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Written by Taylor Swift and Aaron Dessner
My knuckles were bruised like violets
Sucker punching walls
Cursed you as I sleep talked
Spineless in my tomb of silence
Tore your banners down
Took the battle underground
And maybe it was egos swinging
Maybe it was her
Flashes of the battle come back to me in a blur
All that bloodshed
Crimson clover
Uh huh, sweet dream was over
My hand was the one you reached for
All throughout the Great War
Always remember, uh huh
Tears on the letter
I vowed not to cry anymore
If we survived the Great War
You drew up some good faith treaties
I drew curtains closed
Drank my poison all alone
You said I have to trust more freely
But diesel is desire
You were playing with fire
And maybe it’s the past that’s talking
Screaming from the crypt
Telling me to punish you for things you never did
So I justified it
All that bloodshed, crimson clover
Uh huh, the bombs were closer
My hand was the one you reached for
All throughout the Great War
Always remember, uh huh
The burning embers
I vowed not to fight anymore
If we survived the Great War
Uh huh, uh huh
It turned into something bigger
Somewhere in the haze
Got a sense I’d been betrayed
Your finger on my hairpin triggers
Soldier down
On that icy ground
Looked up at me with honor and truth
Broken and blue
So I called off the troops
That was the night I nearly lost you
I really thought I’d lost you
We can plant a memory garden
Say a solemn prayer
Place a poppy in my hair
There’s no morning glory
It was war it wasn’t fair
And we will never go back to that
Bloodshed, crimson clover
Uh huh, the worst was over
My hand was the one you reached for
All throughout the Great War
Always remember, uh huh
We’re burned for better
I vowed I would always be yours
Cause we survived the Great War
Uh huh, uh huh
I will always be yours
Cause we survived the Great War
Uh huh
I vowed I will always be yours
#taylorswift #midnights #thegreatwar
Music video by Taylor Swift performing The Great War (Lyric Video). © 2022 Taylor Swift


Published on


Oct 20, 2022




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Comments : 2 824   
phương mai
phương mai 7 months ago
It's completely reasonable that Taylor should release another 10 minute version of this song
Mannu 7 months ago
Shameen Rana
Shameen Rana 7 months ago
must start a petition for this asap it is an absolute need
Mahak Yadav
Mahak Yadav 6 months ago
@Shameen Rana yes true
Mahak Yadav
Mahak Yadav 6 months ago
We should upvote this comment for 10 min. Crimson clover.. uh huh .?
Arnav Sheelvant
Arnav Sheelvant 6 months ago
I want a 10 min version of would've, could've, should've
Lamees 3 months ago
She went from “i just wanna stay in that lavender haze” to “somewhere in the haze got a sense I’ve been betrayed”😭😭. I just love how she always makes connections to different songs
# charaprotectionsquad
except this song was made before lavender haze...
@# charaprotectionsquad how do u know?
# charaprotectionsquad
@IVanishBotsWhoCommentingAllOverThePlace you can literally see the release dates on youtube
@# charaprotectionsquad what?No, i mean the recording date of the song or writing song.
Melanie Nicole
Melanie Nicole Month ago
@# charaprotectionsquad release dates on youtube don't correlate to when the songs were written....
Maariya K.
Maariya K. 6 months ago
The way she says “betrayed” at 2:21.. Can’t get over it. Her passionate tone says it all. Flawless. 🙌🏽
A. A
A. A 6 months ago
wonder who she's talking about... IYKYK
Disha Jani
Disha Jani 6 months ago
Also the part where she sings triggers! ✨✨
Tiestokygo Ericprydz
@A. A who
Unicorn Onion
Unicorn Onion 5 months ago
best part of the song
evie 5 months ago
Emphasis on the "got a sense" :))
M 5 months ago
When Selena said this is her fave song in the album, it totally MAKES SENSE. I mean look at the lyrics
Duck 5 months ago
Whats the song about
kiko kute
kiko kute 5 months ago
It is my best too i was so happy when i heard that this is such a masterpiece
M 5 months ago
@kiko kute sameee
Zyrene Mercadejas
Zyrene Mercadejas 5 months ago
@Duck Sounds like their relationship survived the hard times and are now better for it.
