Suns fans react to Game 7 loss

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The Phoenix Suns' playoff run came to an end Sunday night at Footprint Center.

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May 14, 2022




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Rayborn Whites
Rayborn Whites Month ago
Just here to fill my water bottle with the tears of Phoenix suns fans.
TheHispanicShrk 4 days ago
Side Wayz
Side Wayz 6 days ago
Y’all still lost to the dubs
@Reign Man lmfao 🤣🤣🤣
Jace Month ago
We got whooped by warriors tho.... I knew Mavs terrible transition speed would be their biggest fault
Andres Montoya
Andres Montoya Month ago
That man said booker talked trash and luka responded, “I guess that’s the Luka Special” 🤣🤣🤣
thanks, i cant watch videos, i can only read comments, im glad u let me know that he said that
Erziven 25 days ago
he looks like wil wheaton how to unsee
Sehlor Dhorr
Sehlor Dhorr Month ago
That was David Robinson!
simpsalad Month ago
Well I mean.. yeah.. we know?
Simon Month ago
Probably the most pathetic effort ever by a team in a do or die game in nba history.
Boundless deity
Boundless deity Month ago
@I have no common sense But rockets blew a lead in a game 7 but James harden didn’t go missing lol he threw 32/6/6 gordan had 20 6/3 and capela had 20 And 9 the starters showed up but the roster was decimated with all those injuries they couldn’t go anywhere .
I have no common sense But
Worse than the 2018 Rockets
erik3423 Month ago
@Kibaba lefobaki The Mavs played phenomenal. That being said the entire team quit after the second quarter, you can't tell me Chris Paul and Ayton walking back to the other end of the court or not even trying to cover anyone didn't have any effect with how badly this got out of hand. Ayton literally got benched in the second due to his lack of effort.
Trippinator Machine
@Kibaba lefobaki I’m definitely not discrediting the Mavs. They played phenomenal and definitely did play great defense but all I’m saying is that a 64 win team going out like that is overall pathetic. They were missing lots of point blank shots that they make most of the time, they just wouldn’t fall but hey it happens to the best of us
Calvin Chambers
Calvin Chambers Month ago
There is an old saying about how if you lose a Game 7 at the last second, and you know in your heart it's a game you should have won, it hurts the most. That is a lie. Being completely devastated and humiliated in your own gym is the worst feeling ever.
Shannon Johnson
Shannon Johnson 23 days ago
@Calvin Chambers ok that's cool
Calvin Chambers
Calvin Chambers 23 days ago
@Shannon Johnson Hi. I don't really want to identify myself any more on a public RU-vid board. I will say that I attended a prestigious undergraduate school that was division 1, but I sat on the bench and kept it nice and warm for the players who played when the game was close!
Shannon Johnson
Shannon Johnson 23 days ago
@Calvin Chambers what school did you play for
Breadstick 444
Breadstick 444 28 days ago
No first one is worse knowing how close you came. If its a blowout you know you not winning from the start
Knicks will be 2026 NBA Champs
I'm a Knicks fan. I watched them lose a Game 7 at home on a missed Ewing finger roll. I still haven't gotten over that.
Martin Espinosa
Martin Espinosa Month ago
Honesty from a fan. Thats rare. Booker talked trash and Luka delivered. Well said my guy. Lets go mavs 💪🏽💪🏽
My Weird Second Channel With A Pretty Long Name
@SweetBobaT are you comparing the suns to the warriors? 🤣🤣 delusional.
Russell Westbrook yelling at women and children
@Kevin Durant Champion that's crazy
SweetBobaT Month ago
@Kevin Durant Champion they also said suns would beat mavs in 4 and win wcf .....
Los One {5DUB}
Los One {5DUB} Month ago
Warriors in 5!!!
RV Month ago
1:17 This guy should be a primary example of what a fan should be, he definitely knew what he is talking about. Even threw D Book under the bus. Commended.
Dominic Dumo
Dominic Dumo Month ago
I love Dbook and I was even getting mad at Booker. When he was seen at one of the kardashian’s wedding I said “Man go back to the gym and start training🤦🏻 after that terrible game 7 performance.” You can’t talk if you can’t back it up no matter who started it. I went to the game in person and I was so disappointed but I still know we had a good season and we just had an off night. We need more fans like this guy (cool, calm, and not babying our players because we’re bias.
dilik mli
dilik mli Month ago
that man said chris paul aged 10 years overnight. - 🤣🤣🤣no lies tho.
