When BTS J-Hope Switches To Dance Teacher Mode

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J-Hope can be our sunshine, but don’t let BTS‘s J-Hope‘s smiley face fool you - the truth is, his expression from this face can instantly turn to serious face when he’s in dance teacher mood. It turns out that whenever the group’s dancing machine is concentrating on monitoring their performances, he transforms from a bright sun to a dark moon that can easily intimidate all the BTS members. His stare is extremely scary for the members that V asked him directly if he could tone it down a little! "Hoseok-hyung, you give us a scary look when we make a mistake on stage. Don’t do that." - V said. Jungkook laughing heartily when V requested this, too, since he knows that whenever he makes a mistake, J-Hope is also the first person to notice. The BTS members, on the other hand, always do their hardest to gain compliments from teacher J-Hope, and they truly enjoy it.
This video are some moments when J-Hope showed off his serious side.

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Apr 27, 2022




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Comments 225
Purple Flamingo
Purple Flamingo 4 months ago
To all those who say you love other members in the comments section : Please respect JHope. This is his video and it highlights how important his role is in BTS' choreography. Your idols (e.g, Jungkook and Tae) clearly respect Hobi very much. Why can't you do the same?
My world is BTS 💜💜
Yeah everyone should love our sunshine.... Love them equally.... Without one member BTS is incomplete... 💜💜 he notice every thing even a little mistake and make them correct that the reason why BTS is perfect💜
vira subadra
vira subadra 14 days ago
I'm agree with you, they love each other, why we can't to love them all, bangtan are 7, forever. BTS are not BTS without 1 member at all, no problem if we have bias, but we must support them all, all the 7 members
ᑕHEᖇᖇƳᗷEᖇᖇƳ ƘᑭOᑭ♕︎♥︎
@SheWrites u have only read top comments...go click new
A’ryn Salute
A’ryn Salute 3 months ago
Love that you said something. I love Jhope and all the members but it just seems like when videos are about him they slowly turn to be about someone else. I’m not saying that it’s all the comments but enough.
Nethy Rou
Nethy Rou 3 months ago
Laish Tondonba
Laish Tondonba 4 months ago
I can't imagine how Hobi can notice every minute details of the 6 fellow members. His observation skills is just amazing
Al Kahfi
Al Kahfi 27 days ago
Exactly, Suga said he even didn't remember his own mistake, but Hobi did 😂
Sara Iftikhar
Sara Iftikhar Month ago
It’s truly impressive he’s amazing
skorpia g
skorpia g 5 months ago
Because of hobi they are SO FANTASTIC at their performances. Their lines even up, angles are synced and timing perfect. My heart goes out to jin-he tries so hard . In one run bts episode watching a stranger to steps to dances-jin knew the steps which songs . Thats because he had to memorize the steps extra hard and get his body to move like he wanted. Even jhope was floored.
BottleBangs 3 months ago
1. Not gonna lie, Hobi is super sexy when he switches to dance leader mode 2. Even though he’s scary in dance teacher mode, it’s very clear that the members love him to bits, never missing a chance to cuddle etc. So clearly, he’s fair and constructive in what he says/does
YaRiKun 4 months ago
BTS performances really won't be the same if it's not for Hoseok, he is indeed their pillar when it comes to stage and performances. Also have you noticed that he always sings while practising to give group a melody? No wonder he is the King of stable vocals live!
Dayane Miranda
Dayane Miranda 4 months ago
I became a BTS fan watching their dancing practice videos. I was so amazed with their dance moves 😍 Hobi is a great dance leader, BTS wouldn't be the same without him.
Dayane Miranda
Dayane Miranda 3 months ago
@Margarete SouzaNo doubt J-Hope is a gift dancer, but also is Jimin. BTS members wanna be together. I love OT7. To us the math is simple: 7-1=0 💜
Margarete Souza
Margarete Souza 3 months ago
Nos vídeos de prática ele mostra cada movimento incrível! Neles vemos o domínio que JHope tem de cada parte do seu corpo, e isso não é qualquer dançarino que consegue! Ele me faz lembrar Michael Jackson. As vezes penso que, talvez, fosse melhor para JHope trabalhar solo. Assim como fizeram MJ e Beyonce! (O "talvez" é só porque não sei como funciona esse mundo da música... Não deve ser um mar de rosas...) Fico indignada quando os fanáticos de JM dizem que ele é o melhor dançarino. 🤦🏼‍♀️ A vontade que sinto de...🥊😑🥊 Essas pessoas não são boas da cabeça ou não tem bom caráter. Não é possível... JHope além de um dançarino maravilhoso ele tem uma voz diferenciada das demais do cenário musical. Ele arrasa muito, e não é só no estilo rap!
