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Official ‘Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince’ Lyrics
Written by Taylor Swift & Joel Little
You know I adore you
I’m crazier for you
Than I was at sixteen
Lost in a film scene
Waving homecoming queens
Marching band playing
I’m lost in the lights
American glory
Faded before me
Now I’m feeling hopeless
Ripped up my prom dress
Running through rose thorns
I saw the scoreboard
And ran for my life
No cameras catch my pageant smile
I counted days, I counted miles
To see you there, to see you there
It’s been a long time coming but It’s you and me
That’s my whole world
They whisper in the hallway
She’s a bad bad girl
The whole school is rolling fake dice
You play stupid games
You win stupid prizes
It’s you and me
There’s nothing like this
Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince
We’re so sad, we paint the town blue
Voted most likely to run away with you My team is losing
Battered and bruising
I see the high fives
Between the bad guys
Leave with my head hung
You are the only one
Who seems to care
American stories
Burning before me
I’m feeling helpless
The damsels are depressed
Boys will be boys then
Where are the wise men?
Darling I’m scared
No cameras catch my muffled cries
I counted days, I counted miles
To see you there, to see you there And now the storm is coming but Chorus And I don’t want you to GO!
I don’t really wanna FIGHT!
‘Cause nobody’s gonna WIN! I think you should come home
And I don’t want you to GO!
I don’t really wanna FIGHT!
‘Cause nobody’s gonna WIN! I think you should come home
And I don’t want you to GO!
I don’t really wanna FIGHT!
‘Cause nobody’s gonna WIN! I just thought you should know
And I’ll never let you GO!
‘Cause I know this is a FIGHT!
That someday we’re gonna WIN! It’s you and me
That’s my whole world
They whisper in the hallway
She’s a bad bad girl
I just thought you should know
It’s you and me
There’s nothing like this
Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince
We’re so sad, we paint the town blue
Voted most likely to run away with you And I don’t want you to GO!
I don’t really wanna FIGHT!
‘Cause nobody’s gonna WIN!
I think you should come home
And I’ll never let you GO!
‘Cause I know this is a FIGHT!
That someday we’re gonna WIN!
I just thought you should know It’s you and me
That’s my whole world
They whisper in the hallway
She’s a bad bad girl
She’s a bad bad girl
#TaylorSwift #Lover #TaylorSwiftLover
© 2019 Taylor Swift
Music video by Taylor Swift performing Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince (Visualizer). © 2019 Taylor Swift


Published on


Aug 21, 2019




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Comments : 7 766   
lorin 3 years ago
There is no "old" taylor There is no "new" taylor There is just Taylor
Natalia 3 years ago
so far
so far 3 years ago
Delaney Rose
Delaney Rose 3 years ago
Haley Kwok
Haley Kwok 3 years ago
Aanya Shetty
Aanya Shetty 3 years ago
Lol so true
Stream Lover
Stream Lover 2 years ago
We need "Boys will be boys, then where are the wise men?" merch.
Bhaskar Deka
Bhaskar Deka 2 years ago
Add Folklore to your username.
maritza martinez
maritza martinez 2 years ago
Oo my goshh yeass, now I low-key want it
Nicholas Georgiou
Nicholas Georgiou 2 years ago
The Wiseman is the enlightened. Look up to a higher love not a mutual love but plug your soul into higher power & help your brother lead the youth into the right direction
Her Eyes Invite You To Approach
could your pfp BE more perfect?
Stream Lover
Stream Lover 2 years ago
@Her Eyes Invite You To Approach I know!!
Evangeline Hane 🧣
Everyone wants a music video for cruel summer but I want one for miss Americana and the heartbreak prince
Arunava Bal
Arunava Bal 2 years ago
Mcd Hospital
Mcd Hospital 2 years ago
April Mocarsky but it doesn't feature this song
Mcd Hospital
Mcd Hospital 2 years ago
April Mocarsky no
Onyx Year ago
Why not both? We can take back ME!’s Video privileges
Evangeline Hane 🧣
@Onyx yess lol 👏😂
Shafa Marsaa Iman
Shafa Marsaa Iman 2 years ago
The way she wrote miss and prince is always brilliant, because her boyfriend is from monarchy country while she isnt
Pratulya Anjas
Pratulya Anjas 2 years ago
That's quite an insight.............. No one in the comment section has pointed this!!!
