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This meditation was designed to help you identify or simply acknowledge stored emotions that may be creating physical tension in the body, causing illness or preventing you from fully moving on from your past and enjoying your today.

When we store emotions, negative feelings in the body through challenges in our daily life, we have to learn to move on, to release these emotions and we do it most of the time. Some emotions stay present in our bodies and it is important to attend to them - identifying and letting go is a simple but quite a significant way to do just that. Do not let the muscular tension become a chronic one, use this guide and live a stress free, healthy life.

Pura Rasa
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Apr 1, 2018




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Comments 298
swedengram 4 years ago
Thank you dear Rasa. Loved the softness of this one. And in the end I imagined all of us sittning in meditation with Rasa, across the world, and us being the universal threads knit together. Beautiful and moving ❤️
Jackie W
Jackie W 3 years ago
What a gorgeous thing to say....connection and feeling safe and supported are so important x
Ann Winifred Parkes.
Wildrose12. I agree Wildrose. 🌹
Ann Winifred Parkes.
swedengram I believe that we all connect also. Similar souls on a different journey, but the same destination. Xo
Wildrose12. 4 years ago
What a beautiful comment! I believe meditators around the world do connect in amazing, quantum ways that add goodness to our planet and societies. You brought a very pretty image. Thanks!
Melissa Mendes
Melissa Mendes 11 months ago
I've been having a ton of anxiety and not much sleep for a couple of days, as I was doing this I felt myself sink into my body, and my muscles started twitching, almost like they're releasing something. Thank you for this, I will definitely be doing it again 💖.
Stella sole
Stella sole Year ago
When I'm having a really bad day I just binge-listen to a bunch of your meditations & feel so much better 💜💜 it just disolves everything 🙏🌹🌹🌹
Cindy Moreno
Cindy Moreno 4 years ago
It's like Christmas when I see a new meditation by you Rasa!! You're amazing!!
Ann Winifred Parkes.
Cynthia Moreno Yes, it is... such a gift! 💐
Kerry Lee
Kerry Lee 2 years ago
I feel I was meant to find this meditation today, it really helped release some painful emotions and I could see my inner child sat in the circle with me, even though I hadn't even thought of her, dhe just appeared and at the end I picked her up and hugged her tight and felt some of my strength come back, as now I realise she needs me, also I've never felt energy so strong before between my hands, I will use this again. Thankyou and yes your voice is angelic ✌and ❤
Sin Red Zone
Sin Red Zone 3 years ago
Tried this meditation for the first time a couple of days ago, very much felt the magnetic energy between the hands and had a couple tears along the way. However, a couple hours later I had an almost uncontrollable crying session that lasted something like 40 minutes. I wanted to stay in the moment so I concentrated on the emotion. I don't think I've ever cried like that in my whole life. Anyways, I did the meditation again today and the exact same scenario played out, although the cry was a like 30 minutes. Is it normal for the release to come later? It felt good in the end though don't get me wrong
Pura Rasa - Guided Meditations
Yes it is normal to release. Release and let go, try not to dwell on it. Focus on it just as on a process, logically. 💛
Sharon Panetta
Sharon Panetta 3 years ago
Thank you very much, I didn’t know where to turn ... I feel hyper sensitive in this world, especially with animals, people I know don’t get me and I don’t know what’s wrong with me. This meditation helped me get it together emotionally from deep sorrow and sadness. You are so beautiful to help others like this.
twilit Year ago
Sensitivity is a gift - we just need to learn how to use it.
Pura Rasa - Guided Meditations
Thank you ❤️
Wildrose12. 4 years ago
Rasa, this is the BEST meditation I have ever done. So many people will benefit from the gentle guidance and images to release what is trapped in their bodies and do the inner work that leads to well-being. Thank you for all your work, especially this one. I’ve been using it daily and I am getting more done and getting my life unstuck from old patterns that I didn’t understand. I will share this with many people. You are truly a blessed teacher with a tender voice and gentle wisdom. Namaste my dear.