AkoLngToh 3 months ago
My highest RESPECT to Hobi!!! So behind his sweet smile is also a scary side, BUT his intention is PURE, he goes for PERFECTION with BTS performance. He's very detail-oriented, a genuine perfectionist. NO WONDER, BTS is where they are now, thank you Hobi!
Me Shreya
Me Shreya 5 months ago
Hobi is God gifted with his graceful dance power and his hyungs knew it and follow him in case of dance always 💗. they always be a bit scared from hobi when it comes to performance 👀😂. Everybody loves to get a praise from him and why not if your hyung is this much talented✨
Anne 3 months ago
Actually Jhope has sacrificed too much for his group. Always he stands at the end of line even though he stands out his performance shown on the stage 🌈 💯😇 It's time to get centered in the world 🌎 👍 👏
Antonia Santos
Antonia Santos 2 months ago
Obra Maestra Respecto J.Hope♡❤
Mariana Núñez
Mariana Núñez 4 months ago
My God, J Hope is an amazing dancer but also an amazing teacher. He can see every move of every member. You are right. That´s why they are all great because they work hard as hell and they are perfectionists. That is why we see such amazing performances and MV´s. They look so scared of doing mistakes, hahaha. Teacher Hope is scary, hahaha
Melanie Garmendia
Melanie Garmendia 3 months ago
Man, how does Jhope manage to keep track of every single member and focus on his own moves as well?? He’s truly amazing!! And scary haha 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Crossovahh 2 months ago
He doesn't need to think or focus on his own dance, because his dance level is so high. He can use his energy/attention to make sure everyone else is correct. But you're right the fact that he can keep track of everyone else at all times is amazing. Even on live stages, everyone knows J Hope will catch them if they make make a mistake lol.
Miss World Peace
Miss World Peace 3 months ago
J hope won national dancing award before joined BTS. All members got various talents. BTS is awesome💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
soshiluvr 2 months ago
I love how Jin is so willing to learn from Hoseok at all times
EveR Month ago
Of course he shld be willing since he is BTS. Look at him now. He is already a real dancer.
Jin bias, Jinkook ,OT7💜
That is BTS 💜
Alicia Beatriz
Alicia Beatriz 3 months ago
J Hope é simplesmente Maravilhoso, 10000%😍💪💪💪💜🇧🇷🇧🇷
Mythicallizzy 5 months ago
Jhope being a dance teacher seems strict....BUT for BTS, it makes sense as he learns the dances very quickly :)
Jennifer Claros
Jennifer Claros 3 months ago
Esque tanto hoseok cómo los otros chicos cumplen un papel importante dentro del grupo,por eso se llama bts ots 7,me encanta como hobi los dirije en el baile y si, los chicos lo respetan y admiran y por eso hacen lo pocible por mejorar en sus bailes y hacer un exelente espectáculo 😁😌
Ellie Vieira
Ellie Vieira Month ago
1:09 hahaha que fofo! Jin tô orgulhoso! Hobi é perfeito, porque apesar de ser rígido como os meninos falam, ele também sabe quando deve elogiar. Um amor 🥰🥰🥰
Maria Elaine Gozum-Chan
Respect for JHope and his leadership in dance choreography! I love our sunshine…very professional! 💜💋🔥
YaRiKun 4 months ago
Hoseok is so godly! Everything about him is perfect from his visuals to his skills in every area. And I really REALLY love his serious mode, it's so hot)
💗Minchaela💗 4 months ago
I love Hobi he is such a perfectionist ❤🥺
Гавхар Нематова
J hope очень круто танцует💗
Adriana Alurralde
Adriana Alurralde 3 months ago
Hobi amor eterno 💜
Lizeth Mogollón
Lizeth Mogollón 25 days ago
Me encanta!!! Hobi siempre en modo mamá! Me encanta q muestren esta parte de ellos. Porque siempre se ve es la presentación, la ejecución, el show. Pero no el trabajo q hay detrás de todo eso!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Dienefer Cristina
Dienefer Cristina 3 months ago
Lindo demais ❤️ jhope belíssimo meu Príncipe lindo um professor lindo demais perfeito
Caca Luvi
Caca Luvi 3 months ago
when it comes to dancing Jhope is the leader, no doubt about it, Even older members are scared to make mistakes in front of him and obedient. Jhope really plays a great role behind the reason why BTS is very good at dancing!
