"Declassify, We Do": Cohen Says Jedi Mind Tricks Don't Work For Declassification 

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Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen breaks down Trump's latest legal problems as the former president faces federal prosecution, a civil suit in New York, and a criminal investigation in Georgia.
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Published on


Sep 24, 2022




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Comments : 1.4K   
The best part of this interview was Cohen's unexpectedly perfect Yoda impression.
Except that, Trump is no Jedi, he's Sith.
@truth9133 Year ago
Thank you Michael Cohen for your help in this case 🇺🇸
For a guy that went from the Dark Side to the Light Side, it’s fitting that Michael Cohen did a Yoda impression.
Michael Cohen is offering Americans a glimpse of what it's like to be a High Priced Lawyer, here to give knowledge of what's happening in Trump's little world. As a Gatekeeper, this is unique. Thank you, Michael Cohen, for giving Americans the "Lowdown".
Leticia James did a beautiful job of laying out the charges on the Orange Seditious Roach, his adult children, and trump org and others! Michael Cohen....I'm soooo happy you're giving us insight on how his playbook goes! I'm happy that you, Michael and your wife and children are doing well and you can tell how close you are to them! 🌞🙏
@gdewyg Year ago
Let me agree with Cohen from every interview he had
@andydickey Year ago
Whatever Trump can declassify by thinking about it, Biden can reclassify by also thinking about it. No doubt, Biden has reclassified documents Trump declassified, if any.
@lindahoh87 Year ago
Thank you Michael Cohen for everything you've done for us.I'm so happy you're finding your way and turned your life around..You sound like too good of a family man to be mixed up with DJT..Many Prayers for you and your family ❤💙
@JamesJansson Year ago
Michael Cohen is wondering what they won't let him do on TV at this point and I'm loving it.
We can't be mad at Michael, c'mon y'all. He is Free. His confession is playing out, in the Justice system today. And his sense of humor is so intact 😂
Michael is truly enjoying this
When Trump said ‘send it to mar a largo or whoever you’re sending it’ does that mean he sent documents to somewhere else too?
@beardgangman Year ago
I see a big difference between a judge from Florida and a judge from NY
Trump "I used my mind to declassify those documents"
Michael Cohen is on fire these weeks.
@Danny.0788 Year ago
"Numbers don't lie, people do, and Donald Trump lies" Thank you, Michael! Keep bringing down the truth hammer! 🇺🇲
@SMS9155 Year ago
I so love what is happening here. The guy that said he was such a great businessman, worth 10 billion dollars, didn't need money from anyone to run his campaign, is now getting the wrath of Karma. Yahooo, to all that hung in there and stood by justice. It's time that these wealthy people pay the piper. Justice Always WINS.
My psychopathic sister, when confronted about her most recent, blatant lie, gets angry, red in the face, starts yelling and blaming others, then walks away as if she doesn’t have time for morons who confront her. She yells, “Get over it”, as if YOU are the problem.
@patchin1 Year ago
That Yoda impression was amazing!