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Love is a mother's most powerful weapon.
Jun Kazama brings balance in all things in #TEKKEN8!
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Mar 27, 2023




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Comments : 9 093   
Shaun 2 months ago
More than 20 years after not being in a main Tekken game that isn't Tekken Tag 1 & 2, Jun Kazama makes her glorious return.
ShakenPig 2 months ago
Can't wait for Alex gameplay trailer
8440k 2 months ago
I heard that the creator of Tekken really hated Jun for some reason..
G.C.Z.L. 2 months ago
​@8440kReally?, Why?
Asto 69
Asto 69 2 months ago
@ShakenPig Alex or Roger JR for T8 pls 🙏🙏🙏
Roylan Bugay
Roylan Bugay 2 months ago
1 million views on its first debut? Jun Kazama's return is truly legendary. 👏👏👏
dtbx47 2 months ago
Jun Kazama❤❤❤
Marlin Williams
Marlin Williams 2 months ago
Cus that's baeee 🤍🤍🤍🖤🖤🖤💙💙💙
Aurelie Menia
Aurelie Menia 2 months ago
​@Marlin Williams ip⁰y
Poison Ebony
Poison Ebony Month ago
The Queen 🤍🖤
Lyle Villanueva
Lyle Villanueva 2 months ago
The special interaction with Kazuya and Jun, well done Bandai!!
Cadbury93 2 months ago
"Kazuya..." She then proceeds to give him a massive uppercut without warning lmao.
Lyle Villanueva
Lyle Villanueva 2 months ago
​@Cadbury93also Jun: *Proceed with a whoops ass combo*
Sean Walker
Sean Walker 2 months ago
And give him child support paper😂😂😂
Jordan Adams
Jordan Adams 2 months ago
Is it me or is there a hint of sorrow in Kazuya's voice seeing Jun again
Moist Loaf
Moist Loaf 2 months ago
Yeah really incredible stuff
Javi Silva
Javi Silva 2 months ago
This means the absolute world to me. When I was a kid I started off with Tekken 2 and Jun made quite the impression on me. So glad she's back and part of the actual storyline again.
Orphenoc Ou
Orphenoc Ou 2 months ago
Same. Her, Yoshimitsu and Kazuya were mains
Jonathan J. Wimbush
Jonathan J. Wimbush 2 months ago
That makes 3 of us! Fell in love with Jun then got on board with the Williams girls lol.
MissKitty 2 months ago
FACTS! Played the demo to Tekken 2, she was fun to play with
Peachy 2 months ago
Grrr Blahh
Grrr Blahh 2 months ago
This the one
ThugLoutre 2 months ago
She is wonderful. She is pure. She is sincere. I am so glad that you are in this game, Jun. Thank you Namco Bandai and thanks to the the fans asking for her. People used to tell us "pfft, you'll never get Jun, it's over, only in spin off game". Then Tekken 8 happened. I have a lot of gratitude right now.
A G 2 months ago
I love how Jun has the attacks using rays of light but also dark shadow crows/ravens - it feels like they were hinting at her relationship with Unknown! So hyped!
Yeoji,The Herrscher of Swifties💜🖤
Her light powers also summons a dove🥺✨💜
KNUCKLESFREAK 2 months ago
Damn man my father would've been so happy to see Jun back in Tekken after all these years... I loved playing T2 with my father as a kid but imma enjoy this one in his honor! Rest up Pops (I will enjoy this game with you in spirit). Tekken 8 about to be lit! 😢😊
Damn man 😢
Mizuhime07 2 months ago
Aw dude, my condolences 😢
Gabriel Okaro
Gabriel Okaro 2 months ago
RIP to your pops. 🙏🙏💐
Naman Singh
Naman Singh 2 months ago
You have my sympathies
Javi Silva
Javi Silva 2 months ago
I'm thrilled that everyone is giving her the attention she deserves!
