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Love is a mother's most powerful weapon.
Jun Kazama brings balance in all things in #TEKKEN8!
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Mar 27, 2023




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@ShaunInce123 Year ago
More than 20 years after not being in a main Tekken game that isn't Tekken Tag 1 & 2, Jun Kazama makes her glorious return.
@ShakenPig Year ago
Can't wait for Alex gameplay trailer
@8440k Year ago
I heard that the creator of Tekken really hated Jun for some reason..
@g.c.z.l.9982 Year ago
​@@8440kReally?, Why?
@21Handguns Year ago
@@ShakenPig Alex or Roger JR for T8 pls 🙏🙏🙏
@kinganarkzie Year ago
Let's hope she does not get pregnant again and have to sit the next few games out.
@grimshock6983 5 months ago
Jun: You owe me child support Kazuya: No you owe me child support. Been raising the boy for 4 games.
Heihachi......I shouldn't have kids
@nrs7_9_6 4 months ago
@J374338 2 months ago
Jun: but you stained him with the Devil's power while I cleanse both you and him, so you should be the one who ought to pay for child support 😂😂😂😂😂😂
@rougestarlight4308 2 months ago
Tbf he started WW3 under your watch so... yeah, let the court decide who gets the custody and who pays 😂😂
Jun Kazama: "I can fix him" *proceeds to kick Kazuya's ass so hard that the Devil Gene leaves his body.
@jxff2000 2 months ago
and she DID!
@nrs7_9_6 2 months ago
@user-es6ud4ur5k 10 days ago
Man you made me laugh so hard 😂😂🤣
@CuteDwarf11 10 months ago
Jun Kazama makes me think of my own mother : serene and graceful, but also someone you didn't want to mess with.
@Christopher-qq4dl 9 months ago
@Revan-N7 7 months ago
So cute
@stalkershaw 6 months ago
did she use sandals to slap?? 😁
@CuteDwarf11 6 months ago
@@stalkershaw Who do you think you're talking about?
@falconeshield 6 months ago
Beware the lioness
She owes literally EVERYBODY an explanation! To Kazuya, to Jin and TO US ALL!!!
Jun: sorry i just went out to buy some milk Jin: i had a whole revenge arc because i thought you were dead...
@@Why1sThisAthing lmao
@mnf94-60 Year ago
Kazuya: I was just on demon time....oeh and I killed Heihachi on the way to
You got that right
​@@Why1sThisAthing jun: I'm sorry hun bun. But at least you and jin are getting along right! *Kazuya and Jin* looking at each other
Damn man my father would've been so happy to see Jun back in Tekken after all these years... I loved playing T2 with my father as a kid but imma enjoy this one in his honor! Rest up Pops (I will enjoy this game with you in spirit). Tekken 8 about to be lit! 😢😊
@YungJedi100 Year ago
Damn man 😢
@MizuHime07 Year ago
Aw dude, my condolences 😢
RIP to your pops. 🙏🙏💐
Your dads probably got early access now rest easy he’s gaming his ass off
You have my sympathies
This means the absolute world to me. When I was a kid I started off with Tekken 2 and Jun made quite the impression on me. So glad she's back and part of the actual storyline again.
Same. Her, Yoshimitsu and Kazuya were mains
That makes 3 of us! Fell in love with Jun then got on board with the Williams girls lol.
@MissKitty21 Year ago
FACTS! Played the demo to Tekken 2, she was fun to play with
This the one
@Asi-Lives46 Year ago
Jun Kazama, the only person in the world who truly cares about Kazuya... probably.
@Eva_H Year ago
There is no doubt or question that this is the case, did you ever watch the Tekken anime from 98? After all the abuse Kazuya suffered at the hands of Heihachi, Jun is the only person who showed him love and compassion. Jun is back to heal the rift, at the very least make an attempt, because she doesn’t wanna see the two most important people that are a part of her world, get torn apart to the point of the end of the world by the devil gene.
@Asi-Lives46 Year ago
@@Eva_H That's wholesome as hell, and Heihachi destroyed the family more than the devil gene in my opinion.
@Eva_H Year ago
@@Asi-Lives46 he turned his son and his grandson into people with BPD With narcissistic tendencies (essentially). The funny thing is, is that Jun is the centre for both. The devil gene got triggered due to Heihachi’s lust for power & no love or compassion for his son & Grandson. I appreciate the fact that you called my comment, wholesome, I’m a big fan of the original three games, four and five was kind of where I dropped off, I did play a Little of Tekken tag 2 (even though it’s a spinoff and its original title). Tekken six, I played extremely casually and seven, even more so than that, I’ve barely touched, haven’t even completed the story. Weirdly, though, I am looking forward to eight I’m just wondering if Sony might make a deal and do some exclusive content again for the PlayStation platform akin to the seventh game (not that I want locked content exclusive to one platform mind). In this case, I kind of get it at the same time, because Tekken for the longest time was associated with the PlayStation platform.
