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This meditation was designed to help you identify or simply acknowledge stored emotions that may be creating physical tension in the body, causing illness or preventing you from fully moving on from your past and enjoying your today.

When we store emotions, negative feelings in the body through challenges in our daily life, we have to learn to move on, to release these emotions and we do it most of the time. Some emotions stay present in our bodies and it is important to attend to them - identifying and letting go is a simple but quite a significant way to do just that. Do not let the muscular tension become a chronic one, use this guide and live a stress free, healthy life.

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Apr 1, 2018




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Comments 281
swedengram 3 years ago
Thank you dear Rasa. Loved the softness of this one. And in the end I imagined all of us sittning in meditation with Rasa, across the world, and us being the universal threads knit together. Beautiful and moving ❤️
Melissa Mendes
I've been having a ton of anxiety and not much sleep for a couple of days, as I was doing this I felt myself sink into my body, and my muscles started twitching, almost like they're releasing something. Thank you for this, I will definitely be doing it again 💖.
Amber Chalmers
Amber Chalmers 2 years ago
This was an unbelievable and transformative experience. I am in awe. Thank you for helping me successfully release what I have been carrying for years. I cried like never before and physically felt the pain leave its residence in my body.I feel light and at peace.
Cindy Moreno
Cindy Moreno 3 years ago
It's like Christmas when I see a new meditation by you Rasa!! You're amazing!!
Cassy Goring
Cassy Goring 2 years ago
Thank you Rasa, wonderful soul. I connected with my amazing son who left the physical world over two years ago. His little boy self told me that we will see each other again and he left me smiling and waving. Before that I released emotions and feelings of being unworthy of love because my father didn’t want to be part of my life. The energy was so powerful throughout, tears are still flowing from me. Peace and love to you dear soul ✨🙏🏾❤️
Sharon Panetta
Sharon Panetta 2 years ago
Thank you very much, I didn’t know where to turn ... I feel hyper sensitive in this world, especially with animals, people I know don’t get me and I don’t know what’s wrong with me. This meditation helped me get it together emotionally from deep sorrow and sadness. You are so beautiful to help others like this.
Kerry Lee
Kerry Lee Year ago
I feel I was meant to find this meditation today, it really helped release some painful emotions and I could see my inner child sat in the circle with me, even though I hadn't even thought of her, dhe just appeared and at the end I picked her up and hugged her tight and felt some of my strength come back, as now I realise she needs me, also I've never felt energy so strong before between my hands, I will use this again. Thankyou and yes your voice is angelic ✌and ❤
Sin Red Zone
Sin Red Zone 3 years ago
Tried this meditation for the first time a couple of days ago, very much felt the magnetic energy between the hands and had a couple tears along the way. However, a couple hours later I had an almost uncontrollable crying session that lasted something like 40 minutes. I wanted to stay in the moment so I concentrated on the emotion. I don't think I've ever cried like that in my whole life. Anyways, I did the meditation again today and the exact same scenario played out, although the cry was a like 30 minutes. Is it normal for the release to come later? It felt good in the end though don't get me wrong
Pontus 3 years ago
Thank you so much for these wonderful 45min of peace to my soul. Im going to start of my day with this guided meditation for 30 days from now and see if i can grow my spiritual me. I have never felt so overpowered by emotions before and this really hit me hard. thank you so much and much blessings.
Molly Simon
Molly Simon 3 years ago
Thank you so much for this. I listened before bed and really connected with my inner self, the divine within me.. words cannot explain. Astonishing experience.. I felt pretty anxious/scared & emotional at points but I kept reminding myself to stay mindful and that I was safe and protected. Thank you! <3
Stella sole
When I'm having a really bad day I just binge-listen to a bunch of your meditations & feel so much better 💜💜 it just disolves everything 🙏🌹🌹🌹
Wildrose12. 3 years ago
Rasa, this is the BEST meditation I have ever done. So many people will benefit from the gentle guidance and images to release what is trapped in their bodies and do the inner work that leads to well-being. Thank you for all your work, especially this one. I’ve been using it daily and I am getting more done and getting my life unstuck from old patterns that I didn’t understand. I will share this with many people. You are truly a blessed teacher with a tender voice and gentle wisdom. Namaste my dear.
Thank you, this was exactly what I needed.
Alondra Uribe
Loved this meditation oh so very much, I reconnected with memories as a child and felt that independence i had and the strength and resilience i never noticed. Thank you so very much for this meditation it has affected me deeply <3
Fair Cloud
Fair Cloud 2 years ago
I was feeling really low and emotional, aspects of myself that I’m not happy with, this helped me release something that was not giving me peace. Thank you 🙏🏼 your voice is wonderful to listen too.
Paul Maiden
Paul Maiden 3 years ago
Hello Rasa,,it always seems to help ,,your words and voice are Healing,and very powerful ,I seem to immediatley get solace from these meditations,,my bereavement emotions lay heavy on me ,and I cannot always shrug off the memories of finding my poor old Dad .and when i listen to the guidance you bring,it does seem to clear the mind so well,I will never forget my lovely Parents,and need to remember them in peace ,and not in pain,,I Will get there ,and thank you for such excellent vibes,,,Peace LOve and Big Hugs,everytime,xxxLOve Paul.
Anjali pillai
Anjali pillai 2 years ago
This really worked I was in a middle of lot of heavy emotions finally happily released them
Sanjana Nagar
Sanjana Nagar Year ago
This was an enchanting experience. I am more calm and peaceful now. Thank you for this wonderful meditation Rasa.
Brett D
Brett D Year ago
Great meditation! I was able to feel 3 separate emotions during this and it felt like I was feeling them fully.
Megan Banda
Megan Banda Year ago
I'm grateful for your guidance! This was a beautiful meditation and I found it in divine timing. Thank you, lots of love peace and joy to you💚🌿