Alondra Uribe
Alondra Uribe Year ago
Loved this meditation oh so very much, I reconnected with memories as a child and felt that independence i had and the strength and resilience i never noticed. Thank you so very much for this meditation it has affected me deeply
Paul Maiden
Paul Maiden 4 years ago
Hello Rasa,,it always seems to help ,,your words and voice are Healing,and very powerful ,I seem to immediatley get solace from these meditations,,my bereavement emotions lay heavy on me ,and I cannot always shrug off the memories of finding my poor old Dad .and when i listen to the guidance you bring,it does seem to clear the mind so well,I will never forget my lovely Parents,and need to remember them in peace ,and not in pain,,I Will get there ,and thank you for such excellent vibes,,,Peace LOve and Big Hugs,everytime,xxxLOve Paul.
Amber Chalmers
Amber Chalmers 2 years ago
This was an unbelievable and transformative experience. I am in awe. Thank you for helping me successfully release what I have been carrying for years. I cried like never before and physically felt the pain leave its residence in my body.I feel light and at peace.
Anjali pillai
Anjali pillai 3 years ago
This really worked I was in a middle of lot of heavy emotions finally happily released them
Sharon Hoffer
Sharon Hoffer Year ago
Thank you beautiful Rasa, for yet another amazing meditation. I could feel such strong energy between my hands, like a warm feeling. I was able to release the negative judgements and criticisms I was holding onto, mainly from my father, who has never approved of me, or shown me love and acceptance. I remembered that other people’s opinion of me is not who I am, and I let it all go. I usually feel restless doing such a long meditation, but this one didn’t have that effect on me. I feel calm and happy and send you love and gratitude 🙏🏽😘❤️🌺🦋🌈💚🧘🏽‍♀️
CassleahG 2 years ago
Thank you Rasa, wonderful soul. I connected with my amazing son who left the physical world over two years ago. His little boy self told me that we will see each other again and he left me smiling and waving. Before that I released emotions and feelings of being unworthy of love because my father didn’t want to be part of my life. The energy was so powerful throughout, tears are still flowing from me. Peace and love to you dear soul ✨🙏🏾❤️
Molly Simon
Molly Simon 3 years ago
Thank you so much for this. I listened before bed and really connected with my inner self, the divine within me.. words cannot explain. Astonishing experience.. I felt pretty anxious/scared & emotional at points but I kept reminding myself to stay mindful and that I was safe and protected. Thank you!
Pura Rasa - Guided Meditations
Yes, absolutely, you are safe and protected at all times 🙏🏽❤️
Fair Cloud
Fair Cloud 3 years ago
I was feeling really low and emotional, aspects of myself that I’m not happy with, this helped me release something that was not giving me peace. Thank you 🙏🏼 your voice is wonderful to listen too. I shall keep listening. 🧡
Bellis 2 years ago
I absolutely ADORE your meditations! They are amazing and you are so good at what you do💫 This meditation in particular helped me a lot. Thank you🙏❤
Pura Rasa - Guided Meditations
Thank you 😊🙏🏽 so so glad it helped ♥️
Pontus 3 years ago
Thank you so much for these wonderful 45min of peace to my soul. Im going to start of my day with this guided meditation for 30 days from now and see if i can grow my spiritual me. I have never felt so overpowered by emotions before and this really hit me hard. thank you so much and much blessings.
Pura Rasa - Guided Meditations
Awww I really hope you become free as you want to be! ✨🙌🏽💖
Megan Banda
Megan Banda Year ago
I'm grateful for your guidance! This was a beautiful meditation and I found it in divine timing. Thank you, lots of love peace and joy to you💚🌿
Sanjana Nagar
Sanjana Nagar 2 years ago
This was an enchanting experience. I am more calm and peaceful now. Thank you for this wonderful meditation Rasa.
Brett D
Brett D 2 years ago
Great meditation! I was able to feel 3 separate emotions during this and it felt like I was feeling them fully.
tonandon 4 years ago
Wow this is amazing. You communicate with me so well. Sometimes I felt things just a second before you described them. This one brought me so much understanding. I'm SO grateful Rasa. May your existence be illuminated.