helena 5 months ago
where and when did she say that? omg
Evah 6 months ago
I love what this song symbolizes.... it is a transition from a toxic place (relationship) to a healthy one... it is about that space you are in when you are struggling to unlearn all the toxic habits, traits and beliefs you gained....a song about the battle to recovery
Swiftie 5 months ago
greekchick104 3 months ago
YES. And you can see the imagery light up in her lyrics. It’s an absolute masterpiece of songwriting.
Carla Almazan
Carla Almazan 2 months ago
YES! YES! YES! 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Triple AAA
Triple AAA 5 months ago
This song proves that she’s the songwriter of our generation. I’m just simply obsessed with this masterpiece.
Ashmit Nair
Ashmit Nair 4 months ago
why forget lana exists too hahhaha
Juliette R
Juliette R 3 months ago
@Ashmit Nair ... no
tayliana♡ 3 months ago
​@Ashmit Nair ew
vii ♧
vii ♧ 2 months ago
@Ashmit Nair yasss..lana and taylor
Nicole Teodoro
Nicole Teodoro 2 months ago
lana is.
javadoodles 7 months ago
Loving these visuals bestie 🌌🖤
Sia Walia
Sia Walia 7 months ago
Hii javadoodles, saw ur animation about vigilante shit ahaha
javadoodles 7 months ago
@Simple_swxftie one day i'll work with her i just know it!
javadoodles 7 months ago
@Sia Walia :) hehehehe
Marx riley Aoki
Marx riley Aoki 6 months ago
ShadowTiger! :D
ShadowTiger! :D 4 days ago
I'M SUBBED TO YOU!!! I Love your animations!
SWIFTIES4LIFE 7 months ago
"We can plant a memory garden, say a solemn prayer, place a poppy in my hair." This line just hits differently it has meaning behind it.
Spatterdock 6 months ago
Spatterdock 6 months ago
@SWIFTIES4LIFE My relative had one of those buddy poppies. I think it’s worn more like a pin because of the wire part. “Proceeds to the Veterans of Foreign Wars For Veterans Assistance Programs.”
SWIFTIES4LIFE 6 months ago
@Spatterdock oh thats cool
Irita Sheryl
Irita Sheryl 6 months ago
@SWIFTIES4LIFE they're flowers which were given during the world wars. She made a reference to them in her song.
SWIFTIES4LIFE 5 months ago
@Irita Sheryl thats so pretty. But of course she would she's a lyrical goddess
Cheryl Reinell
Cheryl Reinell 6 months ago
Sounds like their relationship survived the hard times and are now better for it.
Vincent Fred Doyle
Vincent Fred Doyle 5 months ago
"We're burned for better"
x_Cizer 4 months ago
who is present in "their"??
connor murphy
connor murphy 4 months ago
@x_Cizerjoe and taylor
Vincent Fred Doyle
Vincent Fred Doyle 4 months ago
@connor murphy could always be fictional/inspired like some of Evermore
MissFilipina Month ago
"I really thought i'd lost you..." Goosebumps
layne 25 days ago
screaming crying at that lyric
sodiumsodiumsodium 6 months ago
I love the way this song is about admitting your faults and actively working on yourself to not be conflictive, instead of just walking away from the relationship, because you know what you have is special and worth fighting for, shows so much maturity and growth as a person. My favorite ✨
Carla Almazan
Carla Almazan 2 months ago
Yes to this! This is also how i felt about the song. What a masterpiece.
I loved all the references to various flowers throughout the song. From violets to the crimson clovers to the morning glories.
