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Baby Lasagna from Croatia performed ‘Rim Tim Tagi Dim’ in the Grand Final of Eurovision 2024 in Malmö, Sweden
You can learn more about Baby Lasagna right here: eurovision.tv/participant/bab...
~~~ Lyrics ~~~
Ay, I’m a big boy now
I’m ready to leave, ciao mamma ciao
Ay, I’m a big boy now
I’m going away and I sold my cow
But before I leave, I must confess
I need a round of decompress
One more time for all the good times
Rim Tim Tagi Digi Rim Tim Tim
Rim Tim Tagi Digi
Rim Tim Tagi Digi
Rim Tim Tagi Digi
Rim Tim Tagi Digi
Gonna miss you all, but mostly the cat
Gonna miss my hay, gonna miss my bed
Most of all I’m gonna miss the dance
So come on ya’ll, let us prance
Rim Tim Tagi Digi
Rim Tim Tagi Digi
Rim Tim Tagi Digi
Rim Tim Tagi Digi
Don’t call, don’t write
I’m leaving with the first light
Don’t cry, but dance
Rim Tim Tagi Digi Rim Tim Tim
There’s no going back
My presence fades to black
There’s no going back
My anxiety attacks
Rim Tim Tagi Digi Rim Tim Tim
Rim Tim Tagi Digi
Rim Tim Tagi Digi
Rim Tim Tagi Digi
Rim Tim Tagi Digi
I hope I find, peace in the noise
Wanna become one of the city boys
They’re all so pretty and so advanced
Maybe they also know our dance
Rim Tim Tagi Digi
Rim Tim Tagi Digi
Rim Tim Tagi Digi
Rim Tim Tagi Digi
Bye mom, bye dad
Meow cat, please meow back
Don’t cry, just dance
Rim Tim Tagi Digi Rim Tim Tim
There’s no going back
My presence fades to black
There’s no going back
My anxiety attacks
Rim Tim Tagi Digi Rim Tim Tim
There’s no going back
My presence fades to black
There’s no going back
My anxiety attacks
Rim Tim Tagi Digi Rim Tim Tim
There’s no going back
My presence fades to black
There’s no going back
My anxiety attacks
Rim Tim Tagi Digi Rim Tim Tim
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Published on


May 10, 2024




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Comments : 26K   
@jooseemii Month ago
this is not eurovision, this is baby lasagna’s huge concert
@Rose.petals08 Month ago
@l1nu556 Month ago
@quivenwrites Month ago
@jukesy1992 Month ago
It is amazing, and I am very curious to know how he'll do live shows in the future, what he'll plan. I think we are going to be in for epicness.
@dikoproz Month ago
United by music, divided by jury. Real winner!
just no
@migran6346 Month ago
just yes
@lumpek4149 Month ago
@@hubertusbroschmeier460 just yes... First place for people... while winner of ESC2024 fifth place from people xD Domination from Croatia.
People's vote: Croatia, 337 Israel, 323 Ukraine, 307 France, 227 Switzerland, 226
@ContactsBissig Month ago
I don't like stolen copies of the ESC, listen to this song: PAIN - Party In My Head
@The_Sova 3 days ago
Basically, the guy needed no backup vocals. He used the audience.
0% drugs 0% nudity 0% cursing 100% meow cat please meow back
196 likes and no comments let me fix that
@Maisteer10 7 days ago
@@elgideliallisi7716 323 likes and 1 comment let me fix that
@nottoxic3196 7 days ago
And also 100% bot
@miha2295 7 days ago
@@nottoxic3196 thats not what she said last night😉
@editasadiku1693 6 days ago
100% song and 100% Croatia
Bro just sold all tickets for his first concert in 4 freaking minutes
@Tally403 Month ago
3 concerts already sold out
@eylulcelik5262 Month ago
Is it a world tour?
​@@eylulcelik5262Croatia only for now. Apparently has plans to tour the rest of Europe next year.
@Talvi_Sota Month ago
Undestandably so
@Bai183 Month ago
@@hazerabegum2739I need to go see him😭
@mblue748 Month ago
Who is here after Croatia won the 2nd place? Baby Lasagna, I just wanted you to know that Croatia must be proud of you! Congratulations!
@f1ll3rn Month ago
We are,
@yourhomie1 Month ago
We're so proud
@tweety4785 Month ago
We are proud. Thank you all for suport❤
@asja4331 Month ago
@Stewie_2 2 days ago
Came back to watch the winner of Eurovision after a month has passed? Welcome!
@jeinmarkova 11 hours ago
Oh, yes ))
@user-lk6ht4lp1d 11 hours ago
@CallMeDT12 12 days ago
How nice of baby lasagna to invite different countries to his concert
@lanceder2.919 8 days ago
good one
@hunterfabio 6 days ago
Nice copy paste from the original comment
@Ostralucia 6 days ago
he’s so nice to invite other singers to be his opening act
@CallMeDT12 6 days ago
@@hunterfabio didn’t know there was an other comment
@teamurataj1785 Month ago
He owned the fucking stage. He owned the whole crowd. He killed it. He should have been the winner.