Inna Rebrova
Inna Rebrova Year ago
I've slept almost half of it. Feeling great 😂 Thank you for this meditation, I can't wait to see results after using it regularly (I can't express emotions at all, so it's gonna be a journey)
Pura Rasa - Guided Meditations
You're welcome 🙏🏼 hope you receive all depth and revelations you need 🙏🏼💛💛💛
mike fowler
mike fowler Year ago
Thank you, Rasa, Your meditations are working and helping me with a great deal of processing and spiritual development. I truly appreciate your skills.Much love.
Tia D
Tia D 2 years ago
This was AMAZING! Helped me so much with just experiencing my emotions and not judging them. Thank you so much
Sakshi Jajal
Sakshi Jajal Year ago
The visualisation of the energy ball was crazy. It helped me bring in magic and release pain effortlessly
Kakes Harris
Kakes Harris Year ago
This meditation brought tears to my eyes and leave to my heart. It was wonderful. Thank you.
Natashia Richardson
I felt immediate release and a weight off my body and spirit, towards the end my entire body felt heavy but I felt my spirit rising out up from my body. I don't have a lot of experience with meditation but after this session I will continue to do a daily meditation
Pura Rasa - Guided Meditations
Roz Gati
Roz Gati 2 years ago
I haven't been able to release my emotions 4 months now and I cried during the whole process. I really needed this. thank you.
Pura Rasa - Guided Meditations
Awww sending you a big bear hug ♥️🙌🏽
Steve Irwing
Steve Irwing 2 years ago
Rasa, this was beautiful, thank you so much for this experience. 45 minutes might seem long, but it's totally worth it. It helped me a lot in accepting love.
Nayera Helmy
Nayera Helmy 2 years ago
It really helped me through my emotional turbulence 45 mins passed so smooth Thank you
Frauke.Teaspoon 4 years ago
This healed my acute hay fever allergy. I began lying down with my eyes swollen extremely and sneezing all the time. During the meditation it completely faded. I had lesser symptoms for the rest of the day already! I concentrated on the stored emotions in the following days, allowing them to be. I am completely free of symptoms now. This is one of the first symptom free summers I had, since being a child. Thank you!
Pura Rasa - Guided Meditations
Wonderful! It is you who has tuned yourself into a state of freedom! 💛
The Play Lab
The Play Lab 4 years ago
That was Amazing and powerful and I broke down, but could feel the energy growing and releasing. Wow. I've never had an experience like that. Thank you and infinite blessings. I am sharing.
Pura Rasa - Guided Meditations
Thank you for sharing!
Empress Mary
Empress Mary Year ago
I am loving your guidance as I am able to shift even while meditating, still caring for my newborn and feel the shifts and healing!
Liliya Goemerova
I have a playlist of my favorites of your meditation sessions. Thank you for your work. You make my live so much sweeter and softer... Namaste.
The Boy By The Bay
The Boy By The Bay 3 years ago
what an excellent meditation--loved everything about it. thank you
Fivienty Fivienty
Fivienty Fivienty 4 years ago
Thank you very much Rasa for this video, this was exactly what I needed just now. While my left hand touched my chest and my right hand on my belly, I felt a crazy tingling sensation all over my body. Then my tears came out, just few drops, but I felt so much better. Love most of your videos, they help me a lot 💖
Sinkin Sand
Sinkin Sand 3 years ago
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel whole again. Bless you, your voice and your guidance. 🙏
Pura Rasa - Guided Meditations
Thank you for the comment! 💛
Angelina Roa
Angelina Roa 10 months ago
Thank you so much. This was granted in divine timing, much love.
Bianca Garcia
Bianca Garcia 4 years ago
Rasa, You beautiful being. Thank you for this amazing guided meditation. I feel full of calm and clarity. My body feels light and open. My mind feels free. My spirit feels healed. You are truly a gifted soul. Thank you for sharing your talent and truth with the world. I appreciate you and the transformation you have helped me create for myself. May your life be filled with beauty as you have brought beauty for others ❤️ thank you 🙏 Namaste
Pura Rasa - Guided Meditations
Thank you Bianca! Much love and blessings to you sweet soul 💛
Peaceful Music
Peaceful Music 6 months ago
To everyone who is reading this i hope you’re doing well! Have a great day and dont let anyone take that away from you
Sanjana Nagar
Sanjana Nagar 2 years ago
This was an enchanting experience. I am more calm and peaceful now. Thank you for this wonderful meditation Rasa.
