The New 2023 Nissan Z Is a Legend Revived

Doug DeMuro
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New 2023 Nissan Z review! The new 2023 Nissan Z is here -- and today I'm reviewing it! I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the new Nissan Z, and I'll show you the Z inside and out. I'm also going to drive the new 2023 Z and review the driving experience, and I'll show you what it's like behind the wheel.


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May 15, 2022




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Comments 8 824
Doug DeMuro
Doug DeMuro Month ago
Note the Z Performance also comes with a limited-slip differential -- another nice benefit over the Sport!
mustanglife 15 days ago
I'm more into mustangs the new supra is over done, the mark 4 was the best looking supra they ever had to me anyways, but that's my opinion
WHY ASK ME 18 days ago
davidhunternyc Month ago
I'm so sick and tired of the high belt lines on cars today. Every car manufacturer does it. Why? I wan't more glass, not less.
Ben Jackson
Ben Jackson Month ago
@Reformed Garbage hardly looks like an off roader. There is an adequate, and symmetrical space around the wheel.
Reformed Garbage
@Ben Jackson well duh yeah I know... but still. They could've closed up 2 inches of wheel gap without sacrificing anything. Then for all of the people who don't modify their cars, they could at least drive around in something that doesn't look like an off-roader.
TechZach Month ago
This car is a stunning departure from the norm in the automotive world. It doesn’t look like a spaceship or some horrific modern art like so many other offerings and the power train seems competent and targeted to the people who will actually buy it. The best thing I’ve seen roll out of a Nissan dealership in recent memory.
mark jaycox
mark jaycox 2 days ago
Dougie Quick
Dougie Quick 17 days ago
looks just like the old one no one wanted to buy....okay it's a lot better but I'm just saying at a glance it LOOKS like the same body
debendra gurung
debendra gurung 24 days ago
AND Most Importantly it is MANUALLLLLLL.
Jolanta Mitura
Jolanta Mitura Month ago
SAUCE 15 days ago
Solid car. Can’t see anyone getting a 9 speed auto on this tho.. 😵‍💫. Manual is worth learning just for the 6 speed-
Ale 6 days ago
@VeggiePlant Bruh It's actually really good if you can't sleep. Less than 10 minutes driving an automatic and you will be already yawning
Tart28 10 days ago
@abc xyz settle down lol were lazy. I have no intention of ever learning unless I get a sports car. but I want a big luxury boat which has no need for manual
You Tube
You Tube 11 days ago
Some people dont want to be bothered with shifting. Some people dont need a manual to have fun in a car. People purchased that fake Supra and its automatic 🤷🏽‍♂️ Everyone has their own preference.
VeggiePlant Bruh
VeggiePlant Bruh 11 days ago
@abc xyz In the U.S. all you need to know is push Go pedal and Stop pedal and Turn. Tbf that's really all you need to know if you're doing A to B driving to the office and have no interest in cars or at the limits driving.
VeggiePlant Bruh
VeggiePlant Bruh 11 days ago
@abc xyz This idea makes sense in Europe where your worst drivers and elderly can just take public transit. In the U.S. we're extremely car dependent, little if any public transit and so we do as much as possible to ensure anyone with a pulse can get a car license.
kolim jone
kolim jone Month ago
Nissan did this car well. Especially having an actual e-brake and not an electric one? I'm excited to see people using these for drift builds. I want one.
Marco Farmer-Bantjes
Yeah drift modes, this isn't 2001 and this isn't fast and furious, people grow up . Nissan you screwed up
hazy33 24 days ago
@Chris Chow In normal countries we have a hand brake ;)
Chris Chow
Chris Chow Month ago
@Joe raza The don't have to be fans of Nissan, just fans of driving manual in general.
Joe raza
Joe raza Month ago
Nissan fans getting excited about a e brake lmfao the absolute state
Turbo-Fan Month ago
i like how focused this car is, anyone interested in the Z is clearly an enthusiast and wont care about 360 camera and and how many USB plugs you have, i hope more cars are more like that and not a bloated and overpriced junk
Logik Bomb
Logik Bomb 24 days ago
The uhh, USB charging cables are a $90 option.
Bones12x2 Month ago
@PaldBenis this does though. The features it doesnt have arent really standard and in fact most I personally don't even car about or want. People nowadays want all kinds of features then wonder why cars cost more, weigh more, and are bigger. A modern sports car needs air-con, a decent infotainment screen,, the proper gauges in the dash, cruise control, power windows, maybe a backup camera, and some decent speakers.... Thats basically it. I don't even want power seats. As for nonperformance things, I honestly can't think of anything else Id even want or need in a non-luxury/expensive car.
PaldBenis Month ago
you can be a “focused” car and still have a reasonable amount of standard features lol
Bones12x2 Month ago
@John Simion having one is nice but a total unnecessary luxury. Parking isnt that hard.