Bob and Boo
Bob and Boo 2 years ago
Or is she ?
Shafa Marsaa Iman
Shafa Marsaa Iman 2 years ago
@Bob and Boo is she what?
Star Crying
Star Crying 2 years ago
@Shafa Marsaa Iman she is actually of Royale blood line lmfao, she goes back to some king called Andrew or something
parfume 2 years ago
@Star Crying I'm pretty sure her 20th paternal great-grandfather is some Scottish king named Robert
arhkms 2 years ago
no offence but i don't think any other artist has the level of lyrics and metaphors that taylor does in her lover and folkore + evermore albums. people love to call lover her 'flop' era but literally it's her best album in terms of musicality
Sarwar hossain chowdhury
Ur totally right !! I agree :)
Josh Momo
Josh Momo 2 years ago
Lover is one of my favourites along with her other albums💖
The era flopped (not as many people liked or bought the album) but its an AWESOME ERA
Wajeeha Majid
Wajeeha Majid 2 years ago
Totally agree
Dzung Long
Dzung Long 2 years ago
we all know Lover is not a flop. Artists in the world would dream about Lover's success.
epiphanotsy 11 months ago
i don't think people appreciate miss americana and the heartbreak prince enough. the beat, her voice, the lyrics are flawless. one of the underrated songs of all time.
Brian Schon
Brian Schon 7 months ago
Agree love this song great music
Sybyll Kate Bernardo
Took me years to appreciate it and now I can’t stop listening to it.
★Crystallized Fox★
Fr, this is one of the best songs she made in this album and in general!
“ just cloudii- “
and i forgot that you existed
DaffArt 3 years ago
Taylor swift uses highschool imagery as a metaphor to explain her disappointment with the current state of American politics, this woman is a genius
Nairem Onaamid
Nairem Onaamid 3 years ago
DaffArt I agree 💯! Freaking genius
Victor Orego
Victor Orego 3 years ago
🤍 lioness 📸
🤍 lioness 📸 3 years ago
I just realized this-
Firstname Surname
Firstname Surname 3 years ago
Same! Now I'm gonna pay attention to the lyrics now...
Emelia Tindugan
Emelia Tindugan 3 years ago
So genius 🤓📖🤯🤯🤯
sanjida keya
sanjida keya 2 years ago
The worst fact is that the people who disliked this song actually exists. Bad people, stay away from them.
Pickled Cucumber
Pickled Cucumber 2 years ago
Stay stay stay away from them indeed
killjoys rat
killjoys rat Year ago
people who disliked this video, you know when it’s time to go.
Bad Blood Brae
Never ever ever get near them
ᥲ .
ᥲ . Year ago
All you have to do is Stay Away
May Ank
May Ank 2 months ago
So happy that she chose this song for opening the Eras tour. It's so underrated ❤️
DeEp vErMa
DeEp vErMa 2 months ago
YES!!!! I'm so glad she did, especially with the Cruel Summer mashup! We never got to hear it live before and now IT'S A TOUR OPENER. A true tribute to LoverFest as well :')
Ashley Urbina
Ashley Urbina Month ago
I have the feeling that its due the fact that she couldn't go touring because of the pandemic, so "its been a long time coming" its to us or perhaps the song since she says that the fans have always stood by her side idk
Habi M
Habi M 2 years ago
"Boys will be boys then, where are the wise men?" Same taylor same.
Mina~ Year ago
Erfan No problem :)
HoniBoo 9 days ago
What does it mean?
Bella Reis
Bella Reis 4 days ago
@HoniBoo rez
AR_P Month ago
The thing with Taylor's music is that you cannot choose a favorite song 😭 Im obsessed with all of them 💀
Tzking Month ago
Totally 👍
Sunny Month ago
@Tzking 💯
_Kazu 2 years ago
Without Taylor, the music industry is almost nothing Edit : I understand there are many more talented artists. I'm myself a kpop fan too but I wrote that comment to emphasize her. Sorry if it was offensive.
chan~ 2 years ago
Exactly , agreed
_Kazu 2 years ago
@chan~ :D
It's just nothing cause TS is the music industry.