Lina 2 months ago
good vibes, really helped me through unprocessed emotional stuff. i feel human again :)
Pura Rasa - Guided Meditations
Ah! 😍 Sooo wonderful to hear 🙏❤️
Anonymous 3 years ago
I truly believe this meditation is life changing I finished it and just felt a sense of love and peace that I haven’t felt since I was a small child Thank you so much Rasa
Pura Rasa - Guided Meditations
Wow! My pleasure 😇 thanks for this comment 🙏🏽
Lena Levitsky
Lena Levitsky 4 years ago
To my surprise my stored emotion was fear.I wasn’t able to identify it before.This meditation made it clear. Thank you so much for all you do.
Solstice Moon
Solstice Moon 3 years ago
@Autumn It is everyone's stored emotions. Whether it comes up as sadness, anger or guilt, underneath it always originates from fear. Try to see it as a child who is scared of the dark, its not bad or malicious, its just part of you that wants to be understood and loved.
Autumn 3 years ago
Did it become easier to deal with fear with time? This is also my stored emotion and it's a constant struggle
Crystal Conoly
I really felt the ball of energy pulsing and tingling. It was surreal. This was an AMAZING meditation!!!!!
Light Renegade Healing
Thank you. I was able to connect with my parents on the other side and they guided me through releasing the pain caused by them both. We were reunited as one and whole. ✨✨
Joanne Love
Joanne Love 2 years ago
Thank you Rasa . Exactly the meditation I needed 🙏🏼✨
Robert Monds
Robert Monds Year ago
That was wonderful. I will definitely use this method to release ongoing emotions that have outlived their purpose in my body. Thank you Rasa. With much love and light. Pico from Queensland Australia
Nature Mermaid
Nature Mermaid 2 years ago
Thank you for this beautiful meditation. It’s been a blessing to me 🌟💐💖
Pura Rasa - Guided Meditations
You are very very welcome ♥️♥️♥️
Tune in with Ashley
You are so amazing! I had an outter body experience. My whole body felt lighter and all i saw was bright light . I feel refresh and clear. Thank u
Tina Holmes
Tina Holmes 4 years ago
Amazing meditation. Interrupted by a massive and noise bumble bee that was desperately trying to get into my room.I asked if to leave which it did. Not sure what that symbol was l am guessing fear one of my childhood phobias.Thank you so much Rasa l love your collection xx
Jaelin Redford
Jaelin Redford 3 years ago
Nice work, it took the pressure out my belly.
Nietzsches Muse
Nietzsches Muse 4 years ago
Thank you so much this was the release of a certain emotions I needed. I love your voice and meditations.
Valoor 10 months ago
I released so much emotion I literally felt the tension in my body before I started so much to where I had to purge in the middle of it wow thank you this was an interesting meditation that I really need in this moment Thank you
Valoor 10 months ago
I physically dont feel that pain in my body its actually amazing
Rupesh.2k18.ec.191 4 months ago
Thank you so much, you helped me comfort myself and tell myself it’s okay to feel emotions and take off the blockers laid by the part of me that was trying to protect me. Thank you sooo muchhh!!!!
Pura Rasa - Guided Meditations
Yay! Wonderful! ⚡️
czechaboo 3 years ago
thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙏🏻 i cried at the beginning already... beautiful meditation, resonates with me. 🦋
NEDRI Rachida
NEDRI Rachida Year ago
Thank you so much, it was soooo helpful I find lots of difficulties to cry and let go but this helped me so much. I have a question please try to answer me: is it OK to do it everyday ? Either for the same person/event or do we need to space the sessions ? Thanks in advance ❤
Keela Allen
Keela Allen Year ago
Your amazing. I have so much peace and energy when I meditate with you. Thank you so much
hms200 2 years ago
Thank you so much for guiding and assisting me in such a kind, loving and nurturing way. I feel deep, expansive love for and gratitude to you.
