Stephen A. reacts to Kevin Garnett claiming his Celtics ran LeBron out of Cleveland | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to Kevin Garnett saying Boston “broke” LeBron James when the Celtics defeated the Cavaliers in the 2010 NBA playoffs, thus forcing LeBron out of Cleveland.

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Published on


Dec 19, 2019




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Comments 6 144
i_ Hope
i_ Hope 4 days ago
The 08 Celtics arent even a top 5 team all time lol
Todd Escourt
Todd Escourt 19 days ago
I am not a Lebron guy, but KG left wolves and got broken there every year so stfu
Lil Moe
Lil Moe 25 days ago
Who betrayed lebron James tho I'm confused
Lil Moe
Lil Moe 23 days ago
@Kaiz Korr actually for real
Kaiz Korr
Kaiz Korr 23 days ago
Delontae west was lebrons teammate and was sleeping with his mother
drewppydrew Month ago
Was Shaq Ben Wallace big z , and Antwan Jameson not help??
jo tr
jo tr 18 days ago
how to tell people you dont watch basktball lol
Angel Cadena
Angel Cadena Month ago
Ah yes. The arrogance from that fool was unbelievable n clearly butthurt over how his super team was irrelevant after time went by. Was so hilarious when he was exposed n LBJ humiliated him in the playoffs
Farai Mazhandu
Farai Mazhandu Month ago
It was lebrons mom falling for a crackhead.
Lyndon Fair
Lyndon Fair Month ago
4 time champion 🏆
Peter Harsono
Peter Harsono Month ago
08 Celtics namely KG and Pierce act lioke they achieved something great, for God sake they only won 1 ring. They should just retire and be quiete and stop mentioning their celtic achievement like it was legendary...ITS NOT...
SNM Murda
SNM Murda 2 months ago
Brandon 2 months ago
Garnett was just salty😅😅
Young Love
Young Love 2 months ago
The fact still remains. The Celtics did run Lebron out of Cleveland. He did need help getting past the hump. The Celtics were the goliaths of the East. Thanks KG, for sending him our way and giving us a 2 peat.
Noah Turner Jr.
Noah Turner Jr. 8 days ago
Aint no such thing as 2 peat G.
Stephon Augustin
Stephon Augustin 2 months ago
Max reaction to Stephen A Smith bringing up that Delonte West situation is real asf. He said it’s nobody’s business yet he brought it up. Stephen A snitch
cool kid
cool kid 2 months ago
jaquay vermillion
jaquay vermillion 2 months ago
KG you give yourself And your one ring way too much credit Clevelands front office ran lebron out of Cleveland
Lee Marvin
Lee Marvin 2 months ago
Love you KG but never figured you out to be a hater.
Chris Gaddy
Chris Gaddy 2 months ago
They broke him huh? Yet has went on to win 4 chips since they're last and only 1 Sounds like he's broken to me.... RECORDS!!!!
Dope Boy
Dope Boy 2 months ago
I wonder if lebron was distracted and betrayed in the 2011 finals
Jabron McDuffie
Jabron McDuffie 2 months ago
All respect to KG and pierce, but im tired of yall both saying yall ran lebron out of Cleveland, so what it is that he did to yall after he join the heat and yall couldn't get past him so tell me what he did to yall lol oh and btw yall both joined each other again in Brooklyn and he once again retired yall both ......
AssHandler69 2 months ago
Bro imagine if lebron just had one more superstar in his early days in Cleveland he would easily have like 7 championships by now
Chris Glover
Chris Glover 2 months ago
They did to me, he quit.
Jhastin LM
Jhastin LM 2 months ago
it require 3 hall of famer to beat Bron your trashed really Garnet. just like Pierce
L K 2 months ago
Lebron ran 2 of them outta the league and made the other 2 his teammates and gave them rings.