#saveralph 2 years ago
Not 'almost' i think, it's 'definitely' 💥🔥
tavio france
tavio france 2 years ago
really really, *I AGREE 113%!!*
sangeeta saha
sangeeta saha 3 years ago
This literally should have a music video. It is one of my most favourite song
David-Darius Pop
David-Darius Pop 3 years ago
sangeeta saha i agree and i jave the same opinion
The One Breezy
The One Breezy 3 years ago
Same. I love this song
Siena Johnson
Siena Johnson 3 years ago
Me too!!
Sneha 3 years ago
Sneha 3 years ago
@The One Breezy ARMY!!!
Tanisha Tafannum
Tanisha Tafannum 6 months ago
" I saw the scoreboard and ran for my life" is literally what we do everyday, it's insane how easily she explains everything with metaphors. She's a genius ,amazing,brilliant and talented storyteller, songwriter,artist and what not. hit like if you are back here in Midnight era
Lisa 2 months ago
TheLast Vampire
TheLast Vampire 2 years ago
this song is more political than my dad's conversation with my uncles
Levi Cleanerman
Levi Cleanerman 2 years ago
chloe johnson
chloe johnson 2 years ago
bahahhahaha agreed
Mo Tong
Mo Tong 2 years ago
Lmfaoo yes
sorry for my existence.
I know right!
Stuart B Littley Nolan
so specific but true????
Sidhi Aggarwal
Sidhi Aggarwal 2 years ago
taylor swift’s song titles themselves are so aesthetic and make you feel things before you even go into listening to the masterpiece of a song. genius sh*t truly.
Roger Zambrano
The way the second chorus SLAPS my whole existence lol. And the bridge? Ugh. Perfection.
David Carias
David Carias Year ago
Ikrrr so addictive
Isabel Wang
Isabel Wang 11 months ago
prob unpopular but i love some of her songs j for the bridges, but in this case, this is one of my faves from this album but i rlly dont like the bridge.
Who Dat Ninja
Who Dat Ninja 7 months ago
@Isabel Wang it's perfect cos it sounds like a cheerleader chant
quibblcredit 3 months ago
@David Carias Yes, perfect word to describe the bridge
𝑯𝒖𝒎𝒂𝒏 𝒃𝒆𝒂𝒏(Taylor's version)
Taylor said "16" at 0:16 This woman is a lyrical genius.
Brian Schon
Brian Schon 7 months ago
Agree 👍
Baltazar Santos Santiago
chaeyoungs fruit
chaeyoungs fruit 4 months ago
i domt think she intended that 😅😅
quibblcredit 3 months ago
Sneha Zakkir
Sneha Zakkir 3 years ago
this is it. I've found my song from the album. What a masterpiece, my absolute absolute favorite
A Q 3 years ago
Agreed 😎
Ivy Wrenne
Ivy Wrenne 3 years ago
I agree
lucy K
lucy K 3 years ago
Same, this is definitely my favourite of the album!!
Zyraa Ahmad
Zyraa Ahmad 3 years ago
Me too 💖
Brian Schon
Brian Schon 3 years ago
me too love this greatsong
Serene Gonsalves
Is it weird that I cannot listen to this song without imagining the music video that I've created in my mind which includes young 16-year-old Taylor looking at her idols with admiring eyes, singing songs with a guitar in her hands, then Taylor releasing her first album, her entering the into the music industry, gaining fame, getting into controversies, news articles portraying her as the villain, proving her worth to every person who ever doubted her, proving to every person who wronged her that she had been right all along, her at award shows, cameras flashing everywhere she goes, 'friends' turning into foes, her realising who her true friends are and so on This song feels like a movie.
diya roy
diya roy Year ago
I see her in the blue lights, of a highschool environment. her achieving great things but she's spoken ill of, her being a music artist and being subjected to the typical "high school" sort of bullying. her achieving what she's achieving now but in a high school premise
Brian Schon
Brian Schon 7 months ago
Agree. Hope she does it at concerts like love story song she does at concerts
xnoorix xnoorix
xnoorix xnoorix 6 months ago
She was young during one record but not this on this record no older like 28
Tina Q.