Stefanoraz27 6 months ago
also poppy
Nancy cisney
Nancy cisney 5 months ago
and the poppies😊
Coleen 2 months ago
Each symbolizing a stage in their relationship, which eventually comprises their memory garden
unlucky lizard
unlucky lizard 2 months ago
"we can plant a memory garden"
Lance Soria
Lance Soria 7 months ago
This is literally the best on the album. The uh-huh part is very enchanting. And these lyrics?? Crimson clover?? I can’t.
Chubito Chubito
Chubito Chubito 7 months ago
"crimson clover" is straight out of lana's songwriting playbook haha she truly is a fan!
Erica Creaven
Erica Creaven 7 months ago
@Chubito Chubito And Lana actually got that from anotber song!
Michael Koffman
Michael Koffman 7 months ago
it just flows SO well
Chubito Chubito
Chubito Chubito 7 months ago
@Erica Creaven oh wow i didnt know that! what song was it i must listen
Meng Liao
Meng Liao 7 months ago
Livy 6 months ago
“Somewhere in the haze got a sense I’ve been betrayed” 💜
Coco 4 months ago
Lavender haze
Ma.kissha ann b. Ravago
Yogi Dede
Yogi Dede 4 months ago
I can feel the hunger games vibes on this song. This is suited in that movie soundtrack
Mew Aesthetic
Mew Aesthetic 3 months ago
THG: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes it could be
Loïc Cooper
Loïc Cooper Month ago
That’s literally Katniss and Peeta’s story lol
Sostika Beesta
Sostika Beesta 26 days ago
Me too all I can picture is them
sarah 17 days ago
Stefanoraz27 6 months ago
2:10 that part is so epic. . sounds like Wildest Dreams her voice is also so strongggg
jady 6 months ago
Eileen Braswell
Eileen Braswell 4 months ago
Ana Paula Silva Pereira
Best part of the song!
greta Month ago
Archer Twinsies!
Archer Twinsies! 5 months ago
Okay but this would do so well as a music video, think of all the beautiful pictures it conjures? 'Crimson clover', 'poppy in my hair' a battle scene? It's giving Safe and Sound vibes and I love it.
byeeee 6 months ago
This song is for all the fantasy readers who get too attached to things way too easily 😭
Pamela Sosa R
Pamela Sosa R 6 months ago
This song totally fits with Blood and Ash series I freakin love it
shreya 6 months ago
literally jude and cardan
Tempest88 5 months ago
Thousands of feet march to the beat It’s an army on the march Long way from home Paying the price in young men’s lives Thousands of feet march to the beat It’s an army in despair Knee-deep in mud Stuck in a trench with no way out
sophia 3 months ago
@shreya YESSS
Milo Short
Milo Short 2 months ago
It's literally katniss and peeta
Fayyad Hameed
Fayyad Hameed 7 months ago
I've been addictively listening to this on loop ever since it released, that chorus is just BEYOND
Abbey Murray
Abbey Murray 7 months ago
Emppu V
Emppu V 7 months ago
Right????? it's my fav song from the album, I'm addicted
marigoldnsb (AeriNania)
IKR!!!, i mean even from the 1st second, 1st verse i already really love it, but the chorus is the best part
Afsheen Tahira
Afsheen Tahira 7 months ago
@Emppu V YES
Bianca Mansen
Bianca Mansen 7 months ago
BEST SONG EVER especially when you think of hunger games while listening I'm so emotional...
Soft Melodies
Soft Melodies 6 months ago
It's so crystal clear how this song's so personal and heartfelt that it could resonate with anyone who's struggling with occasional or frequent moments of self-loathe
Elise Nguyen
Elise Nguyen 6 months ago
It has Daylight vibes but in more true and brutal way, which I absolutely love. Taylor you are so amazing at writing these songs!
francine Month ago
the lyrics has Afterglow vibes too
Dorothy Loares
Dorothy Loares 5 months ago
petition for Taylor to release 10 minutes version of this song!!!!