INDI Month ago
Even their own fans know it's over, the embarrassment in their eyes bro 😭 I love it
Zachary Yamashita
@ّ Along with NHL, but then again, neither do my sharks.
Yashiro Month ago
@Daniel Munoz welp this aged well
Deonte Swing
Deonte Swing Month ago
@T85 Restored 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
T85 Restored
T85 Restored Month ago
@dboy M26 I bet I can princess...keep crying...
Robert Gray
Robert Gray Month ago
It was sad as hell, worst loss at home in a playoff series game 7 in nba history.
Cagon415 Month ago
@jacob wheeler speaking of selective memory: green was suspended for game 5, and bogut was injured for the rest of the series. In spite of all of that, the cavs won in the final seconds of game 7. They didn't lose by 30+ to a team they had no business losing too. Are you done cherry picking, or would you like to go again lol.
DER Month ago
@jacob wheeler obviously you misunderstood me, I meant Boguts injury was one of the reasons it effected the Warriors loosing that series along with the fact Curry choked or did not show up having no direct connection to Boguts injury. Hope that as clear as day so I don't have to explain that again. No team having the best regular season record without a championship should ever be considered the best team in history I don't care what anyone says. You can't give that title to a team without the top prize in the game that every team fights for every year. The Warriors had the best regular season record in history yes, but without a championship it means nothing.
jacob wheeler
jacob wheeler Month ago
@My Weird Second Channel With A Pretty Long Name how is that the biggest upset in nba history?????????????????????? Wtf are you talking about the warriors had 73 wins and the cavs had 57 by your logic shouldn’t that be the bigger upset your logic is horrible so onesided delusional fans
jacob wheeler
jacob wheeler Month ago
@My Weird Second Channel With A Pretty Long Name I would hope they were 3-1 against a team so bad lebron vs everyone i would argue they won 2015 off luck meaning there only rings are kd led
jacob wheeler
jacob wheeler Month ago
@DER what are you talking about at the time of there run they were considered the greatest team of alltime and really bogut is your excuse for curry playing horrible
Julian Sutare
Julian Sutare Month ago
“Age/d 10 years overnight” LMAOOO
@Mike Jones robert horry is better than tony parker, he has 7 chips
Aaron Jaffe
Aaron Jaffe Month ago
@Kevin Conroy He had a top 10 center of all time on his first championship team too, who was the same age then as Chris Paul is now.
Kevin Conroy
Kevin Conroy Month ago
@Mike Jones CP would have 6 if he played his whole career with TD, Manu and then Kawhi lol
No Genshin No Life
I had a feeling that Suns were gonna lose when it series tied at 6th game. But that blowout loss? I m speechless.
Deonte Swing
Deonte Swing 14 days ago
Luis Ibanez
Luis Ibanez Month ago
@Deonte Swing 🤣
Deonte Swing
Deonte Swing Month ago
Deonte Swing
Deonte Swing Month ago
@Luis Ibanez Where you at ?🤣.....Warriors goin to the NBA finals😁
Deonte Swing
Deonte Swing Month ago
@ّ Hurry up😁
Muffs 55mercury
Muffs 55mercury Month ago
The Suns COLLAPSED yet AGAIN !! This has been a thing with them since they got good in the 1970s & 80s. As a former Phoenix resident I feel awful for people who've waited 54 years for a title that were let down again. To lose by 33 POINTS on your home court is just unspeakable.
Have A Nice Day
Have A Nice Day Month ago
Sir Charles getting slammed down to the Ground during finals ........back to that gotta start somewhere
Kurt Angle in '06
@Deonte Swing go Orlando magic !
Deonte Swing
Deonte Swing Month ago
Mark Month ago
That was one of the worst game 7 in NBA history.
Raditya Poerwanto
Raditya Poerwanto 13 days ago
Not for Mavs Fans. That was the greatest
Ian-Devon Lewis
Ian-Devon Lewis Month ago
@My Weird Second Channel With A Pretty Long Name oh ok. Let's me... just... switch Vikings with Timberwolves. There we go lol
My Weird Second Channel With A Pretty Long Name
@Ian-Devon Lewis “NBA history.”
