"Declassify, We Do": Cohen Says Jedi Mind Tricks Don't Work For Declassification

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Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen breaks down Trump's latest legal problems as the former president faces federal prosecution, a civil suit in New York, and a criminal investigation in Georgia.

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Published on


Sep 24, 2022




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Comments 1 427
Brandon Tibbetts
Brandon Tibbetts 2 months ago
The best part of this interview was Cohen's unexpectedly perfect Yoda impression.
Linda Blue
Linda Blue 2 months ago
I laughed so hard at that. Totally super unexpected. lol!
Abigail Chipman
Abigail Chipman 2 months ago
@Merril R dr Phil has to be a bot. I just laugh at such sad attempts to troll
Discrimination is not a right.
@Dr. Phill So you'd rather be bored. Got it.
Dr. Phill
Dr. Phill 2 months ago
@💀My True Crime Library💀 - Who is Brandon and why are you cheering for him?
💀My True Crime Library💀
@Dr. Phill says the dude who thinks "Let's go Brandon " is clever 🤣🤣
Jillian Fehring
Jillian Fehring 2 months ago
Leticia James did a beautiful job of laying out the charges on the Orange Seditious Roach, his adult children, and trump org and others! Michael Cohen....I'm soooo happy you're giving us insight on how his playbook goes! I'm happy that you, Michael and your wife and children are doing well and you can tell how close you are to them! 🌞🙏
Carly Jack
Carly Jack 2 months ago
Agreed. I can’t help but be angry that NYSD could’ve done this decades ago. These crime aren’t from last year, they’re from last century! Trump and Madeoff should’ve been cellmates.
CottonRock 2 months ago
Watched Ali Veshi w Ms. Craig who wrote for NYT in 2018 and had his taxes.
Patricia Bester
Patricia Bester 2 months ago
The art of the steal. point, blank, period. Got'em!!!👀👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Nancy Godsey
Nancy Godsey 2 months ago
The indefatigable Trish James. There will be no settlement. Full press. She has him by the balls. And his criminal underlings. His losses will be massive. And that's just the civil suit. Then the criminal suits will begin. Out of the frying pan and into the fire.
Paradise Road
Paradise Road 2 months ago
Are you REALLY this ignorant and gullible, or do you fall for literally ANYTHING that gives you hope of destroying the orange boogeyman?
Truth91 2 months ago
Thank you Michael Cohen for your help in this case 🇺🇸
Douglas Reagan
Douglas Reagan 2 months ago
Case of TDS.😵‍💫
Thomas Murphy
Thomas Murphy 2 months ago
Cohen and his wife were looking at real hard time for a taxi medallion scheme. So i don't really believe anything he's selling.
BeaglesnLove 2 months ago
@Tracy Frank lol
Strangeman MTD
Strangeman MTD 2 months ago
Trumpty dumpty declassified documents the same way aqua man calls fish in the sea.
Tracy Frank
Tracy Frank 2 months ago
@Zepparella Dakunish 😂
Mickey Wood
Mickey Wood 2 months ago
Michael Cohen is offering Americans a glimpse of what it's like to be a High Priced Lawyer, here to give knowledge of what's happening in Trump's little world. As a Gatekeeper, this is unique. Thank you, Michael Cohen, for giving Americans the "Lowdown".
cliffishot2def 2 months ago
@J T you're just mad because he turned against your god Trump.
J T 2 months ago
He’s a convicted felon and was disbarred …. and he’s your legal expert ????😂😂😂😂
Mickey Wood
Mickey Wood 2 months ago
@Allosaurus Fragilis It's a con game. Everyone knows that a con game takes a greedy sucker to fall for his scheme. When it happens in real-time though, it's too easy to get caught up in it.
Mickey Wood
Mickey Wood 2 months ago
@Francis Cohen is a high-priced East Coast Lawyer. "Our" values are different from his. However, he has children, and as such, he knows that they are the ones who will inherit his mistakes. This is why I can say what I wrote. I know where you're coming from though.
Francis 2 months ago
He has absolutely no moral compass.
Linda Hazelgrove
Linda Hazelgrove 2 months ago
Thank you Michael Cohen for everything you've done for us.I'm so happy you're finding your way and turned your life around..You sound like too good of a family man to be mixed up with DJT..Many Prayers for you and your family ❤💙
Patrick 2 months ago
That Yoda impression was amazing!
eem 2 months ago
Let me agree with Cohen from every interview he had
lydias2012 2 months ago
I like Cohen but in December 2020 he said Donnie would go down to Florida and not return to DC over Christmas break. Boy that prediction did not age well. Still like the guy.