Cosmyc (Taylor's Version)
Signed 🙃
YMP 5 months ago
And a 10 hour version (or 1 hour)!
ayla 5 months ago
Landshark Gaming
Landshark Gaming 5 months ago
The sabaton song is better
cindy rizkyy
cindy rizkyy 5 months ago
Abi 6 months ago
the way the bridge literally elevates you and takes you to a whole another place before coming back to the last verse/chorus. It’s so beautiful and you can really hear the pain in her voice in the bridge.
Arianna 6 months ago
“broken and blue, so i called off the troops” is the sister of “when i dropped my sword, i threw it in the bushes and knocked on your door”
Patrice Tan
Patrice Tan 5 months ago
so beautiful🥹
Sadia Ali
Sadia Ali Month ago
damn yes
Cheddar Rayon
Cheddar Rayon 7 months ago
Low-key one of the best written song off the album
Chubito Chubito
Chubito Chubito 7 months ago
Mikey R
Mikey R 7 months ago
@Chubito Chubito UH HUH
ask taylor 😍
ask taylor 😍 7 months ago
Lennox Otieno
Lennox Otieno 7 months ago
My best song of thee album
anna grayyy
anna grayyy 7 months ago
it has the best bridge ever
Lyra Wolf
Lyra Wolf 5 months ago
Found this by accident during the worst part of my marriage...interesting timing, beautiful song.
Sam 5 months ago
Send you lots of hugs out there❤
Lyra Wolf
Lyra Wolf 5 months ago
@Sam that is greatly appreciated ♥️ thank you and all the hugs back to you as well.
M A 3 months ago
Prayers for your marriage restoration 🙏🏻💕
so who's gonna tell bible that he's whip for build
Hands down to every enemies to lovers troupe's anthem.
killer queen
killer queen 6 months ago
WinxClubTeamAvatar 3 months ago
YES WHAT I'M THINKING!!!! like so many ships fit this song 🖐️ 🤧
Ma.kissha ann b. Ravago
Ma.kissha ann b. Ravago
Milo Short
Milo Short 2 months ago
It's giving katniss and peeta
Littleen TN
Littleen TN 5 months ago
I honestly feel like this song is describing the hard times my PTSD (from an abusive ex) causes in my relationship, and how we manage to get through it together. We're fighting my demons, rather than each other, but it took a while for me to see that we could do it together as a team - in the start, I would... draw the curtains closed and drink my poison all alone. This is a masterpiece of words.
Roh 7 months ago
This song resonates so much with me. I suffer from BPD and I've had pretty severe crisis fueled by my past and in those crisis I've been horrible to my boyfriend. Said things I didn't mean at all but it was like I couldn't stop vomiting all the poison inside me....thankfully, my boyfriend is mature and kind enough to realize it wasn't really me speaking, it was my BPD. Therapy has helped me to control my emotions and to work on the things that haunt me. I thank my lucky stars to have found someone like him and trust me, I'm gonna do better because I don't want to lose him.
taylor 7 months ago
I can relate to this so well… These lyrics perfectly describe switching, and the nostalgia in this song captures that feeling of nearly losing someone close. Just remember, your emotions aren’t always what’s reality
rafaela montemezzo
rafaela montemezzo 4 months ago
honestly same
Ariane 3 months ago
You two make me believe in true love. ❤️ My heart raised with joy when I read your comment while listening to the song. It's so powerful! All the best to you guys 💕
Roh 3 months ago
@Ariane aww thank you so much for your kind words ❤️❤️
GR Month ago
I relate.
Etigirb Reblef
Etigirb Reblef 5 months ago
This song is a underrated masterpiece.
Landshark Gaming
Landshark Gaming 5 months ago
try sabaton
leokimvideo 7 months ago
😻Amazing, all her new songs are on Trending. Only Taylor Swift could pull this off. She breaks the internet with every new album 🙀
Horseradish 7 months ago
Bot 🤡 🤡 🤡
seek 7 months ago
nope breaking the internet isnt longer a big deal .....now even a mere face gesture can break the internet....
