kaos Sverige 2 months ago
The Man. The Myth. The Legend. Insult response my you know what 🤣
rox 'n roll
rox 'n roll 2 months ago
1:56 me when I try to start a standing ovation
Peter C.
Peter C. 3 months ago
Great response, and I've never owned an Apple product. I always admire transparency. Also notice he uses the word "app". I wonder how many people know the word "app" was used well before smartphones existed.
M C Taylor
M C Taylor 3 months ago
I was wondering that, too....
Joey Sanchez
Joey Sanchez Year ago
"Some mistakes will be made along the way and that's good because at least some decisions are being made" Steve Jobs
Vinícius Sasso
"You are right but it doesn't matter in the end, because there are ass-kicking decisions" (crowd goes wild)
J Shepard
J Shepard Year ago
@John Nunez I really wanted a Newton. And I'm really glad I didn't waste my money on one.
Ryoko Honda
Ryoko Honda Year ago
Grant Vogel
Grant Vogel Year ago
Adam anyways, Trump 2020
Dhi Mancini
Dhi Mancini Year ago
Some action was taken. cool. ru-vid.com/video/video-YCnqEUg2SZI.html
NeonMusic 3 months ago
I miss Steve, been a hero of mine since1984 ish. I was just a kid but one of my goals at the time was to buy a Mac and I did a few years later, I had to borrow $4000 lol. Worth it.
Kevin Colt
Kevin Colt 4 months ago
This guy was truly a genius for his time. He could see 50 years ahead when most people are focused on the present and past.
Rest less
Rest less 4 months ago
Great salesman and speaker, great sense of taste and design, speeding up digitalization of the modern world, however not as revolutionary as people give him credit for.
Philip Vasquez
Philip Vasquez Month ago
I feel like the greater the silence an audience gives a speaker who is speaking sense, the greater the influence and control that speaker has and potentially shows how powerful they really are.
J W 3 months ago
Cohesive response! This man always had his eyes on the prize RIP
Yeahhh 3 months ago
Peter k
Peter k Year ago
And after this, everyone in the valley talked like Steve Jobs.
R 8 months ago
Hard to blame em...
Again 9 months ago
@ALP IRL lol when? have you got link
Ty Willinganz
Ty Willinganz Year ago
@Corey Smith I would agree with everything you just said. I would also compliment him for being able to do so after that guy took a cheap shot, because its hard not to want to rip right into him
Corey Smith
Corey Smith Year ago
@Ty WillinganzHe is only pausing to gathering his thoughts. Some of the best speakers do this. You don't have to constantly go go go to have a great speech. You can tell he truly means what he says when he thinking long and hard about the words he is using to convey the message to the audience.
Cyba IT
Cyba IT Year ago
That corporate bs
Vicki Brooks
Vicki Brooks Month ago
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Dominick Destine
I clicked expecting a quick BTFO but wasn't prepared for 5 minute video. The fact that Mr. Jobs took that insult and turned it into an opportunity to properly explain really sells what an amazing man he was.
naveen babloo
naveen babloo 2 months ago
that's definitely a highest quality Insulting response from Steve Jobs
opinion 2 months ago
I’m actually very impressed by Jobs in this video.
Tentacular Year ago
Saying Steve Jobs did nothing is like saying "a farmer does nothing, because the food grows by itself".
Sombra 11 months ago
@CodeNameZ "Trust me owning land is not just "You do this and that so I can sleep all day and read the news"" Oh, so I should trust you on that one because your dad once told you that he worked even though he had workers working for him? Hahaha ok buddy
Christopher Hayden
Christopher Hayden 11 months ago
The people that criticize him for not knowing programming completely miss the point. He knew it to some extent but wasn’t an expert and didn’t need to be. He was an expert orchestrator. He could recognize parts of an unrealized whole and unite it all in a common direction.
Matthew Kolonics
Matthew Kolonics 11 months ago
El Presidente Bro you do not know a fucking thing when talking about farming😂
tasten klopper
tasten klopper 11 months ago
@Terran Federation 888 It sounds like you don't like generalizations so please don't generalize.