Douglas Reagan
Douglas Reagan 2 months ago
Beard Gang
Beard Gang 2 months ago
I see a big difference between a judge from Florida and a judge from NY
Jody Who
Jody Who 2 months ago
Love it💙💛💜💚
azul8811 2 months ago
About 1200 miles…
hpqz hpqz
hpqz hpqz 2 months ago
A seer you are !
Elaine Burnett
Elaine Burnett 2 months ago
Yup. The difference between being a judge and being a jerk.
Lemonhead 766
Lemonhead 766 2 months ago
We have real judges, not political pawns, in NYC.
Space Force Commander
For a guy that went from the Dark Side to the Light Side, it’s fitting that Michael Cohen did a Yoda impression.
SMS 2 months ago
I so love what is happening here. The guy that said he was such a great businessman, worth 10 billion dollars, didn't need money from anyone to run his campaign, is now getting the wrath of Karma. Yahooo, to all that hung in there and stood by justice. It's time that these wealthy people pay the piper. Justice Always WINS.
Karlos Lawrence
Karlos Lawrence 2 months ago
He lied
GR Wonder Wonderful
GR Wonder Wonderful 2 months ago
Justice comes but sometimes it could be awfully slow. But it comes!! Karma is something else.
RaymondKym Suttle
RaymondKym Suttle 2 months ago
I wish justice did always win but clearly it doesn’t. Ask all the innocent imprisoned people that the Innocence Projects tries to help.
Ora Lewis
Ora Lewis 2 months ago
For sure you right
Lemonhead 766
Lemonhead 766 2 months ago
"We get all the money we need off Russia". Eric trump
Andrew Dickey
Andrew Dickey 2 months ago
Whatever Trump can declassify by thinking about it, Biden can reclassify by also thinking about it. No doubt, Biden has reclassified documents Trump declassified, if any.
jackie chan
jackie chan 2 months ago
@aeroAdvocate 😆😅🤣😂😳😂😆😅🤣>🤡🤡🤡🤡
jackie chan
jackie chan 2 months ago
I can't believe ANYONE would believe this fool has the authority to do any of this. Besides this is really a case of theft by a crybaby loser that's stamping his feet in the playground sandbox....😂😆😅🤣 Lock him up already!
cliffishot2def 2 months ago
@aeroAdvocate Biden didn't have to pay others to take and pass classes in school like Trump did. The only test Trump took and passed on his own was that cognitive test in which he bragged about passing it not knowing that it was a bad thing to take in the first place. And Trump had the nerve to say that test was HARD. 🤣🤣. LET THAT SINK IN.
cliffishot2def 2 months ago
@Taylor Keane because stupid Trump made a stupid comment about him being able to declassify documents just by thinking about it. Stupidity like that deserves coverage so the world can see who's the idiots.
ProfCheryl 2 months ago
@aeroAdvocate at least Biden is more competent than Trump when it comes to thinking.
Guodzilla Kaiju
Guodzilla Kaiju 2 months ago
"Word Salad with Extra Dressing" LOVE IT!!!
Debra Yeska
Debra Yeska 2 months ago
And the expression on his face when he said it! Nailed it!
Vatican Cameos
Vatican Cameos 2 months ago
Peach of a line...
S N 2 months ago
Cohen’s living his best life. 😂😂😂
Terrence Kane
Terrence Kane 2 months ago
Trump thought Dearie would be just another one of his lackeys like Cannon. Boy he got that wrong.
cliffishot2def 2 months ago
@JaeLo23 and the big kicker is his supporters would start saying it too. "Trump never even asked for a Special Masters". 🤣🤣
Michael Bray
Michael Bray 2 months ago
@DAVID LEAMAN unless someone or something in the very now suggests otherwise. Your explanation is too logical but he will use the “stick test” especially at rallies to see what emotionalises his electorate.
Terrence Kane
Terrence Kane 2 months ago
@nosuchthing8 There is no doubt there are numerous new ketchup stains on the walls at Maralago.
Scarlet Red
Scarlet Red 2 months ago
@Linda Marra He acts like a ten year old spoiled brat who can’t accept orders, defeat or disagreement - I can’t wait to see him on the stand trying to string a rational sentence together
Linda Marra
Linda Marra 2 months ago
He's something, that Trump. Can't wait for all this to end on a neg side for him
Samantha Beasley
Samantha Beasley 2 months ago
Michael is truly enjoying this He gets to see what Trump dealt out Without doing much of anything Other than telling the truth And after what Trump did to him I’m happy for him I hope that Trump gets everything he deserves and times that by forty years I have learned a lot sense Trump has been involved I never would have believed that we had so many people who are not doing well by any means And they have been right in front of my eyes It’s been so hard for so long People must really need something to believe in It’s just sad that they have gone down fast for Trump I hope Michael is doing well I appreciate listening to him
Belly Dancer Em
Belly Dancer Em 2 months ago
Trump threw him under the bus, of course Cohen would be happy that trump is in big trouble
Rebecca Peterson
Rebecca Peterson 2 months ago
My psychopathic sister, when confronted about her most recent, blatant lie, gets angry, red in the face, starts yelling and blaming others, then walks away as if she doesn’t have time for morons who confront her. She yells, “Get over it”, as if YOU are the problem.
first last
first last 2 months ago
@Darrell Edwards 👆 Darrell's either clueless or a psychopath himself.