Tina Q. 2 years ago
I love these lyrics, "boys will be boys then, where r the wise men", seriously, how many times have boys been excused with the "boys will be boys", but when it is a woman or a girl, they are thought of more harshly, I can relate to this, I've heard and seen this many times, it really is disgusting. Love u taylor swift. I hope u get everything u deserve, including more respect. 🙂 Happy Independence Day. 🎆
purrpurr888 2 years ago
I feel like this song was meant to be for reputation, like the sound and style, everything
Samiksha Deo
Samiksha Deo Year ago
It should have been in reputation
JYPAPI 11 months ago
it should def be in reputation
Deyanira Cielo
Deyanira Cielo 9 months ago
taylor swift lover
this is so underrated it actually hurts
Brian Schon
Brian Schon 7 months ago
Agree 👍
taniya agarwal
taniya agarwal 2 months ago
Wow I've never paid attention to this song before the Eras tour opening videos.. It's such a bop. I wish Taylor starts making more music videos like the 1989 Era so that people pay attention to more songs of a album and not just 2-3 songs which are singles!!
David Carias
David Carias Month ago
listen afterglow too, you’ll probably like it
N S 3 years ago
If she had a child someday. Her kids are gonna be so proud to have an amazing mom like her. To have so many beautiful songs.
Isma Farid Ismail
Isma Farid Ismail 3 years ago
lol you're saying as if she was the 1st woman to do that hahahaha
Mr Gordy
Mr Gordy 3 years ago
@Isma Farid Ismail agree'd haha, I think Madonna beat her to it in 1996
Bob Ianson
Bob Ianson 3 years ago
norml comment!!!
save urself
save urself 3 years ago
Isma Farid Ismail and?
Leo 3 years ago
Camilo Espinazo
Camilo Espinazo 2 years ago
Arunava Bal
Arunava Bal 2 years ago
Tamara 8 months ago
taylor swift is a lyrical genius. she's on a whole other level. unmatched.
Brian Schon
Brian Schon 7 months ago
Agree. She real deal
Matt Honrado
Matt Honrado 2 months ago
It still amazed me with the fact that this was the iconic song she used to open the Eras tour. ❤ IT'S REALLY BEEN A LONG TIME COMING MOTHER!! ❤❤❤
Meghna Singh
Meghna Singh 2 years ago
Just my opinion: This is the best song in the whole album
Elise K
Elise K 2 years ago
Mads 2 months ago
Taylor_Queen 24 days ago
Danny Garcia
Danny Garcia 10 days ago
I agree
Rabbi Zeekee
Rabbi Zeekee Year ago
I unravel all the allegories in this nuanced song all day long! Thank you for making the music industry fun, Mrs. Swift!
wyatt 3 years ago
This album has such a pop vibe but not like usual... it’s definitely what I call “Taylor Swift unique” like it’s just amazing
Artificial Mermaid
Artificial Mermaid 3 years ago
Ikr!!! The power of taylor swift. It's like she have her own genre!
Tessa 3 years ago
Summer Elizabeth it reminds me of taylor when she was in between pop and country (this song more pop)
blogistuff 3 years ago
It'd because Taylor plays with her styles, it's pop, but some are a little indie pop, and songs like The Archer, Lover and YNTCD have vibes from the 50s,60s,70s and 80s.
Silver Wave
Silver Wave 3 years ago
You know i'm an Arianator but i really understand what you mean. It's like when you hear song of Taylor, u know it's her song cause it for sure has a pop vibe but in a different way. Don't know how to explain this but yuh. She did a great job on this album. Congrats Swifties♡
Shibangi_De 3 years ago
Yes exactly. It's so different from the usual pop. And that to me is what Taylor is all about, she know how to keep the uniqueness. I don't know why some people said it's a bad album, I absolutely love it.
Kevin Martínez
Kevin Martínez 2 years ago
Hoy se cumple un año de esta obra de arte musical! Y que mejor que celebrarlo a todo volumen en mi casa! Amo las 18 canciones! Son obras de arte 💛💛💛💛 Swiftie de Corazón
Ghisleen Mae Battad
She never fails to make great music. Salute!!!!
April Rose
April Rose Year ago
this song is increible. i cant describe what it makes me feel. its unlike anything else anyone else has ever made as well. Like it's its own emotion, feeling, and it has unique imagery and beautiful background instruments.
Brian Schon
Brian Schon 7 months ago
We love it
☻ swiftie ☻
☻ swiftie ☻ 8 months ago
Idc how many years ago this came out it will ALWAYS be one of my fav Taylor songs
Brian Schon
Brian Schon 7 months ago
Agree love it
Danielson Silveira
Danielson Silveira 2 months ago
unexpected choice for a tour opener, but I love it
Milcah Makes
Milcah Makes 2 months ago
no one saw it coming for real!!!!