Abcd Pqrs
Abcd Pqrs 11 months ago
@Tentacular unemployed doesn't mean they're idle and angry about the situation.
TheTripol 3 months ago
He was super smart that's for sure, really good speaker too.
techkri 3 months ago
Man…he speaks like he is the only human in this world 🔥🔥 🔥 Boldness in his speech - Infinite ♾
P o o m
P o o m 3 months ago
He speaks like a genius.
Vasil Petreski
Vasil Petreski 3 months ago
Steve was one of a kind
Henrik Valerian
Henrik Valerian 3 months ago
Who’d thunk aspberger’s conventions to be this cheerful? This flic gives me the chills. And makes me admire Jobs even more. Poor guy.
Edward Ireson
Edward Ireson Year ago
the man was a genius business man, not a technical guru.
Marco 10 months ago
@Uncle Mart so chemo and radiation works on liver cancer? Does it have good progression feee survival? Are you an oncologyst or do you have some insights in that topic? Some poeple are dumb af here...
A A 11 months ago
Exploiting cheap labor; is not genius; its abuse.
Man N God 983 & 555 vortex
He was Technical but more of Visionary guru.
dreu dax
dreu dax 11 months ago
@Alnas Kabeer This guy groove is one of those people, who needs free stuff. Bet this guy supports communism too. Apple was revolutionary and its competition caused so much innovation in this industry. The current price of apple phones are bizzare, but idiots buy them, and i respect the business for convincing idiots to buy them. Apple phones arent bad by any means, but they are very limited to specific functions and options, and are usually suited to people that dont tinker too much and stick to specific mainstream apps. Say if i wanted to use my phones camera stream it live to my pc and use it in a video call its impossible to do it with an apple device easily. While one an android its easy as writing an adb code.
Jessie Howard
Jessie Howard 11 months ago
He was a complete dick too. Top notch asshole, coachs get fired for pushing players the way he treated engineers
Mark Brown
Mark Brown 3 months ago
man has no ego. i love him
Atmos Month ago
Sometimes when I watch Jobs speak I am reminded of all the tech leads and project managers I've worked with. They all borrowed his mannerisms and phrases.
Tony Li
Tony Li 3 months ago
this speech single handily changed my assignment criteria in design school. LMAO
childsupport 101
childsupport 101 3 months ago
Steve Jobs a man with highest iq a man I can respect
NazteTV 11 months ago
He made billions of dollars. Didn't spend a single one of them on a belt, ever.
Conor Burns
Conor Burns 7 months ago
@Vijaz555 no it just makes the world a better place
Vijaz555 7 months ago
@Conor Burns caring to others doesn't give you money though
Conor Burns
Conor Burns 7 months ago
or a single cent being caring of others
Vijaz555 8 months ago
@Callum have your eyes fixed?
BadMusicChannel 8 months ago
He’s clearly commando.
Daniel Ally
Daniel Ally 4 months ago
Great way to avoid getting defensive!
Mohammed Walid
Mohammed Walid 3 months ago
all I see are stupid comments begging for likes and views, as usual.
Blankett 3 months ago
​@Aolvain Erlos Jesus christ guys.
Aolvain Erlos
Aolvain Erlos 3 months ago
@Blankett top? he barely got any likes
Blankett 3 months ago
@WiZarD except thats not how it works. Its automatically always bumped to the top what are you talking about?
WiZarD 3 months ago
@Blankett I mean any one can comment any thing, blame the people who upvoted this useless comment.
Toeey1 4 months ago
I didnt understand the question nor did I understand the response. So in conclusion, 1997 technology is still over my head in 2021
Color Wheel
Color Wheel 3 months ago
Man with a great vision. This video gave me Positive vibes, thank you so much!
Faizal F
Faizal F 3 months ago
Not a great visioner at all
triodesrbetter Month ago
He actually did answer the question. Part one: "I don't know." Part two: not specifically for 7 years, as that's nobody's business, but what he has come up with to implement (e.g. customer experience strategy).