Darrell Edwards
Darrell Edwards 2 months ago
do I detect some sibling rivalry???😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
James Randal
James Randal 2 months ago
@JaeLo23 always a threat
Argiod Silvertongue
Argiod Silvertongue 2 months ago
Classic Narcissism; the feeling of total entitlement. Since he considers himself to be at least a Demi-God, he will never admit that he is ever to blame for anything. If caught with hand in cookie jar, he'll claim someone else put him up to it. And, if one excuse doesn't work, like a toddler, he'll cycle through all the possible excuses.
JaeLo23 2 months ago
@Stephanie Barrett wow. 3 of the 4 I knew were women
Mike Kelley
Mike Kelley 2 months ago
Except that, Trump is no Jedi, he's Sith. Great Yoda impression Michael Cohen.
gizzy guzzi
gizzy guzzi 2 months ago
Michael Cohen is a convicted felon and is disbarred. I guess you're a Democrat. You support criminals.
Ryan E.Smith
Ryan E.Smith 2 months ago
If the executive branch is NOT the highest authority, but the DOJ FBI ETC… are the highest authority, we are a bureaucratic nation. I’m not in favor of that, I support a constitutional republic. Modern democrats are anything but, and support oligarchs and bureaucrats.
JTrain 2 months ago
He's more of a Jar Jar, like their king in the first movie
LAMONT WATERS 2 months ago
@Paul Manegold Tangerine pulpatine. I see what you did there it even rhymes lol
Paul Manegold
Paul Manegold 2 months ago
The Tangerine Pulpatine lol.
Josephine Lane
Josephine Lane 2 months ago
We can't be mad at Michael, c'mon y'all. He is Free. His confession is playing out, in the Justice system today. And his sense of humor is so intact 😂
JustLee4Now 2 months ago
C C 2 months ago
I love him and respect him for turning his life around and trying to help our country!
Jim McLoughlin
Jim McLoughlin 2 months ago
Friendly old Brit. He became my hero for standing up to Trump and ended up back in jail for refusing to sign an agreement not to write a book about him. The dirt he has on Trump is priceless to the authorities. So much for Trump's treatment of Cohen and his family.
Richard Davy-Smith
Richard Davy-Smith 2 months ago
When Trump said ‘send it to mar a largo or whoever you’re sending it’ does that mean he sent documents to somewhere else too?
Megan Fedor
Megan Fedor 2 months ago
Donald Trump is the world's worst poker player. It's official now.
jamie canney
jamie canney 2 months ago
he almost let slip
graybeard 2 months ago
​@MC YakTowne Trump does not know the meaning of hypothetical, and his mouth runs before his brain, so if he says he sent them to wherever, he sent them there, belive him.
Nameless Jedi
Nameless Jedi 2 months ago
At the very least it means he sent them to Mar-a-Lago. So he just admitted he is guilty.
Jesse Hachey
Jesse Hachey 2 months ago
@M C And a certain grave…at a certain golf course. As if those two ideas fit in the same sentence ha 😳
traildoggy 2 months ago
"Click your heels together three times and say 'The documents are declassified' and you'll be there."
Yourdeadmeat69 2 months ago
Oh God, Cohen just broke the internet with that Yoda impression. Stand down and stand by? Meme a little meme with me...................
Shelia Battle
Shelia Battle 2 months ago
Douglas Reagan
Douglas Reagan 2 months ago
Hes a loser.
Danny 2 months ago
"Numbers don't lie, people do, and Donald Trump lies" Thank you, Michael! Keep bringing down the truth hammer! 🇺🇲
Kelly Reynolds
Kelly Reynolds 2 months ago
Listen to the daily lies by the Democrats and funny how the mainstream media goes along with them. Every investigation has been filled with lies from the DNC, Hillary, FBI, DOJ hiding information etc yet they all somehow have some sort of credibility? Wtf
Diego Garrido Mendoza
Michael Cohen is on fire these weeks.
Jim McLoughlin
Jim McLoughlin 2 months ago
And Trump gave him the energy pod.
Elaine Burnett
Elaine Burnett 2 months ago
Michael is one "Happy Fella"
Carol Hafer
Carol Hafer 2 months ago
" when you send it it is automatically declassified. " what? did he just admit he intentionally took the documents. As far as I understand all government documents classified or not belong to the government. In that they are classified and some at the highest levels just makes it worse. The thing in NY is going to be the knock out punch.