@lukesono5687 29 days ago
eurovision is becoming a gender fluid plant based mess.
@sukransusam 29 days ago
2. MANGA vakası diyorum. Yıllarca buna da söverim
@MaratAkhmadullin 29 days ago
еревод текста с помощью камеры Until he puts on a skirt he won't win Eurovision unfortunately
@queenpanda26 29 days ago
​​@@sukransusam Değil, boş yapma.
Si debió ser el ganador. Pero la dueña del público fue España
@una30 Month ago
Not every legend is a winner. Not every winner is a legend.
Underrated comment
Kaarija and Baby Lasagna - people winners
@19LAKing94 Month ago
And Nemo is both 🇨🇭
2007 Ukraine ziben ziben aljulju
@ju3054 Month ago
@@19LAKing94Nemo is great, a wonderful singer and he seems to be a very sweet person, but the staging and the song were not as great as Croatian and some others…
@Mikjcal 6 days ago
Still can’t believe this performance didn’t win.
@mycat2708 2 days ago
Tnx hi from pula Croatia
@yusufturk7963 6 days ago
I'm a Turk and even though we're not in the competition, we're listening to Eurovision and this song should have won.
@JiroReyen Day ago
Turkey used to participate, I hope they return as they send Bangers like MaNga
@vanab123 Month ago
Today Baby Lasagna has been awarded by Croatian goverment with 50.000 euros. He REFUSED award and told government to donate entire sum to children hospital for onchology deseases, and to Zagreb hospital for onchology as well. RESPECT !!! He has shown once again how humble and dicent guy he is ❤❤❤
@angelkana Month ago
Wow, I got tears in my eyes while reading this comment! That is so beautiful 😍
@RandomIrishGuy Month ago
50,000 Euros or 50 euros?? Edit: Guys, I get it now, certain countries in Europe use a Period instead of a comma when using numbers such as 50,000 etc, my confusion came from the fact that this €50.000, means €50 euros to me and I assumed it was either a typo or ment €50,000
​@@RandomIrishGuy 50 cent
@DavorFCRS Month ago
Kakav brat, svaka mu cast ❤
@MAT_IGRAONA Month ago
So basically judges had to deal 12 points to everyone except Croatia 37 times in order to beat European crowd
@FlowerTrollSan Month ago
At least the judges from Serbia and Cyprus gave it a 12.
Yup, exactly what happened.
The Best comment and thrue..
exactly right
@HydraWerewolf Month ago
Switserland got 12 points like 80% of the time and they barely beat croatia. And if the Netherlands could participate they'd probably have done amazing too.
@foeud 4 days ago
A really good song that starts off at 150 km an hour and doesnt look back. Never a dull moment
@JoshuaTag 18 days ago
Audience: *gives Baby Lasagna 337 points so he can win Eurovision* Jury: what about no
Also Jury:We Like Nemo
@Euonethegamer2022 14 days ago
nemo: 400+ points
The audience gave Nemo a lot of points too. Soo there's that.
@rlrihards948 13 days ago
@@kristianflamsted9038 Really not even close. 337 and 226. Whole 100 point difference. 5th by public vote. Soo there's that.
@@rlrihards948 226 points is a lot, huh? and 5th out of 25 countries is not bad? Also remember the point of the jury is not to duplicate the public vote or even try to do so. Because then it could just be removed.
What the hell did this man do?! He burned the arena! The audience was gone by him, his concert for sure! He deserved that win so much, his energy was unmatched! Greeting from Greece, a new fan here!
@coolioweb Month ago
Haha, true! Baby Lasagna BURNED the ARENA, Nemo BROKE the trophy into peaces!
@bingus4life Month ago
Fellow Greek 🇬🇷
The audience was also gone by Zorra, top 22.
@yamoz13 Month ago
@@kavictorreings3803I m not so sure if it was for the song I think Spain should be banned for this disgusting show🤢
@tempPlayz17 Month ago
I'm Greek too how is this worse then the gay Nemo is a malaka
@PastaSauce. Month ago
From a guy who made this song in his bedroom unemployed to now the biggest stage in Europe. What a story
Bravo hahahaba
@tant4797 29 days ago
If he were from the USA, they'd soon be making a movie about him. I wonder who'd they cast to play him? 🤔😆
@juresibenik5281 29 days ago
The story is good enough without adding lies like unemployed. Dont be crooked human like majority is
@tant4797 29 days ago
@@juresibenik5281 why assume he/she is a "crooked human"? They're from the UK... maybe it's just misinformation...
