I Tried Walmart's Terrifying Metaverse Experience

Danny Gonzalez
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Nov 21, 2022




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Comments 11 315
yeet hiTTTer
yeet hiTTTer 11 days ago
Walmart referring to children as Young Shoppers feels so dystopian it's actually hilarious
Kristal M
Kristal M Day ago
Because Walmart killed all the parents being the king of pedophiles like they are! 🤣🤣
The morning guy
The morning guy 2 days ago
Buy N large
Lauryntonio 2 days ago
@Melodyviewing children as a vehicle for receive money rather than developing humans IS weird an dystopian. hope this helps!
SaltySpartan04 3 days ago
@🔎TRUTH HURTS🎱 I’m talking about the 2 Roblox Walmart games. What are you on about??? I’m just saying Walmart made me test games of theirs on roblox
TheOnionQueen 5 days ago
I feel like corporations are forgetting that normal people DON’T want this virtual dystopia that they seem to think humanity is heading towards. We all actively don’t want that.
Ruben 10 hours ago
Walmart is following the "We don't understand it, but it could be the inevitable future, so we will mess around with it" policy
Mhm Lol
Mhm Lol Day ago
Its not like we have any control over it anyways
❤︎halo❤︎ 6 days ago
Danny losing his mind over a Walmart game in Roblox with a buzz cut is something I never thought I would see in my lifetime💀
Noodle Banana
Noodle Banana 17 hours ago
the fact im actively enjoying it lol
leoooskiii 2 days ago
not on your bingo card for 2022?
❤︎halo❤︎ 4 days ago
@averagesmoker cool👍🏻
averagesmoker 4 days ago
@Mapp 🅥 alright you're opinion
Mapp 🅥
Mapp 🅥 4 days ago
@averagesmoker old haircut is better tbh
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
"stop talking to my fridge behind my back" for me is really the phrase that sums up in what crazy world we are living
Joseph Lawler
Joseph Lawler 8 days ago
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WeRbananas Day ago
It’s especially dystopian because they’re like “here let the robot deliver it to your car!” And show you a fake drone delivering it to your car while in real life, a struggling, overworked, single parent is lugging it out to the car
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That Fuzzy Potato
That are you are specifically not allowed to tip or they get in trouble
Sar 11 days ago
The random person in the Roblox chat answering Danny's questions is the type of person that is the backbone of society.
Tidepool4 15 hours ago
@TRK 7 y/o me would’ve totally played VRWalmart
Nex Day ago
whats sad is that they were wrong about not being able to dance
Roms Day ago
@TRK i would
lil' sprugga
lil' sprugga Day ago
@Alex Hackbardt good on ya! Being helpful is great! I was new in Second Life and there are people who just hang about to answer questions. No one makes them. You have a heart of gold!
The Hybrid of Fandoms TM
@Ian Fullerwhat a Debby Downer bro
BleachedBonez 6 days ago
After briefly working in sales, I'm convinced they're from another planet. The people who make those "shopping experiences" think people want a person constantly talking to them and can't comprehend someone who wouldn't like that, even when you tell them directly. They 100% wanted that whole hologram guide thing irl
BleachedBonez 2 days ago
@Finley Pedersen I think it varies from person to person, but generally I've found older people want to be talked to, younger people want to be left alone. But also old people are the first ones to lose their shit if you mess up at all.
tam tri
tam tri 2 days ago
Linda B Carpenter Sings
@Finley Pedersen yeah, like, do they not understand that people don't like being treated like a child lol
Finley Pedersen
Finley Pedersen 3 days ago
fr. i've actually found that leaving people alone until they make it clear that they need/want help is actually better for business than constantly being on someone's tail
Don't Read Profile Photo
I loved this video. I totally feel the frustration of trying to figure out Roblox. And I gotta say it was very funny watching another adult play if for the first time. That was me when I first played and sometimes now lol. And yes the glitches are neverending with Roblox lol. But when he tried to equip the sweat pants and shirt.. XDXDXD I have SO been there. LOL It still happens to me on some games. It can be VERY frustrating lol. I've actually played Walmart Land before. And I looked for Noah too! XDXDXD Sadly I've seen stranger things but not all of it and it's been at least a year or so since I've watched it, so I got a lot of questions wrong too lol. But ultimately I found Walmart Land very boring. There's nothing to do that has a real objective. Which I found a little disappointing because the "world" is actually very pretty. OH and he might have picked up a coin while on the mono rail, there are coins a long the track, but idk. Anyways great video I loved all of it! It takes a lot to make me laugh and I laughed a lot. :) Thank you :)
FS 4 days ago
@Sanna it is. They copy people's comments
Sanna 4 days ago
How are you not a bot
Logic Frog Media
Logic Frog Media 8 days ago
"We just talked to your smartfridge and it told us you're ugly" is one of the most frightening statements I have ever heard.