Ian-Devon Lewis
Ian-Devon Lewis Month ago
I'm a Vikings fan. I've seen a kicker miss a 27yd kick that resulted in a Conf loss. The only kick he missed all year. Then there was Gary Anderson...
Pasta Chocolate
Pasta Chocolate Month ago
I've seen worst
SuperPunch76 Month ago
The Suns window was last season and this one. The Western conference is only getting better and like the guy said Chris Paul aged about 10 years overnight.
Joshua Vertrees
Joshua Vertrees Month ago
Every season I hear this the East is only getting better the West is only getting better, every season both conferences are getting better.
jeb eazy
jeb eazy Month ago
Ive been saying this always just imagine the pels have zion throughout their series. Suns having a hardtime closing out the pels which ended up in 6. If pels have zion, it would be the other way around.
Z Month ago
@Julian Searcie true but they have a star player in dame and Murray maybe they can attract or convince someone to come but my point is it’ll be more competitive, personally I don’t think this suns team will fall off a cliff like everyone says they’ll still be good maybe a 4th-5th seed but their weaknesses were exposed to the whole world come playoffs they gotta be better.
Julian Searcie
Julian Searcie Month ago
​​@Chris King that may be true but if memory serves phoenix wasn't shite until cp3 was added I'm I wrong ?
Julian Searcie
Julian Searcie Month ago
​@Chris King sour grapes sour grapes .drink your salty wine
Landon Turner
Landon Turner Month ago
“He aged like 10 years overnight” 😂😂
ThePlasticBowl Month ago
“We’re a little sad…” “We’re very sad.” 😂😭😂😭
dilik mli
dilik mli Month ago
plenty of parking.
Douglas Pinsak
Douglas Pinsak Month ago
I’ve been calling the Suns “fool’s gold” this whole season and they proved me right, but I will admit that I did expect this game to be closer.
Deonte Swing
Deonte Swing Month ago
Deonte Swing
Deonte Swing Month ago
Pasta Chocolate
Pasta Chocolate Month ago
So many people picked them to advanced to the finals. I mean they did reach the finals recently though. I give them props for doing that at least.
Deonte Swing
Deonte Swing Month ago
Piece Month ago
@Deonte Swing . I agree. Chris Paul needs to retire. He been in the NBA for 17 years. Lol!🤣😂😆
dilik mli
dilik mli Month ago
I’ve been calling the Suns “fool’s gold” this whole season and they proved me right, but I will admit that I did expect this game to be closer.
Bulldogs Month ago
Direct copied comment
DUB Month ago
Suns know it’s over. They will not be back to the finals for a long time most likely. Shocking. Poor coach. All that money on tickets to see them play like that. Insane
Sontho 26 days ago
@Boundless deity James harden and lebron are not comparable because they have 2 different styles and both have been playing in the league nearly side by side. Booker and Kobe are from 2 different generations, and Kobe was a mentor. Booker has a style similar to Kobe.
Boundless deity
Boundless deity 26 days ago
@Sontho ofc he did but does that mean their comparable no . I’m pretty sure James harden had bad games like Lebron does that mean their comparable no?
Sontho 26 days ago
@Boundless deity And no way you're ignoring that Kobe has had games like booker's. Because you couldn't even argue against game 5 of the pacers series, you just straight up ignored it.
Boundless deity
Boundless deity 26 days ago
@Sonthono way your comparing booker to Kobe bro Booker has only one final appearance Kobe scored 36 in a finals game in a win booker can score 70 points and lose by roughly 10 lol
Sontho 26 days ago
@Boundless deity I could've mentioned game 5 of the pacers in where he went 8/20, but he had prime Shaq so they won.
A Bird
A Bird Month ago
The arena by halftime looked like the Suns arena 5 years ago with the stale popcorn, hard hotdog buns, stale sodas, stale beer, hard as a rock pretzel, cold cheeze nachos and plenty of parking.
Zachary Yamashita
At A Bird 🤢👍
Jay C
Jay C Month ago
....but there's plenty of parking.
Pasta Chocolate
Pasta Chocolate Month ago
then all them bandwagon fans appeared from them gofer holes
Trippy Month ago
Lmao. Is this the same person who said the nachos were good and there was no parking
Demon King
Demon King Month ago
Dirty seats
Lynda Steitz
Lynda Steitz Month ago
I just want to thank the sun's for a wonderful year. They work so hard and work so well together. They lifted our Spirits during all this turmoil in our country. I'm sorry they lost this way, but I'll always be a Sons fan. They've been so fun to watch!
alexpakha Month ago
“Turmoil in our country” oh my some of you people need to wake up.