Ido 2 months ago
not unexpected it was the song of her documentary movie, and also her documentary movie called miss americana and this was the era where she stopped doing live shows
Paenitimini 3 years ago
I hope Taylor and her team would make a music video on this song.
May hem
May hem 3 years ago
I'm gonna pray :)
Roseline 3 years ago
Yes! This deserves to be a single
hania 27
hania 27 3 years ago
Malek Mestiri
Malek Mestiri 3 years ago
I am sure they will, you'kk see. this kind brings a lot of views
Max 3 years ago
Ikr I was about to comment that.
Peng Anouch
Peng Anouch Year ago
This whole album makes me feel so special and loved. I listened to this album on my trip to Thailand, one of my best experiences in life and these amazing songs are gonna be apart of it forever!
Layanee Moura
Layanee Moura 2 years ago
Devansh Vajpeyee
Is no one gonna talk about the music which starts playing at 0:51?! It literally gave me goosebumps 😭❤️
Marcela Greco
Marcela Greco 10 months ago
Essa música nunca ficará velha, é icônica!
Saumon LPS
Saumon LPS 6 months ago
I just discovered this song this is AMAZING
Francesca Aapple
Francesca Aapple 6 months ago
Literally samee
Remember Arthur
Remember Arthur 6 months ago
Mads 2 months ago
Slavko Sinđelić
Slavko Sinđelić 3 years ago
Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince and Cruel Summer are the best songs on the album
Swiftie Luma
Swiftie Luma 3 years ago
The Man and Cornelia Street THO
Minal Mohammed
Minal Mohammed 3 years ago
Kirby Raelli
Kirby Raelli 3 years ago
Not when Daylight and Afterglow exists. But still, we STAN
David Sunday
David Sunday 3 years ago
Exactly then Cornelia street.
easthecg 3 years ago
Kaem Kanyanat
Kaem Kanyanat 2 years ago
After having finished Ms.Americana, it makes me appreciate her music and other artists more. They are in the studio working hard, creating, and trying. It's just so artistic and aesthetic. This makes me feel like even though you don't like some of their songs, it doesn't mean it's so horrible. You know, because it's art and its creative. I'm not sure what Im talking about so I'm gonna go lol
kevin vitualla
kevin vitualla 2 months ago
S M V Kareesmaa
S M V Kareesmaa 2 years ago
This song is an inspiration for me.I just love the way she has described the scene and expressions so beautifully also there are no words for the music.
Me 10 months ago
I love this song. I can't describe how beautiful is this. 😭❤️ I want a MV for this. I love miss Americana ❤️ A Swiftie forever 🔥
Bronksalaji 2 years ago
Christine Therese
Christine Therese 3 years ago
When I was reading all the track names of the album, this one caught my attention. And I love it ❤️
Deepshikha uniyal
Deepshikha uniyal 3 years ago
Me too
Lamia Mennad
Lamia Mennad 3 years ago
Me too
Ishaan Desai
Ishaan Desai 3 years ago
Andreas Bergman
Andreas Bergman 3 years ago
The same for me! At first the title was a bit "strange", but NOW.. another perfection!
Emily LC
Emily LC 3 years ago
Best song on the album!!!
Emma King
Emma King 2 years ago
Taylor is better w figurative language than my English teachers
klairebear1986 2 years ago
I love this song, reminds me of Wildest Dreams in that both give me a very Lana Del Rey vibe. Love it!
VKRS Year ago
One of her best albums!
Brian Schon
Brian Schon 7 months ago
Love it
Adarsa Ramadas
Adarsa Ramadas 2 years ago
You cant find a woman's voice better than this✨❤️
Apple Nuggets
This song doesn’t need a music video it needs an entire damn movie 😭
Marriot 3 years ago
This seems like it could have a dramatic mid 2000s vibe music video. With like dramatic effects and filter. It's such a great song!