Marian Month ago
I don't like her
Javi Silva
Javi Silva Month ago
​@Marianaww 😢😅
Marlin Williams
Marlin Williams Month ago
​@Marian bye
Rogue Agent 01
Rogue Agent 01 Month ago
That rage art is epic. Jun heals Kazuya and Jin
TOMMY J 2 months ago
This is so unreal. I grew up with this series. I remember receiving tekken 2 as a birthday gift as a kid and Jun was always my fave. It’s crazy that she’s canonically back after twenty something years. The developers did a good job on her. I’m so glad that they kept her updated graceful - aggressive style from TT2, but it’s interesting how they mixed it with some of unknowns telekinetic moves, I guess really illustrating her psychic nature that was always alluded to in the game lore. And finally after years of speculation and wondering we get to see interactions between Jun and Kazuya. Can’t wait to see all the Mishima Kazama family drama conclude. ❤
Twero 2 months ago
1:03 Kazuya is all of us with Jun's return.
John Beethoven
John Beethoven 2 months ago
Jun Kazama is an amazing woman and incredible character. Namco is doing a great job bringing their characters to life top to bottom. I can feel the her warmth, her love, the compassion, and empathy she has. Jun truly believes in the utmost good in all things and protecting all life. She's the embodiment of the ideal feminine and the ideal mother.
The OUTLAW KING 2 months ago
Christ sake, man up.
Akatsuki 2 months ago
​@The OUTLAW KING wtf?
Harsh 2 months ago
I can smell the simpery from another continent away
Akatsuki 2 months ago
@Harsh wtf?
HondaTadakatsu28 2 months ago
The legend that will never die
Farida Ariyani
Farida Ariyani 2 months ago
Dun Can
Dun Can 2 months ago
the Chizuru Kagura of TEKKEN
Toru Iwatobi
Toru Iwatobi 2 months ago
They become a part of you
Aras Buen
Aras Buen 2 months ago
Quite literally.
Omega 2 months ago
Soul calibur be like :
I S 2 months ago
So happy Jun Kazama is back and better than ever. I'm glad that her mystical powers are incorporated into her moveset
Edo A
Edo A 2 months ago
I'm very happy to see Jun back. Her design, fighting style and stage are so amazing! Thanks, Bandai Namco!
nick ladeeda
nick ladeeda 2 months ago
It's great to see her after her stint in TTag 1 and 2.
Mr. Limbs
Mr. Limbs Month ago
I'm rewatching this and you know what is hitting very hard at this moment? Kazuya never lands a single blow. This isn't going to be history repeating itself.
Catalyst BOS
Catalyst BOS 2 months ago
OMG! She is literally perfection! Whoever came up with her design and playstyle give them a raise!! Looking good Jun, looking reeeeeeaaaaaaaallllllll good!!
ThaAlumniMusicGroup 2 months ago
Her face is weird lol what
Marian Month ago
lol! her design is far from perfect. what are you smoking, dude?
Izai_cc Month ago
@Marian idk how they can make it any better. Though her design being god tier, having people to STILL complain makes me realize that you can’t please anyone 🤷‍♀️
Catalyst BOS
Catalyst BOS Month ago
@Marian *cough,something strong cough* doesn't change my mind though....
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson 2 months ago
It's insane that it's been 20 years since she was personally playable. This actually bought tears to my eyes, and I don't know why. Cannot wait till this and Sf6...
siswanto Lagi
siswanto Lagi 2 months ago
Cal3000 2 months ago
She was in Tekken Tag 2
Tolga supreme
Tolga supreme 2 months ago
​@Cal3000 you know Tekken Tag Games are not Canon!
Cal3000 2 months ago
@Tolga supreme I know this. Been playing since '94. Op said that it has been 20 years since she has been playable, but she was available in Tag 2.
xFaisal_HK 2 months ago
The environment of this stage is beautiful.
Ee-Co 2 months ago
Ikr cause T7 stages weren’t the best
Nobody survives even one bit
It's her home 🏡
Walter Gabriel
Walter Gabriel 2 months ago
They're really nailing the stages this time after the abominations that T7 gave us. The only stage I didn't like so far is the industrial stage.
Meh Not
Meh Not 2 months ago
Like.....the *Waterfall* one from *Tekken 5.*
Bryan R.