Ayi Donno
Ayi Donno Month ago
They're are overrated
zEd Month ago
that man said chris paul aged 10 years overnight. - 🤣🤣🤣no lies tho.
Marco Month ago
Losing in his birthday definitely deflated him up to game 7
Chef Chris Smith
AC FOR SALE Month ago
And that guy's name is david robinson lol
Wehausen PHX
Wehausen PHX Month ago
Devastating and embarrassing for the team to have experienced this,there's more to it than bad shooting and poor mental focus,Robert Sarver doomed us period!
alexes lugo
alexes lugo Month ago
Hats off to the Mavs they simply wanted it more ! 🤷‍♂️- Suns Fan by the way 🟠🟣
No Copyright Music
Devin Book this L suns fans. Historically embarrassing loss, couldn't have happened to a better team.
M G 23 days ago
@T85 Restored lol kings suck but they were robbed in 2002...the two arent mutually exclusive
T85 Restored
T85 Restored Month ago
@Zachary Yamashita Yeah they're a disgrace as well...You do have those Kings fans that I never came across outside the internet still crying about the past saying in 2002 we were robbed bla bla bla...I do love their tears...
Zachary Yamashita
@T85 Restored But the Sacramento Kings are the number 1 disgraceful franchise in the entire NBA. The endless rebuild. As a warriors fan, Mike Brown isn’t gonna help that franchise, and in a year or two, they’ll fire him.
Deonte Swing
Deonte Swing Month ago
@T85 Restored Exactly ,just sad 😭😂
T85 Restored
T85 Restored Month ago
@Deonte Swing Phoenix Suns are an absolute disgrace of a franchise...how do you not win 1 championship in the Barkley era...what a joke...
DevilHaksam Month ago
"Chris paul ages like 10 years in a night" LMFAO 🤣
DatCanadian Month ago
maybe that explains why he forgot that you have to shoot the basketball to win 😆
Adam Aizenberg
Adam Aizenberg Month ago
Hardest Paul looked this entire series was when he was trying to flex on a teen, other than that probably the worst game 7 performance of all time. Good job Suns!
Minh Month ago
I’m not even a suns fan but this broke my heart how they just gave up.
saltydog 24 days ago
@James Doran celtics better
James Doran
James Doran Month ago
Why aren't you a Suns fan
Rory H
Rory H Month ago
Loss 😂 that’s not the right word, it was a beating
CJ Month ago
I'm not a Suns fan but that gotta be heartbreaking to lose like that at home in game 7...had a record season for wins too what a wasted season.
a bendana
a bendana Month ago
As a Mavs fan, I know that pain, 2007 67 wins to get humiliated by the “We believe” warriors. We were title favorites, could beat everybody in the league, even the eventual champion Spurs, but not the stupid warriors. Lol
[RRG] HaveHeartHC
Everyone wants to act tough when they are up. lmao!
John Lee
John Lee Month ago
We weren't the suns@Il Rosso
Il Rosso
Il Rosso Month ago
@Los One {5DUB} yeah, just like Suns in 4😂
Los One {5DUB}
Los One {5DUB} Month ago
Warriors in 5!!!!😂
Amanze Aharanwa
Amanze Aharanwa Month ago
I need this on a shirt
DK Month ago
😆 foreal
couu alis
couu alis Month ago
I’ve been calling the Suns “fool’s gold” this whole season and they proved me right, but I will admit that I did expect this game to be closer.
Martin Morales
Martin Morales Month ago
With Ayton's contract up (and potentially disgruntled) , Chris "No Show" Paul potentially hitting the age barrier this season and potential free agency challenges can the Suns possibly have seen their little run in the sun over?
DemiGod Status
DemiGod Status Month ago
Pride always comes before the fall.
DemiGod Status
DemiGod Status Month ago
@Seek Him with all your heart and you will find Him bro I can't read.