@jonasstadler9206 28 days ago
Yeah i mean its really hard to make a song like this🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦
@stayinalive92 4 days ago
Happy 20 million views Lasagna nation 🔥 🎉 🐱 🔥
@amvideon3016 5 days ago
This song deserved to win the Eurovision , Greetings from Albania
I think too he Is my valentineee❤❤
@compaq6715 22 hours ago
Sadly your jury gave 12 points to Switzerland and only 3 to Croatia, so much about Balkan unity :(
@DD85. Month ago
Did you know..He got from gouverment today 50 000 euros as reward for 2 place...Marko refused to take the Money and he donated for kids with cancer in onkology department🥺🥺🥺he is an Angel..world must hear that..He is a simple guy,without a Money,and he donated complete amount...I hope my kids will be so good humans when they grow
@niki_nikiiiiii 29 days ago
I didn’t know . Such a sweetheart ❤
@markcrofs2dq 29 days ago
@Ilahaa89 29 days ago
@zuzazuzik3964 Month ago
Robbed Croatia won our hearts Just like Finland last year
@aibunny2930 Month ago
The same patterns happen 😩
Ждём их фит в следующем году!
@WUTplay Month ago
@CatiosPizza Month ago
nah swiss had a good song
@WUTplay Month ago
@@Toby98 What kind of nonsense did you write? UPD: Pain - Party in my Head - is original song.
@markoskoric647 5 days ago
This was biggest robbery ever
@kotzatops 29 minutes ago
@alkisboss5829 5 days ago
I still cant understand how he didnt win
@eva9092 Month ago
You came back to watch the winner's performance? Welcome🇭🇷❤️
@SpikePBB Month ago
This isn't Switzerland's song. 👍
@damiarlen Month ago
nemo is the winner
​@@damiarlenNot real winner.
@damiarlen Month ago
@@maskedsingerworld4811 it's not your decision .d I loved him and I'm not even from Switzerland
@id2538 Month ago
Serbia is the only country that awarded Croatia 12+12 (jury and audience)🇭🇷🇷🇸
Nije jedina i Kipar je dao 12 Hrvatskoj
@franmorella Month ago
@@mirjanamaksimovic582 Serbia and Croatia were amazing!!! Watching from Venezuela.
@inspirame7979 Month ago
@@mirjanamaksimovic582 Da, ali u Srbiji je dobio 12 i od publike, tako da je iz Srbije otislo ukupno 12+12 za Hr, a Ciprani su dali 12+5 (12 žiri, 5 televoting), na to misli
@zorankristoo Month ago
Hvalaaa! II mi smo za vas glasali!
@Smokdopr Month ago
Cyprus did as well, still more should have
@knigh0925 10 days ago
the real winners of eurovision
@fersul4360 17 days ago
The real winner of this show.
@sylwuskak7065 17 days ago
The one and only winner! ❤ I've already have a ticket for his concert in Poland
@misterdjT968 12 days ago
Я бы отдал победу не ему, но его выступление мне тоже очень понравилось))
@Kryak627 12 days ago
@@misterdjT968 оо русский
@jadenashana1644 12 days ago
I mean, Baby Lasagna wasn't even competing and didn't need a win. He was just holding a concert for Europe and the rest of the world. What a legend! ❤
That is so nice, thank you so much!
@orion8647 Month ago
To be honest, I would've seen Croatia first and France second, they both gave their souls on the songs and the victory goes to Switzerland wtf
@immortalspear Month ago
@@orion8647 It was extremely rigged, and the votes made absolutely no sense....
@bm90s14 Month ago
This is not Eurovision, this is a concert. The public clearly said who the real winner was, but history repeats itself
@meike7377 Month ago
And who was the real winner?
@GodOfCulture Month ago
​@@meike7377 Need some Glasses?
@bm90s14 Month ago
@@meike7377 watch the video and tell me 2:07 2:25
PoliticalVision...not about music for sure
@sabthie5836 Month ago
3,6 Million views after 19 hours - he is known now all over the world now!! Good for him. I have listend to this song at least 60 times today and it keeps getting better an better. TWO THUMBS UP for Mr. Lasagne and his Band !!!
@Julie701000 13 days ago
This performance was incredible. It's even better than the studio version. This should have won.
@lynnudo9863 7 days ago
I've been saying that since this performance!! :)
@lightmarkal273 3 days ago
Bro made such an insane performance live. It's SO much better than the studio version
@HrvojeBan Month ago
Bro made a song on a computer in his room and went on to win 2nd place in Eurovision! Mad respect!
@Vladimir.I. Month ago
E pa bas mi je drago! Dosli ste po vec osvojeno prvo mesto i prc! Srbija vam je dala 12 poena a vi njoj 3! 🎉🎉🎉 Hahaha
@thesages3004 Month ago
@@Vladimir.I. ne znam cemu ovaj komentar druze... Ali molim te ako nemas sta lepo reci o ovom coveku, samo napusti ovaj video... svakako pozdrav iz Srbije, ovaj covek je pokidao juce! :D
@Vex33. Month ago
@@Vladimir.I. ako ćeš tako , imamo razlog! PESMA VAM JE ONDA OČAJNA AKO STE DOBILI 3 POENA OD NAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Vladimir.I. Month ago
@@thesages3004 sta tebe briga i ko si ti da pišeš nekome da napušta klip? Čemu? Tome što su mislili da su Srbiji napravili neku podvalu. Niko u Srbiji nije očekivao pobedu Ramonde svi su navijali za ovog njihovog. Dobili su dva puta po 12 poena. Eto kosmos im je vratio i nema POBEDE za koju su 100% mislili da će biti. Kvarni igrači! Da je bar 10,8,6 nego TRI.... Strašno.