Bryan R. 2 months ago
Instantly thought of Mystical Forest from Tekken 6 🔥
Mike Villarino
Mike Villarino 2 months ago
Finally! After 25 years, Jun Kazama is back! The light of hope is here
Eva H
Eva H 22 days ago
How many people are just really excited to see Jun back in a mainline game? I’m absolutely ecstatic considering from a roster and music standpoint Tekken 2 is my favourite game in the franchise period. This brings tears to my eyes seeing family reunion. If we see Jun transform into Unknown I will lose my goddamn mind. I just hope the soundtrack for this game is great because honestly (to me personally) everything since Tekken 4 has been pretty unmemorable.
Marlin Williams
Marlin Williams 2 months ago
she's an icon, she's a legend and she is the moment 🤍🤍🤍🖤🖤🖤💙💙💙
LatinaOtaku 2 months ago
It's so good seeing Jun again back in action ❤
kenneth harrison
airmix08 2 months ago
After all these damn years, she's back. If you played tekken since 94, then you know how much this means to have her back
zaberfang 2 months ago
She's been around in Tekken Tag.
Asteria 2 months ago
@zaberfang Tekken tag isn't canon. This is the first CANON game she's been back in since 98, and it means a lot to those of us that have waited this long to see her grand return.
PharaohsKingdom 2 months ago
Since 94 for me.
Darell 2 months ago
@zaberfang stop crying man..
Torey Bet
Torey Bet 2 months ago
Yeah this is truly a great feeling to know she's back, and not dead, it's all CANON and she's playable again. It's been too many years so I appreciate this.
Paul 2 months ago
Like many, Tekken 2 was my first Tekken game ever. Even after my interest in Tekken has faded over the years, it's still so surreal to see Jun REALLY back in a mainline Tekken game after over 25 years!
Mayobes 2 months ago
Omg! Her fighting style is so smooth and elegant! I really love it and I wish Ling Xiaoyu will be added soon! but still Jun is one of my favorite tekken characters!
Patrick Adetola
Patrick Adetola 2 months ago
Wish granted
Flarry Bole
Flarry Bole 2 months ago
Well Ling trailer dropped one day after that :D
Rowan 2 months ago
Finally she is back. Already in T2 she was my preferred character and my friends feared me at times because I was this good with her.
FoxHound4690 2 months ago
I've always loved the music in Tekken games, the whole fast paced japanese style electro theme is always so uplifting especially when your on the menu screens and you're listening to music it just pumps you up to dig into some fights =P
David DeLuis
David DeLuis Month ago
The music in tekken is what always brings me back. It’s so nostalgic
pokémon adventures anime when??
no matter how the main story would be, just wanna tell y'all, I appreciate the courage to finally tackle Jun and Kazuya
Lee-Saiyan Boss
Lee-Saiyan Boss 2 months ago
Seeing Kazuya in this trailer and hearing how he spoke to Jun gave me chills
Li-Li Mandragon
Li-Li Mandragon 2 months ago
I think Kaz does love her, or at least some part of him does. Even in his Devil ending in Tekken Tag Tournament he cradles Jun in his arms. She’s probably the only one who can bring out his humanity.
Lola, Such A Glossy Racist
​@Li-Li MandragonAfter which, he goes to fight true ogre and gets decimated lol
ameer rusdi
ameer rusdi 2 months ago
@Lola, Such A Glossy Racist I mean kazuya become asshole and bad guy because of devil power and he literally just doesn't care anymore and straight evil after that lmao
Lola, Such A Glossy Racist
@ameer rusdi I believe the evil persona was forced onto him from Tekken 4 going forward. The true villain was and is Heihachi
catboy 2 months ago
@Li-Li Mandragon look like if she actually clean as light in his body then will to final for peace. Jin and kazuya back to together as “father and son”. Or if kazuya reject to Jun for light in his body then not know will to final or not… feel mix must be tekken 8 will be final?