Seek Him with all your heart and you will find Him
“To humans belong the plans of the heart, but from the Lord comes the proper answer of the tongue. All a person’s ways seem pure to them, but motives are weighed by the Lord. Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans. The Lord works out everything to its proper end- even the wicked for a day of disaster. The Lord detests all the proud of heart. Be sure of this: They will not go unpunished. Through love and faithfulness sin is atoned for; through the fear of the Lord evil is avoided. When the Lord takes pleasure in anyone’s way, he causes their enemies to make peace with them. Better a little with righteousness than much gain with injustice. In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps. The lips of a king speak as an oracle, and his mouth does not betray justice. Honest scales and balances belong to the Lord; all the weights in the bag are of his making. Kings detest wrongdoing, for a throne is established through righteousness. Kings take pleasure in honest lips; they value the one who speaks what is right. A king’s wrath is a messenger of death, but the wise will appease it. When a king’s face brightens, it means life; his favor is like a rain cloud in spring. How much better to get wisdom than gold, to get insight rather than silver! The highway of the upright avoids evil; those who guard their ways preserve their lives. Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. Better to be lowly in spirit along with the oppressed than to share plunder with the proud. Whoever gives heed to instruction prospers, and blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord. The wise in heart are called discerning, and gracious words promote instruction. Prudence is a fountain of life to the prudent, but folly brings punishment to fools. The hearts of the wise make their mouths prudent, and their lips promote instruction. Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones. There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death. The appetite of laborers works for them; their hunger drives them on. A scoundrel plots evil, and on their lips it is like a scorching fire. A perverse person stirs up conflict, and a gossip separates close friends. A violent person entices their neighbor and leads them down a path that is not good. Whoever winks with their eye is plotting perversity; whoever purses their lips is bent on evil. Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained in the way of righteousness. Better a patient person than a warrior, one with self-control than one who takes a city. The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the Lord.” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭16:1-33‬ ‭NIV‬‬
DemiGod Status
DemiGod Status Month ago
@Presidential Kingdom nah fam. I stopped watching them in the 2010s. I'm too sad for mercy 😭
Presidential Kingdom
The suns have failed enough in the 2010s lol have you no mercy?
Jen Logan
Jen Logan Month ago
Hey there is one good thing about Arizona sports teams, they never fail on disappointing. Take solace that we are at least champs in that endeavor.
dakine575756 28 days ago
They still have a good way to go to catch San Diego.
Riana Lobato
Riana Lobato Month ago
@Michael Wright Must be 🤣🤣
Michael Wright
Michael Wright Month ago
I hate to say this. But you are SPOT ON Jen. Thats why I refuse to get my hopes up real high for either of our 3 pro Sports teams. Must be the heat or something.
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Month ago
Even their own fans know it's over, the embarrassment in their eyes bro 😭 I love it
Audience 72
Audience 72 Month ago
I know the heartbreak. I live in The Bay & I watched the 73 win Warriors lost 3-1 in The Finals. It was a series I won't forget.
RAZER X5 5 days ago
​@sf sweet cry
Zachary Yamashita
@Deonte Swing Wonder when my Sharks will win their first Stanley Cup.
Zachary Yamashita
@DOJAx707 Unfortunately other team fans will never let us hear the end of the 3-1 blown finals lead 😤.
ace20016 Month ago
@sf sweet Sounds like someone still salty their team couldn’t make history. -Orlando Magic fan
Audience 72
Audience 72 Month ago
@Julienne Garcia getting KD was like putting in the cheat code to win the game. It was cool, but not as meaningful.
John Vanderlip
John Vanderlip Month ago
I'm at a loss for words! Horrible way for such a magical season to end! But the playoffs are a different animal. Playing the same team, making adjustments game to game, being out-coached, injuries, etc.
Scotty m
Scotty m Month ago
@CJ maybe burned themselves out like my mavs did in 07 trying to get the best record only to be exhausted and lose to the 8 seed warriors.
CJ Month ago
Lol wasted season all those wins just to choke in the playoffs yet again
The Master Magicians
Magical season? Chasing 65 regular season wins ended their season early 🤣
I like turtles
I like turtles Month ago
Lmao bucks actually have a excuse for getting crushed but y’all don’t
Scotty m
Scotty m Month ago
Lol @ injuries. They were at full strength.
chongy meister
chongy meister Month ago
Chris Paul scored only 1 point in the first 3 quarters of a Game 7 Western conference semi finals Elimination match
Hugo N
Hugo N Month ago
Damn, that bad?