@Asi-Lives46 Year ago
@@Eva_H Same although my first game was Tekken 5, I was immediately hooked and got into the series. And Azazel is a total bitch with his crystal and teleporting spam.
@klockenberg2299 9 months ago
@xFaisal_HK Year ago
The environment of this stage is beautiful.
@ee-co4264 Year ago
Ikr cause T7 stages weren’t the best
It's her home 🏡
@inzanity490 Year ago
They're really nailing the stages this time after the abominations that T7 gave us. The only stage I didn't like so far is the industrial stage.
@tmcttf8087 Year ago
Like.....the *Waterfall* one from *Tekken 5.*
Instantly thought of Mystical Forest from Tekken 6 🔥
@airmix08 Year ago
After all these damn years, she's back. If you played tekken since 94, then you know how much this means to have her back
@zaberfang Year ago
She's been around in Tekken Tag.
@@zaberfang Tekken tag isn't canon. This is the first CANON game she's been back in since 98, and it means a lot to those of us that have waited this long to see her grand return.
Since 94 for me.
@kcidd12 Year ago
@@zaberfang stop crying man..
@torey121 Year ago
Yeah this is truly a great feeling to know she's back, and not dead, it's all CANON and she's playable again. It's been too many years so I appreciate this.
@Nier2J Year ago
She is wonderful. She is pure. She is sincere. I am so glad that you are in this game, Jun. Thank you Namco Bandai and thanks to the the fans asking for her. People used to tell us "pfft, you'll never get Jun, it's over, only in spin off game". Then Tekken 8 happened. I have a lot of gratitude right now.
You somehow trascended into a spirit plane and nutted there then came here and talked to a person that doesn’t exist. Internet
Shut up.
Not only that for the first time ever she is the main focus of this games storyline which makes it even more historic
@LVamp 10 months ago
also she beating the crap out of her family gawdam
@BMW9661 6 months ago
​@@bainbridgeomeganot her first time. Both Jun and Lei Wulong were the main characters of Tekken 2's storyline
@f.d.e.4106 Year ago
1:10 Kazuya-san... *upper* Ah, the poetry
@J374338 Month ago
The parallel to Reina too 😂😂😂 EWGF!! 🤣🤣🤣
@kaiko70 Year ago
Oh my god! Kazuya interacting with Jun!!! This is legendary!!! Also the sound design of her rage art is so damn cool!
@niceddie6010 Year ago
@@Ihatevideogames334 try to jerk off some time and see if you get happier
@Msf1011 Year ago
@@Ihatevideogames334 Dorya
@EX0007 Year ago
@@Ihatevideogames334 Nobody asked
@@Ihatevideogames334 HOO GIVS A CHIT KID?
​@@Ihatevideogames334 And did it look like we asked for your opinion? No... Not really. I know exactly what you're trying to do and you're just trying to get attention off of these things which really makes it more sad for your life that you have to do this
Seeing Kazuya in this trailer and hearing how he spoke to Jun gave me chills
I think Kaz does love her, or at least some part of him does. Even in his Devil ending in Tekken Tag Tournament he cradles Jun in his arms. She’s probably the only one who can bring out his humanity.
​@@li-limandragon9287After which, he goes to fight true ogre and gets decimated lol
@@StunningSilken I mean kazuya become asshole and bad guy because of devil power and he literally just doesn't care anymore and straight evil after that lmao
@@ameerrusdi2540 I believe the evil persona was forced onto him from Tekken 4 going forward. The true villain was and is Heihachi
@catboy397 Year ago
@@li-limandragon9287 look like if she actually clean as light in his body then will to final for peace. Jin and kazuya back to together as “father and son”. Or if kazuya reject to Jun for light in his body then not know will to final or not… feel mix must be tekken 8 will be final?
@ag6653 Year ago
I love how Jun has the attacks using rays of light but also dark shadow crows/ravens - it feels like they were hinting at her relationship with Unknown! So hyped!
Her light powers also summons a dove🥺✨💜
@AccountWasHacked 11 months ago
She was never Unknown, it was just something Harada done in TTT2. Originally they are 2 different characters.
@avinashshaheed9597 10 months ago
@@AccountWasHacked Jun transformed into unknown in TT1 story boss. nobody knew why. everybody just assumed she had some sort of devilish or gained a dark relationship with something just before she died
@RoseDotWav 10 months ago
And Angel as well, you can hear her screams in some of her attacks
@CodeVagrantVods 6 months ago
@@avinashshaheed9597maybe it was a part of Jun’s training to master those abilities?