John Simion
John Simion Month ago
Anybody who drives and parks should and will care about the 360 camera. It's a practical feature that has nothing to do with not being an enthusiast or not. I have it on two out of three cars but NOT on my C7 Corvette, and I miss having it every single time I drive the Vette. I can live without it and I guess Z drivers will, too, but there's a darned good reason Chevy put it on the new C8 Corvette. To say enthusiasts won't care about not having it is really, really stupid.
RE: the gauges on top of the dash. Battery voltage is pretty useful and can help diagnose an electrical issue. Frankly, the turbine speed gauge is the useless one. You never need to know that. I'd rather swap that out for an oil pressure gauge.
msromike 14 hours ago
EGT is what I was thinking would be nice.
tren133 17 days ago
I would think the three best gauges should be turbo boost, oil pressure, and coolant temperature
L'antre Month ago
You're right. I would add that the oil pressure AND temperature will be really useful.
Brian Floster
Brian Floster Month ago
Everything you need, and nothing that you don't. 3-pedals, no gimmicks, no million different modes. Love it. I hope they sell a boatload of them. Well done Nissan.
Ale 6 days ago
@Illian Ciende Inferior every way? You never drove off road didn't you?
6 3
6 3 19 days ago
@Ryan Wunderlin and you enjoy getting passed by evs while thinking your 20 speed auto is the pinnacle of tech.
6 3
6 3 19 days ago
@Illian Ciende it's not about need. It's about want. For example. You didn't need to leave such a dumb comment over a feature you are perfectly capable of foregoing. But you wanted to and here we are.
Pg13 20 days ago
@Illian Ciende the people who buy manual cars don’t buy them because they want to get the perfect quarter mile. They buy manuals because you have more control and it’s more fun to drive. Automatics are better if you are on a track or need a daily driver but for everything else a manual will always be better.
Catalin Timofti
Catalin Timofti 23 days ago
@Illian Ciende "vintage" my ass it is simple vs the complex automatics
I think this is a cost conscious revival done right. Money went where it had to go, engine transmission and updated infotainment. And the recycled parts from last gen have minimal impact on a fresh new experience. At base, definitely this v6 over the 4 banger Supra. Top trim though, we’ll let the comp tests decide.
Ayrton GodzilarOG7337
I actually commend Nissan for coming up with a reborn old-school design. Many characteristics and features remind me of why I still choose to drive a 25 year old Skyline GTR today.
taur 14 days ago
@Andrew G It is, actually. There is no objectively polite response to abject ignorance, in this case. You hate people who have things you don’t. Im sorry you’re so insecure.
Andrew G
Andrew G 14 days ago
@taur I see reading isn't your strong suit.
taur 14 days ago
@Ayrton GodzilarOG7337 To be fair, the triple gauge pod styling started in the 1969 240z. It carried over to the Skyline.
taur 14 days ago
@Andrew G OP: "I own a Skyline"; Internet: "REEEEEEEEEE I DON'T SO YOU ARE A LIAR!!!1""
The non Farm
The non Farm 3 days ago
I was introduced to this car in Rocket League about a month ago. Absolutely love the design! And a manual transmission! Hell Yeah! Nissan has lost my attention for about the last decade but they have it back with this one!
Thomas Gardner
Thomas Gardner 3 days ago
I like this car. Doesn’t mess around with too much tech, is driver focused, and has good classic features like a hand brake
Garrett Month ago
i am absolutely horrified to see how much dealerships end up charging for this. I'll totally be in the market for one once they're close to msrp.
msromike 14 hours ago
Doesn't hurt to wait a year.
Jan Koneczný
Jan Koneczný 7 days ago
How it cost with MSRP in dealership? In Europe we have different prices - almost same as original price from factory (of course for new car in dealership) it's different in NA? I mean in CA is different prices in every NISSAN dealership? Or it's just about state - different state=different prices?
2legitkong 8 days ago
You will wait for a preowned one then
aLeX GeNeSiS
aLeX GeNeSiS 17 days ago
They go crazy on prices because most of the buyers are RU-vidrs that earn free money by just uploading 💩.
RedShiftRider 20 days ago
@Stevorn Richards the exact amount the manufacturer designed us to make. How much profit do you have to make before a customer realizes you’re ripping them off and goes elsewhere? There’s 6 DCJR dealers within a 30 mile radius. There’s options. There’s no room for price gouging regardless of inventory levels.
Ethan Day ago
I think Nissan did a great job with this Z. So happy they kept the manual.
ErelasInglor Month ago
The derrière of this car is so appealing, pair that with the functional no nonsense interior and it still feels like a sports car you could have been driving in the 1980s. Unique curvature and hearkening back to the earlier designs...not naturally aspirated but overall looks like an amazing sports car to zip around in! That silver-brushed steel Z shown I almost found more appealing than the one getting the review, hope to see one of these on the road!
Can’t wait man hopefully dealerships near me don’t go crazy
smh ok
smh ok 28 days ago
I love how easy it is to read Doug and tell if he actually likes the car or not. He’s seen a million and definitely knows what he likes and doesn’t
Jarrett Embry
Jarrett Embry 25 days ago
I think that the “drive mode” idea is moot in a manual. “Eco mode” in most cars just changes the pedal mapping to need more throttle position to get the same amount of throttle, which I’ve found is just disorienting when driving a manual when getting moving or downshifting. In fact, my Focus ST doesn’t have drive modes, but it stiffens the throttle response automatically if you drive it aggressively, and it’s disorienting when you try to drive normally after passing the Prius that cut you off.