Donald M. Falls
Donald M. Falls 2 months ago
Makes me very emotional! I love Jun Kazama!!! Been forever since Tekken 2 and wonder for her real return. Was happy to played as Jun in Tekken Revolution & Tekken Tag Tournament 1 & 2. Her move-set, costume, appearance and graphical strike designs are the Goddess of work!
Grislify 2 months ago
Graceful as ever. I've always enjoyed her dance. Only Jun could strike with such fluidity, appearing gentle yet hitting hard.
Stunnaful Photos
Stunnaful Photos 2 months ago
Jun Kazama was my main character back in the first TEKKEN Tag game. Glad she’s back in the lineup looking super dope! 💯🥰👍🏽
SLENÐR SKÅLD 2 months ago
Do you realize that, lore-wise, this is the first time we see her again since Tekken 2 ? More than that, she was alive all along. This trailer is great, Jun makes a stunning return. She looks very gracious and elegant and so is her "rage" art. I'm definitely going to try her !
Walking Hellfire
Walking Hellfire 2 months ago
Loved everything about Jun. Her move set looks awesome and the outfit is beautiful.
EvilDevilJin101 2 months ago
She owes literally EVERYBODY an explanation! To Kazuya, to Jin and TO US ALL!!!
Max 2 months ago
Jun: sorry i just went out to buy some milk Jin: i had a whole revenge arc because i thought you were dead...
Gordon rass kwasi
Gordon rass kwasi 2 months ago
@Max lmao
MNF94 -
MNF94 - 2 months ago
Kazuya: I was just on demon time....oeh and I killed Heihachi on the way to
Jamal Jamshaid
Jamal Jamshaid 2 months ago
You got that right
Jamal Jamshaid
Jamal Jamshaid 2 months ago
​@Max jun: I'm sorry hun bun. But at least you and jin are getting along right! *Kazuya and Jin* looking at each other
AceofChalices W
AceofChalices W 2 months ago
She's an Icon, She's a Legend, and she is the Moment!!!
MATAHALĂ 2 months ago
lu bueno
lu bueno Month ago
OMG her rage is literally ART ❤❤
Mister Mister
Mister Mister 2 months ago
Love how it's already got 1 million views in just a day Shows how many people have been waiting for Jun's return
BullC6 2 months ago
Am I the only 1 getting Goosebumps from the rage art everytime?
Lord Deon
Lord Deon 2 months ago
I can't wait for the story mode now that it's confirmed she's back. Those interactions between her, Kazuya, and Jin are gonna be pure gold
bobs 2 months ago
being honest with yourself, is this character something that you have really been waiting for?
Dzhaner Sabri
Dzhaner Sabri 2 months ago
Dr. HasDan
Dr. HasDan 2 months ago
@bobs let a dude or dudette or whatever have their fun. Don't be a party pooper.
Lord Deon
Lord Deon 2 months ago
@tomatoesofdoom short answer: Yes. Long answer: I've been wanting her return ever since I saw Unknown as a kid in Tekken Tag and got her ending, though it was non-canon. The mystery of what really happened when she fought Ogre and where she's been while her son got corrupted by his father and grandfather, she's gonna have A LOT of explaining to do. She's the only character who has a track record of pacifying the father and son. Hell we can also get the interactions between her and Asuka (the only other shown Kazama) and maybe even some interactions with Xiao.
Hangry 2 months ago
@bobs You're assuming he isn't already being honest
Asipheli Ndlovu
Asipheli Ndlovu Month ago
Jun Kazama, the only person in the world who truly cares about Kazuya... probably.
Eva H
Eva H 22 days ago
There is no doubt or question that this is the case, did you ever watch the Tekken anime from 98? After all the abuse Kazuya suffered at the hands of Heihachi, Jun is the only person who showed him love and compassion. Jun is back to heal the rift, at the very least make an attempt, because she doesn’t wanna see the two most important people that are a part of her world, get torn apart to the point of the end of the world by the devil gene.
Asipheli Ndlovu
Asipheli Ndlovu 22 days ago
@Eva H That's wholesome as hell, and Heihachi destroyed the family more than the devil gene in my opinion.
