I Don't Like the Dentist

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Dec 29, 2019




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ReyesLikesTo PlayMinecraftWhichIsCool
Pulling out teeth I’ve done Dentist pulling out my teeth is done too
When my brother got his wisdom teeth taken out, the dentist was like, "Oh yeah, you probably don't want to look at the reflection of the work we're doing.. It looks disgusting and messed up." And my brother was like, "Oooohh painn"
Amazing BFF’s
Amazing BFF’s 5 hours ago
Ok so for some reason when I lost a baby tooth and my adult teeth were coming in it pushed my k-9 tooth crooked and now it like all weird and it’s bleeding about to come out and well I have a dentist appointment January 12th and I’m scared.I HATE THE DENTIST!(2022 btw)😭🥲🥲
Constaleopard 6 hours ago
omg I have braces on right now, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels like that! TuT
Kaitlyn Boss
Kaitlyn Boss 7 hours ago
Oh god, I have a severe phobia of the dentist. Even thinking about them brings me to the edge of a panic attack. Any procedure that needs to be done *has* to be under sedation. The meds don't work, the gas don't work, I gotta be under. The worst part is that the nearest sedation dentist to me makes me feel like a horrible baby even though he's supposed to specialize in severe dentist phobias. Makes me wanna cry just thinking about it. Jadien, you are so brave. If they told me "Oh, we don't do that here." I woulda walked out. There's a good reason that it's common procedure to sedate those getting wisdom teeth taken out. Even if they don't have a fear of the dentist they knock you out! Fuck man, sorry you had to deal with the valium doing jack.
•| Vipsy Cloud |•
The stomach killed my ears-
Not me just casually pulling out my tooth with my nail 👍
SPAMTON G. SPAMTON 11 hours ago
Jaidens mum: dentist time dear Jaiden: "rips teeth like a madlad" Jaidens Mum: outstanding move The dentist: "visible frustration"
restlessAerolite 11 hours ago
I'm so glad you changed places. The people there obviously didn't listen to you about your preferences over anesthesia for the operation, and while it makes for a good video, that's just not good practice (on top of the invisalign accident). Great video and love your art!
Bibiana Ramirez
Bibiana Ramirez 14 hours ago
precise :3
παναγιωτης ανδριανος
Me too with Purple
Noemi Siatan
Noemi Siatan 15 hours ago
I remember the time where I was just eating candy then my tooth fell out. The first it happened is was when I was traveling, so me and my family was at a small restaurant, before we got to the place or me and my mom was just looking to buy things I found my favourite candy... Frutos. Yes Frutos. For those of you guys who don't know what Frutos is... it's just a really chewy candy, lemon and orange were the best in my opinion. So anyway I was eating the candy before lunch ,I think, and as I was eating the candy I felt something wrong in my mouth and something hard on the candy...so I got the candy out of my mouth, and what do you know my tooth was on it (I honestly didn't care and gave the tooth to my mom and continued with my life... I almost lost my tooth) The second time I lost my tooth due to candy was when I was eating gum, as I put the first piece of gum in my mouth (there were two pieces of gum) My tooth immediately came off and was hanging by a thread, and by that I mean my tooth was still a little stuck on my gums. What happened next was me just crying and trying to get the tooth off but couldn't cuz it "hurt". End result?I had my dad yank it off :) Third time was same as the second but not quite since I wasn't crying just drooling a lot cuz I had my hand in my mouth trying to get my tooth out, which was successful. Sorry this was so long 😌
Snow sugar cookie
Snow sugar cookie 16 hours ago
1:41 when you want your teeth out
Hm Vollbanane
Hm Vollbanane 18 hours ago
There are advantages to being a 2 meter man. I once got that roofy anaesthetic that makes you not remember anything and ended up beating up 2 nurses and the doctor, eventually my father ended up being called into the operation room to help hold berserking me down. I never had a problem convincing my parents to pay the extra for a full knock out anesthesia ever after.
Hard Lee
Hard Lee 18 hours ago
Dang, my dentist knocked me the hell out for my wisdom teeth removal. Idk why they wouldn't for everyone cuz it ended up being the most non-anxiety inducing visit I've had. All I remember from the operation was getting a tiny shot in the arm, counting down from 10 and when I got halfway through 7 everything blacked out. Next thing I know a couple assistants were helping me to my feet saying that the op is done then sent me home with painkillers and I zoned out to 70's/80's rock the rest of the day.