Cheyenne 3 years ago
Anika Jabin
Anika Jabin 3 years ago
Ikr.. I am having classic julia Roberts feeling
zz 3 years ago
Marriot lana del rey video
bungong 3 years ago
old fantasy
old fantasy 3 years ago
Yes this is why it's abused on repeat on my playlist
Maya Bianchi
Maya Bianchi Year ago
The nostalgia this song gives cant belive its been 2 years since this masterpiece came out
Brian Schon
Brian Schon 7 months ago
Still love it in 2022
Delphina34 2 years ago
Taylor is such a great lyricist. I literally wrote an essay for school analyzing this song. It's so underrated, possibly the best one on the album.
ellzies 3 months ago
There's no talking me out of believing that this is one of Taylor's best songs ever.
garima sharma
garima sharma 11 months ago
The imagery that this song creates is amazing. I always used to listen to it while going to my college few months ago
Sage Hatake
Sage Hatake Year ago
“I saw the score board and ran for my life” DAMN ANG SAKIT SA PUSO. But still, we fought well. Para sa bayan. 🌸
rice Year ago
saket tlaga, pero di pa official. Kapit lng
hhh Year ago
@rice kahit sabihin nating hindi official kung saan-saan na napunta yung mga resibo at balota kung sino-sino na yung humawak kung namanipula nila yung sa una ano pa kaya sa mga magsisimula palang
DR strange
DR strange Year ago
Hindi pa tayo talo nag uumpisa palang 💓💖💖
Ming Ming
Ming Ming Year ago
It's so sad kasi siya ang nanalo but I'm really hoping na hindi siya gagaya sa kanyang father na diktador.
hhh Year ago
@DR strange Supreme Court: Papunta Pa Lang Tayo Sa Exciting Part.
Ar-Ey Geneciran
Ar-Ey Geneciran 3 years ago
It has a 'Wildest Dream' and 'So it goes.."vibe.
David 3 years ago
Rhea Angela Geneciran o got so it goes
Alex 3 years ago
It definitely sounds like something on reputation
So it goes and Miss Americana are number 7 and similar lyrics 👀
purple glasses
purple glasses 3 years ago
welp, haven't heard it yet but from this comment it's alrdy my favorite song
system-restart Month ago
This song is finally getting the attention it deserves 👏 ❤
Brian Schon
Brian Schon 7 months ago
Love this album
calu54 2 years ago
amo este album💛
Maliha Fairuz
Maliha Fairuz 2 years ago
One of my favourite songs... Literally all of her songs are one of my favourites
Risso _
Risso _ 2 years ago
I love this song so much 🥺💖
Bernadette Fidelia Gonzales-Alagao
She never runs out of ideas when it comes to music. She is unquestionably a music legend - remembered always and in the future for sure. Love from the Philippines! 💕
Miss Eunice 유니스
J E Fitzgerald
J E Fitzgerald 3 years ago
She doesn’t write her own music anymore
My last account was Sister exposed
J E Fitzgerald she does- and if its not completely self written, she probably wrote the first half of it, then asked other what they thought of it. ( and if they have any ideas they’d like to incorporate in it)
Leo 3 years ago
@J E Fitzgerald Yes she does what are talking about?
Bernadette Fidelia Gonzales-Alagao
Even if she did not solely write the "lover" album, all of the songs are dominated by her ideas. I think her contribution to music is more than enough to make her a legend. 😊
박정은 2 years ago
she knows how to write a song. what a genius. one of a kind.
TL d
TL d 2 years ago
I forgot how much I loved this album after she released folklore
melone 6 months ago
The way this entire song is a political metaphor while being such a bop is astonishing, we really need to talk about this song more
Gabriella Govender
Gabriella Govender 3 months ago
Wow carrying the music industry for almost 16 years now 😍 As they say : Taylor Swift Is The Music Industry
AR_P Month ago
The thing with Taylor's music is that you cannot chose I favorite song 😭 Im obsessed with all of them 💀
Julia Giammaria
Julia Giammaria 3 years ago
I'm actually in LOVE with this album and it's been 20 min. 🤷
Mahida Tami
Mahida Tami 3 years ago
me tooooo!!
Bernard Heeren
Bernard Heeren 3 years ago
Same 😂
Jyoti Hassan
Jyoti Hassan 3 years ago
Same here! All the songs are amazing as her!
Barry James Taplin
Barry James Taplin 3 years ago
Me too💖
prerna Sharma
prerna Sharma 3 years ago
I am doing the same .... listening to the LOVER.....😍
Guilherme Vasconcelos
Muito boa, tem talento acho que pode ir longe
Stephanie 2 years ago
Man Taylor Swift is a lyrical genius. All her songs are so well-written!
ze ro
ze ro Year ago
I remember hearing this song when my life was not broken into pieces
it's me
it's me 2 years ago
This song has such feels. Thank you Taylor for blessing our ears for years
Arcturus 2 months ago
Did not expect this song to be the opening of the concert but it did great!!!