[backstage to hitman] “Make sure his body is never found”
KoDeMondo 3 months ago
Why people are so idiots do not understand that Steve Jobs, like Gates and all their capitalistically Fuchsia Rainbow are just part of a whole corrupt and parasitic system, which pollute our planet with their stupid, and they would like to make us believe that they are genes (they are not) and have made a lot of money thanks to the circus that their little friends have put up themselves? You have not yet understood that we are only and just slaughter meat for them. Are you still here to applaud them?
totallynotabot 3 months ago
@Tony Danis fair point
Tony Danis
Tony Danis 3 months ago
@totallynotabot You're absolutely right, but Jobs nonetheless totally won the encounter and made the guy look really bad. That's the lesson. Facts are secondary to presentation. Jobs is a master student of human behavior and exercised his skills to great effect.
totallynotabot 3 months ago
@Tony Danis again jobs just chose to discredit the work of devs openly. Besides the guy was not wrong here either
Tony Danis
Tony Danis 3 months ago
@totallynotabot You're being inappropriate and definitely not serving your best interests if you behave like that publicly. Guy comes off as out-of-control and abusive , Jobs just owns him with insouciance.
Roman Romero
Roman Romero Month ago
... at the end he says.... "some people will not know what they're talking about..." and he looks into the direction of the gentleman who challenged him... savage 👊😹
Maurice N
Maurice N 3 months ago
I started in IT in 70's and ended up as a tech manager in one of the largest telcos. I built systems for government, retail chains, auto and pharmaceutical companies. Believe it or not the IT world did take many wrong turns. And a lot of the innovation like Agile, Jira, BI, Big Data is just the same old stuff packaged up to sell to managers who aren't tech savvy. From a professional point of view he should have just said "yes, you are correct". The worse thing you can do is BS and use anecdotes to pro's. They have high IQ's and logical reasoning scores and deal in facts. A real issue today is that tech is increasingly more closed. The only people who can afford it are corporations and students who will enter corporations. COVID is a good example of what happens when the unskilled like politicians and law enforcement get control of a situation that experts should have handled.
Phil Taylor
Phil Taylor 2 months ago
That was pretty damn rude of that guy. But VERY well handled without going for his jugular.
SBW Learning
SBW Learning 4 months ago
A true visionary. He gave 5 year olds the right to work and refuse education.
ThisIsTheEndPt2 8 months ago
"you've gotta start with the customer experience and work backward to the technology" Most underrated quote in tech history. Ever.
remytv 4 months ago
@Programmer that's a matter of opinion, I work with both windows and Mac... Microsoft can't even make their search function work! Spotlight makes your workflow easier. That's just one example of why Mac OS is just better. I own zero Mac and 2 windows machine , mainly because I game on PC but I'll say anytime that for working, Mac OS is better IMO.
systdow666 5 months ago
A real shame it didn’t quite last nearly as long as he did
Herp Derp
Herp Derp 5 months ago
If someone writes Bla bla. Ever. I just disregard their opinion & assume the opposite. Sit down boomer. Sit down. Ever.
Jarl Balgruuf the Greater
Well turned out it was just marketing
Fonzorelli 808
Fonzorelli 808 5 months ago
Yup. Gotta find the "Need" first then create.
petarbg123 2 months ago
Damn what a valuable lesson right here... "You've got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology. You can't start with the tech and try to figure out where you're going to try and sell it"
Gruvve Month ago
@petarbg123 Which is quite ironic since Apple couldn't care less about it's customers, in the following years they basically ignored this speech and imposed their idea of how products *should* be used without question. Look at what Apple is now, a giant blob of money with no care to the customer nor the professional, so none of this was true in the end, of course...
the little moonling
the little moonling 2 months ago
@petarbg123 🤣🤣🔥
petarbg123 2 months ago
@lufo88ita I’ll take Steve Job’s advice over an “it developer’s any day… are you the guy from the crowd? 😂
lufo88ita 2 months ago
And that's wrong. As a IT developer the right formulation is "we need to create a tecnology that fit the needs of the customers". You can't build a house from the roof (customer experience), but you can figure how build a good looking house with the right tecnology.