Mary Donohoe
Mary Donohoe 2 months ago
Amazing what being run under the bus, three years and a little jail time have done for Michael. I can’t wait to read his next book!
Celiene O'Hara
Celiene O'Hara 2 months ago
"TO MAR A LAGO, OR WHEREVER YOU ARE SENDING IT..." He SAID IT OUT LOUD! He sent papers elsewhere! Dig up Ivana!!! Raid ALL HIS PROPERTIES!
Sidney Monteiro
Sidney Monteiro 2 months ago
That grave was so obviously a grift for the tax break. But it sure can hide some other skeletons.
A. Plus
A. Plus 2 months ago
"No doubt Judge Dearie will require something a bit more substantial than telepathy." LOL! I almost spit out my drink.
Alice D.
Alice D. 2 months ago
I want to know what happened to the notes that were taken by the interpreter at the infamous "private" meeting between tRump and PUtin where nobody else was allowed except the Russian interpreter. tRump insisted he take possession of those notes. Those also belong to the Archives.
cliff perkin
cliff perkin 2 months ago
Grace Munich
Grace Munich 2 months ago
very good point, Alice DuBose. so much to keep track of in this entire situation with the pathetic Trumpanzee… Really wonder what transpired during this private conversation but I can only imagine….
Lemonhead 766
Lemonhead 766 2 months ago
They can find the Pootin notes in the sewers of DC. I'm sure trump flushed them at the White house.
Martin Olson
Martin Olson 2 months ago
Nelson Club
Nelson Club 2 months ago
Trump "I used my mind to declassify those documents" Obi Wan Kenobi "The farce is strong with this one Luke"
Angeliqua Serenity
Angeliqua Serenity 2 months ago
LOL! 😀😀
Grace Munich
Grace Munich 2 months ago
farce…key word 😊
Ruben Bunyi
Ruben Bunyi 2 months ago
May the FARCE be with you Don Conobe
Konrad Yearwood
Konrad Yearwood 2 months ago
I think the whole issue regarding Trump being able to think things into existence needs further examination. When you consider the evidence that he actually seems to convince himself as to the horse manure he is spreading there may be something there. And you must admit, "I think therefore I scam" has been Trump's mission statement for most of his life.
Jwanie 2 months ago
Is it just coincidence that Michael is mentioning "Jedi mind tricks" on Mark Hamill's birthday? Happy 71st to our Jedi Master!
sweet pea
sweet pea 2 months ago
"Jedi mind trick". He always cracks me up. Revenge must be so sweet for Michael (and better when served cold).
Phil Ricci
Phil Ricci 2 months ago
As long as it fools Trump’s supporters is all the mango maniac seems to be concerned with and it doesn’t take much to do that.
G Beaty
G Beaty 2 months ago
Sad and true
Alrighty Then
Alrighty Then 2 months ago
@Keith Johnson what? whatever dude...
janice mearkle
janice mearkle 2 months ago
Barry Dunn
Barry Dunn 2 months ago
@J Akin One of the most succinct descriptions I've seen. It's still amazing to me what exactly they'll believe. I keep a document containing links to the evidence of what he said/did so that the next time one of his sycophants says "he doesn't lie" or other absurdities, I can send them a link to the proof.
Nilsa Nieves
Nilsa Nieves 2 months ago
Deplorables is such a fitting word.
Ruth Singleton
Ruth Singleton 2 months ago
Lol the funniest line I ever heard : “ I declassified everything 😅😅😅😅”
Ronnie King
Ronnie King 2 months ago
We of The Resistance, are offended by Ex45 pretending to be a Jedi ... he's more like a Sith Lord. Also, great Yoda impression, Michael Cohen.
Mary Smith
Mary Smith 2 months ago
An inept sith lord. Frank Oz , the puppeteer and voice of Yoda would approve.
Sofa King Phat
Sofa King Phat 2 months ago
Just put them on trial for treason and follow through with a sentence.
Mister Sarajevo
Mister Sarajevo 2 months ago
That Yoda impression 😂😂😂😂😂 One of the reasons why it's practically impossible to dislike Michael
Sandra Ullmann
Sandra Ullmann 2 months ago
Why is nobody asking him the question whether there are other documents at his other locations. At least then he is on the record for telling the truth or telling lies if they do other searches, which by the way I think it's probably a good idea based on what we've seen with the empty document folders and the previous lies
W A 2 months ago
Especially at his golf course in Scotland
Vatican Cameos
Vatican Cameos 2 months ago
You seriously think nobody is investigating this?! Just because it isn't made public doesn't mean it's not _happening._ If it weren't for Trump bleating about the Mardy Lardo 'raid', we'd not have known about that either. The FBI and DoJ classically play their cards close to their chest - and for very good reason. Not everything has to be made public - to do so directly undermines many of their processes and methods, which are covert for a reason! Thank goodness though, that the authorities have the RU-vid comments section to comb for 'good ideas' from the muggles; they'd clearly be scratching their heads otherwise...