@Vladimir.I. Month ago
@@Vex33. E tako kaži. Čestitam vam DRUGO mesto i propuštenu priliku da budete domaćini Evrovizije
@Pip_Pirrup913 Month ago
The winner of eurovision: Switzeland The winner of our hearts: Croatia
@knop5519 Month ago
Croatia and Netherlands ❤
@Pip_Pirrup913 Month ago
@@knop5519 obviously Netherlands too
@rv2004_ Month ago
You mean the Netherlands right :P
@agata8649 4 days ago
I don't know what is it about this song, but everytime I feel bad or sad, I keep coming back to it and it puts a smile on my face, which is quite something considering my poor mental health. Love everything about this song ❤ (Edited because of a typo lol)
@asenademirklc3943 11 days ago
2:07 - 2:25 between these seconds, you will easily understand that the whole audience joined him and that this was actually his concert rather than a competition❤ Real Winner👑
@jeanrothen Month ago
This song represents what Eurovision should be: it keeps the country's culture at the center, has a powerful beat, brings the crowd to the stage, it embraces the fun, it's not generic, and leaves a mark at the end. People's champion!!!
@fejsfan8954 Month ago
How does it keep the country's culture if he sings in English
👏👏👏 bravo💗
@stipe9k Month ago
Don't you see the costumes? ​@@captainuliss4013
Zaista najbolji!!!!!
@klaudia6477 Month ago
He got 12 points only from 2 countries (juries) and landed on 2nd place. The televote said everything, the real winner ❤
@nikola2316 Month ago
Zahvalite Srbiji,nekad...hvala na 3 poena
@rendimrs6709 Month ago
Pa kad su imali mnogo bolju pesmu,i ovih 3 je više nego dovoljno
To je 3 poena od zirija, publika je dala 12
@hranator3965 Month ago
@@nikola2316 to je žiri, od hrvatske publike ste dobili 12
@uchiha1760 Month ago
Indeed jury ruined everything again!! For me Croatia deserved win!!
@user-bb9ds9pf6y 4 days ago
Wow, over 20 mil. views... Croatia have about 4 mil.people(?) Impresiv ❤❤❤
@Ivindiesel 4 days ago
Yes round about haha
@NoName-ol2hw 18 days ago
One of the best performances in the history of Eurovision. A clear winner for me. Thank you Croatia for such a wonderful song. With Love from Ukraine ❤️
@nadaj6921 15 days ago
Thank you so much and greetings from Croatia! ❤️❤️❤️❤️🇭🇷🇭🇷❤️❤️🇺🇦🇺🇦✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷❤️❤️❤️❤️😻😻😻😻😻✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️😘😘😘😘 Slava Ukraini! ❤️❤️✌️✌️
@maxmax9105 15 days ago
@sussyballgaming 14 days ago
@user-go1iu8zq1w 14 days ago
@tomyolar-pop3627 14 days ago
They got robbed like Kaarija by the jury 😢. Croatia is the real winner chosen by the people.
The winner chosen by the people would be Ukraine which has nothing to do with a single note of music
@gyorggames9268 Month ago
Absolutely agree
@hq2136 Month ago
fr robbed
No it's not! Dream on
@PorfiCook Month ago
Baby Lasagna: “Publika će doći na moj koncert, ne žiri.”
@moskal1111975 Month ago
@davorvrki9449 Month ago
Hahahhaha, a koji koncert? Kad će se održati 2060? 😂😂😂
@evazg Month ago
@@davorvrki9449 ima par nastupa ovog ljeta pa slobodno dođi..
Nedavno je izjavio kako ima vec 14 dogovorenih nastupa ovo ljeto.
@matijaluksic5378 17 days ago
I will never got bored with this performance
@nicolaus1895 13 days ago
It still hurts this didn't win 💔 Just imagine the victory performance! It would blow off the arena rooftop 🤩🤩
@sylwuskak7065 13 days ago
Oh yes 😍😍😍 That would be absolutely amazing 🥰 Instead I will have "winner's performance" in September on his concert. Not bad, but it's not the same
@barraesc 9 days ago
Ooooh, yes !!! I've been thinking about that too and I just can't get over the fact that we couldn't see this as the winner's performance. It would be epic🤩
@osasunaitor 4 days ago
And instead we got the Swiss spinning guy/person/whatever. My disappointment is immeasurable.