Jonah Thresha
Jonah Thresha 7 months ago
"Soldier down on that icy ground, Looked up at me with honor and truth, broken and blue, so I called off the troops. That was the night I nearly lost you. I really thought I'd lost you" 🥺 Her bridges always 💫✨
JaneStorm 5 months ago
Only 4 million views ? Should be 400 million. Best song of the album.
Pumpkin Pie Cookie
Pumpkin Pie Cookie 5 months ago
more like 4 billion
steveerossa 5 months ago
RU-vid is not the way it was in 2010 when singers racked up huge numbers. Also, most artists stopped making actual music videos.
akdd1584 Month ago
Some Song doesn't need to get billion views
Israel Núñez Ahumada
As a non Swift fan who just listened the 3AM version for the twitter hype… this song is 👌🏼🔥👌🏼🔥🔥🔥 this should’ve been in the normal version of the album so more people could know it.
Claire schr
Claire schr 6 months ago
Hands down one of the best songs she has ever made - musically and lyrically. Just a masterpiece
Elzia 5 months ago
My favorite part is “that was the night I nearly lost you, I really thought I lost…you” I don’t know why but that part always stands out to me when I listen to this song. I guess there’s a certain feeling I get when I hear those words and the way she sings them. Extremely beautiful. Taylor never fails to amaze me. 🕛❤️
Clement Eric
Clement Eric 7 months ago
Dear future generations, never let this master piece slip away.
Mahak Yadav
Mahak Yadav 6 months ago
Never ever at any cost
Alberto Rozo
Alberto Rozo 6 months ago
bien dicho!
Nija Yousaf
Nija Yousaf 6 months ago
Like a moment in time
minerliton 5 months ago
We promise.
Kristian Nicolas Rezaga
This is my favorite from the album and I’m really happy that it is the first track from the 3AM edition, I just really like the message behind the song that in every destructions we had in our lives, there’s always something beautiful that we could look forward to 💙
ᴍᴀɴᴅᴜ 2 months ago
I love this song so much. The vivid imagery, the storytelling, the way she uses metaphors - it’s just so poetic 😭💗
Flor Bekenstein
Flor Bekenstein Month ago
it hits different now
Nish 5 months ago
Have had this on repeat since she released it. 2:04 to 2:50 gives me chills everytime.
Konrad Czechowski
And finally she lost him. But she found herself. It was all she needed.
Sofia Sp
Sofia Sp 7 months ago
“Telling me to punish you for things you never did” reminds me of the line “put you in jail for something you didn’t do” in afterglow. Midnights is full of references to other albums and I love it. It’s genius
Marina Romanelli
Marina Romanelli 7 months ago
The whole verse "and maybe is the past that's talking / screaming from a crypt" reminded me of Would've, Could've, Should've. "Living for the thrill of hitting you where it hurts" and on the chorus "and now that I'm grown, I'm scared of ghosts / memories feel like weapons".
Carolina Pinto
Carolina Pinto 7 months ago
It could just be from the same memories and generate similar meanings. But who knows? Some could work exactly as references.
Zoee 7 months ago
That is what I noticed too! Incredible! Love that!
Marina Romanelli
Marina Romanelli 7 months ago
@Carolina Pinto or both lol
psychoctator 26
psychoctator 26 7 months ago
Me too!! The lyrics, the melodies... have many resemblance with the songs from other albums and thats why i cant believe id say Midnight is my number 1 album (prev: red)
Lý Thu Hằng
Lý Thu Hằng 6 months ago
This is the 'cowboy like me' of midnights. Slowly becoming an all-time classic.
Patrice Tan
Patrice Tan 5 months ago
sadly cowboy like me is still way too underrated😭
intotheseries 4 months ago
This is it ! This is what I was looking for ✨❤️
Marta Month ago
You're so right!!
Jo S
Jo S Month ago
​@Patrice Tan I was so elated when she sang it on the Eras Tour, that truly came out of the blue ❤
Patrice Tan
Patrice Tan Month ago
@Jo S you were there!?!?
rima 7 months ago
i put this song on repeat and haven't stopped listening to it since it dropped help
Cherry vodka
Cherry vodka 7 months ago
Sunscreeen 5 months ago
Say a solemn prayer?? place a poppy??? In my hair ??? absolutely magnificent!