{~C4llM3Blü3~} 19 hours ago
One time, when I was like 6 or something- I had to get alot of teeth pulled for some reason-. And so they let me take my favorite stuffie and movie with me and they put me in a dark quiet room with a Tv in it- maybe like halfway through the movie, the nurse came in and gave me this really gross stuff that was gonna make me fall asleep-... *yea it didn't go well-* I kept watching the movie, and then next thing I know- in still watching the movie, but then the nurse and my mom come into the room like "Okay sweety, Come pick a sticker! It's time to go now!" So I'm confused- nothing had happened- *or so I thought-,* I realized the my whole face was numb and that I could barely move- I was super loopy too- so I tried to get up from the extremely freaking deflated beanbag I was on and what did I do? I almost fell over and hit my head- but my dad caught me and carried me back to the car- and I still have no idea what's going on. It felt like that feeling you get when you're so tired that you literally have no control over your eyes- you try to keep them open but they keep shutting-. I felt like I was on cra- anyways, while in the car, decided to to touch me cheek and so drooling because of how numb my face is, I -attempt- to say: "wFhy isf my mouf sou ~sOft~???" My mom laughed and said that it was because the nurse had numbed my mouth so I wouldn't feel anything while they took my teeth out, anaannnnnd- I didn't believe her. I had convinced myself that *something* was on my cheek- something soft, and I wanted to see what it was. So what do i do as soon as we get home after hours of complaining/crying about being hungry even though I'm not allowed to eat after having so many teeth pulled? *I start picking at my cheek-* I just sit there, on the couch, out of view from my mom, literally seeing shapes and colors, picking at the soft thing that was supposedly glued onto my cheek- maybe like an hour later my mom says that I can finally eat and she comes over to give me a banana and my face/hand is covered in blood and small chunks of skin- my mom started freaking out like 'what the fu- rick- did those nurses give you holly cow-' and I'm just sitting there like 'hEh, thisb bahnanna tasftses like -mango-' anyways, I started crying because she started crying and I don't remember anything else. And that's the long, messy story of why my mom will never let me be put to sleep ever again ✨😄👍✨ Also, don't do drugs kids-
Clint Saputra
Clint Saputra 22 hours ago
June 11 is my b day
Psycho Coward
Psycho Coward 23 hours ago
im so glad i don't have wisdom teeth
BlueTheRival 23 hours ago
Fun fact! I have scars all over the inside of my checks and on my tongue because I can't tell where they are while chewing. I'm missing that little bit of instinct. I can tell you that losing chunks of tongue won't kill you as long as you stop the bleeding. Plus itll mostly grow back.
I’m not afraid of the dentist
Hei Darkfire
Hei Darkfire Day ago
Great... I'm going to a dentist that's going to prescribe me valium at the end of the month to get dentures. Every anxiety filled bone in my body is shaking like a leaf thinking about it. I have a very strong resistance to drugs, so I'm really worried that I'm not gonna get a high enough dose and I'll just be completely anxiety driven the entire time.
Christmas skylar
this is me when i fainted in the ride 5:49
Christmas skylar
this is me when i make jokes 0:28
Christmasninja 310
My brother had an overbite and he also still had a few baby teeth, he got most of them out but the dentist still needed to pull some out.
Bustah-Jam Day ago
For some reason I’m fine with the dentist
KaylaMK Day ago
Suggesting unnecessary procedures for minor problems is the NUMBER ONE RED FLAG for a dentist. If it doesn’t effect your teeth’s health and aesthetically doesn’t bother you than they shouldn’t be trying to push it. When they do suggest a bunch of procedures to fix “minor” problems remember they’re a business and get more money from you if they keep finding something wrong to fix. Good for you for leaving that dentist.
Honestly I just felt like a fish getting a hook out of it's mouth when my top two wisdom teeth were removed
judgemental shoelace snake
Actually when i went to the dentist i was excited for some reason, and guess what They said i was better than the adults :)
Emily H
Emily H Day ago
Luckily I got my wisdom teeth removed before they started causing problems, especially since one of them was growing in sideways. The months leading up to the procedure, I was actually kind of afraid of the idea of being sedated, but after a while it didn’t seem as scary. When the day of the procedure came, they strapped a weird rubber cup over my nose and told me to take deep breaths. This was the laughing gas. After a minute or two my vision was getting noticeably hazy, and my entire body was going limp, but I started to freak out. It felt like my head was full of fog. I was hyperventilating and I was desperately trying to tell the surgeons to at least loosen the cup, but I could barely move my arm, let alone speak. After a few more seconds of that one of the surgeons stuck the iv into my arm and told me that I wouldn’t remember anything past that point. She was right. I woke up with a numb mouth full of gauze. I was way more cognizant than I expected I’d be, and according to my mom all I really did was repeat the same things one or two times because of how sleepy I was. The rest of that day comprised of sleeping off the sedatives and eating nothing but pudding and protein shakes.