This is so unreal. I grew up with this series. I remember receiving tekken 2 as a birthday gift as a kid and Jun was always my fave. It’s crazy that she’s canonically back after twenty something years. The developers did a good job on her. I’m so glad that they kept her updated graceful - aggressive style from TT2, but it’s interesting how they mixed it with some of unknowns telekinetic moves, I guess really illustrating her psychic nature that was always alluded to in the game lore. And finally after years of speculation and wondering we get to see interactions between Jun and Kazuya. Can’t wait to see all the Mishima Kazama family drama conclude. ❤
The special interaction with Kazuya and Jun, well done Bandai!!
@Necromitzu1 Year ago
"Kazuya..." She then proceeds to give him a massive uppercut without warning lmao.
​@@Necromitzu1also Jun: *Proceed with a whoops ass combo*
And give him child support paper😂😂😂
@LonelyFlapp Year ago
Is it me or is there a hint of sorrow in Kazuya's voice seeing Jun again
Yeah really incredible stuff
@404Yaiba Year ago
The disbelief Kazuya has with Jun is a really good touch. The only person that truly loved him is right in front of him and wants to save him and their son. Notice how History is repeating itself but reversed.
@Akant0r9 Year ago
Wish they update his facial expression a bit tho. He is in constant >:(
@@Akant0r9 it s a very missable part but he s actually surprised and his mouth was a bit open. Put the video on 0.5 that ll do it
@DeathPSN Year ago
Loved him? Didn’t her basically rape her with some type of vampire style allure as devil?
@hambone0000 Year ago
Then uppercut to the face. Her trailer is so good!!!
@pegeta Year ago
I think they just confirmed the ending indirectly, she is gonna stop the father and son cycle and save her family. She is gonna purge the Devil gene and somehow that will be the final boss. This is it folks the end of Tekken. Its reboot time after this!
That rage art is epic. Jun heals Kazuya and Jin
I'm thrilled that everyone is giving her the attention she deserves!
@marian9993 Year ago
I don't like her
​@@marian9993aww 😢😅
@skydance3388 Year ago
​@@marian9993 bye
@todd3143 5 months ago
now that she’s suddenly back, i noticed how jin’s name is more similar to jun’s than kazuya’s, and in turn, kazuya’s is more similar to kazumi’s than heihachi’s. it seems like there’s a pattern here where each father expects his son to turn out less like him and more like the mother. i wonder if they’ll explore this. maybe that’s why in 2 games in a row, a mommy character the daddy thought was dead came back
If Jun or Kazuya shows love and care at any moment in this game, IM GONNA CRY
Me too bro
Same. I cried at the last game. This one will make me BAWL
That is gonna be really sad
If they do, I'm expecting more drama than Heihachi-Kazumi one.
@msf2000 Year ago
1:05 Kazuya's face kinda look like "normal person being shocked" here instead of his usual devilish frown, so perhaps they'll show what's left of his humanity in the story later
1 million views on its first debut? Jun Kazama's return is truly legendary. 👏👏👏
@KURO_ame Year ago
Jun Kazama❤❤❤
@skydance3388 Year ago
Cus that's baeee 🤍🤍🤍🖤🖤🖤💙💙💙
​@@skydance3388 ip⁰y
The Queen 🤍🖤
@zukoulou7464 11 months ago
​@@KURO_ame A good waifu. ❤❤❤
@CoutureCase-Twyro 5 months ago
I'm so happy that Jun Kazama is (somehow, we're yet to see how exactly) back in the story and character roster! In Jin's wiki page in the physical appearance section it says that he has hair that spikes upwards just like Kazuya's, while at the same time he has facial features of his mother Jun. I'm so happy that her character design reflects that and that they genuinely look like mother and son! I also love how she is shown with a bright aura in combat and how soft and serene her voice sounds, almost like a remedy. There is power in purity and there is strength in tenderness, and I feel like she truly represents that. Aggression doesn't equal power and softness doesn't equal weakness.
@Ucesdeuces28 Year ago
The legend that will never die
@duncan3998 Year ago
the Chizuru Kagura of TEKKEN
They become a part of you
@Berd-Wasted. Year ago
Quite literally.
@Omega-jg4oq Year ago
Soul calibur be like :
@HeIsFlx Year ago
Kazuya’s line is everything to me because I still had a small doubt that she would only be present as a flashback god-like entity but she is indeed alive, we need answers on that! I am so excited for this I can’t decide who to main between Jin and Jun and they haven’t even revealed half of the roster yet 😭😭
RIP replay button on that part
And it still looks like they care about each other
How did she die in the first place my memory is foggy. She bad an illness i think?