Samdagorilla19 Month ago
Wow! A brand that didn't turn a legendary performance car into a family sedan! Edit: Where did all these likes come from lol
Henry's Tech And Stuff
true the integra shouldve been a coupe but atleast its still a sports car, they couldve made it without a manual or vtec
Metal Hackysack
Metal Hackysack 28 days ago
Those likes are from fellow performance enthusiasts who cry out like lost souls wandering in the desert of SUVs, crossovers, and hyper over priced trucks.
liquidwombat 28 days ago
Yeah, but they also are still trying to sell a decade plus old car as somehow being new because they slapped a new body on it
Red Harlow
Red Harlow Month ago
@E H I agree they should make it 2-door again like the '94 was but I don't see that happening
E H Month ago
​@Red Harlow Sounds awesome, the current Sentra seems great, even better if you get the manual(S and SR trims here in Canada). Would just be amazing if we get a new SE-R Spec V
Shawny G
Shawny G Month ago
The E-Brake and the tail lights!!! Heck yeah engine is sweet, that limited slip differential in the performance Z is gonna be sweet .. also the big rear window I’m loving this ! Toyota and Nissan are crushing it, Subaru gonna take the backseat for a while it seems
Dusteepoot 8 days ago
Solid review! I have attention to detail like Doug, and this helped me substantially on choosing vs. the Supra.
Cannibal Bacon
Cannibal Bacon Month ago
"Lacking on driver assists" Imagine buying a car like this to just sit in it.
MishtahPoog 25 days ago
[8:53] Whoa, that silver one somehow looks the best out of any I've seen so far. Ditching that black roof accent thing and using a brighter, more reflective color shows off the body lines and creases more. It looks great in silver!
Josh Spades
Josh Spades Month ago
Nissan did this car well. Especially having an actual e-brake and not an electric one? I'm excited to see people using these for drift builds. I want one.
Walter White
Walter White Month ago
Who the fuck is gonna drift a new Z with an outrageous sticker price.
Mazda 787B
Mazda 787B Month ago
@FEGTTTSDH I can't speak for everyone, but for me a twin turbo is an automatic NO
David Magana
David Magana Month ago
@Ashley Richard Moldskred because nobody can afford it in the current economy.
Bernard Bernabe
Bernard Bernabe Month ago
@Ashley Richard Moldskred cos only college girls want this
Brian Gmail
Brian Gmail Month ago
I had a 370, never could fall in love with it and sold it soon after buying it. #1 complaint was comfort, just terrible seats. #2 was how terrible it sounded; just like a Frontier V6 pickup. Seems like Doug sensed the exact same thing with this one. No performance sound at all. Maybe the turbos will help. Also, 2 laps on the track and they were ready to melt. Hoping cooling system is track tested on new model.
Jay Swisher
Jay Swisher Month ago
This makes me feel good. No driving modes. Just three pedals and a shifter. This seems like a winner. We will have to see how the engine plays out. Also. Using the 370z platform means that maybe there are some crossover aftermarket parts. Probably making it easier to modify. No driver assists and frilly Nilly shit is a GOOD thing
askmaxim Month ago
You can stop in the middle of the road to tell us your driving impressions while other cars wait patiently behind. Just kidding. You are awesome Doug
Kai Ponte
Kai Ponte Month ago
I've always been a fan of the Z cars. I'm old and had a friend, who's older brother owned a 260Z. I was in high school when the Z31 gave way to the Z32. I really wanted a Z31 300ZX. Eventually, I got a Maxima with the VQ engine. Nice to see Nissan sticking to their roots and allowing for a manual transmission, even though hardly anyone will drive it. Though I'm confused why rev matching wouldn't be standard. (Wonder how many manual transmission BMW Supras Toyota will sell.) This looks like a beautiful car. Cool that the Proto version sold only 240 units.
John O'Neill
John O'Neill Month ago
Absolutely love the fact that the manual version doesn’t have a “sport mode” anyone buying the car wants to have a sporty driving experience whenever they get in it just have it the way it is
AatonA Month ago
$80k in Canada
John O'Neill
John O'Neill Month ago
@kush god gee thanks dude bro! Happy for your input!
kush god
kush god Month ago
lmao nah you havent been in a super car if you dont want to switch modes.. supsension gets tighter steering gets tighter more responsive motor exhaust opens..... stick to toyotas bro
Ad visory
Ad visory 11 days ago
i absolutely love the taillights on the Z. almost looks a bit 80ish
Harold Lee
Harold Lee 11 days ago
I had one of these new back in 91’ 300 zx turbo with 3.0 v6 twin turbo 300 hp 300 lb ft with 6 speed and bit lighter around 5 seconds flat to 60 and 6 speed t-top, fast and one of the best looking ( I’m biased) sports car on the road back then, not much has changed for the Z since then..good on ya Nissan, and one of the most notable vehicle Nissan make imo
Shiny Shiny Black
This car design makes me so happy! Such a great tribute to the OG Z
Sean Ivey
Sean Ivey Month ago
Yo, this thing looks amazing! Love all the throwbacks to the previous Z's.