He didn't win Eurovision, but he won our hearts and became a legend! ❤🇭🇷 The real winner! 🇭🇷
I'm from switzerland but you deserve more then us this win. You have my respect
@borkomaster Month ago
Yea he is the best ❤
@ZZ-rc3qd Month ago
this young man made history!! the best placed since Croatia became independent. everyone loves him, children and old people, Croats and foreigners. he united people with his energy, kindness and crazy catchy rhythm of his song. Thank you, Croatia is proud! Meow!
@stsplit8973 Month ago
@RaptorJesus. Month ago
Like Finland last year, the peoples vote should be all that matters.
@finn7208 Month ago
Croatia, another juryvision victim💔 Baby Lasagna deserved the trophy..
No it didn't
@sylwuskak7065 Month ago
It's Il Volo all over again 😭😭😭
@masogaming5835 Month ago
​@@sylwuskak7065dont forget Kaarija
@matrix_3671 Month ago
Ljudi novi sam u muzici i trudim se Poslusajte pjesme..
@tvuboji2828 Month ago
@sandermol9369 9 days ago
Use headphones, that bass is amazing!
Bravo ,Marko,čestitke na potpisanim ugovoru života🎉🎉👏👏.Kipić je ništa prema onom što te čeka,tvoja publika i uspješna karijera! 20 mil.pregleda!👏👏👏👏
@selfintuition2 Month ago
Thank you Serbia, thank you Konstrakta, for giving Croatia 12 points!
@vuk982 Month ago
Konstrakta je održala reč ,a vi 😅😅😅 Popišali se na sebe i nju. Neka ,tako i treba. Nas predstavnik je bila Breskvica po ovim evrovizijski pravilima. Ali gde to.Imamo mi svetsku pesmu .Kakav crni ili beli orao😅.Sve jedno ,bila bi 17- ta. Tako to tamo ide. Teodora je žrtveno jagnje ,ali to joj je posao. Prelepa balada neće se ni ovde pevati.Žrtva glasanja na RTS- u.
@@vuk982 Ako te tješi, Hrvatska je glasom publike 12 bodova dala Srbiji (10 Sloveniji)
Konstrakta je bila najjaca kod dodjele bodova, zena ima odlican smisao za humor i karizmu 🇷🇸🇭🇷
@Bionickpunk Month ago
Thank Marija Šerifović as well.
Serbia basically gave us 2 points because they awarded the spinning microwave chicken 10.
@joanna3672 Month ago
People wanted Croatia to win. It's real winner🥇 Greetings from Poland.
@Elena-sq7fc Month ago
Ja auf jeden Fall
@anacoric3368 Month ago
Your jury gave us like 4 points and 12 to a guy in a skirt
@KT9a Month ago
I'm gay and I'm ashamed of Wokevision.
@pokermonik Month ago
​@@anacoric3368do you think we think the same as jury?
@anacoric3368 Month ago
I don't know, only numbers count. I find it very strange 32 juries gave 12 points to the same guy, so different from public votes. Countries need to discover who sits at their juries and what their agenda is. Croatian song is talking about young people leaving their homes and going for a better life - if countries such as Poland, Czechia, Albania,...can understand that struggle less than problems a guy in a skirt has,...than ....🤷🏻‍♀️
@Whysday 3 days ago
I still swing by and listen to this, and it still plays in my head, that's the difference right there.
The winner of our hearts.
@milk5028 Month ago
@wellhello6618 Month ago
Don't forget Norways Spirit in the Sky either! Also won the popular vote and also got spat on by the juries. It is infuriating we the people are still paying to vote, when the same small group of industry people voting for the same pop music every time, are rigging the game over and over.
@ambiss Month ago
it's worse, loreen was 2nd in televoting, nemo was 5th 💀
@radabuzik4344 Month ago
@theamelian Month ago
the difference is cha cha cha was actually good ❤
Once again, the jury prevents the real winner from lifting the trophy. United by music, divided by jury.
@fleurlune5798 Month ago
Do you know why the jury exists? Because voters at home every time advantage their neighbours, especially this phaenomen exists in croatia and his neighbours. Also the jury evaluate with musical quality standards. Croatias song was exciting but the quality was low
@Zstra9 Month ago
Switzerland got robbed so hard by Italy in 2021 so its justice made
@@fleurlune5798 Did you know that Croatia together with its neighbors has about 25 million inhabitants, Croatia alone has about 3.8 million. How can 4 countries that border and are culturally connected to Croatia outnumber several hundred million in other parts of the EU who have no idea where Croatia is? . So keep quiet, and don't embarrass yourself with your explanation "Why there is a jury". And don't lie that neighbor voting is specific to Croatia and its neighbors, because experts in this type of voting from the Baltic countries have always been the first.