Damon Dudley
Damon Dudley 2 months ago
KG a hypocrite... He got ran out of Minnesota and became the BIG 3 before LBJ did! 😂
Galatians 6:9 King James Version 9 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.
Ocsjc13 2 months ago
Aka lebron mom
Mac Miranda
Mac Miranda 2 months ago
Shut up KG. You end up having one Ring and lebron got four now.. Know your place boy. 😎
OMB 3D 3 months ago
Shaq was all star game mvp the year before Cleveland, Jamison was averaging 20ppg midseason before he came those two along with Mo, Varejao, Ilgauskas & Delonte make a way stronger supporting cast than how people choose to remember today
Bayley Monin
Bayley Monin 3 months ago
So did Tim Duncan & the Spurs run KG out Minnesota?
Jacob Gabriel
Jacob Gabriel 3 months ago
Gonna miss Max
DJay B22
DJay B22 3 months ago
Stephen A. is talking about the Delonte West story with his mom and how it broke the team up and distracted Lebron.
Nevada PlaysFifa
Nevada PlaysFifa 3 months ago
The 08 Celtics are overrated- Celtics fan
Swift Moves
Swift Moves 4 months ago
Lebron carried the cavs every season they didn’t get 1 player to help him absolutely terrible
enemy of the state 357
l.a bron ran out on the lakers again in the 2022 playoffs
enemy of the state 357
l.a bron ran out on the lakers 2021 playoffs
enemy of the state 357
l.a bron ran out on the cavaliers again
enemy of the state 357
l.a bron ran out on the heat
enemy of the state 357
l.a lebron james ran out on the cavaliers
arco baleno
arco baleno 5 months ago
1. KG is not one to talk when he was ran out of his own team in Minnesota. 2. Lebron have more rings than KG 3. KG should learn how to speak respectfully to his peers who are no doubt better than him, KG ain't even top 50 all time.
Boogie 5 months ago
And lebron broke them up
lobby of sprites
lobby of sprites 5 months ago
Yes, by going 5 vs 1. Garnett is known for bulshit talk.
Ja Rinxcii
Ja Rinxcii 5 months ago
Lebron should have stayed in Cavs instead of going to a stacked Heat. Won 2 with the Heat lost to Warriors so many times with a stacked Cavs. Destroyed a young Lakers to win a cheap 😒. I don’t know what’s so great about him. He’s the best player but how he went about winning his chips it wasn’t done the right way. GSW had all drafts players who went from average, to an elite team whilst Lebron was jumping from one stacked team to another. Heat, Cavs and now Lakers
Darren Johnson
Darren Johnson 5 months ago
How would you feel if you were the boss (king) of an organization, literally putting the company ( team ) on ur bac ... and one of your employees (lesser talented teammate) is fornicating ( fuccn ) ur momz? 🤔🤔
Matt Lee
Matt Lee 5 months ago
He Left because he didn't have the right help he needed to win a championship .he didn't leave because he feared KG and the Celtics, I feel KG is being delusional on that part.
steven palmzie sim
steven palmzie sim 5 months ago
The teammate betrayal that Stephen A is mentioning that happened in LeBron James' first Cleveland stint is that Delonte West banged LeBron James's mom. Look it up it's true and hilarious.
frederick bradford
frederick bradford 6 months ago
everything alway gotta be coulda woulda shoulda, stop the ignorant historevision
SweatyVanHalen 6 months ago
LOL wahhhhh wahhh, respect is earned. Why should they fear LeBron? GTFO
Raymond Lucero
Raymond Lucero 6 months ago
This coming from a man who pack his bags and left Timberwolves.
Nate McCoy
Nate McCoy 6 months ago
I mean that whole thing with West is crazy. I would leave too honestly. Plus, as Jokhim Noah one said, what’s so good about Cleveland?