Eva H
Eva H 22 days ago
@Asipheli Ndlovu he turned his son and his grandson into people with BPD With narcissistic tendencies (essentially). The funny thing is, is that Jun is the centre for both. The devil gene got triggered due to Heihachi’s lust for power & no love or compassion for his son & Grandson. I appreciate the fact that you called my comment, wholesome, I’m a big fan of the original three games, four and five was kind of where I dropped off, I did play a Little of Tekken tag 2 (even though it’s a spinoff and its original title). Tekken six, I played extremely casually and seven, even more so than that, I’ve barely touched, haven’t even completed the story. Weirdly, though, I am looking forward to eight I’m just wondering if Sony might make a deal and do some exclusive content again for the PlayStation platform akin to the seventh game (not that I want locked content exclusive to one platform mind). In this case, I kind of get it at the same time, because Tekken for the longest time was associated with the PlayStation platform.
True BackLash: TV
True BackLash: TV 2 months ago
Jun is by far one of my favorite Tekken characters. I'm so glad she is back.
Me alegro por su regreso después de veintiocho años, espero que tenga un bonito epílogo con su querido hijo Jin Kazama.
Xalrei888 Month ago
I love that interaction with Kazuya I hope they give a good explanation as to why she’s been gone all this time😅
Roby Balde
Roby Balde 2 months ago
As anticipated, she’s back. I guarantee she’ll save Jin from falling in the dark side. Eventually she’ll succeed. But the same could not be said for Kazuya.
oscar ferrer
oscar ferrer 2 months ago
If Jun or Kazuya shows love and care at any moment in this game, IM GONNA CRY
Jenny Kazama
Jenny Kazama 2 months ago
Me too bro
Jessa says…
Jessa says… 2 months ago
Same. I cried at the last game. This one will make me BAWL
Jamal Jamshaid
Jamal Jamshaid 2 months ago
That is gonna be really sad
Ūshījīmā Wākātōshī
If they do, I'm expecting more drama than Heihachi-Kazumi one.
M. Syamil Fathin
M. Syamil Fathin 2 months ago
1:05 Kazuya's face kinda look like "normal person being shocked" here instead of his usual devilish frown, so perhaps they'll show what's left of his humanity in the story later
jayvee,RPh 2 months ago
As Jun main character since tekken tag tournament she is the still the Queen of Tekken and the Iron Fist no one can defeat her and shes the most elegant queen off all tekken characters to date !! I love her more than anyone else , thank god shes back!!
Chouby Chan
Chouby Chan 2 months ago
Thank you from the heart ! I've been playing tekken since the first one and Jun was my favorite character! I am so happy to find her!!!
Bonkers 2 months ago
She’s absolutely ethereal, I’m so happy I’ll play as her again
Mustafa Bakır
Mustafa Bakır 2 months ago
Very beautiful game design and trailer for this character. Really impressed.
Luc Tran
Luc Tran 2 months ago
1 of my favorite character. So glad she made a return back to TEKKEN series.😊
404Yaiba 2 months ago
The disbelief Kazuya has with Jun is a really good touch. The only person that truly loved him is right in front of him and wants to save him and their son. Notice how History is repeating itself but reversed.
SeñorDiablo 2 months ago
Wish they update his facial expression a bit tho. He is in constant >:(
oscarisOP THE BEST
oscarisOP THE BEST 2 months ago
@SeñorDiablo it s a very missable part but he s actually surprised and his mouth was a bit open. Put the video on 0.5 that ll do it
hambone0000 2 months ago
Then uppercut to the face. Her trailer is so good!!!
pegeta 2 months ago
I think they just confirmed the ending indirectly, she is gonna stop the father and son cycle and save her family. She is gonna purge the Devil gene and somehow that will be the final boss. This is it folks the end of Tekken. Its reboot time after this!
It's been 28 years since her first appearance in tekken 2. And continued at Tekken Tag 1 20 years. Then Tekken tag 2 11 years. Now. After oh so long. JUN KAZAMA. A loveable mother and a fierce fighter. IS BACK!!🤩🤩🤩😍😍
Cal3000 2 months ago
I can't believe Tag 2 is already 11 years old.