Jozef Kolník
Jozef Kolník Month ago
i actually love that the car isn't over packed with technology, looks simpler and way cooler to me
zee Month ago
@Cris okay stop replying in essays
Cris Month ago
@zee that's exactly and literally what i was saying. I never talk to you. You still care enough to reply me. "Don't care" is not a point. I have my opinion. If you have your's don't @ me, just talk to your hand.
zee Month ago
@Cris you were making a point under someone's reply, i made a point under yours. that's called the internet *ba-dum-tssss*
Facundo Chiquello
Makes me think of my s2000 just a simple interior
Cris Month ago
@zee I wasn't even talking to you lol. Just making a point. You care enough to make a comment.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Month ago
Really impressed with the stock power. It will be interesting to see how much people can safely ring out of these with performance mods
João Vítor
João Vítor Month ago
@duc huynh vuong ok
duc huynh vuong
duc huynh vuong Month ago
Gordiesang Month ago
Pointing out the references to old Z's made me really appreciate the design of the car
Rabbit Enjoyer
Rabbit Enjoyer 26 days ago
I love that the instrument cluster's Sport mode makes the tachometer HUGE. They should use that screen to show engine RPMs for adjacent gears.
Car Design Shorts
The roof gives the Z such a dramatic side view. I’m looking forward to seeing one in the metal!
TimeBucks Month ago
the car looks good
Kishun gamer
Kishun gamer Month ago
Nice video bro
Rinku Devi
Rinku Devi Month ago
Very nice car
zee Month ago
well said
Howdy15 Month ago
@David Guliver cant really complain after the ugly supra
David Guliver
David Guliver Month ago
kapil busawah
kapil busawah Month ago
Japan bringing out the best driver cars really these days. Toyota/ Subaru GT86/BRZ, Toyota GR86, Nissan Z. Manual cars are such a great experience and only Japan seems to understand what a great car can be made in the modern world. I didn't think I'd see manuals so strong again and thought Porsche only deserved praise for their excellent manual 911 of recent
David Rabenius
David Rabenius Month ago
The origional 240Z had a nose upgrade referred to a "G" nose. It added a few inches in front of where the hood ended. The Light buckets had clear covers with chrome borders. Several companies offered the G nose as a upgrade, it reminded me of a Jaguar X type nose.
SuckMeSoftly Month ago
Im very happy to see a manual transmission is still an option!
Doug MacDougall
Doug MacDougall Month ago
Stunning work from Nissan. Truly an affordable, stylish, functional track toy with solid power and easy avenues to upgrade. Nissan knows ppl will do their own wheels/tires/brakes - imagine this with Apex rims and proper rubber. They also know we don’t give a toss about nav systems or reversing cameras. 400hp in base model? Yes please. Supra not even in the conversation… the wind buffeting problem alone renders it useless on track, not to mention its underpowered. Gauge cluster in sport mode shows exactly what you need.. oil, water, tire pressures. The aesthetic heritage nods are tastefully done. Can’t wait to see these Z’s properly modded out at the track. It’s about the only car I’d almost consider replacing my M2 with… almost. Bravo Nissan… EPIC work!
Jack Noe
Jack Noe Month ago
As an owner of a 1973 240 Z, the Battery Voltage meter on top of the dash is one of the most useful gauges in that old car, so I'm happy to see it return in the new Z. Hopefully I'll be able to pick one of these up in Silver to match my old 240. Great review, Doug, let me know if you want to do a review of my 240Z.
Marcus Poccia
Marcus Poccia Month ago
i also have an old z, and was thinking the same! glad to see it back.
Jack Noe
Jack Noe Month ago
@Jeffrey S I had to disconnect my clock since it stopped working and just drained the battery. :D But more cars need analogue clocks, for sure!
Jeffrey S
Jeffrey S Month ago
The third guage should have been an analog clock with sweeping second hand! I miss my 240z and 260z
Th3 ArCh0n
Th3 ArCh0n Month ago
@Cj Edwards "generally"
Jack Noe
Jack Noe Month ago
@Th3 ArCh0n Makes sense, given the scope of Cars and Bids. :)
John Month ago
Great review. I read somewhere quite a while back that the chrome trim piece that runs along the top of the roof to the rear hatch is supposed to resemble a Japanese Samurai sword. Don’t know if that’s accurate or not, but I sort of see the resemblance.
Johnny Mula
Johnny Mula 7 days ago
I think Nissan did a great job paying homage to each generation while making a completely new model. I like this remake a lot.
Tommy Suan
Tommy Suan Month ago
I love how Doug knows his stuff and it’s clear he’s done research and has passion for the subject matter. Subscribing now.