Morgan McCormick
Morgan McCormick 4 days ago
I was looking at swimsuits on the hangers at Walmart once. There was a mostly eaten chicken wing bone resting across the top of 2 hangers and it almost fell on my hand. I screamed and scared my grandma ~
Nig named mutt
Nig named mutt 14 hours ago
You know..... if that happened to me.... I'd probably prefer using VR for the rest of my life, because that sounds fucking disgusting. Congratulations. You proved everyone wrong. There IS a good reason for this VR experience, and we can at least confirm your situation is the starting point for making this acceptable.
That one guy
That one guy 14 days ago
Danny and drew both doing drastically strange things with their hair so people can finally tell them apart
Vakarė Baranauskaitė
@squishie ME TOO MATE ME TOO
squishie 22 hours ago
@awsomecolin idk if ur joking but the commenter was laughing at the fact they called him drew instead of danny making a joke about how much alike they look sorry if ur comment was a joke and u didn't need this explanation
squishie 22 hours ago
@Vakarė Baranauskaitė I WOULD SOBBB
Lovely Day ago
wzlk Day ago
@Don't Read Profile Photo scam doesnt work anymore
Jane Campbell
Jane Campbell 7 days ago
The sound of fucking glass shattering when the wine gets tossed into the cart has me absolutely fucking geeking
Nig named mutt
Nig named mutt 13 hours ago
You know, if they put some wonky skyrim type physics in, I could totally see this worth st least being a good laugh for a single use. My favorite part in skyrim(and my own perverted fsntasy) is when I jump up on the giant tables, covered in elaborate tableware and food, and just start FLINGING THE SHIT ALL OVER THE PLACE, RIGHT IN NPC'S FACES, LIKE SOME BRAINDEAD CAVEMAN!!!!! I've always fantasized about doing that at the Thanksgiving dinner table, and when I'm in walmart I always fantasize about trying to "domino" all the shelves over in the entire store, and I think it would be awesome if the VR could become a fucked up playground to vandalize and act out horrible things inside a fakeWalmart. .
Jane Campbell
Jane Campbell 3 days ago
At 3:08 for reference
Yehudis Gottdiener
When I started playing roblox I legit also thought it was only 1 game. But nobody knows that its the literal minds of every child on earth thrown into a gazzilion gabillion games. Also Danny not using the search bar to find Wal-Mart land, is actually hilarious! p.s. I don't play couple anymore, the weird games were starting to get to me
Yehudis Gottdiener
I don't play roblox anymore*
Woods Precision Arms
Pretty soon - they will have us Stocking the shelves - EVERY TIME I go in there they have less human operated registers and more self check outs. I don’t order Online anymore because they never have what I want available but if I go in the store it’s there. I don’t get this Walmart metberse - you go there and walk around? Or you shop at home? Is the Meta verse augmented reality or a copy of reality you use through a VR and why would I want to do that? I don’t have time to walk around through a VR Walmart I would just order on line - what is this shit it scares and confuses me
AJSFX 3 days ago
I actually haven’t stopped laughing 6 minutes in
QWERTY Boi 11 days ago
danny looks like a military dad finally coming home to his children and trying to find a way to connect with them
Abigail Stone
Looks more like the child because Danny doesn’t age
He is Sam from Brothers
Comically Large
Comically Large 2 days ago
Bread 2 days ago
Fr someone finally noticed his hair
w34ther 4 days ago
bruh he looks like young anakin i kept expecting to see a little rat tail braid pop up
Rational Recovery Cody
The intro is the best part. I could watch Danny riff off that original cringe Walmart metaverse experience demo for a solid hour.