Karen Clement
Karen Clement Year ago
Beautiful healing thank you for your gentle words, this will be visited often. Blessings to you
LSM Al-B. 4 years ago
I started keto and I am suffering from insomnia and your the only one who can get me to sleep. May you always be blessed and supported
Samantha 4 years ago
Thank you Rasa, I cried a lot when I hugged my self.. ♥️beautiful meditation ♥️
Pura Rasa - Guided Meditations
Nathan Weir
Nathan Weir 4 years ago
Wow Rasa, you always upload just what need at the right time... can’t wait till tonight to listen... thank you xo.
La Lovely Linda
La Lovely Linda 9 months ago
My cat felt the golden energyball too. She touched my hand with her paw during the meditation. Thank you for the little break. ❤️
yolanda williams
Beautiful and healing! So needed at this time! Thank you so much!🌻💖
Mary Patricia Domhan
This medication has helped me to release sadness and anger. Thank you 🙏
Sirisha Chevvuri
Sirisha Chevvuri 6 months ago
I shredded into tears after the class. I have to thank you for giving me a new world by knowing my worth of inner work. I can't imagine the goodness I felt in myself after the session. It concludes that I wanna follow ur meditation to release my trauma...
Thomas Posch
Thomas Posch 2 years ago
Thank you! Much love and appreciation ❤
Pura Rasa - Guided Meditations
Thank you so much! 💜🙏🏼
Deniz Year ago
This meditation helped me so much today! Thank you!
jasna sedlar
jasna sedlar 3 years ago
Thank you. It looks like this meditation could help me access and deal with traumas that are causing certain health issues that I would like to solve for once and for all. Will keep you posted.
Khushboo Sharma
Khushboo Sharma 2 years ago
jasna sedlar Did you benefit from it? How were the results on your health issues?
Pura Rasa - Guided Meditations
Please do!
Lina Sam
Lina Sam 2 years ago
It is a wonderful meditation! I feel much better now. Thank you so much!
Noemi Maria Magdalena Vaszi
Thank you so much Rasa it was just what We all need this time in our life I'm so grateful for all your workshops ✨💫 I love you so much Rasa You are blessed You are loved Always 🕊
Thank you I felt I was embraced by gentle presence, wish u peace gratitude and all your heart desires
ishnnah 4 years ago
Thank you Rasa.. it is really rewarding journey listening and following your meditation....love love love.
Mélissa Mitchell
Mélissa Mitchell 4 years ago
Rasa this is such a wonderful meditation, many thanks ❤️❤️ Sharing it ❤️
Ayesha Fariz
Ayesha Fariz Year ago
Thank you, I got a breakthrough and found the purpose of my sadness. It's telling me to accept that the person I love does not love me back anymore, and that's why it is so painful.
Pura Rasa - Guided Meditations
Powerful. Hope this experience empowers you and helps you to come back to yourself, your full power and wholeness 🙏🏼💜💜💜
Mattie R.
Mattie R. 23 days ago
Thank you for this - my best friend (over 33years) really hurt me deeply. Our friendship has always been more work for me than it is has for her. Finally I couldn’t take being used anymore. The love is still there, I wish her well but it’s time for move in different directions. Praying for healing ❤️‍🩹!
Ruth V
Ruth V 4 years ago
My God thank you for the opportunity of listening to this Amazing Lady. I didn't think I could do it let alone CRY and I did, is just an amazing feeling I was seeing, visualizing even before you said Rasa, and it made me realize that I also can do this, I felt, I saw the energy stretching between my hands, is an indescribable feeling when I cried than I knew was sadness I'm holding inside me, I will do it everyday now. Thank you😍❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏
Pura Rasa - Guided Meditations
So excited to hear this worked for you Ruth 💛
Chinaraé Pratt Horton
Very powerful meditation. Thank you!🙏🏼
Jim Dexter
Jim Dexter 3 years ago
Thank you...I need to do this until I can feel my emotions clearly again. This greatly calmed me...please let me know if you have a mediation to work on blocked emotions. Sincerely, I thank you for your help...