Sassy Space
Sassy Space 3 years ago
Cornelia Hale
Cornelia Hale 3 years ago
Sassy Space ikr....
Cesar Cruz
Cesar Cruz 3 years ago
Chris 3 years ago
NOOB GAMING 3 years ago
Yaaaaaaasssssss 💕💕💕💕
I am bored
I am bored 3 years ago
Sassy Space Yeessss, is the best song from Lover
love my body
love my body 2 years ago
She's very talented and haters are going to hate regardless ❤
Christine Harris
Christine Harris 2 years ago
So sad but true.
ana barcelos
ana barcelos 2 years ago
AAAAAA álbum novo hj ♡
Divya Goswami
Divya Goswami Month ago
This song deserves a music video
royaction Month ago
Diana Mae Patrimonio
i love this song ! she's so genius ❥︎
Kim Castillano
Kim Castillano 11 months ago
Lover album is my favorite so far, i hope to discover more of her songs of this type
Tomás Alcorta
Tomás Alcorta 3 years ago
I can't quit singing it as "Miss Americana and the Half-Blood Prince"
Kristina Bayer
Kristina Bayer 3 years ago
Tomás Alcorta we need to scream this at the top of our lungs during the lover tour 😂
emily2 3 years ago
This is the best comment I’ve ever seen
Tomás Alcorta
Tomás Alcorta 3 years ago
@emily2 😍😍
Domenica Mencias
Domenica Mencias 3 years ago
Kristina Bayer YEESSSSS
meysa m
meysa m 3 years ago
Kk Kk
Kk Kk 2 years ago
You are totally amazing ! We love you tay ❤️
Shruthisree Year ago
Most beautiful and fearless lyrics I have even seen..... Love you Taylor having such courage to deconstruct all the fake talks
thank u, swift
thank u, swift 9 months ago
just turned sixteen today and listening to this masterpiece on loop
AJAY KUMAR 2 years ago
Amazing song I was just lost in this song that I couldn't live without listening it a day Taylor is my whole world 🧡
Augustine 2 months ago
This song is finally getting the respect it deserves🥹💕
Deepashree Choudhury
My favourite song literally changes everyday. This is how it goes: 5 days ago- Lover 4 days ago- The Man 3 days ago- I Forgot That You Existed 2 days ago- Cruel Summer Yesterday- It's Nice To Have A Friend Today- Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince I'm pretty sure it's gonna be Daylight tomorrow and this cycle is gonna continue until all the songs in this album have been my favourites
gathoni kamau
gathoni kamau 3 years ago
Jeric Suson
Jeric Suson 3 years ago
Cornelia Street is waving at you
Chitra Singh
Chitra Singh 3 years ago
Same here
Ei 3 years ago
I feel yah
soursyafiq 3 years ago
same but miss americana and the heartbreak prince has been my most fav song since then
Anisha Samuel Kahlkot
I still get goosebumps when I listen to this song.
Cao Hung Anh Nguyen
that bubbly tune that gives you haunting chills down your spine. best song on lover periodt
Ajjarapu Sruthi
Ajjarapu Sruthi 2 years ago
She's so talented ♥
Raul Sandoval
Raul Sandoval 2 years ago
This song is amazing !!!!
Risso _
Risso _ 2 years ago
This song is a masterpiece ✨ , I'm so sad that she didn't made a music video for this song 😩💞
Sam S
Sam S 3 years ago
Taylor should be an English teacher with all this figurative language
Emma King
Emma King 2 years ago
Zahra Hussain
Zahra Hussain 2 years ago
She said in the 73 questions with vogue that if she wasn’t a singer then she would be an English teacher
Zahra Hussain
Zahra Hussain 2 years ago
Alana Houchens omg yes a ‘5 years later one’ or something
Jawad Jahid
Jawad Jahid 2 years ago
couldn't agree more
John Green
John Green 2 years ago
She is an English teacher. The best kind.
Doris L.
Doris L. 2 years ago
Still love this song and never stop loving it
dolaylı tümleç
dolaylı tümleç 2 years ago
Please stream this wonderful masterpiece for 20 million.
Anshika! Year ago
I’m so lucky to be existing in the same time as this LITERAL QUEEN 👑
Brian Schon
Brian Schon 7 months ago
Us too love her
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