Bree W
Bree W Day ago
I remember doing the same thing when I was 7 while my mom was making the appointment I was so scared i just ripped my tooth out.
Nick DePaulo
Nick DePaulo Day ago
Odd that you were awake for having your wisdom teeth removed. I was knocked out when I had mine removed. I was seeing starbursts for a little and next thing I knew, I was in the recovery room. Apparently, they walked me in there, and according to my mother who was with me that day, I was cursing everyone out - but in a funny way, I was told. I didn't feel pain until the anesthetic wore off hours later, and OH MY GOD!
GldnOrbWver 2 days ago
I haven't been to the dentist since I was like 3
Dani Crose
Dani Crose 2 days ago
Me who's never been to the dentist: *can't relate but wants to know what it feels like*
ARgamer 2 days ago
2:18 I thought she said finding scruffy again was
🐾Paw_Print🐾 but it's my alt account
the fact that i got my tooth filled in a few weeks ago (it got chipped) and im watching this rn lol
whittney williams
Aahahahahah eats all the pills breaks everything and passes out(*_*)
ItsAPerfectionist *
I remember one of the last of my baby teeth broke while it was still in my gums so the dentists had to literally pull them out with pliers. I remember i got so scared that i grabbed the ladys hand and shoved it away from my mouth. Its one of the only timea my fight or flight kicked in so bad that i actually got physical with someone. Yes it wasnt anything like a punch or anything, but i dont ever grab people either so i still think it counts
Astro Gamer
Astro Gamer 2 days ago
i loved the dentist when i was a kid once i even asked my mom if i could get an appointment(it worked and i got to skip a day of school)
TaurusOtter08 2 days ago
I know the feeling, I’m terrified of the dentist, mainly because I have terrible teeth and had to get a lot of teeth pulled because for some reason they just don’t seem to ever want to leave my head. But unlike you every time I’ve had laughing gas, so I was fine and barely felt anything, but I have a very bad fear of needles so I was like shaking on my way into the office and was terrified the whole time. But one time when I was sort of little the stuff they use to sedate your mouth dripped into my mouth and now I can sort of taste and feel it any time I see it happening someone else, and it gives me the willies
Ali kamara
Ali kamara 2 days ago
The title is a fact to most people
Lael Simeon Torreda
I loved going to the dentist they made my teeth cold and id get ice cream
Carter Pitbull
Carter Pitbull 2 days ago
Me who just got my last wisdom tooth removed: I will never return to this place
HABIB 2 days ago
I'm child now my THETH IS WIGGLE!!!!!!??
Chipz 2 days ago
K0kiH0pes_ 2 days ago
Baldwin xu
Baldwin xu 2 days ago
I had some of my molars removed and they used 3 needles to numb my mouth and the side of your mouth does feel like it could be edible when you can't feel the pain lol
Marius Særsten Andersen
i go to a speciel dentist...HA get regt
rainBOWSS 3 days ago
7:17 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
J G 3 days ago
I remember when I had my wisdom teeth pulled, despite my fear of needles, it wasn't as bad as I thought It'd be. One thing I was SUPER thankful for was that I was knocked out, for my and the dentists protection, because myself and my family knew I would need to be knocked out to avoid putting the dentist through a wall Mr. Incredible style XD I got hooked up to a Iv, next thing I know I'm hearing chipping sounds (turn out that was the dentist smoothing out the area where my wisdom teeth were) and woke up. I wasn't really loopy though and could walk to the car but they insisted they cart me out on a wheelchair.