@UhWhatHappen Year ago
@@kingofnothing6215 killed by Ogre iirc
@favians.4823 5 months ago
that woman literally carries the entire lore of tekken......
@Ithurtssobad Year ago
Graceful as ever. I've always enjoyed her dance. Only Jun could strike with such fluidity, appearing gentle yet hitting hard.
Congratulations to all the Jun Kazama mains/fans out there! The motherly light of hope HAS RETURNED!!!!!!
And jun mains gonna get them cheecks clapped with kayuza players 😈 😂
@blazin_sky Year ago
​@@gokublack3107 dream on
@Jurico_Noes Year ago
Gotta love the Tekken Community man makes me tear when we rejoice especially for the return of Jun
@ProjectPewgf Year ago
​@@gokublack3107 Ki charge Pewgf launch into plug incoming for Jun for showing up so late to the party 🥳
Its been so long 🥲
@cyyyd_ Year ago
Kazuya: so you were alive all along Jun: kazuya san... *Jun then proceeds beating the crap out of Kazuya* What a great moment
Jun has fully integrated the Mishima way of letting the fist do the talking
Kazuya dying to rail her lmaoooo
@maybe183 Year ago
Kazuya of all people should know by now that no one actually stays dead in Tekkenverse LOL
​@@maybe183 Old Armour King has left the chat💀💀💀💀
@Paul-fs8hm Year ago
Like many, Tekken 2 was my first Tekken game ever. Even after my interest in Tekken has faded over the years, it's still so surreal to see Jun REALLY back in a mainline Tekken game after over 25 years!
@skydance3388 Year ago
she's an icon, she's a legend and she is the moment 🤍🤍🤍🖤🖤🖤💙💙💙
She’s OUR mom
@skydance3388 5 months ago
@@misslangleysoryuisiconic ISSSS 💙💛💙💛
@nrs7_9_6 3 months ago
@Undone545 Year ago
Jun really hit kazuya with the holy ghost as a finisher. Laying hands in every meaning of the phrase😂
lol, lmao even.
Laying hands 😂😂😂😂 you got it bro
Jun casting out demons and all 😂😂😂
Fr 😭
@al_eazy2388 Year ago
That Jun and Kazuya interact got me chills!
Me too.
@yongsak1438 Year ago
maybe Tekken 10 we can see his+her new daughter LOL
@Fartucus Year ago
Milf chills
@Omega-jg4oq Year ago
Then you know there's gonna be a story about them both
@Jumungous Year ago
I'm rewatching this and you know what is hitting very hard at this moment? Kazuya never lands a single blow. This isn't going to be history repeating itself.
I have been waiting since 1997 since she was in a main game thank you Namco Bandai.
@maaoruzketo Year ago
I can't wait for the story mode now that it's confirmed she's back. Those interactions between her, Kazuya, and Jin are gonna be pure gold
being honest with yourself, is this character something that you have really been waiting for?
@@tomatoesofdoom YESSSSS
@dr.hasdan Year ago
@@tomatoesofdoom let a dude or dudette or whatever have their fun. Don't be a party pooper.
@maaoruzketo Year ago
@tomatoesofdoom short answer: Yes. Long answer: I've been wanting her return ever since I saw Unknown as a kid in Tekken Tag and got her ending, though it was non-canon. The mystery of what really happened when she fought Ogre and where she's been while her son got corrupted by his father and grandfather, she's gonna have A LOT of explaining to do. She's the only character who has a track record of pacifying the father and son. Hell we can also get the interactions between her and Asuka (the only other shown Kazama) and maybe even some interactions with Xiao.
@hangry3102 Year ago
@@tomatoesofdoom You're assuming he isn't already being honest
@herpy7755 Year ago
Jun Kazama rage art hits different from all tekken character, when other use brutal force, she just use her purity to cleanse the soul. Well done namco, well done 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
It's just a blast to the chest... similar to Nina's
Yes MILFs do have the ability to cleanse the soul, or corrupt it.
@@wallofsoundandmusic345 yes...a peaceful hit.... which fits jun's character.
@bmoney8825 Year ago
Not trynna put make a dbz reference but, doesn't this reminds anyone of gogeta using spirit breaker to janemba
@leeb8186 7 months ago
Kazuya being surprised that his son's mother and possible love interest didn't even tell him she's still alive for all those years (presumably with good reason), his mother trying to kill him in the last game, his dad throwing him of cliffs and more, his adoptive brother despising him, his son also constantly at odds with him, as well as his half brother and possibly even his grandad in 5 all coming into conflict with him at one point really reminds me how lonely Kazuya must be, how forlorned he must feel
I‘ve been waiting for this like… a long time 😍😍😍 And I knew Jun would finally make her comeback! One of my favorite characters since the very beginning. ❤
@toxxicvvaste Year ago
I'm glad Jun has been hyped for so long, it made this trailer so much better. Chills when Jun and Kazuya spoke to each other. I can't believe she's alive! Welcome back Jun! ❤‍🔥
Didn't Jin find out that Jun was alive, back in tekken 5 devil within? how come is it coming as a surprise to Jin and Kazuya, in tekken 8?