The Locals Only Podcast
I love the fact the carry over stuff is in there. No one wants to turn on heated seats through a screen. No one wants to change the fan speed through the screen. All infotainment stays in the screen. Anything that needs to activate or disable should be a hard button.
Nipandeerus 95
Nipandeerus 95 Month ago
@Anton Chua Were you dropped as a child or what went wrong with you?
Anton Chua
Anton Chua Month ago
@Nipandeerus 95 Maybe English isn't your first language. It's okay, take your time to learn it
Nipandeerus 95
Nipandeerus 95 Month ago
@Anton Chua I can see now how using the climate controls would be a problem for you. Great to know drivers like you are on the roads.
Radeon McCullum
Radeon McCullum 6 days ago
When I first saw the new Z prototype, I thought it would be going to be an insane electric sports car.
M E Month ago
That back end looks so good reminds me of when I was a teenager and one of my friends had a early 90's 240 and they have somethings similar
Wesley Walls
Wesley Walls Month ago
While I obviously haven’t seen or heard it in person, from all of the videos I’m glad you’ve pointed out how bad it seemingly sounds…that’s certainly disappointing, but hopefully something that could be somewhat remedied by an aftermarket exhaust.
Charles Horseman
Charles Horseman 29 days ago
15:21 Thank god for the sport mode, because having the speedometer to the right, and the tach to the left is just counterintuitive imo. Also at 31:00 that sounds like a CDV clutch, which z's traditionally didn't have. (linear)
Dank Memer
Dank Memer Month ago
Love this new Z. No fake vents or any “try hard” all show no go features. The design is simple, modern, yet still iconically a Z with elements of old. It shares the platform with another car but that other car is still a nissan rather than some other manufacturer. And it comes with a manual right off the bat rather than waiting several years after launch to drop in the manual making the people who cashed out for the earlier models feel pranked. I certainly would not have thought nissan would be capable of making a nice sports car after the novelty of the r35 wore off.
Iceman511 Month ago
@Anne Phetxumphou it's not just parts bin doorhandles, the entire car minus the engine and body is lifted from the 370z, which itself was lifted from the 350z. A good chunk of this car is nearly 20 years old from the showroom floor. And this absolutely isn't the only way to build a sportscar. Toyota/BMW didn't scavenge the old parts bin the Supra and z4, Toyota/Subaru didn't scavenge the old parts bin the 86, Ford didn't scavenge the old parts bin for the mustang, Mazda didn't scavenge the old parts bin for the Miata, etc. All these cars have vastly better interiors and more modern parts at a significantly lower price point. Hell, for the price of the z, you can get a pp2 mustang GT with more power
Anne Phetxumphou
@Iceman511 Yeah... but this is the only way cars like this can come into existence. I'd rather have cool new sports cars with parts bin door handles than no cool sports cars at all!
Senna_Grillo12 Month ago
@B58_Billy The B58 sounds better than the Nissan Z’s VR30DDTT. It seems universally, the Nissan Z doesn’t sound as good out of the box from the reviews. But, that’s what the tuner market is for!
Senna_Grillo12 Month ago
Well, remember the Z has a far greater legacy than the Supra. The Supra’s legacy really began…in 2001 with “Fast and the Furious.” It was popular before. I remember going to a tuner shop in Ohio after work in 1997 and he had a Supra on Blitz 18” wheels with 450hp which…was a lot then. So, the new Z has a lineage to pull from. The Supra…not so much, unless you made a MK4.5 “clone” of the MK4. So Toyota had more leeway to go bolder on styling than Nissan.
HeroOfTime Month ago
@Daniel Morales it's an old motor. Over 10 years old. Nothing new about it. Plus the motor has major issues. You're spending a ton of money on a "new" car when you can buy the same thing for only 20k. Plus the car is ugly af. This car has been made fun of ever since the announcement.
J M Month ago
You can tell Doug isnt a die-hard Z guy. We could care less about engine sounds and the heavy "zoned" clutch action that acts more like a lever than a pedal is a hallmark of Z cars. The new Z is supposed to be a return-to-form for Nissan and it shows they did their homework on what pre-Z33 drivers loved about Z cars.
S..a Month ago
@Dryerlint truer words have never been spoken
link Month ago
Adam Jones
Adam Jones Month ago
Dryerlint Month ago
After looking at his spreadsheet I'm not even sure he's a die-hard car guy.
Sinine1100 Month ago
Well, now I kind of want a Nissan... Manual, actual handbrake (not one of those useless e-brakes), 400hp, RWD...
Bill In The Box
Bill In The Box Month ago
Harkening back to so many past Z models, especially the black roof and taillights, I completely approve of this car.
Jordan Month ago
Yay for the Doug score. This is a great take on a classic car
joshua ooroth
joshua ooroth Month ago
Doug is the type of guy to confuse the words horizontal and vertical, several times.
lee batt
lee batt Month ago
Dougs best pick up line, “hey baby, wanna get vertical?”.
pauldzim Month ago
Hey, so geometry isn't his strong suit
Daniel Knepper
Daniel Knepper Month ago
Yes, but he is so easy to use, practical, and very intuitive.