Sharon Wicks
Sharon Wicks 4 years ago
Beautiful, healing. Thank you. 💜❤️💜
Kim Tatami
Kim Tatami 3 years ago
I love your voice and meditations Rasa. Its so healing
Sara KenKen
Sara KenKen Year ago
Thank you for this meditation! It was great!
Kasper Schouboe
Kasper Schouboe 2 years ago
So I had This sensation of being so relaxed i couldnt tell where my middle body started or ended. It felt scary at first but i commited to it. I have never felt so relaxed and calm. It was unbelievable pleasant. Especially because i sense alot of my muscles being tense for no reason. No doubt i have more sessions to enjoy and Work with my self. Im Guessing there is no harm in listening to the same guided meditation again. Thanks for This.
Magdalena Barajas
Magdalena Barajas 3 years ago
This couldn't have come at a better time. Thank you
Agnes Legierska
Agnes Legierska 4 years ago
Rasa thank you so much. You have really helped me during my recent medical challenge. I am very grateful.
After The Endtimes
After The Endtimes 4 months ago
Thanks for your presence here on earth 🌎 dear Pura Rasa🙏☯️🕉️ been following your channel for years. Love and light to you from Sweden 🤗💚❤️🕯️
Pura Rasa - Guided Meditations
That is so lovely - thank you so much 🙌🥰 Many blessings and love to you 🌷💖
Amirah Farr
Amirah Farr 8 months ago
THANK YOU! I feel like I released almost 30 years of trauma induced stuff…. Wow… i sobbed out what was wrong almost immediately once the energy work started…. Thank you again
Ann Winifred Parkes.
RASA .... What a wonderful surprise to see a new offering from you my darling. This, I shall look forward to listening to this afternoon. I thank you sincerely for these guided with love recordings. 💕 Anyone wishing support for their channel need only reach out and support me. I will be there for each of you. Namaste. ❣
Memento Morgan
Memento Morgan 4 years ago
Love it already. Thank you Rasa 🙏
Ann Winifred Parkes.
Thank you for all the loving work you do Rasa. Your sweet voice and guided 🧘‍♂️ meditation helps me so much during my difficult life. Love from Ann (UK). xx
vicky scheyltjens
vicky scheyltjens 7 months ago
this was very intese,i noticed i had stored anger and sadness and it took a while for i could allow them to surface but it all came out,thank you🙏🏻
JPHB 77 2 years ago
Your words became very personal for me. I haven't wanted to recognize or experience my emotions.. No one has ever been able to break me down like this... thankyou
shawarmageddonit 3 years ago
Very interesting exercise; I felt so much better afterward. Your voice is beautiful and calming. Thank you.
Pura Rasa - Guided Meditations
Thanks so much!
Anne Sibley
Anne Sibley 6 months ago
Thank you so much Rasa, an amazing meditation, love and blessings xx
Gabby Gagner
Gabby Gagner 9 months ago
Thank you so much. Feeling very safe with this release.
JR Year ago
Rasa, I finally listened to this. I wish I had found it and listened earlier. The emotions that surfaced were pain and hurt feelings, then abandonment was hidden under those. Related to years past.. I have had such a great heaviness in my heart and chest. I think I was able to hold it in my hand and then hand it outside the energy sphere as if I was returning a book to a library or store. As much as this pain and heaviness has been suffocating and numbing, I probably have more to release. But yes was such a relief. I thank you so much. I have tears of appreciation of you brimming. You are helping me transmute difficult things and transform. Blessings, love and peace. Jack
Kimberly McCracken
It was BEAUTIFUL and Oh! so effective Rasa - thank you 😘
Pura Rasa - Guided Meditations
So glad Kimberly! ☺️ Thank you for your comment and connection 💜
Hi Rasa, I'm very glad I found your site. This one is beautiful to work with in my selfhealing. Thank you😙💓💚💓
melo bleuet15
melo bleuet15 2 years ago
it took me over 10 minutes before I got into it... i almost stopped the whole thing... until I read comments saying that it helped them, then I decided that's all i have to do, give it a shot. So it helped :)