Pac Month ago
Deonte Swing
Deonte Swing Month ago
🤭🤣🤭🤣🤭🤣 WTF
Kensai Month ago
It's the phx suns, we've always been able to grab defeat from the Jaws of victory
Scotty m
Scotty m Month ago
There was never a victory to grab lol. This was over at halftime. Phoenix fans were talking sweep before this series started.
Deonte Swing
Deonte Swing Month ago
It's the Sun's way😂... 54 YEARS with no Ring
thechurchofevil Month ago
I'm sure Jay Crowder can cheer everyone up with a little Salsa dancing.
Sébastien Manique
Chris Paul agrs 10yrs every game. Quote of the year. I've been saying almost all my damn life that CP is overrated but man he did nothing in this whole seires like he could guard no one and they they all went straight for him. I was disappointed in Book though they needed him to carry. I don't care if he took 45 shot but he didn't.
Wesley Antrim
Wesley Antrim Month ago
I love these reaction videos. The fact that my mavs are on the right side of it is pretty refreshing 😂😂😂
Stefan Markovski
I didn't expected this in my wildest dreams. Let's Go Mavs!
Tony Salamonski
Tony Salamonski Month ago
Chris Paul doesn’t deserve a ring for the bs he pulls on the court
Lucas Month ago
Loss? They literally got smashed into the ground. Fans shoulda left after that 1st half. It was awful basketball from then.
My Weird Second Channel With A Pretty Long Name
Fans should of moved to a new state so they have a better basketball team.
Pasta Chocolate
Pasta Chocolate Month ago
I think some of them thought they could really come back. Even Devin Booker at the end of game in an interview said he will always continue to give it his all even when down 30 or 50 points. Doesn't matter the score he will just keep going.
erik3423 Month ago
Lol when you pay 400-800 dollars for those seats you're going to find any reason to justify staying a little longer. I feel bad for them.
Vogel Month ago
Left after first half? They should've disband this disgrace of franchise immediately. 😂
Carlos Nguyen
Carlos Nguyen Month ago
“from the coaching staff to the refs, fans blame everyone” lol imagine blaming the refs after a 27 and 33 point blowout in games 6 and 7.
Carlos C Lara
Carlos C Lara Month ago
When you talk trash against the other team, they get more energized. The Suns got the Lukas Special Treatment.
LightStreak567 Month ago
As a Bucks fan, I sympathize with the Suns fans. I thought our teams would have a Finals rematch
Coinraker Month ago
@Vanguardas yeah well the Bucks only made it to the Finals last year because their opponents had injuries.
P5B5D5 Month ago
I wanted that too both teams from last year to run it back. And when the bucks loss. I said Boston and Phoenix should run it back.
LightStreak567 Month ago
@tk I had to. I can't shake this feeling that the Bucks lost a bit of that "Eye Of The Tiger" mentality, and I think it's because of the shooting that happened after Game 6.
tk Month ago
@LightStreak567 Damn you just popped off lol
LightStreak567 Month ago
@Vanguardas KM is inconsistent, he may play good one game, but be terrible later on. If your game strategies hinges on the availability of one player, you are screwed with a capital S. Besides, the Bucks beat the Hawks with Giannis injured, remember? People thought the Bucks were weak without Giannis playing, but the Bucks proved that the team can stand strong even with their best player injured, but apparently most people never learn from history, even if it happened a year ago. Adapting your strategies to the injury of one of your starters is champion mentality, not betting your injured player alone would turn the tide if he were healthy.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Month ago
1:17 This guy should be a primary example of what a fan should be, he definitely knew what he is talking about. Even threw D Book under the bus. Commended.
Chet Winkleston
Chet Winkleston Month ago
I remember going to suns games back in 2018-2019 season before the bubble and seeing fans popping out of nowhere is just karma for not really being a fan when we were getting whooped by warriors bench with o it their stars.
kolim jone
kolim jone Month ago
54 years for a title that were let down again. To lose by 33 POINTS on your home court is just unspeakable.
Ian Hampton
Ian Hampton Month ago
Suns fan: "Happens to everyone right?" Mavs: "Didn't happen to us buddy."
Ian Hampton
Ian Hampton Month ago
@Bulldogs I meant presently... not in the past.
Bulldogs Month ago
It did, in 2007
Estarossa300 Month ago
If you thought the Suns was going to win a chip this season, you definitely don’t know basketball.