Quincy Poaches
Quincy Poaches Month ago
@Vlad Vulcan I thought that, and then he talked about the turn signal being vertical, soooo....
Matthew Urso
Matthew Urso Month ago
what, the horizon doesn't go up and down for you?
Eddie Toro
Eddie Toro Month ago
Leave it to Doug to do a Z review and then follow it up with a sponsor spot featuring a Supra! You go Doug!
double dont
double dont 20 days ago
I like how they combined stylings of the past into one car
The River Pirate 13
Glad to see the Z is back! I had a 1979 Datsun 280ZX for 16 years before I sold it. It was a fun car to drive plus upgrade/modify! My 280ZX in the end before I sold it looked like Paul Newman's SCCA Group C race car. This new Z looks like only the exhaust sound needs an upgrade. I see a lot of heritage design from all the previous Z cars which I like. Personally, I like cars with styling quirks that don't see on other cars. Thanks for the ride along Doug!
that linux guy
that linux guy 29 days ago
Yes, yes, yes ,yes, yes. This is exactly what I want in a sports car. I guess they do know their customers well.
Ranjit Singh
Ranjit Singh Month ago
I cant wait to see modified versions of this, I'm sure the widebody versions are going to look insane. And the power gains you'll get for $3k-$5k would cost $12k-$15k to get out of a 370z.
cory lepire
cory lepire Month ago
@L3GENDARY LAG I mean the motor build and turbo kit, then labor if you can't do it yourself. Gonna be $15,000-$20,000
fab Month ago
I mean it's gonna be cheaper to add a bigger turbo. Dunno if the block can take it tho.
Hanoi Menace
Hanoi Menace Month ago
@cory lepire 650-700 is pushing it.
@cory lepire what turbo costs that much
Logan Month ago
@CC Chodkowski its also a larger displacement and that would still require larger turbos than are on this, and you have to reorganize the entire engine bay to fit the turbos, intercoolers, and piping and every other complication that goes along with converting a NA engine to FI. this engine all you have to do is swap the turbos to bigger ones. its always a lot easier and cheaper to upgrade a car that is FI from factory than convert it from NA to FI
Weston Meyers
Weston Meyers 26 days ago
Nissan is definitely my favorite automobile manufacturer overall… they have so much range and I think they’re very under appreciated
Reefy M
Reefy M 6 days ago
Nissan is dogwater. They were awesome before they invented the Altima.
Simon Yeung
Simon Yeung Month ago
To me the standard Z looks more elegant and tighter finished. The performance version looks like some aftermarket parts being slapped on it
lancekeltner7 Month ago
That 400hp is a great move. I agree that the sound from the engine is abysmal. I'm not usually a guy that puts exhausts on cars, but this car neeeeeeeeeeds something in that department. Aftermarket to the rescue! That said, I think this car will do well and if the bottom end can hold hp upgrades, I'd expect the tuner market to adopt it easily, especially as used ones show up in several years.
VOIP Portland
VOIP Portland Month ago
Nismo exhaust already in the works!
David Datura
David Datura 14 days ago
That lackluster gear change and clutch action, has pretty much killed it for me unfortunately. What’s the point of a manual gear change if it’s not any fun? 🤷‍♂️
Dan 2806
Dan 2806 Month ago
I love how he says that the lines in the taillights are vertical, not horizontal. And he also repeats it over and over.😂😂 Doug... You're the best
Mr.Shady Month ago
I’m in a business where we talk about horizontal and vertical all the time, I’d say half the population doesn’t get it…..strange.
Turbo Month ago
Lol yeah
Martina Gerber
Martina Gerber Month ago
23:23 Hermosa elección HOTGIRLS18.FUN los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer 10:10 Hopi: Sweeter 11:12 Sun: Hotter 00:18 Joonie: Cooler 18:00 Yoongy: Butter 23:23 Son unos de los mejores conciertos mañas no se la Las elecciones cinematográficas y artísticas son brillantes. Referencias culturales europeas realmente interesantes. Ojalá la cultura europea se representara más a menudo tan bellamente. No puedo dejar de decir "oh, esto es hermoso" a lo largo del video. Luz, en serio... el que se encargue de la iluminación, genial.. ...
Arturo Torres
Arturo Torres Month ago
Me too
Jason Jones
Jason Jones Month ago
I had to find this comment as well. At least the door handle is vertical. Or is it?
esvedium Month ago
Great review, Doug! About the shifter feeling rubbery, do you know if the bushings are rubber or poly? Perhaps, like Subaru WRX's, a swap to a poly bushing would really help the sloppy shifter feel. I can't wait to drive one of these, been a long time coming!
Steve Miller
Steve Miller Month ago
I am sure there will be some aftermarket improvements for the shifter very soon.
sc065 Month ago
I've been pretty meh about Nissan for a while but this car looks genuinely sick. Zero bullshit, unique, quality look but not pretentious while also being fun, specs that make sense... Well done.
Tom Bittikoffer
Tom Bittikoffer 29 days ago
This is a great car. throwback in so many ways. Low expectations. That's the key to happiness.