@chrissycg Month ago
@@fleurlune5798 unfortunately this does not happen between Germany and Austria lmaoo (I am austrian I can confirm that Germany never help us haha)
@@fleurlune5798 Voters at home do not "every time advantage their neighbours." There was a long history of Jury's doing exactly this but the public vote overwhelmingly for the song. If they simply voted for neighbours we would have the same countries winning every year. instead in the last 15 years the public have voted 14 different countries as winners.😮
@Theodora212 13 days ago
He is the real winner in our hearts
@amvboost7681 4 days ago
This song is a banger from Cameroon 🇨🇲 😂❤
@mayb6698 27 days ago
One of the rarest contestant to actually perfom for the people in front of him and not those watching him on TV...
@tvuboji2828 27 days ago
Exactly 👏❤️🔥
@LG-ht1zo 26 days ago
You’ve hit the nail on the head as to why I love his performance so much ❤
@DrRemuss 26 days ago
It's a rock band sooooo.... yeah lol
@budnichenkovova 25 days ago
0:37 It's still a performance for TV audience
@Sheridan2LT 25 days ago
Exactly, I mean to be fair the Netherlands also had an audience centric performance, but all the top performances were incredible. Croatia is not nearly my favorite but they're good!
folks, here you are watching the real winner of Eurovision 2024 😾😾😾😾😸🤘
@19LAKing94 Month ago
The real winner is switzerland 🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭
@Plafon-lc3yf Month ago
​@@19LAKing94corupted winner is that thing
​@@19LAKing94Baby Lasagna and Croatia are real winners!🏆🏆
@MordorOrc59 Month ago
​@@19LAKing94 wrong
@user-dq8cc8ko1f 7 days ago
Every morning i listen him❤❤❤
@Mr-Tibbster 5 days ago
My 12 points to you from UK! 2:08 🙋‍♂
@mynameiselma Month ago
He did not win at Eurovision, but the public gave him first place. He won our hearts. Meow. ❤️
@random_finn Month ago
Just like käärijä did last year. Seems like the 2nd places are now always the true winners
Public have first place for israel 😂
@snge4487 Month ago
@@vaidasliutkauskas9307 Nah, Croatia. Do the math again.
We are the people, he is our champion.
Croatia real winners. Will listen in my car Croatia with volume up, not Switz. Cheers from Lithuania. Don't be sad Croatia. You real heart winners.
i cant believe our jury gave gayboy 12 points
@Swiss_Girl Month ago
no the real winner is switzerland😂🇨🇭
@signum1378 Month ago
​@@NorthamptonStandwomb womb 😭😭🤡🤡🤡
@Agious46 Month ago
@@Swiss_Girl cap
Love to 🇱🇹 from 🇭🇷❤️
I am here for maybe the 50th time. See you tomorrow, guys! 🔥
@owen42321 Day ago
@sabsndi5099 Day ago
Hello, see ya tomorrow. 😂
@CalmTime4 8 days ago
So nice of him to accept eurovision during his own concert!!
@Mark-ry9lu 27 days ago
the jury has never been so wrong
@gckingdom4226 25 days ago
uhm 2010 ...
@haidimiliana 25 days ago
Well last year...
@thebatchicle3429 25 days ago
@Mark-ry9lu 24 days ago
@@haidimiliana I don't remember there being such a big gap between the audience and the jury. Last year Loreen was the bookies' favourite and she came second in the audience vote. But this year the contestant who was in 5th place according to audience votes won, and only 2 countries from all the juries gave the maximum score to Croatia.
@theonkelneico6995 24 days ago
@@Mark-ry9lu yeah ... there was a robbery far more tragic ... 40 jury points, 291 televotes - the most heartbroken thing since 2019 ...
@vote4688 Month ago
how nice of him to invite Eurovision to his concert🙏🏼🥺
@batzbad Month ago
so humble god bless 🙏
@midnightvalet9006 17 days ago
Still can't believe he didn't win
DANCE WITH ME, EUROPE! ...and Europe DANCED. and sang, and loved Baby Lasgna 🤩
@DrMcFly28 Month ago
He asks everyone to dance with him and the ENTIRE F**KING CONCERT HALL DANCES. And you don't give him a win????
@MCohSnap Month ago
no. You also need to have a voice to win esc. It was not full package (same as Kaarija)
​​@@MCohSnapwhat is wrong with his voice???also swiss performance was very weak...not even a top 10 performance of the night
His prounanuces weren't they/them that's why he didn't win
​@@MCohSnap What is wrong with you his voice is WOW!!😍😍🇭🇷🇭🇷☝🏻❤️
Nobody got such reactions from the crowd in Eurovision.. ever.. baby lasagna turned the stadium into an actual concert. The audience decided the true winner.
@darkhol222 Month ago
You forgot about hard rock hallelujah back in times
@bucketslash11 Month ago
CHA CHA CHA last year
@carmelo4 Month ago
Almost half of the entries did, even netherlands that got disqualified gotten more audience attentiom. Mid song anyway, Croatia carries only visuals.