jamie canney
jamie canney 2 months ago
i assume the feds did
Sarcastic Media
Sarcastic Media 2 months ago
I went to some right wing videos, and they were complaining that they white out the papers on the floor so it’s all fake, like why did they take the photo and cover up some of the documents…😂😂😂😂😂 gm because it’s classified information that’s the whole point.
tkh525 2 months ago
The question trump cult members should be asking is, if this is all fake, why did Donald plead the fifth hundreds of times. According to him only the guilty do that.
Jesse Hachey
Jesse Hachey 2 months ago
@Meh I ask myself the same question often 😳
Meh 2 months ago
I am in awe at their utter lack of comprehension of EVERYTHING. How do they survive from day to day?
Lemonhead 766
Lemonhead 766 2 months ago
That proves it's _not fake_. The FBI always lays out evidence (like drugs or stolen property) so it can be photographed.
LD Freitas
LD Freitas 2 months ago
Don't waste your time. Just remember they only make up 34% of Us the People, and the Rest of Us can take them out, by voting.
gary nixon
gary nixon 2 months ago
Usually when the FBI raid a place they don't let people walk around the area or place they are raiding it's called common sense !!!!!
W Barcliffe
W Barcliffe 2 months ago
Hooray as justice moves forward .
Tina Turley
Tina Turley 2 months ago
I love the hosts of this report - his description of the -" WhaT kind of Word Salad with Xtra dressing was ThaT ??!"... following trump's *telepathy declassification* - - that was GREAT, 3 CHEERS to the host !!!☆☆☆☆☆
Gregory Bacher
Gregory Bacher 2 months ago
"... to Mar-A-Largo, or to *wherever you're sending it.* " hint, hint
Jerry Strange
Jerry Strange 2 months ago
So he openly admits sending those classified documents to not only Mar-A-Largo, but also "other places."
Sandburg Martin
Sandburg Martin 2 months ago
Probably in Saudi Arabian portable bone saw cases.
Kris Modrow
Kris Modrow 2 months ago
Word salad with extra dressing😂😂😂 100% true. I loved that description of the BS coming out of Trump's mouth. Good discussion, thank you.
B L 2 months ago
You can declassify it just by thinking about because you're sending it to Mar-A-Lago, ,,, (OR),,, WHEREVER YOU'RE SENDING IT TO ......WHEREVER YOU'RE SENDING IT TO,,,, WHOEVER YOU'RE SENDING IT TO,,,,,,, WHOEVER YOU'RE SENDING IT TO....... W H O E V E R .......YOU'RE SENDING IT TO ....
Hamlet K Squid
Hamlet K Squid 2 months ago
@B L - I doubt it. Even Trump must know that digging up the grave would be noticed. He's too lazy to go to the effort of hiding something that well, and it must have shaken his world to have people looking through all the things he assumed no one would ever dare to disturb. Ivana's grave is kinda starting to resemble Hunter's laptop. It's a mystery box that you can fill with whatever your imagination can come up with.
B L 2 months ago
@Nanette Snowden I wouldn't put it past him, that the burial plot he put his ex-wife at. She's someplace that has tall bushes all around, and is alone where it can by dug up.
Nanette Snowden
Nanette Snowden 2 months ago
I hope the FBI is preparing to search a few other properties....
Jouni K
Jouni K 2 months ago
I'm sure there's a good reason Saudi Arabia paid $2B to Kushner even after concluding his new investment firm is a bad joke and that it has nothing at all to do with the matter at hand.
Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer 2 months ago
Finally, common sense and normality are coming back to this country. How relieved and good we are feeling.
tony b
tony b 2 months ago
Anytime I see Michael Cohen's name I laugh and think how glad I am that he's getting this big.
natalie harless
natalie harless 2 months ago
My GOD!!!! I LOVE Cohen!!!!!! Agree. Jedi mind trick was classic!!!!!!!👏👍😁😂🤣😭💯❗
James Jansson
James Jansson 2 months ago
Michael Cohen is wondering what they won't let him do on TV at this point and I'm loving it.
JustLee4Now 2 months ago
Ditto James 🤣.
Meh 2 months ago
@Merril R Did he go over your little head? Nothing hard to understand about his sentence.