Josh Styles
Josh Styles Month ago
I’ve wanted a Z since before I could even drive… the 300zx, then the 350 and the 370… By the time I’m old enough to be able to afford one, I can’t do it anymore! I have a kid and a family now and no back seats just kills the dream. I hope lots and lots of people buy there. Nissan needs to get the sales numbers to keep producing stuff like this and not flood the market with more crap SUV’s
Yusuper Proactive
Buy it for yourself along with some camry. You can do it
Gary The Cycling Nerd
This really seems like a homerun product. I do not care that there is some carry over interior or a shared chasis. The chasis is still good, the interior is nice, and I don’t even notice different drive mods. It is a relatively simple sports car that fits between Corvette and Miata
Normal User
Normal User Month ago
@BELIEVE in JESUS Get some help or just go to a channel dedicated to your beliefs.
Josxph Month ago
@Donald Ducko how is this overpriced?
adriandotexe Month ago
@Donald Ducko what did you expect, a $25k enthusiast sports car? The 6 cylinder supra starts at $52k, and that's without a manual transmission.
AwkwardYet Month ago
To be fair Nissan uses the same interior in a lot of its cars. Between a Miata and vett is stretching it. This is right in mustang price range and that gives you a lot of performance for your dollar too
voltage art's
voltage art's Month ago
The third gauge should have been an A.F.R gauge assuming it has a wide band O2 sensor
gphillimo Month ago
This is dope. And i like that it doesn't have a lot of badges all over it. I would still remove the Nissan badge off the front end though. It would look nice and clean
Scott Campbell
Scott Campbell Month ago
I owned a new 1973 240z. Still remember that car. I have owned a few corvettes then moved up to 911’s. Bought a new Lambo Gallardo, Maserati Grand Turismo and Aston Martin DB9. But the Z was special in my heart. I would be tempted to buy this version
Joel Spaulding
Joel Spaulding Month ago
Indeed, the sound leaves one wanting. A platform for tuning, for certain.
RubyRoks Month ago
Considering how many supply chain issues we've had globally, i'm actually glad there's stuff carried over from the prior car. If you already have things like switch gear onhand and tooling ready to use, that saves a TON of time and logistics overhead compared to a clean sheet design
Braden McHenry
Braden McHenry Month ago
@Fergus the Supra definitely has more power at the wheels than this
Five0three Month ago
@RubyRoks that's not how a lean, just in time manufacturing operation works. Parts are ordered via demand. They are not kept in any sort of inventory. Inventory is wasted space and idle money.
JML Month ago
@Joshua Thomas exactly. The R&D cost saving is what brought you this $50K car selling at a relatively low volume. With a clean sheet, a new z will cost at least $75K. Just like what BMW and Toyota did on the Supra and Z4. People are mad wanting this car to be at low $40K range for the Performance version……they simply don’t understand what ROI means.
kam2244 X
kam2244 X Month ago
@RubyRoks Ever hear of just in time manufacturing? Either way it doesn't matter because they could have a mountain of switchgear and other carryover parts but if they don't have the newly designed parts and chips then the assembly line still gets shut down or comes to a crawl.
Joshua Thomas
Joshua Thomas Month ago
All the money they saved on manufacturing and R&D, really incredible, and the savings does seem to trickle down to the consumer
Eli Levine
Eli Levine Month ago
Retro brilliantly recaptured with tech and design love it !!!
Chris 5k
Chris 5k Month ago
I just love a Nissan, let it be any Nissan. Always excites me with their products. Maybe its all because of the iconic Nissan GTR. Just has a special place in my heart.
Man, I like the blue interior of the Z. It's the most funky-looking interior I've ever seen.
McJustin99 11 days ago
Great job Doug! What a fun video!
Alex Martens
Alex Martens Month ago
I would 1,000% get the blue Z with a blue interior. I'm sick of a sea of black interior. This is exciting for Nissan, great job on their part for listening to people.
MisterAether Month ago
Blue, with blue interior and a silver wrapped hood would match my custom 240z s1, or my later 280zx two tone
RT Month ago
That's alot of blue, personally I'd be pretty happy with blue stitching.
Rick Bivins
Rick Bivins Month ago
I like women, not men.
Carter Moorehead
All I can say is Nissan did such a better job then Acura did with their “New integra” this is how you bring back the old style
JDot TV Month ago
Most people are definitely gonna change the exhaust for that sound. I wish I can buy one too
D Lindy
D Lindy 15 days ago
I had a 370z for about 4-5 years and it was one of the best cars I ever owned. I'm exited about the look of the 400z, I think they nailed the styling of it
You Tube
You Tube 11 days ago
Z, not 400Z ...
Andy Shapiro
Andy Shapiro Month ago
Another great review Doug! I did not hear you mention ride comfort and or road manners. I have a GTI and am looking to move up to something like this Z but I live in New England with bumps and potholes. I watch for them like crazy but still somehow hit them and when I do its a terrible slam! Have already broken 2 wheels (in 3 years). I'm looking for a more solid and refined ride that absorbs bumps without slamming. Can you speak to that? Thanks!