Lemoniie Day ago
As a Roblox veteran watching him struggle to figure it out is hilarious
Golden Sun
Golden Sun 3 days ago
Danny's new haircut makes me so sad I miss his old glorious hair
xamn 2 days ago
Danny is literally the equalivent to the average bacon hair noob
yoongiverse 14 days ago
I love that the whole point of the metaverse is to not interact with people by not being in a real Walmart, yet they made an employee talk to you constantly
H F 13 days ago
@yikes I get it, honestly been a while since I was so riled up in regards to reading compression but I just got home from work when I commented that so I hit my patience level with my customers lol
yikes 13 days ago
@H F thank you!! 🙏 Everybody got so riled up over a simple comment, it's insane
H F 13 days ago
@First Last they are saying they are annoyed they can't get other aspects of their job because people constantly pull them away. All is apart of the job but either way you'll get bashed by your manager if you don't get shit done and don't help customers. They said it was annoyance, not that they do not help the customers. They specially said in another comment they did but you completely ignore that. They are doing their job Jesus Christ Learn To Read! Like my first comment was getting at , just because people do not like a part of a job does not mean they completely ignore it. It is still done, it is just an annoyance.
H F 13 days ago
@First Last I've seen the comment myself and like I said, they were saying they wanna get what they need done for the day without getting pulled away by customers constantly. Your the only one who seems to be confused by that context. They never said they wouldn't do their job, like I said it's likely people don't like aspect of their jobs but it doesn't mean they don't do it. You respond saying that's literally the job. Not apart. You never specified until you had to explain yourself and just said you claimed that previously which is false. All comments are public you know. You still don't seen to get it though. You've got every right to think my comment is unnecessary just like I thought yours was. Sure just state yourself clearly next time and don't try and back track saying things you never did. Good luck with the reading compression E: all public until you delete them of course
First Last
First Last 13 days ago
@H F the person I was replying to said that they don’t want to have to talk to/assist customers and just do their job I respond saying that it’s apart of the job I’ve already gone over this I was also being responded to so your reply to me is definitely unnecessary I get you want to feel smart in the comments but go somewhere else to do it You aren’t even helpful in the process just ignorant and antagonistic
Ciborium 16 hours ago
Walmart in the metaverse is like shopping on the Walmart website but with extra steps.
eXposing Truth Ministry
Dude, I literally exploded with laughter when you said “I don’t want my fridge snitching on me” because that’s EXACTLY what they want!! Why does Walmart need to know how much food is in your fridge. That’s beyond believe man. Isn’t alexia and google home enough?
Jackal Enterprises Of Ohio
Yeah, can't we just all vote to go back to 1989 and promise to never advace technolgy anymore.
Adrian Bailey
Adrian Bailey 4 days ago
hahaha why did i still think danny’s haircut was fake until now 😂 he’s trolled us so much i can never tell anymore
GalaticLOSER 4 days ago
LMAO if danny is so bad at playing a simple obby, imagine him playing something like doors lol,
Starman the Lizard
Starman the Lizard 14 days ago
the most unrealistic part of this metaverse is the fact that their shelves are fully stocked and all the items are in the right place
Ella Elliott
Ella Elliott 3 hours ago
Don’t forget the people trying to steal and shoving things under their shirt like no one can tell they took it
ShoulderMonster 7 days ago
Tonight at Walmart most of the grapes were out of their bags. There were only a few bags with grapes left, and no empty bags, yet at least 10 bags-worth of grapes just out... Who took the empty grape bags??
Shalea Montanez
Shalea Montanez 7 days ago
Yeah and there aren't cameras in every aisle (it doesn't stop my local Walmart from being pillaged tho)
Robin Bot
Robin Bot 8 days ago
@rkittie I get a kick of dopaminé every time I click the little button, and it's my most powerful addiction.
AquaSeahorse Love
AquaSeahorse Love 11 days ago
@Lacy Taylor I bought kimchi from Walmart and it made me so sick I was throwing up. I returned it the next day and the employee said, I saw these on the regular shelves, I guess the person stocking them didn’t know they belonged in the refrigerated section. She acted like it was no big deal. I said, someone could die from eating spoiled food. She wasn’t concerned. (I’ve seen kimchi unrefrigerated before at World Market so I didn’t think anything of it at the time I was buying it) Walmart sells a lot of expired food, too. They suk, I’ve stopped buying my groceries there.