Roychelle 6 months ago
This one took me a few listens to wrap my brain around it. But I can’t believe it did. It’s mesmerizing.
Ana Pau Torres
Ana Pau Torres 5 months ago
The way she writes it’s art, I have always admired how she can turn an alphabet into magic, one of my hobbies is writing and watching how she composes every song is wonderful, congrats Tay❤
Luna Loutfy
Luna Loutfy 7 months ago
I love how Taylor chose the slower songs to be part of the 3am edition because they fit that category more! ❤️
L Beast
L Beast 7 months ago
According to her, it's just Vault songs so ones that she liked but that didn't made it in the standard edition's 13 tracks
Camille Fortaliza
Camille Fortaliza 7 months ago
what a coincidence. I'm currently listening to this at 3:00 am
Horseradish 7 months ago
Namjoon sold my jams for 3 dollars
@Camille Fortaliza Me too
noodles cursive
noodles cursive 7 months ago
where to listen?
Geovane Estanilo
Geovane Estanilo 6 months ago
Seu talento e dom da composição é único Taylor 😭
Suzana 2 months ago
Vdd ela é perfeita demais. 😍❤
aunt beast
aunt beast 27 days ago
i refuse to believe she wrote this for someone she doesn't love anymore
The Writers Alcove
The Writers Alcove 6 months ago
This really is my favorite song on the album. From a metaphorical point of view, it’s amazing, but even from a literal point of view, I love it. And when you mix the two… it describes the book I’m writing fairly well. Such an amazing song. Crimson clover…. uh huh?
kisssolana 3 months ago
almost 4 months, still on repeat. i love this song so much.
chel_ aver
chel_ aver 6 months ago
There's so much vulnerability in how she sings "I really thought I'd lost you", stunning song.
rosalinesmoon 7 months ago
This song made me believe after all the destructions, everything can be worthy again ❤️
Jaclyn Megan
Jaclyn Megan 7 months ago
Poppies are a sign of hope ❤
Beatrice Sasso
Beatrice Sasso 7 months ago
Zoee 7 months ago
Always! Love this outlook
Jenelyn Amidao
Jenelyn Amidao 7 months ago
Stephanie Simmont
Stephanie Simmont 7 months ago
Gul Rukh
Gul Rukh 2 months ago
listening to this song makes me feel like i am reading a book. its just so great !!
Scarlet Blood
Scarlet Blood 5 months ago
This is one of those songs that I can simply never get enough of. I love this so much ❤
Emy 9 days ago
✨️Maybe if we ask her nicely we'll get a 10 minute version and a short film for this one too ✨️✨️✨️
Afiq ITE
Afiq ITE 3 months ago
This song is so caught my ears!! It sounds so magical and it is very attractive and emotional to hear too!! Taylor does know how to captivate people with the mystical beauty of her songs!
Débora Alves Aguiar
Hino atemporal. Uma das minhas favoritas. Deveria estar na edição padrão, não na deluxe. E merecia um clipe!
Suzana 2 months ago
Merecia mesmo, seria tudo um clipe desse hinão, 😍 pena que ela não quis fazer um clipe dessa música.
Aditi A
Aditi A 7 months ago
I'm so glad that we get an Aaron Dessner side to this album. He and Taylor are songwriting gods when their minds are put together - from folklore to Midnights. 🌙
Chauntavia McCormick
Facts. I'm so happy
Dain Tree
Dain Tree 7 months ago
Taylor Swift, Aaron Dessner, Jack Antonoff and the Godess Lana. Perfect.
Ksenija Jemensek
Ksenija Jemensek 7 months ago
I totally agree with you ❤️
Jacqueline Castillo
Jacqueline Castillo 7 months ago
Well said. Best song writers❤💫
Billino 7 months ago
ikr? tbh i love her songs more when they're made with Dessner and OFCC hers truly mr bowery
Diaga Athj
Diaga Athj 6 months ago
we want a music video for this MASTERPIECE please!!!!!!
por que?
por que? 4 months ago
essa música é simplesmente impecável.