Andy Shapiro
Andy Shapiro Month ago
@vivablitzkrieg Call it whatever you like. I just want something fast and fun and manual that has a suspension that can handle roads that are less than perfect. The GTI is almost perfect, so if Doug could just answer that question (since he has driven the new Z and almost everything else anyone would ever want) I would appreciate it. But yes, luxury cars are good too.
vivablitzkrieg Month ago
Doesn’t sound like you’re after a sports car, sorry Andy. If you want ride comfort you really need to be looking at luxury vehicles. Sports cars at this price point won’t get you much comfort
Doug is the type of guy to have a pair of shoes for inside the house
Alvies World
Alvies World Month ago
Beautiful designed car can't wait to see them on the road. How's the build quality though? The Nissans I've gotten the opportunity to shoot have felt cheap in the interior department. Is this the same? or has it improved?
Rayza Ramos Betancourt
most informative video I’ve watched, I can’t wait to get a Z so all I do is being here on yt day dreaming about this beauty
Bedroom-inc Month ago
Depressingly good, foregoing flair for simple like the lack of “driving modes” or other stuff. Wish more cars were built simple.
micklemore Month ago
I love that nissan put the aux power in the footwell, they really do know their customers well. I don’t think i’ve ever been in a Z that didn’t have a radar detector in it.
Martina Gerber
Martina Gerber Month ago
23:23 Hermosa elección HOTGIRLS18.FUN los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer 10:10 Hopi: Sweeter 11:12 Sun: Hotter 00:18 Joonie: Cooler 18:00 Yoongy: Butter 23:23 Son unos de los mejores conciertos mañas no se la Las elecciones cinematográficas y artísticas son brillantes. Referencias culturales europeas realmente interesantes. Ojalá la cultura europea se representara más a menudo tan bellamente. No puedo dejar de decir "oh, esto es hermoso" a lo largo del video. Luz, en serio... el que se encargue de la iluminación, genial.. ...
Ryan Looper
Ryan Looper Month ago
I think there is a lot of really cool design choices, but I think it looks weird all together. I honestly prefer the proto grill, but it's definitely a cool car. I still haven't decided how I feel about it though.
Josef Gordon
Josef Gordon Month ago
I love everything about this car. Between this, the GR Corolla, and GR 86, I have have had so much joy and hope for the automotive industry once again.
Izzy PlusPlusPlus
@Q track times says everything needed to know about the gr Yaris. It speaks for itself.
Q Month ago
@Josef Gordon I respect ur opinion ab the wagon but even the base wrx has 278 HP awd for less than 30k … not too big of a difference if u ask me
Josef Gordon
Josef Gordon Month ago
@Q variety is the spice of life and competition breeds excellence. I'm not alone in thinking the Impreza has lost so much edge over the years and especially since it's lost the wagon body, gotten heavier, and lost power.
Q Month ago
I really don’t get why ppl are so hyped ab the GR corolla when the wrx & sti have been offering what the corolla has to offer … awd and close to 300hp for 30,000$…..
Izzy PlusPlusPlus
@Jaybuckets I believe you. Like, a real life eater.
Shiloh519 Month ago
I think I found my next weekend vehicle!! I'm presently the owner on a 1999 Honda Prelude with a factory 5speed manual shift that is mostly stock with the exception of an intake ,catback and front/Rear strut tower braces. I had plans to boost the 2.2l H22 block, upgrade suspension, brakes, wheels and chassis. This 2023 Fairlady is the full package for a fair MSRP.
Team Shmo
Team Shmo Month ago
This is an interesting car. I didn't like the first photos but the real version looks much nicer. However, it does kinda feel like a face lifted old version. At least it is a big facelift with some new stuff in important areas.
CarreraGT Month ago
I love this. Just a simple sports car. No 1000 different modes for engine and gearbox. No touchscreens everywhere. Just a gearstick, RWD and manual great
Succ PP Hoe
Succ PP Hoe Month ago
@Sylas G. no justification for a sports car to not have an lsd from the factory lpl
123 456
123 456 Month ago
It's impressive how much german cars depreciate
Jay A
Jay A Month ago
@Sylas G. I know. I KNOW.
Sylas G.
Sylas G. Month ago
@Jay A Aftermarket lsd costs less.
KCJbomberFTW Month ago
@G well if you don’t care the back seat would prove you wrong
Arcadian 20 days ago
I ADORE how this car looks. they fuckin nailed it.
NKP Garage
NKP Garage Month ago
Love the overall look. Simple. To the point. And not exaggerated. The interior I wish was better designed and not so simple. But it follows the theme. Overall a great New Z car!
Umora Mayori
Umora Mayori 11 days ago
Cant wait to see if i can pick one of these up in 10-15 years.
Zed Nine
Zed Nine 24 days ago
It is absolutely gorgeous. They have managed to take the 240 concept and make it modern-sexy.
hoshings 22 days ago
the second or third gauge could've been an oil temp or pressure guage 🤣
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