@toxxicvvaste Year ago
@@muhammadaliuppal1892 Hmmm, good question! I assume many others like myself never finished Devil Within, I was 9 when Tekken 5 came out, so I didnt know Devil within had Jun in it, and i've consumed a lot of Tekken content so im confused how I wouldnt know this if its even true.
@@toxxicvvaste I too was around the same when I played tekken 5 on ps2 for the first time.
@toxxicvvaste Year ago
@@muhammadaliuppal1892 I just really remember Devil Within being too hard for me at the time! And i've never gone back to try playing it again, and its simply because I no longer have Tekken 5! 🤣
@Cyberjeffo Year ago
I Love How Bandai Namco Is Bringing back old Tekken characters this game will always have a special place in my heart
L love🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤💯
I just hope they explain it well how she's back and that they make a good story mode with good cutscenes.
@Cyberjeffo Year ago
@@internetgoat4831 yes that too
@2kool4u38 Year ago
Jim Kazama gaming
@cpcug7063 Year ago
They do that with every Tekken. Nothing new.
“So you were alive all along” “Kazuya….” *UPPERCUT!!*
@ChoubyChan Year ago
Thank you from the heart ! I've been playing tekken since the first one and Jun was my favorite character! I am so happy to find her!!!
@gihan84 Year ago
I'm literally in awe how they did this. The sound design, the animations it's all perfect
@Pocketoes Year ago
Can’t believe it took over 20 years to bring back Jun but I’m so thankful they finally did it. Hopefully they do Jun’s storyline justice. Edit: I know she was in tekken tag but those games were non-canon having no storyline or consequences to the actual timeline of tekken. So this is the first game since Tekken 2 where we can find out what actually happened to Jun.
They will...
Just wondering I don't follow the tekken story tht well but is she supposed to b alive or no?
@@imranazis7689 i think she is kinda dead or become a spirit, because of her becoming unknown in tag 1 and 2
@@midnightmemos7790 tag games is not cannon !!!!
@JoKa1013 Year ago
More than 20 years. She debuted in 1995.
@overoidCyp Year ago
Jun Kazama is an amazing woman and incredible character. Namco is doing a great job bringing their characters to life top to bottom. I can feel the her warmth, her love, the compassion, and empathy she has. Jun truly believes in the utmost good in all things and protecting all life. She's the embodiment of the ideal feminine and the ideal mother.
Christ sake, man up.
​@@theoutlawking9123 wtf?
@harsh3948 Year ago
I can smell the simpery from another continent away
@@harsh3948 wtf?
dude needs to touch some grass jesus
Jun Kazama was my main character back in the first TEKKEN Tag game. Glad she’s back in the lineup looking super dope! 💯🥰👍🏽
@21Handguns Year ago
Bro the feels I got when Kazuya said "so you were alive all along" followed by her saying Kazuya's name sadly. Hits too hard 😭😭😭
Kinda like that uppercut she gave him right after XD
​@@feristired8092 AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
@ArchieGamez Year ago
@@feristired8092 NO SUGARCOATING
@aaroner5324 Year ago
ikr after 27 years
@ttd0000 Year ago
@@feristired8092 "Stop trying to kill our son," Jun said calmly.
Jun still loves Kazuya confirmed. She just has to beat the evil out of him.
Loved everything about Jun. Her move set looks awesome and the outfit is beautiful.
@aryanscorner Year ago
Not only Jun but that stage looks freaking gorgeous
@duncan3998 Year ago
Equally gorgeous as her Heavenly Garden stage.
Absolutely, can't wait to play this game!!
@OG509 Year ago
Looks way better than her stage in TTT2.
It’s the buddy place in monster hunter rise lol
It's her home the mythical forest
This game looks like a work of art and love her being back.
@rowan7929 Year ago
Finally she is back. Already in T2 she was my preferred character and my friends feared me at times because I was this good with her.
@Seigseiggy 10 months ago
"i will let you taste the kazama style" Me: YES MOMMY
@The_Twero Year ago
1:03 Kazuya is all of us with Jun's return.
@Oatmeal4Breakfast 10 months ago
True. I always doubted her disappearance. Deep down I believed she will be back for the finale to end the devil gene.