Krista Montesa
Krista Montesa 6 months ago
taylor's lyrics have really improved with this play of words, it's genius!
Claire Snelson
Claire Snelson 6 months ago
I'm an avid Taylor fan and love many of her songs. But none of her songs have resignated like this one has. I relate to every single word! This song is truly a masterpiece and I admire Taylor for sharing her heart with us
suntitled 5 months ago
This is such an amazing song. This one's definitely my favorite in the whole album. For essentially every song I listen to my brain writes like an entire story in my head about it. This song is one of the only stories I really love, to the point where I'm writing an entire book based on it! (It's a fanfiction, not with OCs, though, because my brain tends to make stories about BFDI and things like that.) Every time I listen to this song now, I have that story repeating back through my head. It's really inspiring, to be honest, just being able to listen to a song and my brain creates a whole story for it. Also, my other favorite songs on this album are the other ones that I really like the stories for!
Syahrial NS
Syahrial NS 7 months ago
Should've been on the main album. I love this song so much!
ItsMeh_ Kayy
ItsMeh_ Kayy 7 months ago
I think she put these on bonus tracks because she knew the album would get leaked and still wanted there to be a surprise
L Beast
L Beast 7 months ago
@ItsMeh_ Kayy but did the album leak? I didn't hear anything other than fanmade stuff or rickroll-esque ME! screamers 💀
Aiden Ordover
Aiden Ordover 7 months ago
It wouldn’t have fit
Kelly 7 months ago
This song is totally my favorite song
Bruna Finardi
Bruna Finardi 7 months ago
This song is brilliant! From the lyrics to the melody and everything in between. What a masterpiece!
Brenda López
Brenda López 6 months ago
this is one of the GREATEST songs in this amazing album (and one of the best songs of her) I don't make the rules
Rayen Serrano
Rayen Serrano 5 months ago
in my opinion this is the best song in the album, i really love it sm
Carl Andrew Arcangel
The sense of arguing over a challenging relationship is essentially what this song describes. I absolutely adore Taylor's ability to infuse songs with emotion and force.
Rominix96 2 months ago
I've been sobbing for the last hour and a half reading carefully all the lyrics and paying attention to all the meanings of her songs in Midnights and I just can say that Taylor is the queen of lyrics and this is her best album ever 🖤
Jaylennn 7 months ago
the military style drums are a great touch. would expect nothing less from the industry
Adrian Gonzales
Adrian Gonzales 7 months ago
This is my favorite song on the album, sounds so different. Should have been part of regular addition of album.
Cherry vodka
Cherry vodka 7 months ago
I agree
Larry H
Larry H 6 months ago
All of her songs make me cry. Could be the happiest song but one heartfelt lyric and I’m bawling. 🥺
Maria Eduarda
Maria Eduarda 6 months ago
"Essa é a melhor do álbum" -disse eu pra umas quinze músicas desse album
Chené Lagerwall
Chené Lagerwall 5 months ago
These lyrics hit home so hard i had to give a tear to how much i relate to this. Really beautiful
Natalie Brown
Natalie Brown 2 months ago
I love the "Soldier down on that icy ground looked up at me with honour and truth, broken and blue, so I called off the truce"
editsfy. 7 months ago
i literally fell in love with this song the first time i heard it 😭😭
Emppu V
Emppu V 7 months ago
I was distracted the first time I listened to it bc I was stressed bc I had smthn I had to do but the second time I listened I was in chock, I fell in love before I even finished it
piero darmawan
piero darmawan 7 months ago
Sula TheNewfie
Sula TheNewfie 7 months ago
Me too!
Abzinthe Z
Abzinthe Z 7 months ago
This song saved the album for me. I was underwhelmed on the first one but after hearing this track when 3am edition came out I'm sold. Love this song so much.