Dayana Hurtado
Dayana Hurtado 3 months ago
Son chicos especiales, Bts se ve que tratan de dar lo mejor de ellos, ponen todo su esfuerzos, y todo les queda impecablemente bien, me encantan los lindos muchachos de BTS, yo soy una Army, de la cual me siento muy orgullosa de poder apoyar a este grupo musical, desde el otro lado del mundo, soy una Cubanamericana, y complacida de vivir en la epoca de Bts, ire pronto a un concierto con mis hijos, bendiciones chicos....los queremos mucho...
Yani Hana
Yani Hana 2 months ago
Suka bnget liat jhope ngajarin member lain dance apa lg klo dia dance di panggung the best pastinya
설찡이 29 days ago
진짜 괜히 안무팀장님이 아님.. 자기 꺼 하면서 다른 멤버들 동선이나 미세한 디테일 챙기는게 쉽지 않은데 그걸 해내는 호비ㅠㅜ
Taylor's Classes
Taylor's Classes 5 months ago
💜💜💜 I love you all 💜💜💜 They guys really don't know how much you make us happy with your songs , visuals , dance , vocal , rapping and all things . you are so awesome guys 💜💜💜💜💜 love you 💜💜💜💜💜
SheWrites 4 months ago
He's so fantastic. I would love for him to be a choreographer especially once he's older and retires. He has such a gift 💜🙏
Mashi 3 months ago
I think one of the reason jhope isn't always being the center and at the front despite being the lead dancer is because when he is at the side or back.. it become easier for him to monitor other members
Maria Oliveira
Maria Oliveira 3 months ago
Por favo legenda em português sou uma fã brasileira de 53 anos beijos no coração
Carla Cunha
Carla Cunha 29 days ago
Tem a opção de colocar em português.
Dominique lee Ohlsson
I absolutely love jhope he's such a good teacher and friend to those around him even when he's being serious you can see everyone has a lot of respect for him
Vanessa Perez
Vanessa Perez 3 months ago
Amoooo a Hobie enseñando y corrigiendo. Eso Jimin tb es bailarín pero él es.... Genio
Ot7fore Month ago
Jung Hoseok J-hope Hobi the pillar of BTS 💜
Ellie Vieira
Ellie Vieira Month ago
9:21 ahhhhh é lindo demais! 😍😍😍😍
my hope my ego booster
He is really talented dancer and performer. He is the most experienced in stage performance field. Even he notices some little details which only pro dancer notice. Proud to sahabat that he ia my ultimate bias😍
Tachi Roslenn Lim
Tachi Roslenn Lim 2 months ago
Outmost respect to HOBI! Soo talented! 💜
희경 구
희경 구 4 months ago
RM이 정신젹캡틴이라면 홉은 무대의 캡틴 94즈가 이팀의 핵심축
nura Month ago
He is the best when it comes to dance 🔥 my multitalented baby
Nitya Soni
Nitya Soni 4 months ago
Fantastic dance leader J HOPE 😍
Nicol Coronel
Nicol Coronel 2 months ago
Con razon las coreos de BTS lucen tan geniales, gracias Hobiii
미래 2 months ago
신기한게 아무도 반발하거나 이의를 달거나 불평불만하지 않고 열심히 따라한다는거...니가 뭔대할수 있는 부분이 분명히 있는데..완벽한 무대를 향해..그냥 전진하면서 하나...사랑한다..얘들아
Abraham naranjo
Abraham naranjo Month ago
Amooo cuando ponen a jungkook con sonrisa de bb lo amooo jajaja amoo a hobi en el mejor bailarin que evisto
Sumita Murmu
Sumita Murmu 2 months ago
Jhope is very talented
Dienefer Cristina
Dienefer Cristina 3 months ago
Lindoss demais BTS perfeitos maravilhosos lindíssimos BTS Performances maravilhosos
H F 2 months ago
Woahh jhope is really precise and I love that the members respect him when it comes to choreo regardless if they’re hyung
Maria Deysi Bravo Cuellar
Q lindos me han echo reír mis amores bellos BTS 💜
MollieL Month ago