Low's Peak Goods
27 points in the first half, I still couldn't believe that number 😂
Robert Angelier
Robert Angelier Month ago
Question: Paul was ineffective ( was he injured, his mobility and speed was not there) so why didn't the coach put in someone else? Ayton was pulled and spanked by the coach, he tried the other centers, same results. So my main question is who's to blame: starts with the coach!
Warriors Dynasty Part 2
Just imagine playing hard all season but get tired when it really matters. The NBA season is long and these NBA players are human and they get tired at the end. Play smarter
October22 Month ago
Imagine waking up and being a suns fan 🤣
Jesus  Christ destroys atheism
Dallas definitely put their footprints 👣 all over the footprint center today & closed the 📚📖 BOOK on Devin Booker & made sure the 🌞 Sun finally set today as choke P 3 was his usual playoffs self hahaha
A YouTube Channel with No Name
The sun set early in Phoenix
Bnymin Afuha’amango
@Jesus Christ destroys atheism I prefer Deven Bricker or maybe Devin Choker
Rayborn Whites
Rayborn Whites Month ago
CP 3 for 13
PhantomOfDelphi Month ago
The vibe this gives is a combination of 14yo internet troll + preschool teacher lol
Peyton Long
Peyton Long Month ago
Just delightful “suns in 4” lmaooo y’all were so cocky all year
Chandler Roastman
"This is a good old fashioned take you out to the woodshed beatdown" Reggie Miller
Celestial Month ago
Imagine losing so bad your team has to write an apology letter to the fans.
chizmo7 Month ago
I don't think the Suns had an honest climb to the finals last year. Every team they beat in the playoffs was missing their best player. Anthony Davis, Kawhi Leonard and Jamal Murray. Yeah they played hard during this regular season and won home court, but they were schooled by a much better team. This last game proved that.
Anthony Martin
Anthony Martin Month ago
Thank you this is what I was trying to tell people, their 2021 Playoff run to the Finals was a fluke.
Well now, second best player when it comes to AD and Jamal right
Jacques L
Jacques L Month ago
As a Suns fan, I have to admit that Luka Doncic owns us. Unfortunately , we are frauds, and should have lost last year to LeMickey and ADisney too
Deonte Swing
Deonte Swing Month ago
prod. KC
prod. KC Month ago
@Deonte Swing you couldn't possibly hurt my feelings, after last night i have no feelings. btw you sound like a Lakers fan
Deonte Swing
Deonte Swing Month ago
@prod. KC I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings😭,,,, but the SUNS SUCK😂, deal with it
Deonte Swing
Deonte Swing Month ago
@prod. KC Yep but this team SUCK when they shouldn't SUCK.....54YRS and no Ring 😂
manen. Month ago
Just shows how much of a fluke last season was. Couldn't even beat a healthy underdog team. Not just beat but got absolutely destroyed at home in a game 7. Yikes
Julian Searcie
Julian Searcie Month ago
​@Absalon White Jr. highest win count ?.
Xoniye Month ago
@Julio Gastelum Lol next year ? hahahahaha He says next year guys
Julio Gastelum
Julio Gastelum Month ago
That's the same thing I was thinking this comment is BS a fluke ha the number one team highest win percentage in the league made it to a game 7 in the semi finals next year is the one just wait and eat your words
Rhyle Gonzaga
Rhyle Gonzaga Month ago
@Kartmart Support you said a healthy underdog team, so was just saying they are not totally healthy, THJ still is an important piece in their roster
Kartmart Support
@Rhyle Gonzaga tim hardaway ain't lebron, ad, murray, kawhi or zion
The Black Kakashi
That age 10 years overnight line had me laughing
James Carpenter
James Carpenter Month ago
A humiliating loss...CP and DB played great the entire season only to blow it (big time) in this game. CP lost his last chance to win a ring?
rich mb
rich mb Month ago
1:22 WHOA, the Admiral sure has changed ever since he retired ~20 years ago.
aronnov Month ago
"Suns in 4" to their fans booing their trash talking team.. you love to see it
Rey Leon DelaSelva
The Phoenix Suns, 2021/2022 regular season champions! 🏆
@NoOne Month ago
You can't put the Kobe cape & lose by 40 in the Playoffs.