Rayy 2 days ago
When i was a pre teen i beat harder obbies so its funny to see him struggle and say “only adults can beat this” when its an easy obby
King Ryuuka
King Ryuuka Day ago
These companies realize that making a video game doesn't make them part of the mEtA VeRsE, right? rightttt? I give them too much credit
Sir. Axolotl
Sir. Axolotl 2 days ago
Congrats On Your Streamy Award Danny!!!!!!!, I've Been Subbed To You For Soooo Long And You Have Been My Favourite RU-vidr For So Long. I Wanted To See You Get One And When I Saw Your Name I Was Like, " LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Congrats Danny.
coolest. jpeg
coolest. jpeg 2 days ago
The Walmart meta verse being survival hit too close to home as someone who grew up it a not awesome area
Emperor Trans Man
Emperor Trans Man 14 days ago
When I was working at Walmart we weren't allowed to fight the customers, but I'm happy to hear the company is finally listening to the requests of its employees.
Emperor Trans Man
@Miraclelittlepie It's possible I might pass by someone in need of help without noticing, but if I noticed, I'd definitely help. I'm a teacher now, though. But I'd still offer my help as just a fellow customer.
Miraclelittlepie 12 days ago
@Brittany McColeman im in a whole wheelchair and dropped 2 things and 2 employees just walked past me my whole lap was full🥲
FlatOutlikeMcRae 12 days ago
Depends on where you work and how you articulate actions. For example I used to work in an "inner city" "high shrink risk store" and one black Friday I performed a firm customer redirection which resulted in the subject falling after they ignored multiple attempts to verbally follow the appropriate route (i.e. someone got clotheslined after trying to cut in line). No complaints, and they even said sorry
Eyes of the Cervino
@BakedThePotato Yeah, the locked cases are a nightmare. The most reliable thing I've found is to go to customer service and ask them to page someone. If they're not busy, you can sometimes even get to them from where you are by calling the store number on your cell phone.
Wellsie 12 days ago
@Emperor Trans Man yeah super sad :(
Snail Ondi
Snail Ondi Day ago
After not watching a Danny vid for like two months, I come back to Danny with a shaved head. It hurts my soul and my eyes.
ByronTheUsurper 12 hours ago
It's so crazy that more and more franchises are getting official roblox games, fucking miraculous got one years ago and it actually looks pretty decent!
Mad S
Mad S Day ago
Wow I love how drew has a buzzcut now so you can tell him apart from danny and his toothpaste colored hair.
Liam Engle
Liam Engle Day ago
Oh no Danny , It’s all about replacing the employees not the customers 😂
Mel 14 days ago
speaking of dystopian walmarts: all 3 of the walmarts in my town replaced ALL of their cashiers with self-checkout lines, the employees are literally only there to fulfill online pickup orders and if you try to talk to a single one of them they either look at you like YOU'RE the weird one for asking an employee where the yogurt is OR like they've been a ghost for 500 years and you're the first person who has ever been able to see them
Have A Good Day
Have A Good Day 35 minutes ago
@Donovan Faust As a cashier, I never use regular checkout unless I have to. Cashiering sucks
Emily B.
Emily B. 9 days ago
@kphoria I do not actually, and I did not even when I did work there. I helped plenty of people, but it's nobody's job there to teach people how to read big ass signs that tell them where everything is so they don't have to bother others.
sounds based. being a cashier is a shitty job that nobody should be doing
kphoria 10 days ago
@Emily B. sure but you work for the walmart store and therefore you work for the walmart customers. all of them.
The Dynast Queen
The Dynast Queen 12 days ago
@X_kittrix Self checkout at Dollar Tree?!?!! So they do exist! Just confirms my suspicions that they only actually mistrust certain people/poor areas as there is even 1 Super Walmart near me that has no self-checkouts yet another area that is 50% poor but also 50% tourist, cause no one thought city planning thru in Florida, has self checkouts.
Jordan C
Jordan C Day ago
I want to blame every problem I've ever had on, "SAM."
Sleepyz 3 days ago
I cant WAIT for walmart land season 2!