Tony 3 months ago
"There will be problems.... If there is problems, we'll fix em'! " That is a good mindset
Fred R
Fred R 3 months ago
Apple will never be the same. He was the mastermind and visionary.
Kerveros1904 Month ago
To the person below that he said that Jobs did not answer: he admitted that mistakes will be made. He also admitted that he has no idea about technology. But he provided a good response to him. Jobs actually won this confrontation.
Kerveros1904 Month ago
@MKRM27 expressing my opinion has nothing to do with sycophanty (which is a Greek word and this explains why you make wrong use of this word). So accusing me that i am a sycophant, renders you the perfect sycophant yourself boy. "No" is not accepted, even if you were God himself. Opinions that cannot be justified like yours, should better kept for yourself. You avoid humiliation this way.
MKRM27 Month ago
No, he did not. Only a sycophantic Jobs fan would suggest he “won”.
Aryadev ghosh
Aryadev ghosh Year ago
10 billion dollars worth of product a year" Only if he could see now how many billions apple is worth. Legend.
poison killerbee
@GA Comics time will tell
BG Resjek
BG Resjek Year ago
Steve Jobs and Musk do not care about money. They see the bigger picture. Leave your Mark on this world and push it to the next level.
Adc Boi
Adc Boi Year ago
He would be disappointed
GA Comics
GA Comics Year ago
@poison killerbee No I won't. I'm not a dumb fanboy overpaying for stuff.
bill 87
bill 87 Year ago
o they developed their first rockets In the 50s based on Hitler's v1 and v2 continental missiles they captured after the fall of Berlin. And usa captured the head designer von Braun and His team of nazi scientists
Shakazuloeman 3 months ago
This is what many people and many companies still don't understand. Because it's about the customer, not about the technology.
Talal Alqahtani
Talal Alqahtani Month ago
“What have you been doing in the past 7 years” What you won’t do in a 100
John Falcigie
John Falcigie Month ago
Questioner: "Perhaps you can tell us what you've been doing the last 7 years?" Jobs: "I started another company that changed animation called Pixar, which in a few years from now I will sell to Disney for $7.4billion."🤣
b22chris 3 months ago
To answer the man’s question, Steve had a long term vision and the questioner had a short term plan. Short term, Apple lost some money; but Steve’s vision came to fruition and Apple is now the largest company in the world.
Yeahhh 3 months ago
Firdayanti Ayu Nurinda
Emotional intelligence is the key here. He's not emotionally triggered at all. That's how he could manage to answer logically, properly.
nexus solaris
nexus solaris 4 months ago
Well ofcourse he is not going to throw a knive at him during a PR stunt. Obviously he is not Trump, he knows he is doing a PR stunt. That is the whole purpose of a PR stunt. That does not tell us anything about his emotional intelligence. It's quite obvious that he is triggered but he is not going to express those feelings because he is not a complete retard. Gosh, some people are so fucking naive... Unbelievable!
dboatrig 5 months ago
@KL I don't. I'm perfect.
M M 5 months ago
@KL that is a damn fact!!!
varun looker
varun looker 5 months ago
Exactly, trying to answer something emotionally you will get screwed, end up looking like a clown.
michael joseph Jackson
@Andrew Herrera as he did nothing by his own hands
Ozzy Helix
Ozzy Helix Month ago
all things considered he handled this pretty well I almost expected him to be like Gordon Ramsey and just throw something acrossed the room
Scottish Scapers
Scottish Scapers 2 months ago
This man was just good at talking. That's all.
David Comeau
David Comeau 4 months ago
Man, I miss that guy!
utubewillyman 3 months ago
Anyone who's worked in a corporate bureaucracy will understand what he means when he says that mistakes are a good thing because it means that people are making decisions.
Richard Feynman. Why.
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