@stayinalive92 Month ago
@@carmelo4 Netherlands did not get more of a reaction, I was in the crowd both nights and this got easily the biggest response
@mimoso_7773 Month ago
No, Sertab Erener's performance in 2003 was also a huge thing
i know all the lyrics to this song and it was a clear winner
I must confess this is the real winner 2:09 im dancing
@jadranlucin5457 14 days ago
@ns567on3 Month ago
Čovjek je upravo svoju novčanu nagradu od hrvatske vlade donirao u dobrotvorne svrhe.
@ithalpanda Month ago
What a king!
@Sandra-de9hh Month ago
Ljudina, svako dobro mu zelim!
@emrahekizer961 Month ago
Come to Türkiye ❤
@pressgurka9443 Month ago
The fact that half the power is in the hands off very few people in the jury is just disgusting
@danielleza908 Month ago
The Jury should either be abolished entirely or have its power reduced from 50% to 30% or less. They can't expect to ignore the crowd vote year after year and still maintain interest in this competition.
@zaqva2309 Month ago
crazy how Slovenia had one of the best vocals and got 15 points this jury is a joke
@matrix_3671 Month ago
Ljudi novi sam u muzici i trudim se Poslusajte pjesme..
@isthatyou7267 Month ago
Keep saying it, however, EBU never listens
@frostwolf8568 Month ago
That! And people pay for their votes, and artists who get the most televotes don't end up winning 😂 so there is no point with televotes.
@monys1974 12 days ago
Dance with me Euroooopeeee! And Europe never stopped dancing. Legend.
@darkec1984 9 days ago
two weeks passed and i still listen to this song several times every day. this is more than love
@sametmert8034 Month ago
Croatia is real winner of 2024 . From Turkey. This is ridiculous
@RedChomper Month ago
@rt20089 Month ago
from bangladesh and could not agree more
No it's not ridiculous! It's a fact
@matrix_3671 Month ago
Ljudi novi sam u muzici i trudim se Poslusajte pjesme..
@Lana-xx4oq Month ago
You can literally hear the audience scream their lungs out while singing this. People loved this, the audience is not wrong, it's the jury.
@karientje91 Month ago
Couldn't agree more!
@tonia.8260 Month ago
So true ❤
Woke propaganda!
@anacc3257 Month ago
The audience still gave far too many points to Switzerland and other subpar songs though
@Lana-xx4oq Month ago
@@anacc3257 True, but Baby Lasagna got the most points from the audience.
@markomarkovic02 4 days ago
He signed a contract with Universal Music Group 💪❤️
Criminal that this didn't win. Can't stop listening to this
@Big-boi92 Month ago
It becomes a rule that The one who made 2nd place is actually the one that truly took the win
@gtmv5921 Month ago
Да , так было и в прошлом году. Жури просто строят свои планы и идут к ним 😢
@Nightcrawl7 Month ago
nah, maneskin was #1 truly
​@@Nightcrawl7the last good winner
@FideszLover15 Month ago
@@wonderfulhumanbeingwithagr6381 i liked ukraine 2022 too, space man sucked
@Thecchazyy Month ago
Except Maneskin!
@Aitis__2 Month ago
Love from Finland and welcome to the ”screw the juries” team 🇫🇮❤️🇭🇷
@Ivindiesel Month ago
Haha thanks a lot🥴
Konstrakta, Kaarija, Baby Lasagna....and counting.
@veninrouge3211 Month ago
Last year it was Kaarija, this year Baby Lasagna. But, you know what, it's an honor to share the same fate as the legendary Kaarija. Euorovision needs to stop doing this. Meow from Croatia and Cha Cha Cha !
Eden Golan and Sergey Lazarev should be too
Eurovision Legend.
@gilbertbloomer842 18 days ago
so much better than the winner. Hi from Tasmania.
@sylwuskak7065 17 days ago
Wow! Baby Lasagna really has fans all over the world ❤ Greetings from Poland ❤
@Klementina5012 Month ago
I can't believe I gave Eurovision a second chance considering what happened last year with Finland. Croatia is Finland this year, in short the real winner!
I agree. I'm more disappointed with myself at this point
@Top_Hat_Walrus Month ago
Same here. Its honestly just a waste of time watching it
@ivancouto1028 Month ago
The thing is the song that won last year was actually good so it didn’t feel as bad but this year was so fking forced. The winner of this year was really bad.
@wellhello6618 Month ago
SAME. And it will never change. Juries have way too much voting power and will continue to do this, year after year. I'm done
@MrVLXX Month ago
@@ivancouto1028 Loreens song was generic, like they came up with the most boring song that the jury would like
@deadpearls Month ago
serbia giving croatia 12 points made me genuinely emotional 🇷🇸❤️‍🩹🇭🇷 let‘s all make an effort to improve our people‘s relationship 🇷🇸❤️‍🩹🇭🇷
@LOLOX_HD Month ago
Brother. I absolutely 100% agree to what you say. ❤🇭🇷🇷🇸
@i77722 Month ago
Thank you ❤❤❤❤
@sprc155 Month ago
You make Tito proud 😅
@deerhandle Month ago
And they gave us 4 or 5...