Kaitlyn Berrospe
Kaitlyn Berrospe 5 days ago
why have i never been more attracted to danny then when he shaved his head and put on those glasses
Usually people who shave their hair looks like the make a wish foundation kids but Drew manage to look amazing with his bald head
yoongiverse 14 days ago
Watching Danny fail horribly at probably one of the easiest obbies I’ve ever seen is hilarious
xamn 21 hour ago
@GraceNAWWW BRO HE DEAD AF 😭😭😭💀💀💀🤚
minoko 21 hour ago
Umm bcs he never ever played roblox you all acting like he did 💀
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass 2 days ago
my kid sister is better at obbies than me 😭
xamn 2 days ago
he's litterally the equivalent to a bacon hair noob
Jefferson Wright
Jefferson Wright 6 days ago
its hard to watch
Faith Brown
Faith Brown Day ago
Could you do the other Santa Claus movies for Christmas? Your review of the first one is hilarious
telegram me 👉@Dannygonzalez10
Congratulations you have been selected among my lucky winner's dm 👆💯to claim your prize now telegram only💌
Family Flamerich
Family Flamerich 6 days ago
Danny this offends me 😤😤😤 as a Walmart (not an employee but the building) I am very sad to see that you made this video in spite of me📺🚃🦷 thank you for your time
P B Day ago
Its always funny to watch people with no experience on Roblox be super confused and do things wrong when they play lmao
Israel Glymph
Israel Glymph 10 hours ago
"I don't want my fridge snitching on me to Walmart" LMAOOO
K O 14 days ago
Imagine working at Walmart HQ and they show you this horrible dystopian simulation that probably cost millions to make, and your boss is standing there smiling at you waiting for you to be like “I love it! So futuristic! People will shop at Walmart more now!” And you have to decide if it’s worth it to tell the truth
Lilibelle Wishiewski
@kphoria yeah but regularly like it’s their only option? Bro I made this comment days ago we both are different ppl in different situations now get over it lol
kphoria 10 days ago
@Lilibelle Wishiewski literally everyone shops there 💀 it’s the biggest store chain in america
Shuruff904💤 13 days ago
@HE’S coming soon Nein. I believe in the one and only, all-powerful Walmart and the true God, Sam Walton. Sam's choice®️ is the only choice. ((✊)) The angel of Sam's Choice™️ Bacon Cheddar Ranch Potato Salad has spoken to me, oh ignorant one/bot.... Unfurl thou flower and let the ranch seasoned potatoes fill you with pure bliss 🥔 🥓 🧀 🧅✝️✨
Shuruff904💤 13 days ago
@Lilibelle Wishiewski me too girl... Me too.... I got happy af when I got food stamps lol... Broke white trash I guess
D4C 6 days ago
Danny looks like the average british encounter now
sunny 3 days ago
i kept saying no no no to myself upon seeing danny's hair
dustin 4 days ago
I really just need walmart to make a vrchat world. I need a Walmart avatar to match my impersonation of the self checkout. I wouldn't stay any longer than it took me to get the avatar and dip, cuz walmart is a stress inducing nightmare, don't see why people would go to roleplay shopping there.
Rory 5 hours ago
Just to let you know Danny that if you look up fastest growing army on the internet Greg actually comes up!
cat 5 days ago
Danny never got to experience the old oof sound unfortunately
Lindsey Day ago
“wat hung back im standing on the monorail and gain 100 coins for no reason” lmao you can literally see the yellow from the coin pass through him lol 15:33
baileyelisedoll 4 days ago
danny looks so lego, love it
Bee Day ago
I feel kinda sad that Danny only saw the bad of roblox. Like people actually make really beautiful and creative games that have tens of hours poured into it. And he's over here playing Walmart world and thats his verdict on roblox lmao.
Loz 14 days ago
Danny's continued hatred of smart fridges is inspiring. What it inspires, I wouldn't like to say.
KLAUS SCHWAB 11 days ago
Wait till your social credit score too low to open the fridge
Christ Xavier Boyd
Christ Xavier Boyd 12 days ago
I would like to say: The final, inevitable annihilation of capitalism and centralized governance by billionaires About dang time! Yee haw! (The anarcho-primitivist-protohumanists will arise from the depths of said annihilation)
David Burton
David Burton 14 days ago
@Loz 😱
Loz 14 days ago
@David Burton low scale kitchen appliance violence
Kayleigh Moore
Kayleigh Moore 14 days ago
@My neck my back My crippling anxiety Attack 🎗 true
Molly Molly
Molly Molly 3 days ago
Upvote this to make Danny play spark city which is a Walmart worker simulator on the App Store. I wish I was kidding but having worked at Walmart as a manager, this game was on every iPad the store owned. The game is extremely annoying and does in fact make you feel like you’re wasting your time as a Walmart employee.