I love how they each have their own strengths and help each other shine with their talents. Nobody has an ego or tries to take advantage of their positions to steal the spotlight. BTS is so lucky to have Hobi and to have each other
maribel andres
maribel andres 4 months ago
Fabiha Ashrafi Esha
Hobi is scary when it comes to perfect dance moves 😂 he notices everything and is very strict, but he's also the sweetest 💜 he cares about the members like a brother 🥺❤
Angelie Sy
Angelie Sy 4 months ago
Jhope is so amazing 💜💜💜💜💜
Нигора Халикова
Из-за Хоби уних потрясающее выступление, Хоби ❤️❤️❤️😍😍
Anya Kim
Anya Kim Month ago
I love this video. This shows how amazing hobi is. And He deserves recognition and appreciation. Every member played an important role on their own skills
BluGreenKoi 5 months ago
thank you!! 😯🤩👌🏻💗💙💜 Hobi has like 'microscope-level' vision!! he's the best dance leader 🏅🎖🥇
Teresa Martinez
Teresa Martinez 5 months ago
Que hermoso, todos bailando con ritmo y suGa solo 🥴😅🤣
소장학파 4 months ago
호비 진짜 매의 눈이다 ㅎㅎ
Calia Vang
Calia Vang Month ago
this is how they are so perfect on their dances!!
Nathaly Kim
Nathaly Kim 3 months ago
the practice outfits are some of my favorites from them, it's nice to see them wear something more casual
neneng hudaningsih
neneng hudaningsih 3 months ago
Waaahhh....JHope is really really a good teacher of dancing, so talented❤💯👌
junie bee
junie bee 4 months ago
Jhope dance leader makes sure we get the best of them🥰
Sandra Elizabeth Venegas Pérez
Me encanta J-Hopeeeeeeeee 🔥🔥 es seco ....y lo mejor cada vez que los chicos lo escuchan sale espectacular......
Faye Andrei Maglente
and just like the members said it feels so good getting praised by jhope
nur balqhis
nur balqhis Month ago
love how detail jhope was. dancing with them but also can monitor them practice 🥰
Ami Nico
Ami Nico 28 days ago
Thats why the made the same faces on the latest Run BTS ep. 😆😆 best teacher Hobi! 💜💜
Awesome Koga
Awesome Koga 3 months ago
Jhope oppa benar benar memantau member bts ahh so sweet 🥰
432Rx Month ago
HolyHobiKenobi! He literally does not miss a beat or a move, but actually seems pretty kind in delivering direction/correction notes. Not only does he have to know his own choreo/position/stage, he also has to know all the others' as well. He choreo's, too, yes? Incredible. Excellent leader/teacher + excellent dancers/learners = POWERFUL Performances. Each 3-min performance on stage is a culmination of weeks/months of blood, sweat and tears. Much respect!!!
V_Nezuko Chan
V_Nezuko Chan 3 months ago
Jhope is just amazing but strict when it comes to dance even rest of the members fear him when they go out of line from the real choreography 🤣🤣🤭💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🦋 he's amazing Tae is always on energy saving mode while rehearsing 🤭 Jin is laborious 🥵works very hard Everybody else is doing damn good Love to see them working hard for us🥰💜
Lizbeth Moreno
Lizbeth Moreno 3 months ago
Probé chicos lo que tienen que estar pasando 😂,es que la mirada de hobi a veces es muy seria y un poco penetrante 🙂
ayushi pathi
ayushi pathi 3 months ago
The background sound make it more funnier and cute 🤣🤣💜💜💜
Maria Jan OT7 💜💜
He's so handsome talented and sharp he noticed all seven's mistake in just one stare woah hobiii is the reason behind BTS's perfect dance ❤️❤️🥰🥰
꼬모 23 days ago
부드러운 카리스마 제이홉~~멋지다! Soft charisma J hope~~what an attractive man!