@jimmytsunami5275 7 months ago
Jun went all out “I lived b**ch”
@danieristavi9509 6 months ago
@@jimmytsunami5275and then just “DORYA”
@falconeshield 6 months ago
​@@danieristavi9509I won't sugarcoat child support
@Narokkurai Year ago
I love how her moves don't look like they have a lot of force behind them, but they still hit with the force of a truck. "Gentle Strength", indeed.
I thought that too until that whole kazuya part where it showed how aggressive her moves are lol
Her power is strong
@mannx2_495 Year ago
“Gentle strength”… Thank you for helping me out it into words
Tai chi in a nutshell
@domnsync Year ago
Very beautiful game design and trailer for this character. Really impressed.
@dforman4770 Year ago
I’m soooo glad they kept Jun’s TT2 stance. Really made her look like a master of her style. Super pumped she’s back, also loving the nods to Unknown in some of her attacks!
@MrLednard Year ago
Wait, what nods to Unknown ?
@Dfso200x Year ago
Those aren't nods, those ARE Unknown moves. Anyway, my main is back and I'm loving it
Yeah she has that upward projectile from unknown and a light version of that
Do you think she will transform into Unknown too?
@jofbeats11 Year ago
OMG I LOVE JUN KAZAMA. Her moveset is incredible, it kinda resembles both her old ttt2 style and Unknown's dark powers except it's pure light weilds. Absolutely perfect, WELCOME BACK JUN KAZAMA❤
@Rzepik Year ago
>Unknown's dark powers except it's pure light weilds. These crows with purple light looked kind of suspicious...
I Hate Tekken 8 I Hate Tekken Series I Hate Fighting Games I Hate Bandai Namco Entertainment (not Animated License Games)
@sarahage3828 Year ago
@@Ihatevideogames334 how do you feel about tmnt shredder's revenge?
@ano2101 Year ago
@UltimaMan Year ago
@@sarahage3828 I've seen this account on a few reveal videos. Don't give it any attention.
@lizelle1989 Year ago
As Jun main character since tekken tag tournament she is the still the Queen of Tekken and the Iron Fist no one can defeat her and shes the most elegant queen off all tekken characters to date !! I love her more than anyone else , thank god shes back!!
She's already one of my top tier characters to learn her juggling combo's are beyond sick.
@andimari9194 Year ago
What an awesome super. Not necessarily hurting her opponent, but expelling the bad/dark energy from them which results in harming them. So cool
@gab8169 Year ago
this probably means jun also has supernatural powers 👀i'm so hyped to see where they take the story
@MrGrimmNZ Year ago
Or absorbing it. Wonder if they're gonna put Unknown into the main series
First time I see such a super in any fighting game.
Nah, she's stealing their souls
​@@gab8169 I think in Early Tekken game she has some sort of Angel gene or something?
Her special ending move is really something special, instead of hurting her opponent, she heals them!
@orfeas8 Year ago
I've noticed it too. I was astonished they went so far in this. Incredible. She is magical from every aspect. And beautiful stage as well.
It reminded me of Aang from The Last Airbender when he defeats his worst enemies not with a super powerful ultimate attack but by clearing his own mind and taking away the power from his opponents
Potential Spoiler: Jun is the Vessel of Angel Who will battle Devil/True Devil (Forced out of Kazuya and Jin's bodies) That's her Reason and Role in all this. To bring this Cycle of Cursed BloodLine and Family Feud to an End. As for a Young Heihachi potentially in the Roster? (Heihachi Clone/Body Rejuvenation) Why wouldn't he have Planned for his own Death back in 7? If Kazuya was Revived Heihachi can pull that trick off to
Crazy Diamond: 😐
I was actually wondering about that. In the story reveal trailer didn’t she use that move on Jin?
Looks like this is an Angel Jun Kazama
Angel Jun and Devil Kazuya
@lilgift 11 months ago
How many time have you seen this? Me:Yes
Jun still has some of the best outfits in Tekken. I love this one and her TTT2 outfit.
She also wore a bikini.
Agreed, her fashion is always on point. Love that.
I’m not a fan of this one
@CereDulce37 Year ago
Thats Mari Shimazaki for u. Designer for Bayonetta who designed this outfit.
I Hate Tekken 8 I Hate Tekken Series I Hate Fighting Games I Hate Bandai Namco Entertainment (not Animated License Games)
@KimCantSwim Year ago
Love the serenity, tranquility and peacefulness of that stage. Very fitting for the return of Mama Kazama!
Mommy kazama🤤
@jinzo637 5 months ago
I legit teared up. She was my main in tekken 2. That says how long ive been playing this game!. God seeing her in tekken 8! She is so gorgeous 😍
@Lonystal 10 months ago
Bro I remember playing with her in Tekken 2 on the PS1. Time flies
Everyone was hyping up jun so naturally I was eager to see her trailer and they did not disappoint! That stage looks great aswell.