Vatican Cameos
Vatican Cameos 2 months ago
@Merril R James' sentence is constructed perfectly; how's your comprehension, Merril?! 😂 (I'm also loving it, btw)
Richard Vara
Richard Vara 2 months ago
The force is not with him, no more
Peggy Franzen
Peggy Franzen 2 months ago
You are right.Force= Work.Trump?😀
Ruben Bunyi
Ruben Bunyi 2 months ago
the FARCE was with him all the time.
Polarbearsrus 2 months ago
Fortunately, he's toast!!! One cure, blue tsunami!🌊🌊🌊
Amy Mak
Amy Mak 2 months ago
The force was never with him. That’s was always in his mind. 😅
S.I.L.L.Y 2 months ago
Thanks Michael Cohen for bringing it all to the spotlight 🙏
Jack 2 months ago
To me the real question is why did Deutsche bank and others allow trump to overvalue his properties so wildly and loan money on them? Wouldn’t they use their appraisers and appraisals? Or just Zillow? Of course. So why did they do it? We’re the loans guaranteed by someone else? Someone with an Arabic or Russian accent?
Lady Golfer
Lady Golfer 2 months ago
Laundering money.
graybeard 2 months ago
Douchebank is the laundromat where Russian and Arabic money gets scrubbed.
Phylis 2 months ago
Derek Gonzales
Derek Gonzales 2 months ago
Even if they were declassified, that means they would be publicly available for everyone to see. That's what declassification is.
cliffishot2def 2 months ago
But the documents wasn't suppose to be in his possession in the first place.
Not Expat Joe
Not Expat Joe 2 months ago
A declassified record may still contain information covered by additional restrictions that would require continued withholding of information from disclosure. Declassified records may also contain heavy redaction, making them almost unreadable.
Jennifer wohlfarth
Jennifer wohlfarth 2 months ago
He almost caught him self saying after Margo largo where he sent the rest of top secret documents. That is scary to think who he gave them too.
Philippe Gilson
Philippe Gilson 2 months ago
Hello ! I love the strong investment of Michael Cohen against Mac Donald Drunk. He has been betrayed. But now he is smiling. It's great to see him overcome the treason of witch he was victim and the positive way he deals with it. Phil, Belgium. Peace.
Travis Middleton
Travis Middleton 2 months ago
😂 Michael's Yoda impression was hilarious and everything he said was spot on! Love Michael's podcast it's a great listen
HeartDoc Andrew
HeartDoc Andrew 2 months ago
"'Declassify, We Do' (as) Cohen Says Jedi Mind Tricks Don't Work For Declassification" so let's "Convince It Forward"
keylimedp 2 months ago
Oh do I enjoy watching Michael Cohen, and hearing all his interviews.
Kathleen Polly
Kathleen Polly 2 months ago
This is cheeto’s whole problem: FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS, INSTRUCTIONS, RULES, REGULATIONS ETC! they just don’t apply to me
John Doe
John Doe 2 months ago
Pardon Michael Cohen. He paid his dues and more. 400 hours of testimony. Erase his record and let him be a attorney again.
David Pallin
David Pallin 2 months ago
Sure you can de-classify documents, however you cannot steal them and take them to your residence. Did I miss something here?
Adam Świtlak
Adam Świtlak 2 months ago
Cohen is an example for all people who live in toxic environment. He was able to change his life just by saying the truth. It cost him alot of money and jail time but now he may look in the mirror and the eyes of his children with no shame. Yoda impression was great.
Marlene Morrow
Marlene Morrow 2 months ago
We love you Michael! I laughed so loud at your Jedi impression..I woke my puppy up!!
Shannon Voegele
Shannon Voegele 2 months ago
He must have top security systems in place if anything planned should be able to provide evidence
Manuel Valencia
Manuel Valencia 2 months ago
I'm still cracking up about Cohen's Jedi Knight impression. If I were the interviewer, I would still be laughing.
Renee Minicozzi
Renee Minicozzi 2 months ago
I love Cohen. He makes me laugh every time. Tonight was the best.
55352 Flights
55352 Flights 2 months ago
Hey.....He just said that he sent some Classified documents somewhere else besides Mara-Lago. Where and what price?
Michael Stein
Michael Stein 2 months ago
No matter what you think of Michael Cohen, he gives the best interviews.
Mister Sarajevo
Mister Sarajevo 2 months ago
I remember thinking Michael Cohen seemed like a sleazebag 5-6 years ago, but now... I pretty much love the guy. 😂
Jeff Claterbaugh
Jeff Claterbaugh 2 months ago
He can also send declassified files , things he thought about , where ever he wants or thinks he wants it to go .
Happy2kacgeo 2 months ago
This is so embarrassing to see a high leveled leader of one of the super power country behaving like this. He should have acted properly as all other former presidents did. He really put the United States of America down to lowest level on the globe. Before his presidency America was the super power of the world. I think now is the time for the Americans to rebuild the country back to where it was. It is only a shame to see people supporting what he doing.