Jose Diaz
Jose Diaz 6 months ago
"No one man" he says right after mentioning that 2011 series lol
BigSletch 6 months ago
Kevin Garnett did fear LeBron that’s why he joined the Celtics
Naruto Namikaze
Naruto Namikaze 6 months ago
And Spurs and Lakers broke KG in the West that's why he ran in the East with Celtics.
SupermanRM27 6 months ago
He’s right.
goat goat
goat goat 6 months ago
Bruhh so does that mean bron ran kg outta Boston and Brooklyn then?
nuttyys 6 months ago
Yea that first question was horrible lmao
King Feliciano
King Feliciano 6 months ago
KG and Paul Pierce are still high on that 2008 chip win, when Ray moved on to Miami with Bron.
OrangeSodaKing 6 months ago
1:35 we all know
john west
john west 6 months ago
Thats right stand up for your product lmao 🤣 😂 😆
desire djekoula
desire djekoula 6 months ago
Lebron just travailing around using other players that’s why ki left him 😂😂😂
Darius Sims
Darius Sims 6 months ago
I like how they down play the rest of the players on that team
Darius Sims
Darius Sims 6 months ago
I see no lies here he got ran outta town multiple times
Kwok Keith
Kwok Keith 6 months ago
That's the fact and any true nba fans would agree that the big3 is the main reason why lebron went to Miami. No doubt he is the greatest athlete in the last 20 years and should be treated with respect only. But if wasn't for that celtics team with their unique swagger and toughness at the time seemed all that had just disappeared in the east after Jordan retired. The importance to set the new trend proved that there is really no shame at all to team up with the other greats and finally get to the top as long as u can be called the world champion forever. That 3 years frustration for lebron himself might have also actually saved him for years to realise no matter how great he played on the court, only if he could pass that 6rings mark is the first and now 10 years later the only way to define his greatness in the history of nba whether he could surpass mj
Bladadow Sweat
Bladadow Sweat 6 months ago
In 08 they went to 7 games vs LeBron, then beat the Lakers in 6
Tommy Paez
Tommy Paez 6 months ago
Bro only has 1 ring
Robert Curington
Robert Curington 7 months ago
This why i don’t feel bad for what happened to Delonte West after basketball he got what he deserved
Potential XP
Potential XP 7 months ago
Yeah 4 for a 11 that not evens a NFL playoff team 😂
Joao Flores
Joao Flores 7 months ago
Well Lebron ran ran the Boston’s big three out of Boston lol 😂
Justin Ivey
Justin Ivey 7 months ago
Lmao Celtics n Kobe shut lebron down
John 14:27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.
John 10:10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.
Peter Odi
Peter Odi 7 months ago
There was another all star in Cleveland, let’s stop this
J 7 months ago
Celtics still would’ve got one Max forgetting celts were up 3-2 in 12 when they were all out of there primes
Waldo Yepez
Waldo Yepez 7 months ago
Paul Pierce´s biggest nightmare is that he has had to watch Lebron, slowly but steadily, keep winning championships - while he had to settlle with his sole 2008 chip (that great Celtics team almost won en 2010 but couldn´t hold the lead in the finals´s game 7 4th q against the Lakers). So he was close to a second ring at that time but after that he was never close. Lebron can add a 5th ring in this 2021 season, not a sure thing but very feasible
Kirk Smith
Kirk Smith 7 months ago
They funny mj don't care no moe he to old not care about that .....my grandkids come 1st lol bye youg timers
hitler wears hermes 2
One thing I can say jordan had to go through the bad boys on the same team lebron never had that chance imagine he had a robin in Cleveland he won a chip with kyrie and he was young asf
AnakinSkywa1k3r 7 months ago
LeChina did quit in those games I’ve never seen anything like it in my years of watching basketball. NEVER tell me LeChina is the 🐐
Zeve Nox
Zeve Nox 7 months ago
“It took 3 of em niggas to take him out” 🐐 LB is a real life Thanos😂
Millz Mula
Millz Mula 7 months ago
Thanks max
Garick Brown
Garick Brown 7 months ago
And Lebron ran them outta Boston when he went to the Heat...