1:37 Jun making sure that Kazuya isn't going to give Jin any future siblings.
On God. That's one family that does NOT need more members
@kme321 Year ago
Im so happy to see her back again!! She is more elegant and angelic than ever!!
@klockenberg2299 9 months ago
In Tag games she was given some edge just like Jin.
My dad and I played Tekken 2 ALOT growing up. Man I wish he were here to see this
Sorry for your loss.
@ryanwest4088 Year ago
I can feel that Kazuya still has feelings with Jun during their interaction, cant wait to watch their story line in 8 will be finished.
kazuya was so calm and has that vibe that he is relief she is still alive .but knowing how tsundere kazuya is...he would be denying that😂
@ryanwest4088 Year ago
@@kristinechan8569 yes first time to see Kazuya not Angry and talk with full emotions.
@Spiritbomb88 Year ago
Kazuya about to catch these hands 👐 From both ex-wife and son 😤😤
Just dont be a scrub in the process
@AbsurdTurk Year ago
@@kristinechan8569 Can someone explain to me why someone kind like Jun married a psycho like Kazuya? I don't know much about the story of Tekken outside of having watched the new anime.
@inzanity490 Year ago
It looks like they incorporated some Unknown stuff in her without making it demonic. I love it.
@lynk172 Year ago
I mean...she's one of the purest souls in all the Tekken series, so yeah
@batsukamuro Year ago
Unknown purified.
@227.Official Year ago
You guys noticed that there are also dark hit effects? Like she has crows/ravens? Are they making unknown canon???
After all of these years I, first, played with her in the Tekken 2 Series when it came out on Playstion One
@sailorqueen5381 10 months ago
OMG, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE JUN SO MUCH IN TEKKEN!!!! I first saw her in Tekken 2 and instantly love her from the start and I was so dying to find out when she'll be coming back in the game after following Kazuya defeating her in the 2nd game, and now knowing she actually survived and came back, I'm literally crying in happiness now and I literally love her fighting style AND I WANT TO PLAY HER!!!! She's now part of my top favorites in Tekken and looking forward to playing her again, THANK YOU TEKKEN!!!!
@wilford938 Year ago
Her Rage Art is literally the power of friendship
Her RA and outro is a spoiler imo, pretty much confirming she can nullify devil gene
@Akakikukaku Year ago
Nope it's a priestess cleansing action based on Shintoism, completed with the gong sound, literally "EVIL BEGONE" power.
@jaidejon4485 Year ago
so is she like angel in a sense?
@@jaidejon4485 more like an evil exorcist.
I hope she's S Tier and we see her in Tournaments. It would be hype af to see Kazuya, Jin and Jun facing each other in the finals
I've been waiting for this moment since Tekken 2, just about 30 years!
@LB030377 5 months ago
1:45 "I will draw you, Devil, as poison is drawn from a wound.
@elcangri9554 Year ago
Wow this stage looks so beautiful just like Jun 😍, nostalgia kicked in 🥹 & I feel happy she is back she is like the angel that can stop Kazuya & Jin’s conflicts her rage art is like cleaning your soul from all the bad inside you she looks amazing 🥰 🕊️
Now they can be one big happy family again
@rossonerijlo Year ago
is a typical cyber japan girl 🤣🤣
@Leadblast Year ago
Nope, Angel was her own character, btw I still miss her being in canon Tekken games 😢
@@Leadblast I love how Devil and Angel are portrayed as lovers in this series instead of enemies that’s so cute
@AruphaA Year ago
It's like that forest stage on tekken 6
This game might seriously have the best audio design of any fighting game of all time. Every hit sounds absolutely bonkers amazing.
Killer Instinct disagrees.
I don’t like the hitting sounds. Like she’s punching cardboard
@@reinholdhoffmann1410 KI is the 🐐
@Riga89 Year ago
The sounds must be in a beta version still cause there are only 2 different hit sounds. One for normal hits and one for counter hits. And both are very similar and I personally don't like them. The only new sounds are from rage arts
Man, can't wait to play this game !
jun is back!! and shes buffed mad!!
@Grayx7 Year ago
Glad Jun's finally back in the mainline games. Her moveset looks sick and even a bit different from her Tag 2 iteration. Her character model still looks a bit early in-game compared to the other characters, but she still looks great in this game.
Looks on par with the Nina model to me so may be they haven't got the look of the girls quite right yet.