May Shida
May Shida 3 months ago
My god! He has eyes on his back? How he can sing, count, dance and check the other's step, sync and position?! He is not human😵
Anfisa Sobakina
Anfisa Sobakina 3 months ago
Чон Хосок - потрясающий! Обожаю!
caroSo Love"k"-culture
Hobi...una paciencia de oro!!!..igual aveces pienso por más buenos bailarines cantantes que sean...no es fácil estar 2 hsy picó... arriba de un escenario y aprenderse tantas coreos...en algún momento no se les olvida...yo creo que moriría en el intento jamás podría recordar tanto..son admirables
haze 2 months ago
우리 홉이 참 훌륭해요
grey mouse
grey mouse 3 months ago
Хореограф Сон Дык говорил, что Хобби запоминает движения за несколько минут, а другим нужны часы. Сон Дык хореограф, а Хосок тренер. Ребята его слушают и уважают. Они говорят, что Хобби страшный, когда злится. Поэтому он и является ведущим танцором в группе, а не Чонгук. Чонгук просто стоит и танцует в центре, я ни в коем случае не умаляю его талантов. Но у Хосока, наверное дар преподавателя, если он так хорошо отрабатывает танцы с ребятами. Всё-таки гены. Его отец преподаватель литературы.
Jisha Bernard.A PB and PBT
He is the good teacher that's why our 6 angels are dancing so good and perfectly on stage 💜💜💜we love u BTS🙈🥰
Raja Khatana
Raja Khatana Month ago
I love all members so cute and funny always 💜😇😇😇😍😍😇😍
Mariana Sobrera
Mariana Sobrera 3 months ago
Nesse modo ele consegue por até o Nam no chinelo kkkkkk
Bia 2 months ago
Kkkkkkk essa é a prova que o Hobi manda na porra toda kkkkk
taetae 3 months ago
Hobi is the bestest n ofcourse just bcs of his strict behaviour we get such perfect n wonderful performances 💜😌😻 WE LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH HOBI 💋❣️💘💝
Putri Almira
Putri Almira 3 months ago
how can an idol become a master of dance like that I'm sure he's a dance master disguised as an idol Jhopeeeeeeeee otokke ..You make me love you more 😘😘😘
Viviana Sierra
Viviana Sierra 2 months ago
Te amo J hope
Allen Casas
Allen Casas 3 months ago
good job hobi...ur the best..
pamdummitt 3 months ago
He is so amazing
Tatyana Akoa
Tatyana Akoa 3 months ago
I love Hoseok so much omg he’s so talented 😭🫶🏽 (and so hot too honestly)
Anshu Kumar
Anshu Kumar 3 months ago
Jhope is the best dance teacher 🥰🥰🥰
ananda ananda
ananda ananda 4 months ago
Because of him even now also they practice,not even single day is there that they didn't practice,on vlive every one ask jhope for stop dance practice fir one day but jhope didn't agree,he is such a professional when it comes to dance
andrea olly
andrea olly 3 months ago
Eu já perceber o coreógrafo monta as danças mais quem coordena os meninos é Jhope em poses e lugares se preciso até modificar um pouco
Ma De Las Mercedes Garrido Montiel
lucky panchakoti
lucky panchakoti 20 days ago
You should respect all the members equally
Swrangbili Goyari
Swrangbili Goyari 4 months ago
He is best dancer kind talented humble ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
ftk ftk
ftk ftk Month ago
Very Good jHope help BTS Dancing very Good Thank you jHope
슈퍼우먼 3 months ago
제홉주간...이번주는내내 앓는다..💜
Amna Irfan
Amna Irfan 2 months ago
Desde que j hope por fin tuvo su momento,de poder mostrarse como artista,me he dado cuenta de que destacan más al que lo acompaño,más que a él,,eso no está bien,no corresponde,,este es el tiempo de que el postergado por fin brille,y brilla por si solo además... Ya y pasando a otro tema,es perfeccionista el hombre ah??? Jejeje,bien j.hope me gusta tu actitud,excelente artista,mereces todo lo bueno que te acontece por estos días,,siempre y cuando dejen de robarte tu tiempo.
MinMarshall ArmyxStan
I could never dance in front of Hobi…not that I know how.
Angie Palomino
Angie Palomino 3 months ago
Me gusta tus vídeos de Jhope pero quería un favor puedes ver BTS cuidando de Jhope o BTS preocupado por jhope o cada uno cuidando de Jhope por favor 🙏 ❤️🍓🥇 love you jhope
クロヤ 3 months ago
우리홉이 열심히 했어 우리탄이들 고마웡
Lemonade Candy
Lemonade Candy 2 months ago
Nah 4:40 was a good example, Jin does well!
watch bts learn their dances