George Lambert
George Lambert 7 months ago
Stop babysitting, mr.mouth,LeBron is overrated!.
Kingreds 7 months ago
Somebody help, been looking for the gossip of what really was happening in Cleveland for Bron to flat out quit
NLE CHAKRA 7 months ago
Was it kyrie?
Charles Charles
Charles Charles 7 months ago
Shut that s*** up LeBron James was never the one one man crew never a one-man crew you know what and I know it he was at Cleveland it was stacked just as well as any other team he had he couldn't get it done because it was better teams that's what I no LeBron just wasn't good enough to win the 6th titles that he lost and the thing about all this you talk about the six titles that LeBron lost more than the team that won the six titles don't that seem a little weird that you talkin about the six titles that LeBron James was lost more than the team that one w o n the title that LeBron I never heard of that before in my life loss. NBA is weird.
eric green
eric green 7 months ago
Mj kept his greatness after his dad died quit making excuse for lebron nothing worser than losing a parent than a teammate dating his mom his mom is grown
Primal Malice
Primal Malice 7 months ago
That Dude (Lebron) is the only person ever to challenge Jordan as the Best ever; This is a dude who do not play to his size. Imagine if he did, which he would have had to do in the Jordan era! And by the way it would have been people on whatever team he was going too to show him how to win and ready to fight if someone got sideways with him!
MessYouUp 7 months ago
He talking bout Delounte West’s betrayal
CowCow ENT.
CowCow ENT. 7 months ago
As a celtics fan this is cringe 😬
YKBT 7 months ago
They said his mom turned into a hoochie momma
Chef C
Chef C 7 months ago
If he KG would’ve said they created the monster that we today, I would’ve totally agreed with him.
MusicLover Sylver
MusicLover Sylver 7 months ago
That stupid big 3, and then Lebron's move to Miami completely ruined the NBA. Now everyone wants to form superteams. 03 to 07 NBA playoffs was a delight to watch.
fatboy269 7 months ago
LeBron is why they had to change their address two more times. LeBron has so many haters, nobody hated Kobe, Durant, harden, irving, Curry, giannis, kawhi, or even MJ like they hate LeBron
CLB 7 months ago
Nobody has milked a single championship more than KG and Paul Pierce
Bless Ford
Bless Ford 7 months ago
That same Mavericks team swept the lakers so I guess Kobe choke too, they act like the Mavericks teams was some scrub, and by the way the lakers wasn’t no scrubs check that 2011 roster now
Mitchell Robbins
Mitchell Robbins 7 months ago
LeBron going to Miami seemed to start the downright saddening predictability of the NBA. Nets have an 85 percent chance of winning it all. Oooh what an exciting sport to watch.
Ed Carra
Ed Carra 7 months ago
So he quitting Cleveland to join forces in Miami and make a super team is not a weak move ? The double standard is obvious
Damonnnnnn1k 7 months ago
Lebron had NO allstars in cleveland he couldn’t have won... Kevin Durant had Russell Westbrook and James harden like what?
Stephen Searles II
Stephen Searles II 8 months ago
KG barely got a ring!
Dionne 8 months ago
KG so petty. You shoulda broke LBJ the super team u was playing for was built to break Lebron and Kobe not to mention you had a hall of fame coach.
Doc R
Doc R 8 months ago
Salty LeBron fans won't admit it, but kg and the Celtics ran that boy outta Cleveland.
jason heart
jason heart 8 months ago
Y’all LUCKY KG got HURT in 09. 2010 we Went Back To the Finals.
Deion Orange
Deion Orange 8 months ago
Garnett...you went to Boston with Ray to team up and beat Bron. You were definitely scared foh
SilentMovement 305
SilentMovement 305 8 months ago
Lebron should of left cleveland his second year that man would of had more accolades. And this coming frm someone that never cared for Lebron