Damn, thought i was alone in that :o i thought it was either the lighting or the model in general
@kujo4388 Year ago
@@via_negativa6183 yess I think it’s the hair or the skin I can’t put my finger on it but they don’t look as polished as the males
@weaponx8263 Year ago
Her moveset is a mixture of her and unknown from tag 2
@hobbyman47 Year ago
@@weaponx8263 most of her Unknow moves from TTT2 is re-skinned instead of black goo purifying light and birds.
@MMoturi22 Year ago
28 years of not being in a mainline release. Glad to see her back.
I Hate Tekken 8 I Hate Tekken Series I Hate Fighting Games I Hate Bandai Namco Entertainment (not Animated License Games)
​@@Ihatevideogames334 We don't care.
@kurtwong8222 Year ago
@@Ihatevideogames334 I I I I stfu with yo I
@MMoturi22 Year ago
@@Ihatevideogames334 👍
Omgggg Junnnnn❤
@Xdherobrinecraft 7 months ago
jun! oh my god! she came back!! 💖💖🥰🥰
@wesly1233 Year ago
Just like what Harada said she's just disappeared not died and i love how Kazuya react to Jun
YEP! Her official status was "MIA" not "Deceased", people acting like they know better than Harada was hilarious to me.
To be fair, Harada is equivalent to Ed boon. They try to troll, but suck at it.
Devil Whitin Jin side story in TK5 is cannon then
@Pro Token420 it's most likely Kazuya who will die
@MrShayneese Year ago
Even if Kazuya has became the Devil himself, you can see in their interaction Jun still worry and care about Kazuya... What an angel !
@mu2137 Year ago
Dunno if he seemed more angry, confused or sad?
@possibly8180 Year ago
@@mu2137 he's probably just slightly surprised it took her this long to show up again. This is kazuya we're talking about lmao bro literally has no compassion left for anyone or anything, except for his sneaker collection.
Jun once thought that having Jin would turn Kazuya from his path of power and vengeance. Unfortunately, it only added more curse to the cause and effect - Jin inherited his father's Devil gene, and Kazuya did not stop, the blood thirsting for ambition and power runs in the family.
@@mu2137 Yes
I can’t wait to buy this for my birthday!
@LastHunter0 6 months ago
I think I've found my new main squeeze 😍
@ssilvered Year ago
It's been YEARS!! She looks absolutely glorious. Love the dialogue with Kazuya too
@HEWILLRISE93 Year ago
To have grown with Tekken, its truly a masterpiece in gaming history.
@Jaxionisnum2 Year ago
I love that interaction with Kazuya I hope they give a good explanation as to why she’s been gone all this time😅
no matter how the main story would be, just wanna tell y'all, I appreciate the courage to finally tackle Jun and Kazuya
@KingRosso91 Year ago
She was amazing in tekken tag 2. She still has her moveset and more. They have out done themselves with this project.
@sekira4516 Year ago
ah yes I remember that boss fight, being parried every other attack got real annoying, real quick XD
The dialogue Jun had with Kazuya is just nostalgic goosebumps back to the Tekken anime stories where Jun is torn between love and empathy to Kazuya's heart-tearing past, and resolution in stopping the evil nature in him. On another point: It was by love, that they had Jin; It was by fate, that they had to fight against each other.
@th3ra83 Year ago
Yeah. You can see how the tone dialogue that Kazuya use to speak with her is kinda bit different than his tone with other people.
its always felt weird that the story claims Kazuya has an evil nature in him when he's literally just a product of his environment. Raised without his mothers love with a heavily abusive father that only ever saw him a potential threat to himself and humanity how else was Kazuya supposed to live other than going after his father at some point. Kazuya didnt get to chose his heritage and Heihachi was never going to let him be with the devil gene in him. Sure he fucks up in not being their for his wife and son and its fair to call him a bad dad I just dont see the evil in him when he comes from such a bad place from the jump. Dude never really had the chance to know peace except for his time with jun which even then was plagued with looming threat of heihachi coming for his life and potentially his family.
@damian_cross Year ago
@@th3ra83 I had to listen to it like 3 times. He's actually heartbroken.
Me too I got goosebumps too!
@@NANINani-wg6df True. Kazuya was never given a choice nor purpose since he was born. As you said, he is a product of his environment. If only Heihachi gave him that, Kazuya would have found a different purpose in life - which was why Jun had Jin, but failed as his hatred and vengeance (then ambition and power later) far surpasses his goodness, as if that was his second nature (either by the Devil gene, or his own nature bred through his cruel environment) To make matters worse, Jin's existence only complicated matters even more. And just like his father, Jin didn't get to decide how to walk his life as events kept unfolding against him - which made Jun felt more guilt. Her only solace is to raise Jin to not tread his father's path, even sending him to Heihachi (though reluctantly as last resort) to train until he can fight to forge his own fate.