Ph. Martins
Ph. Martins 2 months ago
She is looking like a powerful flawless goddess in this outfit, this is so fire, the details and the visuals are looking awesome, i have never seen a lot of Jun, but her background and life philosophy is so beautiful.
Adelis Pérez
Adelis Pérez Month ago
Me fascinan los poderes de luz de Jun
Row 2 months ago
I watch Jun's trailer to this day like crazy she is freaking goddess and heavenly breathtaking she's the fresh air that I need to cleanse my impurities! can't wait to use her as well so excited of her since the Tekken tag tournament 2 and now is the time for me to experience this strong woman and she deserves the praise and love for so many fans and like her from the start! love you Jun!❤
as shrimple as that
as shrimple as that 2 months ago
Harsh 2 months ago
yikes, neckbeard vibes
Al_eazy23 2 months ago
That Jun and Kazuya interact got me chills!
Isaac Mendes
Isaac Mendes 2 months ago
Lechrad Mac
Lechrad Mac 2 months ago
Me too.
yong sak
yong sak 2 months ago
maybe Tekken 10 we can see his+her new daughter LOL
Omega 2 months ago
Then you know there's gonna be a story about them both
AnimaTorze 2 months ago
Yo. If there’s a Asuka reveal, she better use that purifying power too. T5 literally confirmed she could so I hope we see more of that ability being implemented.
Meng Leong
Meng Leong 2 months ago
Asuka's back!
Hamza Ali
Hamza Ali 6 days ago
man after tekken 2 she's finally back hope they release it this year can't wait to see the story mode ❤
Pichónix 2 months ago
1:03 You can tell that Kazuya still loves Jun I can see Kazuya's Emotions... 😭 He isn't Evil 😈.
cresentcube Month ago
I mean, he IS evil. Agree on the still loving part, but like. He's evil that's his thing
Pichónix Month ago
@cresentcube Jun will cure him.
Izai_cc Month ago
@Pichónix “I can fix him🤕”
Undone 2 months ago
Jun really hit kazuya with the holy ghost as a finisher. Laying hands in every meaning of the phrase😂
ThighMaster 2 months ago
lol, lmao even.
Three Stacks
Three Stacks 2 months ago
Laying hands 😂😂😂😂 you got it bro
BlacOut 2 months ago
Jun casting out demons and all 😂😂😂
AlforTheReaper 2 months ago
Fr 😭
Ethan Baker
Ethan Baker 2 months ago
So excited to try her out. But to take attention off of her being revealed... Thats a full stage, like not an endless stage like a fully rendered massive stage. That is insane what Unreal Engine 5 is capable of. Absolutely beautiful.
Cammarron Mindieta
Cammarron Mindieta 2 months ago
Now I know this is going to be interesting, since Jun Kazama is here! The only woman who has eased Kazuya’s black heart!
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 2 months ago
wondering we get to see interactions between Jun and Kazuya. Can’t wait to see all the Mishima Kazama family drama conclude.
Lux Sylva
Lux Sylva 2 months ago
The most beautiful character of all time is back and I can't be happier 🥰🥰💖💖 now I wonder ... Does she's controlling Unknown's powers now?! Or it's the angel gene? Who knows !!! And stage is FANTASTIC. MY FAVOURITE SO FAR!
Vanguard 2 months ago
I can’t believe as a 39 year old the wait is over …. What a long wait it was but I’m so happy no words for the awesomeness I feel 🎉
marlluxa 2 months ago
I Love How Bandai Namco Is Bringing back old Tekken characters this game will always have a special place in my heart
Farida Ariyani
Farida Ariyani 2 months ago
L love🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤💯
InternetGoat 2 months ago
I just hope they explain it well how she's back and that they make a good story mode with good cutscenes.
marlluxa 2 months ago
@InternetGoat yes that too
2kool4u !
2kool4u ! 2 months ago
Jim Kazama gaming
CPCU G 2 months ago
They do that with every Tekken. Nothing new.