Cool cat
Cool cat 11 hours ago
Not sure why but I’d like too see him watch happily never after and happily never after two
Francisco Martel
Francisco Martel 3 days ago
Not ironically, it's probably the best implementation of real stores in a metaverse.
yeah 3 days ago
This shit makes me want to get put on the no fly list.
featureEnvy 11 days ago
There is no way in my wildest dreams as a kid I would have imagined fast forwarding to 2022 and watching a video on a tiny computer in my hand with Danny declaring he doesn't want Walmart talking to his fridge behind his back and me realizing that's a valid concern that some people have to have in these weird times
Jackal Enterprises Of Ohio
*laughs in ice-box*
Green Beans 🏳️‍🌈
@Grumpy Teen 😂
Grumpy Teen
Grumpy Teen 6 days ago
When I grow up, I might have this moment but instead with my glasses.
Raid 7 days ago
We're living in the future. Except people in the past didn't anticipate the future being so weird and not nearly as cool as they hoped
Green Beans 🏳️‍🌈
@featureEnvy they didn’t say that you were. They were talking about how *they* were born at that time.
ABuddhistAndAJew 12 hours ago
This is absolutely incredible.
Greg smith
Greg smith 4 days ago
"One of the biggest corporations..." Dude. THE biggest. There isn't another one even close. 😬
gavdav12 10 hours ago
“We just talked to your smart fridge and it told us you’re uglyyy” 😂
Hovan Sarkissian
Hovan Sarkissian 3 days ago
Looks like Danny's hairline also went to the metaverse
Sonia’s Way
Sonia’s Way 14 days ago
I really hope people start making horror games on this concept. Like it’s the perfect theme for a psychological horror dystopian game.
Constipated Frog
Constipated Frog 12 days ago
@Panko spooky
Panko 12 days ago
@Constipated Frog what’s roblox
lemon 12 days ago
yess like a year ago before this existed (?) i had a story w my friends that was kind of like this 😭😭it was a fucked up walmart that never ended and you couldn't leave. & there were digital employees too....... walmart it wasn't meant to be real please
Kuromi’sFanGirl 12 days ago
3008 is kind of like that. You're trapped in an Ikea and you have to build a base to protect yourself from the employees
J O 12 days ago
"psychological horror dystopian game" so real life since 2015?
Merc 4 days ago
"Refrigerator, Refrigerator" "Yes, Walmart?" "Do you have Milk Jug?" "No, Walmart" "Telling lies?" "No, Walmart" "Open your door" "Ha Ha Ha"
Dreamer Blackwood
Dreamer Blackwood 18 hours ago
Congrats on the Streamy award Danny!!
Sloth The Great
Sloth The Great 6 days ago
Dude, I'm literally crying laughing on how you're explaining and talking about the VR shopping experience Walmart tried to originally do. "so my cart goes to my fridge and my TV gets delivered as I'm sacrificed to stay here" 🤣😭💀💀💀 loved this.
Jonathan Stones
Jonathan Stones 4 days ago
It’s odd to see someone record a first play through as someone who doesn’t play Roblox daily but occasionally play it and then see the new player being bad at the game for example…. He sucked at the obby
Mason M
Mason M 14 days ago
i feel like that walmart vr experience could've been a real cool horror concept
Amelia Kennington
I don't watch Black Mirror, but that sounds like Black Mirror
Emi R. Hill
Emi R. Hill Day ago
@Hearti Ko I have no idea. I’m not sure I’m good at normal. I love you.
Emi R. Hill
Emi R. Hill Day ago
@yeet hiTTTer dude thank you
Noah TN
Noah TN 7 days ago
you should play more Roblox, but only the good games. Maybe rainbow friends or natural disaster survival which are the best starter games
Hearti Ko
Hearti Ko 11 days ago
@Emi R. Hill just curious, is it normal now to commission people in RU-vid comments? I've never seen that before
meowing 20 hours ago
This is embarrassing but still funny🤣🤣🤣
jay 3 days ago
I wish Danny would make Greg stickers, I need people to know that my phone belongs to me(Greg)
Cla Ida
Cla Ida 6 days ago
I'm traumatised by this hair change. These things need to be gradual, it's too much of a revolution in my environment and I'll miss your luscious locks, but actually good for you for not getting people like me dictate your life choices. The shit Walmart and the Metaverse are up to is a strong second in my list of traumas tho. I hope I won't be reassured and suddenly wake up in a universe where I've let this become my life.