@Jelena-oq6fx Month ago
Долазимо на море.❤❤❤
@Consumable-bo8ed 13 days ago
Bro didn't need to sing for the woahs, and that smirk at the end, perfect
@Henkka811 14 days ago
Congratulations to the winner, but this is the best performance. My heart says that, this is the real winner of 2024. Greetings from Finland. love to Croatia :)
@kauwgomaap8944 10 days ago
@LelandRedline 9 days ago
No rules💙🤍
@marijacrogirl49 8 days ago
Big hug to Finland ❤❤
@abumble2862 Month ago
When the whole crowd sings with you, dances with you and takes your side, you know you've already won. Congrats🇭🇷❤️❤️
@CooroSnowFox Month ago
2nd can be more powerful that winning, people will remember character in eurovision...
@kraft006 Month ago
@@CooroSnowFox you just have to remember, croatia got 300 something votes by the public, and switzerland like 200. It shows how much its politically dependent
@CooroSnowFox Month ago
@kraft006 it's a complicated tangled mess behind and even more with the events around.... the two songs were awesome and hope they have an amazing time off the back of performing...
Imagine not winning a competition with this performance
@daminardo Month ago
Se un altro cantante fa una performance in cui mischia opera e rap, una cosa mai vista, ci credo che non vince
I can, because EU became one big ideological performance under totalitarianism of oligarchy.
@caithaz Month ago
It's anoyying goes though my head.... Tim din ragi dim😂😂😂........
@caithaz Month ago
Tim dim tagi dim
@aureusdeus3729 Month ago
And imagine to win a competition with such an awful song like nemo had. Corruption
Baby Lasagna has the whole crowd in the palm of his hand ❤
@TPSqiddy_cst1 4 days ago
I heard this song one time! And this is my favourite Song already❤🎉🇭🇷
@Beegmann Month ago
Loreen and Käärijä all over again, Croatia is the true winner of the eurovision song contest 2024.
@sushiplays8092 Month ago
Juries need reforms, they can't keep getting away with this.
@matrix_3671 Month ago
Ljudi novi sam u muzici i trudim se Poslusajte pjesme..
@sylwuskak7065 Month ago
Il Volo and Måns all over again. It started in 2015.
@MordorOrc59 Month ago
2023: Käärijä robbed 2024: Baby Lasagna robbed
not even close. Kaarija was something much bigger and special, croatia is not even close to be as iconic as kaarija. This song will be forgotten quick
@@user-tw3jj2ct3s Who hurt you?
@@setecastronomy_hc the jury. The jury hurt him
@darrenpimlott Month ago
I voted Switzerland 🇨🇭 and France 🇫🇷 I didn't like Croatia or Ireland because it isn't my type of music
Mi Hrvati je nećemo zaboraviti. A to je najvažnije.❤🇭🇷🔥
@radosawgwozdz1223 19 days ago
He is winner !!! Best song in this year’s eurovision !!!
@Kotifilosofi 3 days ago
Every year there's some legendary song on the Eurovision I know I'll return to listen to over and over again. This year, this was that song, together with the winner 🤟😁🤟
@sundayrose25 Month ago
Just look at the audience. You don't need a trophy to understand how united crowd is in this song. The same goes for the rest of us. Marko is our winner.
@marslassa2938 Month ago
The publication is full of special effects, sound and light and smoke, apparently with cocaine... Is this music?
@@marslassa2938is the guy dancing in a skirt and tights music? Can singing about his gender identity be called meaning? Don’t be ridiculous. Fyi, it’s song contest, not music :) Beethoven and Bach is music if you’re looking for some :)))
@lilacinsd Month ago
Everyone sang along, I was there for the first semi-final!
@nic04 Month ago
Why must it always be the jury's favourite? Croatia would have deserved it so much. 🇭🇷😭
Not even a favourite. *THE* favourite. So many good songs were neglected just so that The Codevreaker cpuld get all the 12s.
@sushiplays8092 Month ago
If the juries keep picking the winner eurovision will die out, no one will wanna watch a contest where the juries just pick someone and make them win
@nebokhod Month ago
Well Måneskin were not jury’s favourite - Gjon’s Tears was. But I agree that jury’s votes were hightly suspicious AGAIN.
@@nebokhod It's just too much. 22 countries giving a 12 to the same song?
@vecthelion Month ago
The sad part is that the entire ''contest'' is as rigged as can be. It's deliberate that way and has been for so long already. It's the ultra PC left woke garbage and poison that is celebrated here. The same thing was very noticable last year. It's all a scheme and well planned out. Again, Croatia got done very dirty and that's a real shame. Let alone what happend with The Netherlands.
@markomarkovic02 4 days ago
20 miliona pregleda 🇷🇸🇭🇷💪
@DenisKeenan 17 days ago
30/05/2024 Still watching this, still love it
@sylwuskak7065 17 days ago
You're not alone ❤
@tomislav982 17 days ago
Few times a day 😊
@jadranlucin5457 14 days ago