Annie Belk
Annie Belk 3 days ago
sorry >w
Annie Belk
Annie Belk 3 days ago
i ment your
Annie Belk
Annie Belk 3 days ago
hi im 8 and i love ypu chanal
CallieBestGirl 3 days ago
I only ever got a tooth that was like, connected to my jawbone removed while I was conscious :p I need an implant in a couple years :|
Emmett Gannett
Emmett Gannett 3 days ago
Did you stick the middle finger at them
jessie 3 days ago
But I was a kid
jessie 3 days ago
I got a shot in my mouth to pull out 1 of my teeth
Umbreon eevee lover 2
Hi Jaiden how are you ? Ok see ya
Amanda Clark
Amanda Clark 3 days ago
6:26 when you skip a step on the stairs
Jacob&Novhrok Va Pearson
Me toooooooooooooooooooooo
Malou Alma
Malou Alma 3 days ago
I love to go to the dentist and I am 12 years old:) and I have a overbite so:
Declan Brown
Declan Brown 3 days ago
I had to get a needle in my mouth
ShovelFighter12 3 days ago
It’s ok, Jaiden, wasn’t excited about my wisdom teeth either. I don’t like going to the dentist. But I choose to, the other option is worse.
Catman 3 days ago
Toxicstall 4 days ago
I was lucky enough to have only one wisdom tooth, and now at 28 it's unlikely to ever emerge from my gum, so says my dentist. Unfortunately I do have to get my first crown next year, so that'll be...fun.
Shining Raven32
Shining Raven32 4 days ago
I went to the dentist once. The dentist was really rude to me the entire time he called me "princess" but in a rude way, and when I got scared and started crying he told me that if I didn't stop he'd send my mom out of the room, (my mom was very pissed off when she heard that) then it turned out I had to get a cavity filled which was fine. They had to put this mask over my nose to make me sleepy so I wouldn't feel any pain, they told my mom they didn't have any at the moment so they'd have to order some, my mom told them not to get any that are made out of rubber because I'm a allergic to latex which is something commonly found in rubber and it gives me horrible rashes. The day come for my opponent everything goes fine they take off the mask. And I had a horrible rash across my entire face. Lo and behold the dentist didn't believe my mom and ordered a rubber mask anyway. We never went back again.
Emily H
Emily H Day ago
Seriously? Why would anyone lie about having an allergy?? Seems like that dentist just wanted to be a dick for no reason.
Rush Tailed
Rush Tailed 4 days ago
this past summer I broke a molar while eating popcorn (surprisingly it like. didnt hurt at all, neither in the process of breaking nor afterward) and truly nothing can properly describe the wild animal fear that went through me when I sat numb mouthed in the chair listening to the drill I was crying and making such strange wounded animal whining that the dentist kept stopping every few minutes to ask if i was in pain ( i wasnt)
the gaming cobra
the gaming cobra 4 days ago
This reminds me of when I got my wisdom teeth removed I was 15 at the time
Bailey Standley
Bailey Standley 4 days ago
me watching this again years later sees pink blood Me: IS THAT A DANGANRONPA REFERENCE :0
Diah's cliuos
Diah's cliuos 4 days ago
Who realised at the end of the credits theres james fan art james did fan art
Anonymous Fellow
Anonymous Fellow 4 days ago
I’ve never had a fear of cleanings…but teeth extraction? Okay. So my brother had a jackass just yank like four baby teeth that weren’t ready to come out…DURING OUR CLEANING APPOINTMENT. So I had my teeth cleaned. He had teeth ripped out. I come out and rejoin my mom and brother and he’s just silently crying with blood on the side of his mouth and his face all swollen. We never went back to that dentist, thankfully. And I’m shocked that my brother doesn’t have any sort of anxiety from that (well…he is admittedly more resilient than I am.) But…I’ve had a flatout Fear of teeth extraction and surgeries in general (that I hadn’t even really thought about before that-I was like 7?) ever since. So much so that I just Deal with my “not wisdom teeth but think they are” teething for years now (and sometimes make my face swell), and completely avoided rescheduling with a hand doc for CTS Release surgeries since I’ve never stopped flaring up -buuut a different neurologist doing a recent EMG is claiming it’s NOT CTS but Arthritis Maybe which…yay…I guess??- So…yeah. Fear of surgical procedures-especially ones where they WON’T knock you out (apparently CTS Release are “semi concious” like THAT’S not horrifying as your HAND(S) are being cut and probed into!!) will legit cause people to avoid seeing the doc
The child who plays games
The mouth pulling is true but it happened it was the worst pain thooo
Cablebone 4 days ago
Jinx Rogue
Jinx Rogue 4 days ago
0:27 made me laugh
Kiyotaka Ishimaru
When I was 10 and 11, within that year, I had 4 or 5 teeth extracted. I hated it so much and I had to have the oxygen mask. I was fully awake, but pretending to be passed out and heard all of the sounds of the dental tools. At least I got a keychain of a shoe.