Medusa 6 days ago
@Lord Quas I'm fairly sure they are kidding
Lord Quas
Lord Quas 6 days ago
There are so many levels of red flags in this comment 🧐
Elles Realm
Elles Realm 4 days ago
Dad: “I’m leaving to get milk” *puts on headset*
Underrated comment.
Aa Kk
Aa Kk 14 days ago
Danny purposely pissing off someone that’s very likely a kid is way too hilarious 😂
Travis wolf
Travis wolf 11 days ago
Kokushibo 14 days ago
@fo lover I personally love Walmart, I don’t understand the hate
jas 14 days ago
isn’t that the correct way to roblox
Amiri 14 days ago
@ILubBL it was probably a kid, roblox trolls would spam slurs in chat
loxer 14 days ago
That’s the best part of roblox tbh.
olivia 6 days ago
I actually love Danny’s new hair ngl
Melanie 2 days ago
4:25 "I don't want a fridge with a personality...just give me my sAuces"
BearUmbrella 2 days ago
That weird “DUEH” sound is the sound when you reset your avatar or die. There was an old sound which went “OOF”. The old oof sound was removed recently.
Adam Owens
Adam Owens 10 hours ago
Danny looks like every 12 year old that based their hair off an old military propaganda cartoon
Contor r
Contor r 14 days ago
With his glasses, long buzzcut, and one color T shirt he looks like every 5 year old I have ever seen. This was probably the point but I’m just impressed that he managed to get it so accurate.
rename again 💀
rename again 💀 10 days ago
@Mister Awan spooky Sagittarius
Mister Awan
Mister Awan 11 days ago
@rename again 💀 alpha/beta males is very well established in nature, clearly you are a soypilled NPC who does not think. Look at the mating strategies of wolves and chimps. Do you think humans are really any different?!? I have seen plenty of information on this on various internet forums and at a certain point you just can't deny reality. I walked into a Wendy's today down the street from my house and I could not manage to get the attention of a single female. And women always block me on Facebook. Yet Chads can be complete jerks and still have women get obsessed with them. How many stories have you heard about women constantly going back to their toxic ex? Or how they can't get over a man who treats them like trash? This is very common and it is because they are confident alphas. More and more men are feeling abandoned in this modern world. Now we are starting to wake up. But by all means, deny reality even more. Continue to consume the lies given to you from CNN and Hollywood as they soypill you with their bs.
Jelly Ellipsis
Jelly Ellipsis 12 days ago
@Mister Awan seriously cringe. Women don’t not like you because of “chads” they don’t like you because you’re cringy af and don’t see them as people. Go outside.
rename again 💀
rename again 💀 12 days ago
@Mister Awan alpha/beta is the male equivalent of star signs lmao
Mister Awan
Mister Awan 12 days ago
@Jelly Ellipsis Females make rules for betas. Females break the rules for alphas. Do not mock me because I see through your trickery
cetriya's Art n Comics Channel
at this point, you'll have to learn to hack your fridge to keep it connected to the internent
dweever 17 hours ago
I have no idea who you are or why this video was suggested but it's very entertaining. I can't wait til gamers completely break this VR app. Lol. Anywho, well done, sir.
Chava 8 days ago
The VR shopping video reminds me of a horror game called "The Open House" where you're basically looking around a house that's for sale but it's slightly creepy and ominous and there are small details that tell you about what might've happened in this house and all that and that video could totally be made into a horror game by being given a similar premise.
"I already feel kind of dystopian walking into a walmart in the real world" - too accurate
beetlemania 8 days ago
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That’s crazy that Walmart can advertise directly to children, without transparency, with impunity
Samuel 10 days ago
What is with people thinking it is illegal to advertise to children? Haha
Stephen Liu
Stephen Liu 10 days ago
@Lifted I'm not a lawyer but I think you can advertise to kids in the US, but they can't be potentially misleading or deceptive to kids. I'd say making walmart seem like a fun place with dance offs and free merchandise is definitely misleading though
IThinkYoureWrong 10 days ago
@faun ohhh. I understand. Thanks for clearing that up!
faun 10 days ago
@IThinkYoureWrongthe affects of corporations are long lasting and tragic but are manmade and can be burned down - hurricanes are natural and unavoidable, but still a tragedy to observe the wreckage of, thus the comparison
Hunter Vonnegut
Hunter Vonnegut 10 days ago
The USA is 100% controlled by the rich. Walmart can do whatever they want and break whatever laws they want. Make no mistake. Walmart could literally kidnap your family and get away with it.