Lee Crawford
Lee Crawford 2 months ago
1 million views in one day jun is a queen 🔥
Roki T
Roki T 2 months ago
I can't believe she's back 😮 She was my fave when I was a child back when I played tekken 2, and I was so sad when she didn't come back to the main game. This might be the first tekken game I'll buy in the past 15+ish years
Rawskoh 2 months ago
My first experience with Tekken, was with the Tekken 2 Demo. I used the EFFFF out of Jun, so glad to see her back!
Spear200 Head
Spear200 Head Month ago
I have been waiting since 1997 since she was in a main game thank you Namco Bandai.
Valox Sen
Valox Sen 2 months ago
I am crying... Jun has always been my favorite since Tekken 2 in the 90s. It's surreal seeing her canonical return more than 20 years later.
Len X
Len X 2 months ago
Oh my god! Kazuya interacting with Jun!!! This is legendary!!! Also the sound design of her rage art is so damn cool!
Msf101 2 months ago
@I Hate TMNT Shredder's Revenge Dorya
Eyæn 2 months ago
@I Hate TMNT Shredder's Revenge Nobody asked
Marisa the gem fox
Marisa the gem fox 2 months ago
​@I Hate TMNT Shredder's Revenge And did it look like we asked for your opinion? No... Not really. I know exactly what you're trying to do and you're just trying to get attention off of these things which really makes it more sad for your life that you have to do this
Bubble Joe
Bubble Joe 2 months ago
Bro Jun Kazama's voice is so soothing. Especially when he talks to Kazuya.
Kim Man
Kim Man 2 months ago
New gen Tekken players may prefer Jin and Xiaoyu but for “ boomers ” like me it always have been Jun and Kazuya. Welcome back Jun! We missed you. Im soo happy seeing you again afterall these years
Cal3000 2 months ago
I've played since T1 and prefer Xiaoyu. T1 and T2 was Law though
JusticeSoulTuna 2 months ago
Holy moley.... The animations, the stage, everything... Wow. Just wow.
Mohammad Juhail
Mohammad Juhail 2 months ago
Her gameplay looks new and different which is extremely exciting. Was a June fan since day 1.
Herpy凱麟 2 months ago
Jun Kazama rage art hits different from all tekken character, when other use brutal force, she just use her purity to cleanse the soul. Well done namco, well done 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Christopher 2 months ago
alexgamer 155
alexgamer 155 2 months ago
Yes MILFs do have the ability to cleanse the soul, or corrupt it.
Rohith kumar
Rohith kumar 2 months ago
@Wall of Sound and Music yes...a peaceful hit.... which fits jun's character.
Brandon Young
Brandon Young 2 months ago
Not trynna put make a dbz reference but, doesn't this reminds anyone of gogeta using spirit breaker to janemba
Sean Taylor
Sean Taylor 2 months ago
As amazing as seeing Jun interact with Jin and Kazuya is (even seeing her peaceful grace trump Kazuya's Devil), I hope that Kazuya's guess that she was alive the whole time is a non-canon interaction between the two. Jun and the first King are the only people who definitely died at Ogre's hands anymore and it would be very strange if she wasn't there for Jin during Tekken 5 and Jin's vision of her in Tekken 4 was just a random memory he had instead of her departed soul reaching out to him the only way she could. That said, I love that she is very calm even when she's sad and strong even when she's kind. She is a TOTAL departure from the Mishimas and their extended family normally being associated with aggression and callousness (even if Lars is less callous than others). I'm wondering what's up with those golden auras/beams; could she have walked the same path as Yu Yu Hakusho's Sensui and attained Seikoki?
MrInuhanyou123 2 months ago
No. Jun was alive the whole time. Just missing. Harada has been clear about that for like 20 years 😂 the actual question is where she has been
220Kanan 2 months ago
The Queen has returned... This is without a doubt, one of the greatest things Tekken has EVER done... "sensational"
Luis Hernando
Luis Hernando 2 months ago
1:18 - So going back from Asuka's trailer, I noticed that they still both have the Demon Slayer attack but different effect on the enemy, Jun here just lifts her opponent slightly upwards but Asuka actually sends them flying up in the air.