AvaMaxLover 7 months ago
Same! It's my favourite from the MIDNIGHTS album!💙🌌💜🌌💙
Frosty Rose
Frosty Rose 7 months ago
That "uh huh" is so catchy! Keeps me coming back for more.
Beth Sanford
Beth Sanford Month ago
Everything she sings hits me so deep when I really get into it. 😭❤
Igor Escalante
Igor Escalante 5 months ago
This is a perfect song to start 3am edition, specially because the slow beat has the specific vibe of “it’s late night, 3am, I’m alone and thinking about everything in my life”
Maria Chan TV
Maria Chan TV 6 months ago
this one also is so under rated if you just listen many times to this youll appreciate it more uh huh
Raissa Cacheffo
Raissa Cacheffo 6 months ago
the way she say " looked up at me with honor and truth, broken and blue", i just can't get over, i can't
Olivia Kam
Olivia Kam 7 months ago
Antonio Smith
Antonio Smith 7 months ago
Amelie 7 months ago
Septian Harta Hadid
Septian Harta Hadid 7 months ago
Fatima Annisa
Fatima Annisa 7 months ago
The bonus tracks could be a separate great album tho 😭
John Lester Manuba
John Lester Manuba 7 months ago
It will not reach #1 in US iTunes if it wasn't
jaime mclaughlin
jaime mclaughlin 2 months ago
This is one of my favorites of her entire discography. ❤️
Crystalline Butterfly
i want to write this story but i could never come close to this level of genius
Joshy 3 months ago
my favorite song from the album 💪🏻
Christina LaMarco
Christina LaMarco 7 months ago
I love this song so much. I hope Taylor releases these 3am tracks on a physical album 🙏❤️ Does anyone else feel like this would go well with the Hunger Games? Safe & Sound is one of my favorites but I can picture this too 🤩
Yorae 4 months ago
I'm addicted to this song 😅 I keep on replaying it. Such a masterpiece!
Tristan 7 months ago
This song has one of the best beats on this album in my opinion.
Emppu V
Emppu V 7 months ago
It's my fav
aparna mishra
aparna mishra 6 months ago
It’s my fav too
TIFFANY CHAN 6 months ago
I love the beats on lavender haze too❤️
Repulore 6 months ago
I love it so much
Jessica Lukram
Jessica Lukram 5 months ago
I agree
daz. 6 months ago
best song on the album
Yuri Gabriel
Yuri Gabriel 6 months ago
Daisies 5 months ago
JaneStorm 5 months ago
I know!!! So underrated though. What a masterpiece
J. S.
J. S. 6 months ago
This is my favorite song on the album. It tells such an clear story. I really hope this song gets a full video 💗
Billy Edgerton
Billy Edgerton 10 days ago
I absolutely love how her song compliment each other and move through you like an emotional roller coaster of a story 💜💜💜💜
woodee 4 months ago
this song fits perfectly for fantasy books! and im here for it 📚
Grant Stout
Grant Stout 6 months ago
I love her music because I can always understand every word, she’s very concise and I like that ❤
Anna Beatriz Jordão
This is the first time that I feel that “she wrote this about me” feeling. It hits different when you have actually been through what she’s describing here, in the exact same way, and you can see your thoughts and feelings becoming a great work of art - and your favorite song in the album. Taylor Swift, your art is truly mesmerizing 🤍🌌💋
Nhi Lê
Nhi Lê 7 months ago
yasss I blamed someone for betrayal tho they never did that and it was just me overthinking
Lance Soria
Lance Soria 7 months ago
Aaron Dessner is a gift. Hope he never stops working with Taylor and Jack. This is phenomenal.
CC1 CC1 3 months ago
agradeço a Deus a oportunidade de ouvir essas obras primas...obrigada taylor por tanto!
potato 3 months ago
i’ve just escaped an extremely toxic friendship, and this song explains everything. its just really vibey during this time, it describes the aftermath of leaving it, but also the events of it.