610 Hobbies
610 Hobbies 2 months ago
One of my favorite recent Trump -Truths- RedTweets is: _"Why are people so mean?"_ 😭 I bet anything this is the last thing in his mind every night as he desperately tries to sleep after popping a buncha sleeping pills to counter his Adderall daily intake 😂
Zelda Smith
Zelda Smith 2 months ago
Love to have him as my attorney.
kevin cronin
kevin cronin 2 months ago
Bravo Mr Cohen 👏
Douglas Reagan
Douglas Reagan 2 months ago
@💀My True Crime Library💀 Like Lincoln Project, Young Turds, Clinton Global Initiative, George Soros, BLM and ANTIFA.
💀My True Crime Library💀
@Douglas Reagan you mean like Steve Bannon, Rudy Giuliani, Candace Owens, Matt Walsh, Ben Shapiro, Alex Jones?
Kevin Ashiono
Kevin Ashiono 2 months ago
No wonder Trump lied about being on a routine audit, as an excuse for not releasing his taxes.
Mike Kelley
Mike Kelley 2 months ago
@Douglas Reagan too bad you won't get a full refund when you discover he's emptied your entire bank account, down to the last penny.
Aaron Pincus
Aaron Pincus 2 months ago
@Douglas Reagan How Pathetic is must be - believing that Scientists, Scholars, Historians, Economists and Journalists have devoted their entire lives to deceiving you, while a Treasonous Failed Reality TV star with DECADES of FRAUD and exhaustively documented lying is your only beacon of truth and honesty.
Dr. Echo
Dr. Echo 2 months ago
Also: declassification is one FEWER reason to take physical original copies. Because if the documents are actually declassified then by definition they're open to the public for review, duplication, and dissemination.
cliffishot2def 2 months ago
@R Stedler exactly
R Stedler
R Stedler 2 months ago
You just don't get it. It doesn't MATTER if they were classified or not. They were NOT HIS TO TAKE!
W A 2 months ago
You're wrong Dr the next commander in chief can choose to reclassify the same docs that's why they are archived
Not Expat Joe
Not Expat Joe 2 months ago
A declassified record may still contain information covered by additional restrictions that would require continued withholding of information from disclosure. Declassified records may also contain heavy redaction, making them almost unreadable.
Sam Santucci
Sam Santucci 2 months ago
Dr. Echo - Excellent point. Unimpeachable logic. The reason Trump took the documents he did, was because they were stamped with the official government classifications, making them even more valuable for Trump and coincidentally more dangerous to national security at the same time. The longer they weren't under lock and key and secure from unwanted public scrutiny, including from enemies of the United States, the worse it is. Trump loses on every count, anyway you want to look at it. Talk about being a LOSER. Trump may be in fact, the ULTIMATE loser. BIGLY! Arrest the Orange 🍊 Cretin immediately. How much evidence does the DOJ need to make an arrest on the legitimate suspicion that serious crimes have been committed. Let a court of law make the determination whether or not Trump is guilty. In the meantime Trump could be remanded in custody, effectively ending his ability to disseminate his lies and propaganda himself. His propensity to try to delay his hearings would only keep him remanded in custody until his court dates. As they say, what's good for the goose, is good for the gander, Trump. CHECKMATE. Man, I would love to see that happen. Trump needs to be thoroughly humiliated, delegitimized and exposed for the complete fraud that he is. As I said before - ABSOLUTELY NO MERCY FOR THE ORANGE CLOWN.
Carol Hafer
Carol Hafer 2 months ago
Spot on impression Mr. Cohen.
Brightfart2 2 months ago
Isn't incredible how far self delusion can get you if you're rich?
first last
first last 2 months ago
Roy Cohn and his psychopathic daddy taught him 'well'.
Peggy Franzen
Peggy Franzen 2 months ago
Rolling over on debt- isn't new. Every one is Yellen!
Stars Above
Stars Above 2 months ago
In July 2020, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals stated flatly that “declassification, even by the President, must follow established procedures.”
Jim Killough
Jim Killough 2 months ago
"... or where ever you are sending it...", No one is asking the important question. What other places has he sent documents? To whom has he sent such documents and for what purpose? I don't know why more people are not angry about this breach of our highest levels of security. I keep seeing the image in my head of a drawer in his desk with passports and highly classified documents stacked next to them. Sounds like ingredients for a turncoats' boogie bag. One more question not being asked. If the documents are declassified should we not be able to get copies through the freedom of information act? - No? U.S. officials don't know what you are talking about? THAT WOULD MEAN, THEY WERE NEVER DECLASSIFIED!!!
MegaSmk 2 months ago
Nice to see Mr cohen so happy. He deserves it. I think the guy has learnt his lesson.