freak 4 days ago
As a kid I wasn't scared of the dentist but now as I am 14 I'm scared of needles even tho I know it's not dangerous
freak 4 days ago
As a kid I wasn't scared of the dentist but now as I am 14 I'm scared of needles even tho I know it's not dangerous
BabyGamer2006 RBHR
Almost all my teeth refused to come out on their own since the roots were 2x longer than normal. So I had to get all but 3 pulled. (I had to get that needle stabbed into my gums more times than I can count)
Dusk_gaming 4 days ago
Yeah I have gotten a removed yesterday
BertaTV 4 days ago
you had a month to pull them out i had 14 days
Lily 4 days ago
The tongue thing made me lol
Lily 4 days ago
The tongue thing made me lol
Journey 4 days ago
My anxiety always goes up whenever I floss or the dentist goes deep between my teeth ever since that time I was flossing my teeth and the floss got so stuck I had to call for my dad to help get it out and I lost half a tooth That memory always comes to mind whenever I floss or go to the dentist
M.y _me
M.y _me 4 days ago
I just got my wisdom tooth removed today and came back to find this so that was fun.
u cant get rid of me bis👌
Poppy Black
Poppy Black 4 days ago
I had a tooth infection on a bent tooth I have, I had to have a root canal. It hurt like hell but it was a necessary pain. I'd rather have been through one hour of extreme pain than continue living with the infection that wouldn't let me sleep, drink, eat or even talk properly. I still to this day don't hate the dentist.
rulle 4 days ago
I went to the dentist last week and I was so much better than last time and I didint start crying and screaming like always but at the end I noticed I didint get anything. I got upset and l legit asked "can kids my age still get stickers?" and my mom and the dentist laughed (P.S. Im 11 aka im in fifth grade) and the dentist gave me a sticker. I got to pick my own and I stuck it to my phone case, cause I can.
Phyllis Lacy
Phyllis Lacy 4 days ago
It's cool which is the best RU-vid video
Alec Spar
Alec Spar 4 days ago
When I was getting some teeth that hadn’t grown in yet realigned, I wasn’t afraid of the operation, but of the laughing gas. Afterwards, I realized I didn’t need to be afraid of either of those. What I should have been afraid of was the Novacane. I was in SO much pain after the operation only because of the Novacane. What’s even worse is one of the braces they had to put on broke off so I had to go AGAIN, which meant more Novacane. At least that time I knew what to expect.
Alec Spar
Alec Spar 4 days ago
When I was getting some teeth that hadn’t grown in yet realigned, I wasn’t afraid of the operation, but of the laughing gas. Afterwards, I realized I didn’t need to be afraid of either of those. What I should have been afraid of was the Novacane.
Alec Spar
Alec Spar 4 days ago
When I was getting some teeth that hadn’t grown in yet realigned, I wasn’t afraid of the operation, but of the laughing gas. Afterwards, I realized I didn’t need to be afraid of either of those. What I should have been afraid of was the Novacane. I was in SO much pain after the operation only because of the Novacane. What’s even worse is one of the braces they had to put on broke off so I had to go AGAIN, which meant more Novacane. At least that time I knew what to expect.
MrCuby 4 days ago
I'm playing dentist simulation after this
Kawfang Enjoy
Kawfang Enjoy 5 days ago
When i was 5 or 6 me: [scarem really hard] me 9 yaer old: [relax and sleep]
salim ahmed
salim ahmed 5 days ago
I never had to go to the dentist to pull out my broken CAUSE I JUST USE GUM AND GET IT OUT
cuinn leonard
cuinn leonard 5 days ago
Haha lol I don't have eny wisdom teeth never had em never gona get up aut
cuinn leonard
cuinn leonard 5 days ago
*um aut
Oisin McCool
Oisin McCool 5 days ago
Dentists are the worst lieing, stealing bastards in society. GET A SECOND OPINION! If it's different, then KICK OFF!
Alexis Vega
Alexis Vega 5 days ago
when i go to the dentist they don,t put sunglasses on my eyes so i have to close my eyes and they dont turn it of so i have to close them for the whole time and i cried the whole time so it hurts more :[
herculestug6 5 days ago
i got my teeth pulled out recently and i got almost the exact same expirience. they didint even show me what they were going to do
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