tbxvividos 6 days ago
Wtf wal mart hired Felicia Day to be their metaverse shopping assistant? She needs money that badly?
jihmb Day ago
Such a shame he didn't get to see the portion of Walmart-Land where Kevin Jonas suggests that everyone gets popcorn bc obviously that's what the Jonas brothers love to eat backstage at shows........ wtf was this
Vishi Kant
Vishi Kant 4 days ago
Danny I'm a 31yo guy from india. I recently started watching yours and Drew's videos. Considering the fact that the world is practically on fire and most content creation for entertainment is dominated by unfunny misogynistic garb, your content is oddly therapeutic and hopeful. You're very funny and it's visible that you work hard, even if you yourself might feel differently about it sometimes. Thank you. All the best. Edit: I have the notifications off for the whole platform, not just your channel but trust me I'm truly GREG.
skep 2 days ago
It took me a second to realize the volume thing was probably originally the “oof” before it got replaced
Hvot YT
Hvot YT 14 days ago
I love how it "verifies" your age based on the age of your account but half of the children lie about their age, so Walmart is selling children alcohol
Jada Balding
Jada Balding 13 days ago
If you live in the state I do, Walmart isn’t allowed to sell anybody alcohol. But most liquor stores here don’t even card so we should allow it but liquor stores gain so much money on that law so they’re hanging on to it
Hvot YT
Hvot YT 13 days ago
@Cee Gee Fursuits it's just the way they worded it
chickenfoot 13 days ago
you guys realise online shopping already exists, right? this is a normal way to do things lol
thats so ari
thats so ari 14 days ago
you have to show your id lmfao
Cee Gee Fursuits
Cee Gee Fursuits 14 days ago
*young shoppers
babahu15 2 days ago
the agressive tossing of the milk lmaoo
sproutletMOSS 17 hours ago
danny i know a friend irl who has a face that looks exactly like yours and that scares me
The VR shopping video reminds me of a horror game called "The Open House" where you're basically looking around a house that's for sale but it's slightly creepy and ominous and there are small details that tell you about what might've happened in this house and all that and that video could totally be made into a horror game by being given a similar premise.
Lord Brobert
Lord Brobert 5 days ago
We really do live in the lamest dystopia.
Dumb Spaghetti
Dumb Spaghetti 12 days ago
Oh wow! As a British child I can finally experience the American shopping experience! I bet Walmart will 100% be looking like this in real life, how cool!
AkiraJaxon 5 days ago
@Millys .........
Hunee 9 days ago
Uuuhhhhh, lol as an American, yeaaahhhhh, it’s just like this. You get your own person floating assistant thing. You don’t have to touch anything. They automatically add to our cart.
Ava M
Ava M 9 days ago
This is exactly what it looks like except sprinkle in a few more crackheads
T Ax
T Ax 9 days ago
Me too! The blimp that drops toys is super cool!
BeansBoy69 9 days ago
@KLAUS SCHWAB or the virtual gunman shoots you with virtual bullets
Itz mymy
Itz mymy 3 days ago
What do you mean this is Danny? Drew dyed his hair and then it fell off so now we’re here..
Dang_Doggg 2 days ago
The only terrifying thing I see is that damn buzz cut 💀
MajorThrett 18 hours ago
I like how he didn't even bother looking up Walmart Land on roblox, he just scrolled until it popped up
Jane, Quinn, and Grace's Channel
the yassified Van Gogh part caught me wayyy off guard 💀
Sabrina Griffin
Sabrina Griffin 14 days ago
Watching that dystopian walmart vr clip felt like getting a glimpse into a circle of purgatory. Like if you die at a grocery store, you get sent to this weird walmart limbo and are never allowed to leave, you just have to shop forever while your groceries disappear as you buy them and then you have to get more. So yeah thats gonna haunt my dreams now thanks
수아! 10 days ago
@tobimobi sorry forgot the /j
lies, all lies.
lies, all lies. 12 days ago
Imagine you're in the backrooms and suddenly you clip into Walmart. Terrifying!
Belle Kelly
Belle Kelly 14 days ago
May as well start up that shoplifting hobby you always wanted to do
Welcome To The Void
I can’t breather 😂stoppp
Toss out acc
Toss out acc 14 days ago
Like that ikea scp but Walmart
it ony a movie
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