The Basketball Historian
This may even make me lose my fandom. Losing a hard fought battle is one thing. But down 40-50 points at home, and your stars score 11 and 10 points each!? It's like the Suns were trying to throw the game. 😅
Wooski Onehundred
He aged like 10 years overnight 😂😂😂 Lmfaoooooo
Nebraska Jones
Nebraska Jones Month ago
I’m Australian, I specifically searched a local Dallas news site to congratulate Luka and the Mavs. Feeding Devin his own smack talk by just playing basketball is genius! I bet Phoenix is salty right now hey guys …. Edit; Dallas is in Arizona right?
Nebraska Jones
Nebraska Jones Month ago
@5KforYOURpatchBACKg 🤦🏾‍♀️ I know
Texas bro Im a Kiwi and I know this
Galexy Month ago
Dallas is in Texas, Phoenix is in Arizona
snipersLock Month ago
You know your doing something right when you have the ability to torch the Sun, damn 👀
FactsHurtU Month ago
Even Ben Simmons afraid to dunk on a 5'11" guard be crying for you guys 😭
Hannah Nicole
Hannah Nicole Month ago
'"What can you say except 'Go Suns!'"??? I could tell you a few things to say... I'm STILL disgusted. I'm a Suns fan forever, but damn... it's not easy
Mr. 4leafClova
Mr. 4leafClova Month ago
yonyLA8028 Month ago
CP3 aka “The Choke God”!
stonedog23 Month ago
Shoot the bench players got it to 33 points, the starters were down by 46, lol. But dude talking about his AAU team put up 50 points, like there is defense in AAU ball.
Sorryimtruthful Month ago
The man age’s 10 years over night!…. A new meme was born 🤣
lonelyturtle Month ago
dallas tonight was so obvious it was unreal. the way the suns played game 4-6 i just knew they had no chance
Deonte Swing
Deonte Swing Month ago
No chance in hell🤭
Юлиан Георгиев
CP37, Ayton and Book overachieved the last two years. That team will only fall from here.
KLUV Month ago
Reality check is no joke
Nico Christian Duran
Next season will be much diffcult clippers will have Kawhi back, denver will have porter and murray back, warriors will have james wiseman in the paint and other injured key players. And maybe team will have adjustments and trades. Good lucl getting back next season
hitman L
hitman L Month ago
Couldn’t be happier not to have to see book’s face for the rest of the playoffs lol
C Antlin
C Antlin Month ago
Congrats MAVS 👍♥️😂😂😂
Vu Tran
Vu Tran Month ago
"I want the same super max that Luka got" - DeAndre Ayton
Nick Montana
Nick Montana Month ago
“sUnS iN 4” This will never age well 🤣🤣
Jay Gibbs
Jay Gibbs Month ago
It wasn't even as close as the final score! 🤣
Brenda S.
Brenda S. Month ago
I wonder if the Suns and their fans will be rooting for the Warriors against the Mavs in the WCF. I would if my team lost against them.
Ducky 23 days ago
Imagine losing 90-91 in game 7
Peter S
Peter S Month ago
And Suns fans were saying they were gonna sweep after going up 2-0 😂😂😂
Alfred Washington
You have one referee that was on Phoenix side he kept giving out files against Dallas the whole entire game they still got blew out by 37 points Phoenix to just a regular team in the regular-season Chris Paul's over the hill and you guys over rate Devin Booker Devin Booker's just a regular player they will never win a championship
dboy M26
dboy M26 Month ago
Suns focused more on the passing game before actually settling for the shot or layup, example, crowder driving for a layup wide open but passes to cj for the three on but wait it was intercepted by luka 😮 instead of just shooting the ball or laying it up
von 1818
von 1818 Month ago
That last Suns fan is the fan you like to see honest about the short comings and still rooting for his team
C Sanders
C Sanders Month ago
Luka out here breakin hearts like Roger & ZAPP
randyphx Month ago
I don't keep up with the games but at work today I asked a few guys that were die hard suns fans, how are the suns doing right now and they got upset well I guess I know why now 🤣
Jbuckz Month ago
I said the suns wasn’t a true number 1 after the hype some teams are regular season teams and that’s the suns they like the rockets expect another good season next year
Golden state dubs 🇺🇸
Hahahah hold dat Suns, about to irrelevant again after talking the big talk for 2 seasons and amounting to nothing 🤣
smokethakemist Month ago
Suns fans talk exactly how I would expect them to lol
CaliiMade Month ago
Luka scored as much points as the whole Suns before halftime.