Billy 86
Billy 86 2 months ago
Amazing character Jun...... I still remember the good old days with Tekken 2 Demo and only Jun and Lei playable!!!!
Muhammad Talha Khan
Muhammad Talha Khan 2 months ago
Oh man how long have I waited for comeback of JUN in Tekken again. Previously she have only appeared in tekken 3, tekken tag 1 and in tag 2 my favourite player ❤❤❤
Narokkurai 2 months ago
I love how her moves don't look like they have a lot of force behind them, but they still hit with the force of a truck. "Gentle Strength", indeed.
Gary Taylor
Gary Taylor 2 months ago
I thought that too until that whole kazuya part where it showed how aggressive her moves are lol
Nobody survives even one bit
Her power is strong
Mann Mann
Mann Mann 2 months ago
“Gentle strength”… Thank you for helping me out it into words
gravekeepersven82 2 months ago
Tai chi in a nutshell
Neo Gaines
Neo Gaines 2 months ago
Every new trailer of this game looks incredible. This game alone is actually making me consider a current gen console.
Артур Маркус
Jun Kazama потрясающий получился персонаж.
Jax Wild
Jax Wild 2 months ago
I would say out of the current characters shown, Jun is probably my favorite in outfit design, with Law and King following up.
Brahmantio Rendra Nugraha
I don't know much about this character but dang that special move and the ending is EPIC!
Jose Echevarria
Jose Echevarria Month ago
Never played the first 2 Tekken Games, but I'm already liking Jun's gameplay in Tekken 8
andimari 2 months ago
What an awesome super. Not necessarily hurting her opponent, but expelling the bad/dark energy from them which results in harming them. So cool
gab 2 months ago
this probably means jun also has supernatural powers 👀i'm so hyped to see where they take the story
Mr Grimm
Mr Grimm 2 months ago
Or absorbing it. Wonder if they're gonna put Unknown into the main series
Sancho Retáblez
Sancho Retáblez 2 months ago
First time I see such a super in any fighting game.
TheAmbushkilla 2 months ago
Nah, she's stealing their souls
梽羏Shisho_SOS 2 months ago
​@gab I think in Early Tekken game she has some sort of Angel gene or something?
David Bemrose
David Bemrose 2 months ago
every character reveal i'm just more and more Amped to fight! 🖤
Jj Mulvaney
Jj Mulvaney Month ago
I’m so glad that Jun Kazama is back! Jin could finally recognize his mom.
JZ 4 5 100 part time
absolutely stunning design and gameplay
Darkspein Warrior
Darkspein Warrior 2 months ago
Everyone's talking about how good it is to have Jun back, but am I the only one who's wondering how awkward the family reunion's gonna be?
peezalee 2 months ago
Man, can't wait to play this game !
Cris Luna Verellen
Cris Luna Verellen 2 months ago
Congratulations to all the Jun Kazama mains/fans out there! The motherly light of hope HAS RETURNED!!!!!!
Goku Black
Goku Black 2 months ago
And jun mains gonna get them cheecks clapped with kayuza players 😈 😂
blazin sky
blazin sky 2 months ago
​@Goku Black dream on
eli flores
eli flores 2 months ago
@Goku Black what if your father studied Jun Kazama moveset for abour 2 yrs then picked a fight with you and utilized palm strikes and crushing blows to bloody you and also to survive your onslaught which he did and then finished you off with a staggering palm strike that sent you off the balcony and there you remained in a coma for 45 yrs as your father awaited your return for round 2 !
Jurico Noes
Jurico Noes 2 months ago
Gotta love the Tekken Community man makes me tear when we rejoice especially for the return of Jun
Project Pewgf
Project Pewgf 2 months ago
​@Goku Black Ki charge Pewgf launch into plug incoming for Jun for showing up so late to the party 🥳
Kevin Kara
Kevin Kara 2 months ago
I hope Tekken 8 will have a customization like Tekken 6 also I love how characters have intros together like in Mortal kombat. This song give me Tekken 6 vibes and I love it