Sambo J
Sambo J 2 months ago
Trump also corrected himself in his Hannity interview. He said "We ...(pause)... I declassified all of it". I'm a betting man. I'd bet that Trump & at least one other person reviewed every document they took.
first last
first last 2 months ago
Yep. At the very least the bragging rights of the disintegrating puss sack..'Look here! This is what we did to Russia!". I remember his comment about the US not being so innocent. Pretty clear whose side(s) he was on, and it wasn't ours.
Phylis 2 months ago
Love your program (and PBS input.). New battle cry: “prove it.”
Kristan M
Kristan M 2 months ago
Oh I love Michael's impression of Yoda!!! LOLOLOLOLOLLLL!!! I love how Michael Cohen absolutely hates DT....and he should.
Jeff Randall
Jeff Randall 2 months ago
ok, that Yoda impersonation was so funny, I had to replay that about twenty times. Michael Cohen is officially awesome.
quacks2much 2 months ago
Whatever happened to “Frank’s hearings” to determine whether the affidavit in support of the search warrant is based on lies? I don’t like the Frank’s law because it allows police to lie, and the warrant will be upheld if the (now tainted) affidavit’s truthful evidence still shows probable cause after excising the lies in the affidavit. There is a jury instruction that says if a witness lies about one thing, the rest of his or her testimony should be looked at with suspicion, but even that principle is weakened when it comes to search warrant
Sunny 2 months ago
And where exactly DID he send the declassified files that he declassified with his mind and are missing in their folder? 😂 This is the best example of self snitching that I’ve ever heard!!! 😂
Roderick Bradford
Roderick Bradford 2 months ago
“to WHEREVER you're sending it.” Nobody seems to catch that little nugget.
Belly Dancer Em
Belly Dancer Em 2 months ago
Time to get more search warrants
Dan Ozmatlan
Dan Ozmatlan 2 months ago
@anticharlatan and which heads of states have received our classified information? This is why we need to continue with the FBI/ DOJ investigation 👍
Dan Ozmatlan
Dan Ozmatlan 2 months ago
Caught it right from the start! 👍
anticharlatan 2 months ago
They need to search his other properties ASAP.
dineoutdeliveries 2 months ago
Michael is having the time of his life 😂
alex pastor
alex pastor 2 months ago
I'm still waiting for the IRS to do their job!!!! or auditing middle class people is all they can do??!!!!!!!
Louie Marinda Jr.
Louie Marinda Jr. 2 months ago
2:13 - Bruh that Jedi voice is SPOT ON 😂
Stoned Dragon
Stoned Dragon 2 months ago
*I’d like to see the chain of command for all these “declassified” documents he took illegally to Mar-a-Lardo. Let’s talk about that chain of command* 🤦🏻‍♂️
Scarlet Red
Scarlet Red 2 months ago
On top of everything else - Michael Cohen does a great Yoda !
Star Gazer
Star Gazer 2 months ago
Michael Cohen induces me to 🤣🤣 when he talks excitedly and points out when Donald Trump and his enablers have behaved ridiculously.
John Heckscher
John Heckscher 2 months ago
I want to see Cohen do the Jedi Mind tricks again 😁🤣😂
Barbara Moore
Barbara Moore 2 months ago
Prove it, has been my mantra since the election. My hardline Maga friends don't even try to talk politics with me. I simply smile and we talk about the important things. I truly see our Constitution being challenged. The new, restrictive voting laws in Maga nations is sickening, but truly scary. I fear for my adult children in their 50's. Both Republicans. Once an honorable party, this orange monster has destroyed a once viable party. I pray the true Republicans create a group that follows the guidelines of McCain and Goldwater. It may take a new party with a new name. What a shame this man who would be king has hijacked a party that was a worthy opponent because BOTH parties loves America and the Constitution. It scares me.
Sofie Carr
Sofie Carr 2 months ago
Two very revealing books.. fun read Michael, thank you🙏 🇺🇸 💙
Tara Townsend
Tara Townsend 2 months ago
Tfg's argument about declassification reminds me of an old Bugs Bunny cartoon where he and Daffy Duck find themselves in a cave with a treasure-trove of gems which is being guarded by a goon who is after them for breaking into the cave. Bugs trys to throw the goon off by pretending to be a genie who says he'll grant him the wish of giving him the treasure and he proceeds to do a silly dance while babbling rubbish and then proclaims, "It's yours".
V. Lee Walker
V. Lee Walker 2 months ago
Did he, "think" to declassified, before the FBI "planted"? Just wondering 🤔 💭 😳
bkanegson 2 months ago
Why on Earth, with access to the exact same evidence, did Bragg decide to look the other way? How long can he continue to ignore the facts? (Obviously, Cohen has to step lightly around that topic, so understandably he does not poke the hornet's nest.)